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The Final Straw is a weekly anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio show bringing you voices and ideas from struggle around the world. Since 2010, we've been broadcasting from occupied Tsalagi land in Southern Appalachia (Asheville, NC). We are hosted by William Goodenuff, Scott Branson and Bursts O'Goodness. We also frequently feature commentary (serious and humors) by anarchist prisoner, Sean Swain. All archives of the show are up forever at


Feminist Anti-War Resistance to the Russian Invasion
This week, we’re sharing an interview with Leo, an anarchist and eco-feminist from Russia who has temporary relocated to Europe after facing political repressions. Leo is a co-organizer with the Feminist Anti-War Resistance movement (Facebook in English, Telegram in Russian, LinkTr.Ee), a network of activists in and outside of Russia involved in struggling against the war in Ukraine and the Putin regime. For the hour we speak about Russians facing repression for speaking out against the war inside the country, supporting anti-war initiatives such as sabotage and counter-recruitment, Imperialism and anti-Imperialism, forefronting the voices and experiences of Ukrainians experiencing the invasion, Ukrainians who’ve been forcibly re-settled into Russia and supporting Ukrainians resisting the Russian military within their own country, growing hetero-patriarchy within Russia and more. Past Eps on the war include: Interview with BOAK about sabotage in Russia & a journal in Ukraine about life during war Russian anarchist from Autonomous Action against the war A Russian anarchist living in Ukraine against the war Ukrainian punk & member of Kyiv ABC about organizing to survive the invasion We have quite a few interviews with Russian anarchists, antifascists, queer folks and ecological activists over the years of increasing repression by Putin's regime at our website as well. Initiatives that you can support with donations or with reposts (from Leo): Ukraine: • Колективи Солідарності (Solidarity Collectives) – anti-authoritarian volunteer network from Ukraine – Russia: Зона Солидарности (Solidarity Zone) - Russian activist project providing help for political prisoners in Russia. Вывожук (Vivozhuk) – grassroot initiative helping with emergency evacuation to Russian activists in danger and political prisoners Золотой Ключик (Golden Key) – grassroot intiative providing help to Russian anti-war activists who is in current danger Идите Лесом (Go by the forest) – initiative that helps russian citizens escape mobilization and conscription International: • Квiр Свiт (Queer Svit) – a black queer-run independent team of volunteers from all over the world helping LGBTQ+ and BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnicity) people affected by the war in Ukraine and/or political repressions get to safety by providing consultations, purchasing tickets, finding free accommodation and providing humanitarian aid. From Us: Ukraine Episodes Russian Episodes Avtonom.Org is an online portal in a few languages (including English) with participation of various antifascist and anarchist groups from Russia (many now in diaspora) and it’s a great way to find information on prisoners in Russia (via Moscow ABC). [The content in Russian is pretty easily translated these days by copying the URL address, visiting google and pasting it into the google search bar. Then you just click the “translate this page” link.] There is a Russian language podcast from Belarusian anarchists in exile in Warsaw that you may want to share with Russian-speaking folks called Dogma. Uncomfortable talks about war. From the producers: “This podcast presents conversations with anarchists from across Europe about the war in Ukraine. We will discuss uncomfortable issues of unreflected coloniality, imperialist sentiments, lack of solidarity in the international anarchist movement, as well as the weakness of anarchist theory and practice in the face of the war.” Telegram: Podcast: Announcements South Florida Anti-Repression Committee Launches Solidarity Campaign In an unprecedented use of the FACE Act (a law intended to protect abortion access and abortion clinics), two pro-choice community activists in Florida have been charged under the FACE Act. In addition to the two charged, community members across Florida have been the target of FBI harassment that has included showing up at people’s places of employment, approaching family members, and even executing a “No Knock Warrant,” with armed agents raiding the home of a family with children in the home. The FACE Act has been used to prosecute individuals who murdered abortion providers, physically threatened or attacked those seeking reproductive healthcare, barricaded abortion clinic entrances, and other anti-choice actions that have served to limit lawful access to abortion and other reproductive health care. Prosecuting two community activists for alleged graffiti is a shameful and disgusting use of the law.  In response, community members have formed the South Florida Anti-Repression Committee (SFLARC) and are launching a solidarity campaign and defense fundraiser. The funds raised will go to support those facing state repression, both those charged and those who experience harassment by law enforcement. More info on this and how to support at Call for International Solidarity with Jorge from Mexico City Anarchist Black Cross Jorge "Yorch" Esquivel is a beloved compañero of the punk community, and a long-time participant of the Okupa Che Guevara. He was arrested on December 8, 2022 by plainclothes police as he was leaving the campus of the Ciudad Universitaria (of the UNAM university) in Mexico City as part of a campaign of criminalization against the Okupa. He was framed up on drug charges in 2016 and Jorge was re-arrested on in a related case in 2022. CNA-DF is fundraising to cover his needs inside the cartel run prison he’s housed in as well as his legal fees. Go Fund Me Atlanta Forest / Stop Cop City Fundraising The struggle to support folks facing ridiculous domestic terrorism charges in Atlanta in a clear situation of state over-reach continues to escalate and they need support. One easy way to kick in is with a donation to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund. You can learn more at ATLSolidarity.Org Four Comrades in Greece Finally, there is a fundraiser online to support four anarchists accused by the Greek state of participation in a terrorist group the state is calling “comrades”, a case which has stretched out for nearly 3 years now, and they’re still in pre-trial. Learn more about how to support them at . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Human Being by Erik Truffaz and Murcoff on Being Human Being П​о​д п​р​и​ц​е​л​о​м by JESUS SISTER from М​е​с​т​о д​л​я в​с​я​к​о​г​о г​а​д​к​о​г​о Т​о​л​п​а е​б​а​н​ы​х м​у​ж​и​к​о​в by Позоры  from Д​е​в​и​ч​ь​е Г​о​р​е
108:45 3/26/23
Felony Littering Trials Under Way in Asheville
