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If you are deep in the trenches of life and looking for hope-filled encouragement and practical wisdom, this podcast is for you. With her down-to-earth style, blind author Jennifer Rothschild offers practical encouragement and biblical insight to help you live the "I Can" life of Philippians 4:13 (“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"). Each episode, Jennifer answers real-life 4:13 questions like, "Can I overcome my fear?" or "Can I find balance?" You won't find just a cheery “Yes you can”—you will hear a confident and compassionate “Yes, you can—and here’s how." You will gain the inspiration and help you need to be and do more than you feel capable of! So, if you could use some practical encouragement, join Jennifer and her “Seeing-Eye Guy” KC for the 4:13 Podcast—it’s just 2 friends, 1 topic, and 0 stress. Podcast Website + Show Notes:


#274: Can I Get Clear on What God Created Me To Do? With Heather MacFadyen
Studies show that the average adult makes about 122 decisions a day. Lots of those decisions are small, of course, but not all of them. Some of our decisions can change the trajectory of our lives. So, how do you know if those decisions landed you in the right place in life? Today’s guest, author and podcaster Heather MacFadyen, will help you toss aside insecurities, embrace God’s sovereignty, and step into the role God has assigned you, right here where you are. She’ll teach you how to have confidence in God’s assignments and find contentment in occupying the space you’re in. SHOW NOTES:
33:02 11/30/23
#273: Can I Unlock Gratefulness in My Life? With Michele Howe
When our eyes are grateful, we can see grace and goodness all around us. But often, we live as if life isn’t good enough, we don't have enough, and who we are isn’t enough. Well, my friend, this is where we get it all wrong—because our focus is on ourselves. Author Michele Howe joins us and explains how the more we focus on ourselves, the less we develop an attitude of appreciation for what we do have. And when we dwell on the things we wish we had and how miserable life is, or when we immerse ourselves in the negative, our troubled feelings and actions will follow. But when we focus on something outside of ourselves and choose an attitude of gratefulness, we get an entirely new perspective! It brightens up how we view our world, and that changes everything! SHOW NOTES:
32:15 11/23/23
#272: Spill the Beans LIVE with Katherine Wolf [Fresh Grounded Faith Atlanta, GA]
Get ready, my friend, because today we’re headed to Atlanta, Georgia where we recorded this episode LIVE at a Fresh Grounded Faith event. Katherine Wolf and Michael O’Brien joined me, and WOW! I was so grateful for their wisdom and perspective as they helped answer a wide range of questions from the audience! Questions about the hardest lesson we’ve ever had to learn, if we’ve ever struggled with comparison as a result of our disabilities, and how to deal with teenagers who are struggling with gender dysphoria. Good questions, right? Well, I’m telling you, this is one interesting, multi-textured, inspiring conversation that will leave you encouraged and full of hope. But that’s not all! We’ll end this podcast with a powerful song from Michael that'll make you want to sing along. So, be sure to listen until the very end! SHOW NOTES:
36:23 11/16/23
BONUS: Can I Know God Is Real? With Lee Strobel
More than 200 times a second, someone is googling questions about God—questions like, “Is God Real?” Well, Google offers 3.7 billion results in less than a second, but which answers can we trust? We want to know if God really is real, and if He is real, does He really care about us? Well today, author, investigative journalist, and former atheist Lee Strobel will help you know with confidence that God. Is. Real. Lee addresses the big stumbling blocks that make people question the reality of God, including… Is there a contradiction between God and science?  If God is real, why is there suffering? If there is a God, why doesn’t He make Himself obvious? You’ll appreciate how Lee not only addresses the question of God’s existence, but also deals with the psychology of it, the emotions of it, and the science behind it. So that means this conversation is for skeptics and believers alike! If you believe in God, this is going to affirm your faith and equip you to share with others who may not. Plus, it will address any concerns you have about doubting or questioning God’s existence. And if you’re a skeptic, you’ll want to listen as Lee puts his award-winning journalist skills to work. He presents a really great case for the reality of God based on empirical evidence to help you process the facts logically and rationally. So, let's dive into the ultimate question: “Can we really know God is real?” SHOW NOTES:
38:42 11/13/23
