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“Still one of the funniest, most well-produced podcasts on the planet.” Nicholas Haskins, Epic Film Guys Podcast


Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 238 Sonic Weenie Episode 3
Christmas Spectacular 2023
67:39 12/24/23
Sonic Weenie Episode 1
New name, new theme song, but same and better laughs!
24:00 10/4/23
Angry Old Man Podcast Second Big Announcement
This is the 2nd BIG Announcemnet about SonicWeenie!
07:24 9/22/23
AOMP The BIG Announcement
You won't belive what happened to us! You just won't believe it. Take a listen, you just won't believe it! It's the end of an era.
09:01 9/21/23
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 237
We finally finished Episode 237. AOMP travels down under to Australia and Enis records a happy belated birthday song at the world famous Sydney Opera House.    
77:05 7/12/23
Angry Old Man Podcast Live Stream For The Cure 2023
This is a special episode of the Angry Old Man Podcast where we participated, along with a large number of podcasters around the world, in the Live Stream for the Cure 2023 to help raise funds to find the cure for cancer. Our freind Nicholas Haskins started Live Stream for the Cure in 2017 to raise funds to fight cancer, because he lost one of his best friends to a rare form of cancer, when his friend was just 23 years old.  As part of Immunotherapy Month's fundraisers, all donations will be doubled by Cancer Research Institutes's benefactors (if they are made in May and June). In the past six years we've raised over $70,000 for the Cancer Research Institute. So far this year we raised over $20,000 and if you'd like to help, please click the link below.    Live Stream For The Cure Donate Link:
62:36 5/26/23
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 237 PROMO
AOMP Episode 237 will be beyonf belief! So, if you want to suspend your bellief, you have to listen and hear how one man, with only one mouth, one somewhat damaged old brain, while missing his prostate, can speak for a whole group of people and never have to get up to piss.
06:13 5/2/23
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 236
Mr. & Mrs. X have been cruising and creatively he has been depleted. But that's not stopping him from traveling to Australia next year. Oh it's time for another Christmas show. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy 2023. We are kicking of our 11th season. 
46:46 12/21/22
Angry Old Man Podcast Bedtime Stories
Tis is the premiere episode of the Angry Old Man Podcast Sleeping Stories. It's entitled Uncle Robert's Farm and if we don't put you to sleept we suggest a case of Coors Lite and a balogna sandwich. 
20:03 10/8/22
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 235
Angry Old Man Podcast goes on a road trip to Windsor, Onatrio, Canada for the Endless Summer Beach Party on Sandpoint Beach. Curly loses his vaccination card and has to sneak into Canada by swimming accros the river from Detroit Michigan. Enis changes the name of his band from Love Spuds to Love Toys and you'll never guess who came up with that special name. Honey welcoms all the new listeners in Serbia, South Africa, Belgium and Japan. Mr. X does a video interview with Cave Crew Radio and tells all about the Angry Old Man Podcast. Check out the interview on the Cave Crew Radio YouTube channel. The video interview starts at about the 25 minute mark here is the link 
51:03 8/26/22
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 234
It's been a while, but we're back with an extra long episode in which Curly reveals that one of his testicles dissapears occasionally. They also discuss handyman Handy Randy. Robert calls Richard "Dick" Burns for a joke and Regina answers. Curly answers emails about Cowlitic Converter 2.0. Mama Angelina is at home sick and Enis & The Love Spuds drive down to Las Vegas to sing a Happy Belated Birthday to Marsha Palazzi. 
81:48 8/4/22
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 233
Curly is excited about his investment with a  Sylicon Valley Company that is developing a revolutionary enviromental device. However, Robert and Cheeks have doubts.
40:48 6/5/22
AOMP Episode 204 Encore Presentation
The encore presentation of AOMP Episode 204 includes the premiere of Honey's brand new talk and variety show called Sixty Seconds Full of Honey. It also includes a new openning joke featuring the Angry Old Man Podcast Theatrical Society presenation of Don't Stop. When Edna is once again passed over for a leading role, she storms out in a fit or rage.