This week: a chat with Pip, a defendant in, and Grace, a supporter of, the Aston Park Defendants case which led to the arrest of 16 people, including 2 journalists for the Asheville Blade, many facing various charges of felony littering and conspiracy to felony litter. You can read some background to this in the words fo the Sanctuary Park defendants at AVLSolidarity.NoBlogs.Org by clicking the “Our Story” link and there’s a bunch more there, including how to support the defendants monetarily. We spend the hour talking about gentrification, police repression, mutual aid and resistance in this small, “progressive” mountain town in the US south. Trials begin April 10, 2023. Other ASP and adjacent links: Substack ASP Venmo ASP CashApp: $Streets1de Instagram Facebook Defendant Support T-shirt designs Some past shows that touch on this week's topic include: Mutual Aid and the Asheville Water Crisis (Jan 2023) Mutual Aid Repression Started (May 2022) Protests Against Homeless Sweeps in Asheville (Dec 2021) Asheville Survival Program (Oct 2021) Asheville's "Policing Crisis" (Aug 2021) Harm Reduction Repression Continues (Apr 2020) Housing Protests in Asheville (Apr 2020) Repression of Harm Reduction (Aug 2018) Next Week... Later this week, I’ll be speaking with members of Feminist Anti-War Resistance (Telegram in Russian, more at their LinkTr.Ee), a Russian network mostly in exile, about their protests against the Russian state’s war on the people of Ukraine and their organizing in the diaspora. I’ll try to get that out early next week for patrons. . ... . .. Featured Track: Unreleased Instrumental #1 by Muggs x Doom from Deathwish Auntie Fuh (feat. Nad Chestbutt) by Swamp Ape
60:44 3/19/23
Open Source, DIY Medicine with Four Thieves Vinegar
This week on the show, we’re sharing an interview with Mixael Laufer of the 4 Thieves Vinegar Collective about the the group, building scientific competency, biohacking, authority, intellectual property... oh boy there’s a lot there. Mixael also speaks about some of the projects that 4 Thieves has on offer, including a do it yourself AED setup for defribulation, misoprostol-soaked business cards for self-inducing abortions, instructions for laboratory tools, finding other applications for existing drugs, long covid and more. We’ll be stating this a few times during this episode, but Mixael Laufer is not licensed to offer medical advice and his opinions are his own. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) We hope you enjoy this interview and you can check out the project at, where you can find a growing collection of introductory videos about their work. Four Thieves Vinegar socials: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & Instagram Mixael on socials: Twitter & Mastodon A few projects mentioned include: Sci-Hub Open Insulin Project Open Artificial Pancreas Project . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Killing In The Name Of (8-Bit Version) by Rage Against The Machine Toast To The Dead by Immortal Technique from The Martyr
105:38 3/12/23
A True(r) Measure of Renewable Energy with Dr. Alexander Dunlap
This week, I spoke with Dr. Alexander Dunlap about a range of topics, such as Degrowth, green anarchism, the violence of extractivism, questions of the conception of renewable energy and resistance to ecocide. We covered a lot in this discussion and he’s written a lot on a range of related topics. Check out his ResearchGate where many pdfs are available or searching his name on AnarchistLibrary.Net. If there's something at ResearchGate that isn't available for download, you can email Alexander and request access. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) – pending Zine (Imposed PDF) – pending Our past interviews on resisting infrastructure projects can be found by checking out posts tagged "Environment" or "Earth and Animal Liberation" Other accounts for Dr. Dunlap: Suggested links: “The Coconut Revolution” documentary Environmental Justice Atlas Mining Watch (London) Exalt initiative Books Dunlap A and Brock A. (2022) Enforcing Ecocide: Power, Police and Planetary Militarization, Cham: Palgrave Dunlap A and Jakobsen J. (2019) The Violent Technologies of Extraction: Political Ecology, Critical Agrarian Studies and the Capitalist Worldeater. Dunlap, A. (2019) Renewing Destruction: Wind Energy Development, Conflict and Resistance in a Latin American Context. Articles  Dunlap A and Riquito M. (2023). Social warfare for lithium extraction? Open-pit lithium mining, counterinsurgency tactics and enforcing green extractivism in northern Portugal. Energy Research & Social Science 95(1): 1-21. Dunlap A. (2023) The Green Economy as Counterinsurgency, or the Ontological Foundations for Permanent Ecological Catastrophe. Environmental Policy and Science: 39-50. Kallianos Y, Dunlap A and Dalakoglou D. 2022. Introducing Infrastructural Harm: Rethinking moral entanglements, spatio-temporal modalities, and resistance(s). Globalizations: 1-20. Dunlap A and Laratte L. (2022) European Green Deal necropolitics: Exploring ‘green’ energy transition, degrowth & infrastructural colonization. Political Geography 97: 1-17. Dunlap A and Marin D. (2022) Comparing coal and ‘transition materials’? Overlooking complexity, flattening reality and ignoring capitalism. Energy research & social science 89: 1-9. Dunlap A and Correa-Arce M. (2022) ‘Murderous Energy’ in Oaxaca, Mexico: Wind Factories, Territorial Struggle and Social Warfare. Journal of Peasant Studies 49(2): 455-480. Next Week... Next week, we hope to bring you a conversation with Michael Laufer of the anarchist biohacking crew, the Four Thieves Vinegar Collective talking about do it yourself medical infrastructures. . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Fucked Up State by Icons of Filth Sekasortoa by Kaaos Marionett I Kedjor by Moderat Likvidation
82:04 3/5/23
South Korean Social Movements in the 20th Century (rebroadcast)
South Korean Social Movements in the 20th Century (rebroadcast) [ 00:02:09 - 00:50:03 ] This week we're re-airing our 2012 interview with Dr. George Katsiaficas, author and contributor to over a dozen books on Peoples Movements and the elucidator of the Eros Effect. For over a decade, Dr. Katsiaficas has been studying the culture and history of South Korea and it's culture and has published the a two volume set, the first of which is  entitled Asia's Unknown Uprisings: South Korean Social Movements in the 20th Century from PM Press. For more of Dr. Katsiaficas' writing, check out his website at Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Sean Swain Sean's reading of the names of people killed by cops in the USA in June of 2022 runs from roughly [ 00:50:10 - 00:56:30 ] Shine White [ 00: 56.41 - 01:19:33 ] Supporters of Joseph "Shine White" Stewart conducted an interview with him about conditions in the NC prisons, violence and his views on organizing. Shine White is an anti-racist, white,  maoist prisoner. You can write to Shine White at: Joseph Stewart #0802041 Granville Correctional PO Box 247 Phoenix, Maryland 21131 . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Bella Ciao by Anita Lane from Sex O'Clock Korean Protest Song by Resist and Exist from the Korean Protest Song EP
81:39 2/26/23
Maia Ramnath on Hindutva