#271: Can I Be Okay With God's Ways When They Don't Make Sense? With Taylor Turkington
Sometimes we can become overwhelmed with all of the brokenness in our world, right? Chaos, injustice, and corruption surround us, powerful people take advantage of the weak, and societies overlook or mistreat those who desperately need help. As people who trust an all-powerful God, it’s natural to ask, “God, aren’t you going to help?” or “God, why are you allowing this to happen?” Well, when we lift these questions to Heaven, we’re not alone. Our words closely resemble those of the distressed prophet Habakkuk. So… do you know what that means? It means today we’re geeking out about this minor prophet, and author Taylor Turkington is leading the way. She’ll unveil loads of encouragement within this tiny book of the Old Testament, teaching you to pay attention instead of looking away, lament instead of numbing out, and ask with expectation instead of avoiding God altogether. SHOW NOTES:
26:02 11/9/23
#270: Can I Trust God’s Timing? With Laurie Polich Short
Sometimes God‘s timing just does not make sense to us. When hard situations last way too long and our deepest prayers seem to go unanswered, we often wonder, “What is God doing?” But thankfully, the Bible is full of people who have experienced the same thing. They had to learn to trust God‘s ways and His timing, and their stories can help us trust God too. So today, author Laurie Polich Short highlights these biblical heroes and unearths very practical, encouraging gems found within their stories. These gems will serve as a compass to help you navigate your story when the way forward is foggy or unclear. SHOW NOTES:
40:21 11/2/23
#269: Can I Detox Stress Through Biblical Mindfulness? With Bonnie Gray
Why is it so hard to rest and refresh when we’re stressed? Well, today on the 4:13, author and podcaster Bonnie Gray answers that question with both scientific and scripture-based insights into your body, mind, and soul. She’ll teach you about top stressors, proven countermeasures, and simple ways to stress less, take better care of yourself, and face each day focused on God’s love. SHOW NOTES:
43:14 10/26/23
#268: Can I Pray Scripture Over My Marriage? With Jodie Berndt
Do you ever pray for your spouse? What about praying with your spouse? Well, Jodie Berndt is back on the 4:13 today, and she shares simple ways to support and pray for your significant other. Whether you're newly engaged or celebrating a golden anniversary or just barely hanging on, Jodie explains how praying the Scriptures over your marriage will infuse power and peace into every part of your most important relationship. And if you’re single, this episode is for you too! We’re talking about connecting with the person who matters the most, whether it be a parent, a child, a sibling, or a friend. You’ll find it begins with praying Scripture over your relationship and ends with a deeper connection with God and with the one you cherish. SHOW NOTES:
39:58 10/19/23
#267: Spill the Beans LIVE with My Crazy Friends Annie F. Downs, Tammy Trent, and Shaun Groves [Fresh Grounded Faith Fort Worth, TX]
What do you get when you put me, Annie F. Downs, Tammy Trent, and Shaun Groves together at a bistro table in Texas? You get the craziest, most fun, deep, and inspiring conversation ever! These crazy friends joined me in Fort Worth for a Fresh Grounded Faith event, and at the very end, we got to be both silly and serious as we answered questions from the audience. We talked about how to deal with loneliness, how to let go of hurts and disappointments, and how to find fulfillment in the monotony of everyday life. Then Shaun geeked out about the Hebrew understanding of a story in the New Testament, and Annie gave us the scoop on her favorite gospel. Oh, and you don’t want to miss Tammy spilling the beans about dating a younger guy. Seriously, it was hilarious! This was one of the most fun, funniest, and life-giving Spill the Beans, so pull up a chair at the bistro. SHOW NOTES:
41:51 10/12/23
#266: Can I Shake the Shame That’s Constantly Piled On? With Jasmine Holmes
According to the Scientific American, women are twice as likely as men to experience shame and are more affected by its toxic impact. Just as Adam and Eve hid in the garden and covered themselves with fig leaves, we too are inclined to hide under the cloak of shame. But unlike Adam and Eve, our feelings of shame don’t necessarily mean we’ve done something wrong. Often it means we’ve begun to believe the lies about our identity. So today’s guest, author and podcaster Jasmine Holmes, will expose shame’s slimy roots and help you understand the difference between shame, guilt, and conviction. Jasmine shares how she watched God break the power of shame in her life through the power of the gospel, and my friend, He can do the same thing for you too! SHOW NOTES:
26:54 10/5/23