69:26 4/24/22
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 232
Angry Old Man Podcast Theatrical Society is activated by Curly Fries for the openning joke.  Curly attempts to ask Robert and Cheeks a personal question.  An old car with busted gaskets is pretty much what all of us will resemble in the future.
55:39 3/24/22
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 231
Sparks fly as Enis delivers AOMP theme song number 3, he also explains why he is not an Elvis impersonator, but the other way around. More new listeners in Iowa and Germany are flocking to the Angry Old Man Podcasrt. Honey went to see a psychic and and year 2022 will be "The Year of Honey Dew."
56:43 2/5/22
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 230
Marry Christmas 2021
38:11 12/25/21
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 229
Enis from Las Vegas is still trying to come up with a new AOMP theme song. Curly thinks that a ex girlfriend may have bought a cup of coffee for everyone except him. Honey has a huge business opportunity and reveals more about her family background. Enis calls back with another version of the theme and Robert shares one of his old song at the end of the show.
71:04 11/29/21
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 228
Curly's challenge to the other podcasters backfires and he has to go into hiding. Honey reveals a secret procedure that she just had done, she also reveals the identity of Bubbles LaRue. 
55:45 11/8/21
AOMP Episode 200 Ancore Presentation
A little bast from the past to hold you over until the next new episode.
48:28 8/22/21
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 227
A birthday party for Mama Angelina's 90th birthday. It has to be heard to be believed. 
77:25 7/20/21
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 226
Honey fulfills a promise and winds up getting into a huge fight with Edna over a hard boiled egg recipe. 
50:20 5/1/21
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 225
Something very profound happens in Episode 225 of the Angry Old Man Podcast.
45:14 2/13/21
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 224
Honey and Curley are about embark on a brand new business venture. Will they succeed? Only time will tell. 2020 was the worse year in the history of mankind and we hope that 2021 will be better. Happy New Year everyone. 
63:43 12/31/20
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 223
Marry Christmas 2020!
39:53 12/24/20
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 222
It's Episode 222 and we're still kicking and sticking it in your ears after all these years. In this episode you’ll find out about Honey’s mysterious reality TV audition and filming of the first episode, plus Curly is on the precipice of financial independence for the rest of his life. That is, if the tip for the IPO for the latest Silicon Valley technological marvel performs as expected. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for being with us.
60:31 11/8/20
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 221
Honey auditions for a super secret television reality show. Curly gets attacked by Bulgarian gypsies when Honey steals an ostrich feather at a funeral home. Reverend/Sir Robert Levy is coming to AOMP and Honey tells the tale of the bald ostriches. And so much more.
64:58 10/4/20
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 220
Luciano Pavarotti's favorite past time activity and a bunch of other silliness. Hope you enjoy.
41:34 8/9/20
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 219
Angry Old Man Podcast Theatrical Society is activated without Curly and he is not happy. Curly does not wan to take off his mask. What ever happened with Honey'd special lollypops. All this and a bunch more in Episode 219 of the Angry Old Man Podcast.
39:38 6/28/20
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 218
Corona Virus is driving everyone crazy in the Bella Terra Mobile Hope Park Estates. Tempers and nostrils are flaring. Mr. X is cancer free! Nicholas Haskins from the Epic Film Guys Podcast is a nice guy for a couple of reasons, but Curly has a different take. Motley Cristo feels like Nicholas about Curly, but he is not dismayed. Richard and Ragayna Burns are out of toilet paper and you won't believe what they have resorted to using instead. Honey's surprising secret. And The Mockers are back!
35:17 5/10/20
Angry Old Man Podcast Episode 217
Angry Old Man Podcast is in self quarantine like the rest of you, but not too happy about it. Honey Dew share premiers her new Corona Virus song, while Enis and The Love Spuds are running out of toilet paper in Las Vegas. Enjoy the laughs.
51:43 4/20/20

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