This week, we spoke with Maia Ramnath about her essay contribution to ¡No Pasarán!: Antifascist Dispatches From a World in Crisis. The essay was entitled “The Other Aryan Supremacy: Fighting Hindu Fascism in the South Asia Diaspora”. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) – pending Zine (Imposed PDF) – pending For the hour, we talk about about Hindutva, a brand of Indian ethno-religious-nationalism some have called fascism, the organizations that carry it in India and in the sub-continental or Desi diaspora around the world, some of the ideas and actions attributed to it, Islamophobia, Hindutva’s connections with the project of Israel, also it’s overlaps with far right, Nazi-inspired ideologies and how non-Desi anti-fascists can stand in solidarity against it. Some publications by or including Maia Ramnath: Haj to Utopia: How the Ghadar Movement Charted Global Radicalism and Attempted to Overthrow the British Empire Decolonizing Anarchism: An Antiauthoritarian History of India's Liberation Struggle Art for Life: Conversations with the Progressive Writers Movement on Pens, Swords, and Internationalism, from Antifascism to Afro-Asian Solidarity (paperback / ebook) ¡No Pasarán!: Antifascist Dispatches From a World in Crisis (edited by Shane Burley). The essay was entitled “The Other Aryan Supremacy: Fighting Hindu Fascism in the South Asia Diaspora”. For audiophiles out there, there is an audiobook version of this book available from AK Press, though it’s a little pricey it is over 20 hours long! Other interviews on related topics: Yeah Nah Pasaran! interview with Raja of The Humanist Project Nazi Lies podcast with Shyam Ranganathan 12 Rules for What with Amardeep Dhillon Bursts also recommends Azadi by Arundhati Roy, which includes lots of thoughts on these topics. And you can hear our 2020 interview with Pranav Jeevan P. in Karela state in India which covers many of these same topics, which is also transcribed. Phone Zap for #StopCopCity Arrestee, Emily Murphy #StopCopCity protestor Emily Murphy has been in jail for almost a month since being arrested 1/22 following the protest against the police killing of Tortuguita. Emily has been vegan for many years, but the Atlanta City Dentention Center has not been giving them food they can eat. They describe being emaciated and having physical problems after a month of starvation. We are asking that you listen to Emily's statement, participate in our call in campaign, and show up at Atlanta City Dentention Center at 7pm this Friday (2/24/23) to voice your discontent. We present Emily in their own words You can find info on this in Blue Ridge ABC's mastodon post on the subject. Announcement Bad News #65 The monthly, English-language podcast from the international A-Radio network is now available at for streaming or downloading. You’ll hear updates from antifascist struggle in Bulgaria, news from comrades in Greece as well as info about how the organizing of the 2023 St-Imier anti-authoritarian and anarchist gathering is going in Switzerland recorded by A-Radio Berlin. . ... . .. Featured Tracks Note by Rekoil Chafe Baapmanus (a tribute to B.R. Ambedkar) by Mahi Ghane
92:40 2/19/23
"Resist Everything Except Temptation" (Rebroadcast)
We're re-airing Scott's 2020 interview with Kristian Williams about his book, Resist Everything Except Temptation: The Anarchist Philosophy of Oscar Wilde. Transcription (thanks to MKE Lit Supply!) PDF (unimposed) Zine (imposed PDF) From the original post: I found this interview extremely illuminating, perhaps like many other people who might not have strong ties to either academia or popular education models of learning, I had sort of written Oscar Wilde off as this kind of white dead rich guy who carried little to no relevance apart from a model of queerness that we could look back on. This interview very much proved that this isn’t the case, and that he and the circumstances around him very much influence how we as queers and as anarchists can sense historical threads that pull on our lives very tangibly today. Thanks a million to Scott for researching and conducting this interview! You can learn more about the author, Kristian Williams, who is most known for his book Our Enemies in Blue, which is a critical history of American policing and police, at his website You can hear our past interviews with Kristian on: Oscar Wilde early in the research process of this book Our Enemies In Blue George Orwell . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Hustler by Retro Beatz Oscar Wilde (Reprise) by Kingston Rudieska from Ska Fiction
78:53 2/12/23
Eli Meyerhoff on ‘Beyond Education’ (Rebroadcast)
This week we are re-airing an interview from November 10th, 2019, by Scott Branson with Eli Meyerhoff about his book “Beyond Education: Radical Studying for Another World”. In this book, Meyerhoff “traces how key elements of education emerged from histories of struggles in opposition to alternative modes of study bound up with different modes of world-making. Taking inspiration from Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and Indigenous resurgence projects, he charts a new course for movements within, against, and beyond the university as we know it.” and this quote is from the University of Minnesota webpage, who also published his book. Transcribed PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) This interview covers a lot of issues such as the historical and colonial construction of what we think of today as education. In this interview, Scott and Eli talk about his book, the vast terrain that the book covers, experiences in academia when one is operating as politically radical, and some alternatives to education that we can see and experience in the world around us. Eli Meyerhoff can be found at and the Abolition University at . ... . .. Featured Tracks: LSD – School’s For Fools Suburban Studs – I Hate School
86:20 2/5/23
Libertarian Syndicalism with Tom Wetzel
This week, we share our chat with Tom Wetzel on his recently published book Overcoming Capitalism: Strategy for the Working Class in the 21st Century (AK Press, 2022). Tom is an organizer with Worker’s Solidarity Alliance, an anarcho-syndicalist group relaunching in the SF Bay Area, which publishes to Ideas & Action journal online and is affiliated with the International Worker’s Association IWA/AIT. For the hour we talk about the book, questions of economics and self-management, the ecological feasibility of Tom’s Libertarian Socialist model, recent labor struggles and other subjects. We hope you enjoy and suggest giving the book a read if this conversation tickles your fancy. The transcribed chat is already up at our website, alongside so many others, at Transcription PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) . ... . .. Featured Tracks "Ninth Wave" by Trifonic from Ninth Wave "I Wish That They'd Sack Me and Leave Me To Sleep" by Chumbawamba from The Boy Bands Have Won
87:31 1/29/23
Voices In Struggle: Remembering Tortuguita + Resistance in Lützerath and Against Tren Maya