#265: Can I See Past Myself When I Read Scripture? With Tara-Leigh Cobble
Scripture is meant to reveal God to us, but sometimes it's hard for us to see Him there. What if all you needed was a new lens? We often look to the Bible for advice on how to live, but when that becomes our focus, we may miss the point of Scripture: to reveal God and His character to us. On this episode of the 4:13, trusted Bible teacher and podcaster, Tara-Leigh Cobble, will sharpen our view of Scripture by sharing how to read it and what to look for. She’ll share rich theological truth, helping you grow in the knowledge of God’s character and rest in His goodness. SHOW NOTES:
29:20 9/28/23
#264: Can I Manage My Emotions and Find Healing? With Dr. Mark Mayfield
Everyone experiences emotions—some easy, some difficult. And even though emotions are a normal part of life, dealing with them can be quite challenging. We often lack the intuition to understand them or the language to fully express them. But after today, you just might see your emotions as your “friend!" Dr. Mark Mayfield joins me on the podcast to help you slow down and explore the ways your emotions develop. He’ll expose the toll that unexpressed emotions take on you and highlight the importance of not running away from them. And then, Mark will give you a simple practice to unintimidate your emotions as well as practical ways to deal with burnout. Are you ready? We’re getting on the path to emotional wholeness, so let’s go… SHOW NOTES:
33:59 9/21/23
#263: Can I Unleash My Inner Donkey? Really! With Rachel Anne Ridge
Today we are going to embrace our inner donkey. That’s because so many of us feel like donkeys in a world that celebrates racehorses. You know, the shiny and flashy success stories that make us question our own worth and abilities. But life isn’t about competing for gold medals. It’s about discovering our own mettle—understanding our unique strengths and using them to mine all the gold that God already put within us. So today on the 4:13, author Rachel Anne Ridge will explain “The Donkey Principle” and it will help you overcome obstacles, create lasting change, and achieve meaningful success. You’ve got to hear this conversation to believe it, so let’s get started! SHOW NOTES:
33:14 9/14/23
#262: Can I Prevent Mental and Emotional Meltdowns? With Jeff Peabody
What do you do when your own mind turns on you? Fear, anxiety, and the critical voices in your head can be overwhelming, even if you know Christ died to free you from those things. Well, according to today’s guest, Jeff Peabody, what you do is put on the armor of God. Today we’ll explore the armor of God through the lens of personal struggle, showing how the ancient metaphor for God’s care is powerful for his children in every generation. SHOW NOTES:
30:25 9/7/23
#261: Spill the Beans LIVE with Lysa TerKeurst [Fresh Grounded Faith Jackson, MS]
This Spill the Beans is coming to you LIVE from Fresh Grounded Faith in Jackson, Mississippi with Lysa TerKeurst and Michael O’Brien. We’re sitting around the bistro table answering some really good questions from the audience including… How do I forgive myself when I’ve really messed up? How can I help a friend who’s going through a divorce? How should I respond when someone I love has set up a boundary between us? How do I know if it’s time to tell my story, especially if it might hurt someone?  See what I mean? We’re talking about the stuff that matters and throwing in a few other things just for fun. So, pull up a chair at the bistro, and let’s spill some beans. SHOW NOTES:
37:37 8/31/23
#260: Can I Stop Living Under Time Anxiety? With Jen Pollock Michel
Whether we're trying to find time, save time, manage time, or make the most of our time, one word often shows up when we’re talking about time: anxiety. But, if we want to experience freedom from time anxiety, we have to reimagine our relationship with time itself. Today’s guest, author Jen Pollock Michel, will teach you that time is not something to manage, save, spend, or waste. She’ll explain how it’s possible to have a grounded, healthy relationship with the clock and help you move from the treadmill of productivity to the call of fruitfulness. It’s time for you to rethink time, so let’s do it! SHOW NOTES:
38:23 8/24/23
BONUS: Italy Audio Pictures [Part 3]
Okay, my friend, this is the last of three BONUS episodes featuring audio pictures of my trip to Italy! If you didn't get to hear the first two episodes, then stop right here, go back, and listen from the beginning so you don’t miss a thing. In this last episode, we’re visiting Pompeii, Sorrento, and Amalfi, and what a way to wrap up the trip. We soaked up more of the rich, Italian culture as we learned the history of Mount Vesuvius, listened to another beautiful Italian singer, cooled off in the ocean, and enjoyed a breathtaking view of Naples. Plus, you guessed it, we drank more cappuccino! Italy is so much better with my 4:13ers, so let’s go… SHOW NOTES:
