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The ONLY Marketing podcast dedicated to guiding Mom CEOs into tranquility, wealth, and multiplying those precious moments! The Determined Mom show is all about Digital Marketing for Moms who own businesses (CEOs). Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, YOU ARE UNIQUE! You need to 10x your quality family time, income, and find some peace in the middle of it all! Moms like you need to maximize efficiency in every single aspect of business and home life in order to make it all work. I am here to walk you through all things Marketing, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media. I will filter out all of the things you don't need, make things simple to understand, and help you build the business of your dreams!


#136: The Importance of a Cohesive Brand, Brand Messaging and Content Mix 39:58 10/21/2021
#135: Google My Business Series #2: Why Responding to Reviews is Important 06:07 10/17/2021
#134: How to Run Your Household like You Run Your Business 30:49 10/13/2021
#133: Google My Business Series #1-Why Are Reviews Important? 04:53 10/09/2021
#132: Why Disrupting the Education System Is Critical to the Success of Kids with Amy Klein 17:36 10/05/2021
#131: How to Rearrange Your Weekly Schedule to Drop Your Stress Level 10:21 10/01/2021
#130: How to Create a Manageable Marketing Strategy For Your New Business with Katlynn Pyatt 34:18 09/27/2021
#129: The Next Book You Should Read: Get Different 04:53 09/23/2021
#128: How to Eat Without Stress this Holiday Season with Wendie Taylor 28:52 09/19/2021
#127: This Simple Device Saved My Sanity With Cyber Schooling 05:53 09/15/2021
#126: The Importance of Learning Different Languages for Children with Yeve Sibanda 30:04 09/11/2021
#125: Many Google My Business Changes: Late Summer 2021 08:44 09/07/2021
#124: Getting Clear on Your Brand Strategy to Guide Your Branding Decisions 34:55 09/03/2021
#123: Should You Let Go of Those Relationships (you know the ones)? My Opinion 10:41 08/30/2021
#122: How to Understand Your Child at Any Age through Problematic Behavior 28:02 08/26/2021
#121: How to stand in Your Truth and Convictions Even if They Contradict Popular Opinion 08:04 08/22/2021
#120: How to Find Your Passion and Market Yourself with Aprille Reed 12:52 08/18/2021
#119: My Experience with The Profit First Method So Far 12:28 08/14/2021
#118: 3 Tips to Transforming Your Business with the Profit First Method with Kristen Ricupero 31:44 08/10/2021
#117: Collaboration is Key: How To Create Win Win Collaborations 06:18 08/06/2021
#116: Carolyn Choate on How to Be Open to Finding Your True Calling at Any Age 19:45 08/02/2021
#115: My Favorite Place to Get the Best Software at a Steal! 06:24 07/29/2021
#114: Learn How What's in Your Mind Effects What You Put in Your Mouth with Adrianne Delgado 49:02 07/25/2021
#113: 2021 Google Search Updates: What You Need To Know and How To Tell If You Are Effected 06:29 07/21/2021
#112: Energy Management: The Balance of Flow and Strategy with Jen Mons 31:52 07/17/2021
#111: The Power of Finding Your Business Besties 06:20 07/13/2021
#110: How to Integrate Your Self and Home Life into Growing Your Business in a More Sustainable Way With Mary Clavieres 27:28 07/09/2021
#109: What Has Been Cooking In The TDM Marketing Kitchen: Google My Business Offers 05:34 07/05/2021
#108: How to Get Organized in Your Business Once and For All with Dana La Riel Morales 38:47 06/30/2021
#107: Listen for Awesome Upcoming Changes to The Determined Mom Show 03:52 06/23/2021