This week on The Final Straw, we feature three segments: words from a friend of Manuel “Tortuguita” Teran, the forest defender killed by law enforcement on January 18th outside of Atlanta, Georgia; A-Radio Berlin’s conversation with an activist at Lutzerath encampment in western Germany attempting to block a lignite coal extraction operation by RWE; a discussion of the Tren Maya megaproject by the AMLO administration in Mexico. Remembering Tortuguita Transcription Updates on Transcription Opposing Tren Maya Transcription PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Remembering Tortuguita First up, we caught up with Eric Champaign of Tallahassee, FL, about his friend Manny, aka Tortuguita or little turtle. Manuel Teran was shot and killed by law enforcement during an early morning raid of the forest encampment to defend the Welaunee aka Atlanta Forest and to stop CopCity on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023. Law enforcement claimed in the media that they responded to shots fired and the wounding of an officer by killing the shooter, but at the time of this release the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has not yet produced a weapon or bodycam footage of the clash. [Update, Georgia Bureau of Investigation claims they found Tort's gun and ballistics match the bullet in the pelvis of the cop] The killing of Tortuguita has sparked outrage, calls for independent investigations, vigils and calls for renewed and dispersed activity. Word is that another 6 people were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism during the raid. Check out our chat with a member of Atlanta Anti-Repression Committee for some context and links to group fighting back in the courts. There’s a fundraiser for Tortuguita’s family at GoFundMe Eric also speaks about his friend, Dan Baker, who is nearing his release date. You can hear our past chat with Eric about Dan’s case at our website alongside links about the case and how to support him. There’s now a paypal for donations for Dan’s post-release, which can be found at Then, we feature two segments are selections from the January, 2023 episode of B(A)D News from the A-Radio Network. You can find this ep, #64, alongside many others at A-Radio-Network.Org Updates from Lützerath This second segment is a recording by A-Radio Berlin of a conversation with a radio activist from Aalpunk from Lützerath giving some context of the struggle there in the west of Germany. Since this recording, the encampments have been evicted but resistance continues against the ginormous lignite mine that the corporation RWE is attempting to expand there. You can also hear or read our September 25th, 2022 episode for some background. More info at Opposing Project Tren Maya Finally, we’re sharing a segment by Frequenz-A about Proyecto Tren Maya in the Yucatán peninsula of so-called Mexico. The conversation with a member of Recherche-Ag about a report they published in Solidarity with the Zapatista movement, on the German state and corporate participation in this mega-project and the dangers posed by the Maya Train, which includes huge expansion of electric, travel and other corporate and state infrastructure through sensitive ecosystems and sovereign indigenous lands, being overseen by the Mexican military. You can find this report and more at To hear a past interview of ours talking about Tren Maya & AMLO's infrastructure projects, you can find our Februar`y 2nd, 2020 interview. Announcements Phone Zap for Jason Renard Walker Jason Walker, a writer and organizer held in the Texas prison system, is currently being held at a psychiatric unit after having to fake  suicide attempt in order to escape a plot to murder him. He's asking for urgent support in ensuring that he's not transferred back to Connally Unit, where the original incident took place, and for his entire classification file to be reviewed to help him get moved to a safer place. You can check our show notes for the relevant contacts and words from Jason and a script to call with at BRABC.BlackBlogs.Org . ... . .. Featured Tracks: We Were All Scared by Cloudkicker from Beacons Push It Way Up! by Cloudkicker from Beacons
64:44 1/22/23
Rhiannon Firth on Disaster, Mutual Aid and Anarchism
We’re happy to share Scott’s interview with Rhiannon Firth about her recent book, Disaster Anarchy: Mutual Aid and Radical Action. You can get the book at a discount using the code “firth30”, on the Pluto Books website or you can get a digital read for free, linked in the shownotes. Rhiannon's: facebook; twitter; email. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Next Week… Next week, we’ll likely share our recent chat with Tom Wetzel on his anarcho-syndicalist / libertarian socialist tome Overcoming Capitailsm (AK Press, 2022). Patreon followers will get early access to this chat as they very occasionally do to author interviews, alongside other gifts and the satisfaction of supporting our transcription efforts. Want in but don’t want to have a Patreon? Check out for merch and other methods to donate and help keep our transcription and operating costs afloat. Thanks! Announcements Sanctuary Park Defendants Statement A Statement from the Aston Park Defendants in Response to APD's January 11th Press Release -January 14th, 2023: "On Wednesday, January 11th, 2023, Asheville Police Department (APD) issued a widely circulated press release stating that 120,000 lbs of “trash” were removed from two “vacant” homeless encampments in West Asheville. We believe that this press release is part of an ongoing misinformation campaign by the City of Asheville to justify evicting encampments, fracturing communities of care, and broadly criminalizing unsheltered homelessness without creating real solutions. APD claims that the two camps were vacant, but admits that over the course of two weeks, they forced the people living there to leave. “Services” were offered to the people displaced, but were limited to rides, sharing information about local shelters, and helping people register for a housing list with a months-to-years long wait for placement. We question the utility of these services to people who are chronically homeless and unsheltered. According to the city of Asheville’s 2022 Point in Time count, 232 (36%) of people without housing were unsheltered, defined as “sleeping outside or in other locations not suitable for human habitation.” These people are criminalized with trespassing laws and ordinances restricting camping. Yet, limited capacity and other barriers to shelter access often leave people with no other choices. When people camp together in larger groups, they are able to share resources and build community. Providing these camps with basic waste disposal and sanitation services would eliminate the health risks used to justify their removal. Instead, people camping are blamed for these conditions, then forced to relocate with only what they can carry. Tents, shelters, and other necessities must be left behind, and are relabeled “trash.” APD, city government and anti–homeless businesses use this, coupled with overblown and misleading claims about violent crime in camps, as justification for displacing unsheltered people again and again. Since the 11th, APD evicted two more camps in East Asheville, just ahead of a cold front bringing ice and