14:45 8/22/23
BONUS: Italy Audio Pictures [Part 2]
This is the second of three BONUS episodes where I’m sharing audio pictures of my trip to Italy! If you missed the first one, be sure to go back and listen now so you get the full experience. In this next set of audio pictures, we’re going to Assisi and Rome where we’ll walk through the gardens at Ceasar’s palace, tour the Vatican, listen to Opera singers during dinner, and of course, drink more cappuccino! Italy is such a beautiful, sensory-rich country, and I’m so glad you get to enjoy it with me. Here we go… SHOW NOTES:
12:31 8/22/23
BONUS: Italy Audio Pictures [Part 1]
Hey 4:13ers! I’m back from Italy, and as promised, here are a few audio pictures from the trip so you can experience it with me! But there was so much I wanted to share that I had to break it up into three BONUS episodes. So, in this first episode, you’ll get to come with me to Venice, Pisa, and Florence. We’re taking a boat ride, eating an incredible Tuscan dinner, drinking the best cappuccino, and being serenaded by an Italian singer. Oh, and just wait until you hear the macarena being played on the party bus! No kidding! It was fun and hilarious, so be sure to listen until the very end. SHOW NOTES:
16:23 8/22/23
#259: Can I Ditch the Myth of Control and Relax? With Tara Sun
It’s time to discover the antidote to the burdensome and ultimately empty myth of control: surrender. Yes, surrendering to the God who cares for us and has a better blueprint for our lives. Today’s guest, author Tara Sun, joins us to explain what it looks like to surrender! She’ll give you practical steps, strategies, and biblically rich insight for letting go of control and moving forward in faith, even in the face of setbacks and disappointments. Get ready to ditch the myth of control and pick up some peace instead. SHOW NOTES:
32:17 8/17/23
#258: Can I Overcome Mom Fatigue? With Hannah Keeley
Mom Fatigue Syndrome. It’s real, it’s pervasive, and it creeps into every facet of a mom’s life leading to overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, and feeling like you're stuck in a big, fat fog—a Mom Fog. But in trying to get unstuck, moms frequently use methods and techniques that don’t work with the way their brain is wired. They begin to blame themselves, perpetuating the problem, and end up with no energy, no joy, and no motivation to make things better. So today, author Hannah Keeley will unpack what Mom Fog is, how the mom brain is different, and how moms can move from low energy to high hope. And surprisingly, the key to making things better starts with throwing out the to-do list and giving up on changing your circumstances. Can you believe it? Well, it’s true, and it will make complete sense after you listen. SHOW NOTES:
25:25 8/10/23
#257: Encore With Lee Strobel on The Case for Heaven
We’re featuring another ENCORE episode today, one that’s worth listening to over and over again because it’s all about hope—hope that this life isn’t all there is. Investigative author and theologian, Lee Strobel, joins us and does what he does best in making an intellectual case for Heaven. He’ll explore the evidence for an afterlife while addressing mankind’s biggest fear: death. And finally, he’ll give you three reasons why you can know Heaven is real. But if you’re someone who believes—without a doubt—that Heaven is real, then you’re in for a treat! This episode will affirm your faith and give you even greater anticipation of what’s to come! SHOW NOTES:
26:44 8/3/23
#256: Encore With Max McLean on The Most Reluctant Convert
Today’s episode was previously aired as a BONUS episode, but since I’m in Italy at the moment, there’s no better time to share it again … because it’s just that good! You’ll get to hear from Max McLean, the actor who played C.S. Lewis in the movie, The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis, which is a story about the beloved Christian writer’s incredible journey from atheism to faith, even though he was, according to him, “the most reluctant convert in all England.” Max and I talk all about the film, his journey leading to his portrayal of my favorite dead author, and how C.S. Lewis’ legacy serves as an inspiration to all of us. SHOW NOTES:
32:51 7/27/23
#255: Can I Move Past Toxic Shame? With Dr. Gregory Jantz
Shame is to the soul what cancer is to the body. It eats away at our self-esteem, erodes our relationships, and keeps us from moving forward in life. In fact, toxic shame is often what drives addictions, anxieties, and depression. But the good news is that freedom is possible. And that’s what we’re exploring today with author Dr. Gregory Jantz. He’ll weave together reliable psychological principles with biblical truths to start you on the path of wellness and peace. So, if you’re weighed down by shame or have begun to believe the lies that you’re defective, unworthy, and flawed, then my friend, it’s time to break free! SHOW NOTES:
