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As seen on NBC’s TODAY Show. Gettysburg's Flagship podcast dedicated to telling the stories of Gettysburg. The show has taken on a few different formats. 1. The Narrative episodes: Tell the history of the Gettysburg Campaign starting with the battle of Antietam, and going through the Battle of Gettysburg and beyond. These are researched and written with the help of local historians and will feature original music, and guest voiceovers. 2. Ask a Gettysburg Guide: We host a variety of different Licensed Battlefield Guides and ask them questions (submitted by our Patreon Patrons) about the Battle of Gettysburg. If you have a question you’d like answered, please become a Patron at 3. Gettysburg NPS Winter Lecture Series: We record as many Winter Lectures as we are able to. Those who can’t attend these lectures will be able to hear these amazing talks with some of the best authors, Rangers, and Guides Gettysburg has to offer. 4. Premium Content: The premium content will take many forms. The content can be accessed by being a Patreon supporter. If you are interested in supporting the podcast and accessing this great content visit Thank You for listening.


Tim Smith's Winter Lecture Series #1- "The Roads of Gettysburg" 77:02 12/07/2021
Ask A Gettysburg Guide #49- The History of Gettysburg National Military Park- with Garry Adelman and Tim Smith 173:49 12/06/2021
"Get Those Shoes" with Scott Hartwig 59:25 11/29/2021
Matt Borders Thanksgiving Day Parade of Civil War Facts 81:00 11/25/2021
Ask A Gettysburg Guide #48- Biddle's Brigade- with LBG Charlie Fennell 89:53 11/22/2021
The Gettysburg Address- Read by Patrick Gorman- 2021 Re-Edit 02:39 11/19/2021
The Civil War Defenses of Washington During the Gettysburg Campaign with Ranger Steve Phan 67:00 11/15/2021
Ask A Gettysburg Guide #47- The Wheatfield with LBG Lewis Trott 134:05 11/08/2021
Gettysburg Connections to The Lincoln Assassination with LBG Lewis Trott 112:04 11/01/2021
Addressing Gettysburg Presents: Matt BOOders' Halloween Spooktacular 99:47 10/25/2021
Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike 87:30 10/18/2021
Addressing Gettysburg- Men Is Cheap with Brian Luskey 72:34 10/11/2021
Ask A Gettysburg Guide #46- The Pennsylvania Reserves: The Saviors of Little Round Top- with LBG Charlie Fennell 114:26 10/04/2021
October 16 #GetOutOfTheCar2021- Wrights Brigade 24:20 10/04/2021
"Twilight of the Blue and Gray" with Christopher Gwinn 84:42 09/27/2021
Ask A Gettysburg Guide #45- Confederate Artillery Leadership- with LBG Rob Abbott 72:12 09/20/2021
Addressing Gettysburg- Fall 2021 GNMP Update with Ranger Chris Gwinn 40:03 09/15/2021
Longstreet at Gettysburg with Author Cory Pfarr 91:49 09/13/2021
Ask A Gettysburg Guide #44- Lee's Wounded Wagon Train with LBG Tracy Baer 101:03 09/06/2021
The Civil War of 1963 with Dr Jill Titus 82:01 08/30/2021
Why Gettysburg? #2 31:27 08/23/2021
The History Underground and the Gettysburg Museum of History 103:59 08/16/2021
Killed at Gettysburg with Dr. Ashley Whitehead Luskey 57:59 08/09/2021
Ask A Gettysburg Guide #43- Little Round Top- with Garry Adelman 86:57 08/02/2021
“Brothers of War” with Author Michael Eisenhut 15:27 08/02/2021
Battle of Gettysburg FREE Tour- July 17- #GetOutOfTheCar- Farnsworth's Charge 10:22 07/12/2021
Battle of Gettysburg 158th Anniversary Special- Matt Atkinson's Pickett's Charge- w/ Actor Stephen Lang 173:20 07/05/2021
Colonel Jacob Sheads- Ranger, LBG, Teacher, Grandfather- with Matt Sheads 15:16 07/05/2021
Matt Borders Presents- “The Fourth of July” in the Civil War 117:02 07/04/2021
Battle of Gettysburg 158th Anniversary Special- July 4 1863 and Lees Retreat Into Virginia- with Jim Pangburn 79:33 07/04/2021