snow. Camp evictions in February and December of 2021 under similar conditions sparked widespread public outrage. Despite this, conditions for people living unsheltered have mostly remained unchanged. Misinformation about “litter” and crime, alongside unfulfilled promises of long-term solutions, have redirected public attention from ongoing violence. Not only are camp sweeps violent, they are an ineffective and expensive strategy for managing unsheltered homelessness. There are more humane, longer-term and lower-cost alternatives. More on this, along with other updates, coming soon. In the meantime, check out our website,, for more information including links to sources cited for this statement. Please share and spread the word! Solidarity & Love, The Aston Park Defendants" Asheville Mutual Aid Market If you’re in the Asheville area, on Saturday, January 28th there’ll be a Mutual Aid Market at the Odd bar on Haywood Ave in west Asheville from 12-4pm including free brake light clinic by the Asheville Socialist Rifle Association chapter. Bring gently used clothing, kitchenware, fitness gear, tools, books and other stuff to share and take what you’d like. Oye Collective is hosting BIPOC artists and musicians who’ll have stuff on offer for donation, and donations will be collected for Asheville For Justice. Check the AFJ instagram for more info, the announcement in English and Spanish and info on accessibility. Phone Zap, Tuesday for SeaTac detainees There's going to be a prisoner organized phone zap around conditions at SeaTac federal detention center on Tuesday. Inmates at SeaTac Detention Center are facing cruel and illegal conditions, without adequate access to medical care, food, and communication. You’re invited to join a phone zap on Tuesday Jan 17, from 8am-2pm, calling once or as many times as you can, asking that the Associate Warden's Office take immediate steps to correct the situation. Script and details in our show notes Here is a script you can use: "I'm calling on behalf of inmates at SeaTac Federal Detention Center, asking for the leadership to address the cruel and *illegal* conditions at the facility. Without a long-term warden and the presence of leadership at the lunch line, it's been difficult for inmates to directly address concerns themselves. Because you've silenced them, I'm calling on their behalf to let you know that many people across the nation are watching SeaTac right now. Please take immediate steps to improve conditions for every inmate at SeaTec by providing: A minimum of 2,000 calories/day A doctor on-site at the facility Immediate access to prescription medications Immediate access to dental care Increased email access A warden assigned to the facility" . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Cavern by Liquid Liquid from Liquid Liquid Discography (1981-1984)
79:20 1/15/23
Asheville Water Crisis and New Years Eve Bail Out
This week on the show, we’re sharing two local conversations with community organizers providing mutual aid in Asheville, NC. Bail Out Transcript Water Crisis Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) 2022 NYE Noise Demo & Bailout First up, we’re sharing a short interview with Beck of Pansy Collective, a queer DIY benefit booking collective responsible for Pansy Fest. Beck talks about the 2022 New Years Eve noise demonstration and bailout that Pansy helped to fundraise for (alongside the Asheville Community Bail Fund), as well as the Buncombe County Jail being reported by the Citizen Times newspaper as the deadliest jail in North Carolina as of January 2021. Asheville Water Crisis Then, we you’ll hear Elliot of Asheville Survival Program (Instagram or FB), M of Asheville for Justice and Moira talk about the water crisis that started on December 24th, the city’s response, how mutual aid stepped up to distribute water and more. To read statements by the 16th people facing felony littering and other charges for mutual work and solidarity here in Asheville, check out AVLSolidarity.NoBlogs.Org, or check out our transcripts or episodes from (10/31/21, 12-26-21, 5-15-22) for more words from the groups involved. You can also check our show notes for links to other projects mentioned here and if you listen to the podcast or stream on our website or various platforms, you can hear Sean Swain’s segment. Next Week... We announced that we’d be airing Rhiannon Firth talking with Scott about her recent book, Disaster Anarchy, but we’re putting that off until next week. Patreon supporters can find it released a tiny bit early. Announcements 20th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair If you’re in southern Europe, the 20th annual Balkan Anarchist bookfair is coming up from the 7th to 9th of July in Ljubljana, Slovenia. If you want to table or present, submissions are still open and more info can be found at their website, bab2023.EspivBlogs.Net Fundraising for JJ Ayer Eagle Bear In prior weeks, listeners heard updates from the struggle against evictions at Winnemucca Indian Colony. Jimmy J, who spoke in the December 25th episode has set up fundraising to help him overwinter via the venmo: @lunaleve Comrades Conspiracy There is a fundraiser online to support four anarchists accused by the Greek state of participation in a terrorist group the state is calling “comrades”, a case which has stretched out for nearly 3 years now, and their trial is slated to take place on February 6th of 2023. Learn more at FireFund.Net/Solidarity4Comrades Leon Benson Fundraiser We’re happy to announce a re-entry fundraiser for Leon Benson (aka EL Bently 448), a wrongly convicted man in Indiana being organized by IDOC Watch, out of Indiana. Leon was the subject of a chat with his daughter, Koby Blutt, in our May 30th, 2021 episode (audio and transcript available at our website). You can find it at by searching Leon Benson. Eric King Release Fundraiser There is also a fundraiser going for post-release support for anarchist prisoner Eric King that you can find at GoFundMe.Com . … . .. Featured Tracks: Dead Men Don’t Rape by Delilah Bon
68:30 1/8/23
Sophie Lewis on Abolishing the Family