23:56 7/20/23
#254: Can I Build Up My Faith When My World Is Crumbling? With Michele Cushatt
What do you do when you believe and have faith, and yet God doesn’t answer your prayers in the way you’d hoped? How do you trust Him when your world is falling apart? Michele Cushatt is a three-time head and neck cancer survivor, so she knows what it’s like when everything begins to crumble. But today, she shares how she found hope in her darkest moments—and how you can too! You’ll learn the first steps to strengthen your confidence in God's daily presence and power and build a faith strong enough to endure even the toughest seasons. SHOW NOTES:
32:29 7/13/23
#253: Can I Tell God How I Feel in Prayer? With Suzanne Eller
In hard times, lots of us shy away from God, unsure of how to talk to Him about what we're feeling. But today, author and podcaster Suzanne Eller explains why prayer is not about the number of words that come out of your mouth or how eloquent you sound. It's about being in God's presence. Simply showing up. You’ll learn some practical prayer starters based on Scripture that will unintimidate talking to God. And then, we’ll end this episode with a song I love called “Pray the Way You Pray” by Coldwater Jane. So, be sure to listen to the very end. Don't let your hurts, fears, doubts, or expectations keep you from freely talking to God, my friend. Listen in, and you’ll see why it’s okay to just show up. SHOW NOTES:
32:45 7/6/23
#252: Spill the Beans LIVE with Laura Story [Fresh Grounded Faith Houston, TX]
It’s that time again! We’re spilling the beans in Houston, Texas, with Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Laura Story and former lead singer of Newsong, Michael O’Brien. This Q&A time at our Fresh Grounded Faith events is unscripted, unrehearsed, and unlike anything you’ll experience at other women’s conferences! Today, we’re talking about if it’s okay to not be joyful during trials, what it means to fear the Lord but not be fearful of Him, and how to forgive someone but not allow them to hurt you in the future. Plus, Laura shares how her husband didn’t remember they were married after his surgery (true story), and Michael gives a spontaneous performance of “Arise My Love.” It’s great conversation, powerful music, and a whole lot of fun! So let’s go spill some beans! SHOW NOTES:
31:02 6/29/23
#251: Can I Trust That God Knows and Cares? With Lisa Whittle
When life doesn’t make sense, we often try to fix it, make sense of it, or change it. We wrestle, don’t we? But what if we didn’t have to understand it or do anything about it? What if we could trust that God knows, and since He knows, that’s enough to turn our wrestling into resting? Today, author Lisa Whittle joins us to help you see behind the curtain of God’s perfect knowledge. She makes a solid case for why trusting in His omniscience alone can help you find release, relief, and rest. And you’ll never guess where we’re going in Scripture to learn about this … Nahum! That’s right! We’re about to geek out about this Old Testament prophet, and you are going to love it! SHOW NOTES:
34:36 6/22/23
#250: Can I Heal From Relational Hurt? With Lysa TerKeurst
Healing rarely happens overnight! It usually unfolds more gradually, and often, it’s a really rough process—especially if it’s relational healing. Sometimes you wonder if you’re even going to make it. Well, my friend, you are going to make it! And today, best-selling author Lysa TerKeurst candidly shares her healing journey and gives you tons of practical encouragement for your own. She talks about the importance of boundaries, what obedience to God looks like when you want to give up, and how the acceptance of suffering can alter the healing process. You’re about to soak in some refreshing truth and much-needed hope for the hard road you’re traveling. And by the time we’re done, you’ll say out loud, “I’m going to make it!” SHOW NOTES:
23:23 6/15/23
#249: Can I Really Know if I’ve Found the One? With Nick & Chelsea Hurst
How do you know he’s the one? How do you know she’s the girl you’re supposed to marry? How do you really know you’re right for each other? These are the kinds of questions Chelsea and Nick Hurst have heard since over 2 million people began to follow their love story, engagement, and marriage on YouTube. And today, they’re going to dive deeper into the guidance they received, the lessons they learned, and the questions they asked themselves and each other as they navigated the biggest decision of their lives. Their perspective is refreshingly honest and super practical whether you’re married, single, single-again, or know someone who’s about to say, “I do!” SHOW NOTES:
38:25 6/8/23

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