I’m sure that many people coming out of this holiday season, returning from visiting relatives will wonder: “couldn’t we abolish the capitalist family structure?” We’ve got great news! We’re happy to present this conversation between Scott and Sophie Lewis, author of Abolish The Family: A Manifesto of Care and Liberation. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) In this episode, Sophie speaks about the book, the ideas and inspirations she’s pulling from, the critique that the family form not only passes property and generationally allows concentrations of it, but simultaneously limits our horizons of care to these small, private and often abusive relationships. Here we also find ideas of Child Liberation, a challenge to the state form and capitalism, and an invitation to imagine beyond what we’ve been taught is the natural nucleus of human relationships in what turns out to be a long lineage of ideas cast back through Black feminisms of the 70’s and beyond. Anyway, there was a lot here and we hope you enjoy. For a related chat, check out Scott’s July 10, 2022 interview with Sophie on the show, and you can find more recordings and essays at her site, and support her freelance writing on her patreon. Next Week… Stay tuned next week, possibly for a chat between Scott and Rhiannon Firth on their recent book, Disaster Anarchy: Mutual Aid and Radical Action. Announcements Blue Ridge ABC Letter Writing If you’re in the Asheville area, Blue Ridge ABC will be hosting a letter writing at Firestorm Books on Sunday, January 8th from 3-5pm. Usually, this’d take place the first Sunday of the month but that’d fall on New Years Day and that didn’t feel realistic. Colombia Freedom Collective There is an urgent fundraising appeal from the Colombia Freedom Collective as trails approach for the Paso Del Aguante 6, political prisoners from the uprising against police impunity and murder in 2021. You can learn more at . … . .. Featured Tracks: It’s Like Reaching For The Moon by Billie Holiday from Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944 (CD1) War Within A Breath by Rage Against The Machine from The Battle of Los Angeles
91:25 1/1/23
Alabama Prisoners Speak + JJ Ayers of Winnemucca Indian Colony
This week on the show, we featured 2 segments: a chat with Michael Kimble & Gerald Griffin about conditions in Donaldson CF prison in Alabama; and Jim J. Ayers, a 42 year resident in 6 generations of lineage at Winnemucca Indian Colony facing eviction by the Tribal Council. These transcripts are going to different zines, which we'll link once they're ready Conditions at Donaldson Prison in Alabama Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) First up, anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble and his friend Gerald Griffin talk about the current situation at William E Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer, Alabama. Following the pause of prisoner work stoppages in October of this year, Gerald and Michael talk about violence at the institution, overcrowding and under staffing, lack of medical care, mistreatment of gay and other marginalized prisoners and other, hard topics. There is mention of extortion, violence, drug use, homophobia and other topics, so listener discretion is advised. You can information on how to get in touch with Michael and Gerald in the show notes, as well as Michael’s blog AnarchyLive , and we’ll be mailing out the latest Fire Ant Journal and our past interviews with Michael Kimble (5/19/2019 & 12/28/2015). Michael Kimble #138017 William E. Donaldson Correctional 100 Warrior Ln Bessemer, AL 35023 Gerald Griffin #247505 William E. Donaldson Correctional 100 Warrior Ln Bessemer, AL 35023 If you’d like to donate to Michael’s legal and other costs outside of putting money on his commissary with his ADOC #, you can give a donation to our accounts and specify MK in the comment so we know where to pass it. Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross is also selling $20 Fire Ant Journal t-shirts designed by Michael Kimble as a benefit for him, linked in our shownotes. We hope to send out copies of the latest Fire Ant Journal with our patreon mailers at the beginning of January, for new supporters at $5 or anyone supporting at $10 or more per month, which goes to support our transcription costs. More on that and the places you can send funds directly to Michael at Jim J. Ayers Resists Eviction at Winnemucca Indian Colony Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Then, we return to the Winnemucca Indian Colony following last week’s conversation with Kyle Missouri who is resisting eviction from the colony in Humboldt County, Nevada. You’ll hear Jim Ayers, tribal council chairman until 2012 talk about how the current Tribal Council came to power at Winnemucca, the council’s wielding of private police and BIA officers to siege remaining holdouts to the eviction orders, Jimmy’s 6 generations of ancestors stretching back on the Winnemucca Indian lands and the ongoing legal proceedings heading through the ITCAN court as residents attempt to stop the council’s evictions, home wrecking and banishment actions. Check our shownotes for some links to keep up on things as the situation progresses, as well as other interviews and ways to donate to housing of elders and families made homeless this snowy, holiday season who are now living in motels off-site. Sandra Freeman of Water Protector Legal Collective is currently representing Jim in legal proceedings and are a great source for updates on the situation and ways for, especially legal workers, to plug in Donations for the WIC residents can be sent to via cashapp to $DefendWIC a fundraiser to support South Side Street Medics, an Indigenous-led crew to support providing first aid and training to residents of the Indian Colony Jim Ayers interviewed in December 2021 by Honor Life youtube channel Video discussing Judy Rojo (chairperson of disputed Winnemucca Tribal Council) by Man Red Next Week… We should be bringing you a chat with Sophie Lewis on her new book, Abolish The Family: A Manifesto of Care and Liberation, out from Verso Books in October of 2022. Announcements Asheville NYE Noise Demo and Bailout Action If you’re in the Asheville area, you’re invited to join Asheville Community Bail project, Pansy Collective, Blue Ridge ABC and other local grouplets in a noise demo at the Buncombe County Jail, the deadliest jail for inmates in North Carolina, at 7pm on Saturday 12/31 at Pack Square. It’s suggested you dress warm and bring noise makers. Simultaneous, there will be a bailout action to get folks out of the jail. You can donate to this effort via the paypal for avlcommunitybail(at )riseup( dot)net or the venmo for blueridgeabc(at )riseup( dot)net, and any returned bail money will roll back into the community bail fund for future release activities. Learn more at or check out the zine! Phone Zap to Press Indiana to Get Treatment for Khalfani IDOC watch is calling on folks to call and email the Indiana Department of Corrections to pressure them to move long-term political prisoner Khalfani Malik Khaldun (state name Leonard McQuay #874304) moved into a medical facility to remove the two cysts growing on his left temple since October of this year. Check our shownotes for a link to the blog post on Bad News #63 This month's BAD News is now available! You can hear: 1431am on the eviction of Mundo Nuevo squat in Thessaloniki and the murder by policeof Kalo Fragoulis, a 16 year old Roma and the death of a 12 year old child because of inadequate housing conditions; Črna luknja shares a longer interview on the eviction of Mundo Nuevo squat in Thessaloniki; A-Radio Berlin with a contribution from an anarchist perspective on anti-militarism and nationalism during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990’s. A segment of a longer interview; Frequenz A concludes the show wih an interview with the accused in the so called "Luwi71-Trial" in Leipzig so-called Germany. The Luwi71 is a house (in the east of Leipzig) occupied for about 2 weeks back in august 2020. . … . .. Featured Tracks: Ebb Tide by the Mar-Keys from Last Night Ghost Town by The Specials on The Two Tone Story (RIP Terry Hall!)
72:23 12/25/22
Evictions and Domestic Terrorism Charges in Atlanta Forest Defense
For this week’s main podcast, we spoke with an activist of the Atlanta Anti-Repression Committee about the recent police raids and arrests in the Welaunee Forest, aka Atlanta Forest, which have brought charges of domestic terrorism on 5 people for allegedly building treehouses and throwing stones at cops. These arrests come after police entered the forest and used less lethal weapons on people in the forest, ostensibly participating in the #DefendTheAtlantaForest and #StopCopCity movement to defend the forest from the building of what might be the world’s largest movie studio sound stage and a police training center. Again, be sure to check the show notes for more info sources and ways to support those being repressed. Check out our past coverage of the movement to defend Welaunee Forest in Atlanta by listening or reading our July 3rd, 2022 episode. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF Be sure to check out our podcast released December 14th, 2022, where we shared perspectives from Kyle Missouri, resident of the Winnemucca Indian Colony in so-called Humboldt County, Nevada, about evictions, banishment and house razing in an escalating process heaidng through courts by the Winnemucca Tribal Council. Check our shownotes for places to find more info & how to offer help through & beyond. Last minute the court changed the link for the zoom call, ostensibly to lower participation. We heard news on Thursday that Kyle was tased and arrested by Bureau of Indian Affairs, or BIA, pigs while trying to get to the house he shares with his grandmother, and that he was hospitalized and then transferred to Reno. You can find ways to support and more links in our show released December 14th and we hope to air more voices from Winnemucca on our next episode. Sean Swain Sean's segment on Fusion begins at [ 00:30:59 ] . ... . .. Featured Track: Eleva Tu Mente by Los Comandos from Back To Peru (The Most Complete Compilation Of Peruvian Underground '64-74)
38:44 12/19/22
Stop Evictions at Winnemucca Indian Colony
On Tuesday, December 13th, I spoke with Kyle Missouri, a resident of the Winnemucca Indian Colony in Humboldt County, Nevada where a longstanding conflict between residents and the Winnemucca Tribal Council has come to a head recently with the evictions of elders, youths, and other residents into the snow. We talk about his family’s roots in the Indian Colony, some background on the place and the conflict with the so-called Roja Council, the contested lithium mine at Thacker Pass and the court challenge to evictions, banishment and house demolition this Thursday, 12/15/22. Check our show notes for links to other sources of information, ways you can show up and places you can donate. You can follow Kyle on facebook under the name Kyle Missourii (like the state with an extra ‘I’ at the end) Also see interviews with Elders who’ve been evicted and updates on Instagram at @Neweneensokopa Learn more about background and legal support by following Water Protector Legal Collective on social media and more at And donate to the cashapp for supporting displaced families at $defendWIC. They’re looking for more lawyers who can support the efforts as well as journalists who can be on the ground and talking about this situation or reaching out for interviews. You can watch the court hearing this Thursday linked in the latest update at Water Protector Legal Collective’s website, Recent interview with Kyle on the B&B Indigenous Podcast
43:29 12/14/22
Defend Kevin "Rashid" Johnson + Anarchist News Segments
This week, you'll hear four segments to the show. To hear the latest Sean Swain segment, you can find it at Rashid segment Transcript PDF (Unimposed) & Zine will be included with other recent prisoner updates - pending Bad News Transcript Feminist Anti-War Resistance ABC Belarus Updates PLAC, Ljubljana PDF (Unimposed) - pending Zine (Imposed PDF) - pending Medical Neglect at VDOC First up, you'll hear updates on the situation of Kevin “Rashid” Johnson of the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party by Shupavu wa Kirima, General Secretary of that formation and partner of Rashid. Rashid has been showing signs of prostate cancer for over a year and his medical visits and care have been clearly delayed and avoided by Virginia Department of Corrections staff and administration. There is a call for phone zaps on the VDOC, Warden McCoy & the rest of Sussex 1 prison to demand that Rashid get the treatment that he needs to stay alive. Updates can be found on the RIBPP instagram & twitter accounts, on Shupavu’s personal social media and RashidMod alongside his writings. You can contact the RIBPP about this effort via . Check the show notes for more links. [ 00:02:26 - 00:21:56 ] Defend Rashid Statement from RIBPP Shortened link to main document: Shortened link to Google Folder: Defend Rashid toolkit: Rashid’s website: Fundraiser for Legal Defense: Our 2018 chat with Rashid Bad News Segments Then, we’ll be featuring a few segments from recent months episodes of Bad News from the A-Radio Network: You’ll hear an interview from the November 2022 episode by Frequenz-A with Lölja Nordic a leftist anarchist from the Feminist Anti-War Resistance from St. Petersburg, Russia, to speak about the international, feminist, anti-war movement against the Russian war in Ukraine. You can find that telegram channel at in Russian. [ 00:22:42 - 00:35:44 ] We share an interview by A-Radio Berlin from October with ABC Belarus on the infotour they were conducting at the time. [ 00:36:08 - 00:49:06 ] Finally, back to Frequenz-A with someone about the squat opened this fall in Slovenia known as PLAC, the acronym meaning square and standing for Ljubljana Participatory Autonomous Zone [ 00:49:24 - 01:02:40 ] . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Unknown To The I by Drab Majesty from Completely Careless (2012 - 2015) Signals by Apollo Brown from Trophies Instrumentals Brazil by Beat Konducta from Beat Konducta Around The World
63:39 12/11/22
The Legacy of Ricardo Flores Magón
We just passed the 100th anniversary of the murder by incarceration and hounding of Mexican Revolutionary anarchist communist Ricardo Flores Magón on 21st of November. For this hour or so, I spoke with Mitchell Cowen Verter, co-author of the 2005 AK Press book, Dreams of Freedom: A Ricardo Flores Magon Reader (also free from We talk about RFM’s life, ideas and legacy. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) - pending Zine (Imposed PDF) - pending Apologies for the sound quality, Mitchell was on wifi at a hostel in Cambodia for the conversation. Other RFM Writings The Mexican People Are Suited To Communism by RFM More RFM docs Tierra Y Libertad play translated by Mitchell consecutive 2018 gender queered play on video Other pieces by Mitchell Cowen Verter The Anarchist Turn video Mitchell's writings at TheAnarchistLibrary.Org Mitchell's upcoming book, Kropotkin Now! Deep Commons 22 panel video 2005 "Barbarous Oaxaca" article Xinachtli Chicano anarchist communist prisoner of war Xinacthli, held by the State of Texas on some BS charges, had a support rally in Austin, Texas, on November 21st this year. There’s a link in these show notes to a recording someone passed us of him telling his story like a decade ago. You can learn more on his case at FreeAlvaro.Net. Sean Swain's segment on marriage starts at [ 01:15:00 - end] Next Week... We hope to bring you voices on labor disputes in the University systems and on the rails in the UK. If you're subscribed to our patreon, you'll get an early listen to Scott's recent chat with Sophie Lewis on Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation. Support TFSR Find our back catalog reaching to 2010 at TheFinalStrawRadio.NoBlogs.Org Follow our main Mastodon instance at @TheFinalStrawRadio@Chaos.Social $upport our project: Check out our transcribed interviews & zine collection at Support our radio syndication efforst at . ... . .. Featured Track: Corrido a Flores Magón by Ignacio “Nacho” Cárdenas (translation)
82:16 12/4/22
Grad Student Strikes In The University of California System
This week, Scott spoke with Rebecca Gross and Robin, Teaching Assistants at University of California Santa Cruz and members of UAW 2865 at the uni, to get informed about the ongoing strike in the UC system for, among other things, a cost of living increase demand for grad student employees and TA’s. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) The strike has extended throughout the UC system and picks up where the wildcat strikes of 2019 at that campus left off before the corona virus pandemic put so many things on hold. Similar strikes occurred earlier this year at Indiana University in Bloomington, are occurring in universities like New School in New York, as well as the system across the UK where the University College Union’s 70,000 members have voted to strike. These labor actions also touch on issues of housing affordability, tuition costs, as well as non-academic staff and employees. Check our show notes for links and social media to learn more or see how you can support or get involved. UC UAW Hardship fundraiser @PayMoreUCSC on twitter or instagram Next week... Next week, we hope to bring you an interview with someone involved in the UCU strikes planned across the so-called UK. Here's an article sent by a comrade from before the strike votes started. Sean Swain segment Just a correction to Sean's segment on Kevin "Rashid" Johnson, he split with the United Panther Movement and the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter) to go on to co-found the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party of which he's Minister of Defense. [ 00:57:37 - 01:05:14 ] Support TFSR To support our show, in particular our transcription efforts, consider joining our patreon where for $2 or more a month, you can have access to early release episodes like the interview I just had with Mitchell Verter about the life and legacy of Mexican, anarchist communist revolutionary, Ricardo Flores Magón on the 100th anniversary of his murder by incarceration in the prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, as well as a number of recent author interviews conducted by Scott. We are about $70 shy of our sustainable income goal for regular transcription work at a decent wage. There are also thank you gifts there. You can learn more about other ways to donate to us and merchandise options at Find our socials to follow and boost our content or to rate and review us on podcasting platforms so others can find us at, as well as easy ways to stream the show or get in touch to give show ideas or feedback. You can find our zines at and also information about our free, weekly radio show and how to get it on local airwaves is up at Thanks for the support! . ... . .. Featured Tracks: To Hell With Poverty by Gang of Four from Another Day Another Dollar EP Fuck Society by Mac Quayle from Mr. Robot, Vol. 1
65:00 11/27/22
Matthew Lyons on Christian Nationalism(s)
This is a conversation with Matthew Lyons, antifascist researcher, contributor to Three Way Fight Blog and author of, among other books, Insurgent Supremacists: The U.S. Far Right’s Challenge to State and Empire and contributor to the recent AK Press compilation, No Pasarán: Antifascist Dispatches from a World in Crisis (edited by Shane Burley). For the hour, Matthew talks about Christian Nationalist and theonomic tendencies and movements like New Apostolic Reformation, Dominionism, reactionary Catholicism and Christian Reconstructionism to learn more about how they interrelate or conflict with other far right tendencies in the so-called USA and the ongoing assault on bodily autonomy, abortion access and cis-hetero-patriarchy. More of Matthews work can be found at MatthewNLyons.Net Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Next Week… We’re hoping to bring you voices from graduate student workers and other workers on strike in the University of California system and possibly beyond for this coming Sunday’s show. Announcements Phone Zap for Shinewhite BACKGROUND: Joseph “Shine White” Stewart is a long-time incarcerated writer and organizer who is known, among other things, for promoting interracial unity among black and white prisoners in North Carolina as a way to forward their shared resistance against the prison industrial complex and for encouraging abolitionists on the outside to center prisoners’ demands and resistance in their work.  He has most recently been central to prisoners’ organizing efforts to combat racist CO brutality at Alexander Correctional Institution and the extended lockdown at Bertie Correctional Institution.  As one might imagine, he is no stranger to political repression, and he has been repeatedly transferred, held in solitary confinement for years at a time, and physically brutalized as the system has attempted to silence him.  On November 3, in response to his most recent organizing, Shine White was transferred to Granville Correctional Institution in Butner, NC, where he was placed in restrictive housing.  When he arrived, he was placed in a filthy, unsanitary cell which staff refused to allow him to clean and denied access to his property, including legal paperwork related to pending motions in a lawsuit his is pursuing which he was therefore unable to put in the mail on time.  Staff have even restricted his access to paper.  As of his last contact with Solidarity Beyond the Walls, Shine White is still being housed in unsanitary conditions and still does not have his property.  He has requested that SBW support him by organizing a phone zap on his behalf. NCDPS Division of Prisons Central Region Director Loris Sutton 919-582-6125 (direct office line) OR 919-803-0713 (cell phone) OR 919-838-4053 (Central Region main office line); Standard and Performance Director Cynthia Thornton 919-838-4000 (Division of prisons main office line) Remember that repeat calls are welcome, as the more calls come in, the more likely it is that our demands on Shine White’s behalf will be met. WHAT TO SAY: Here is a script you can use if you aren’t sure what to say when you call:“Hello.  I am calling on behalf of Joseph Stewart, OPUS number 0802041.  When he was transferred to Granville CI on November 3, Mr. Stewart was placed in restrictive housing in unsanitary conditions and denied his property, including legal paperwork that needed to be put in the mail no later than November 4.  Both of these are violations of NCDPS policy and procedure.  I am calling to demand that Mr. Stewart be released from restrictive housing, be placed in a clean cell with access to supplies to keep it that way, and that all of his property be returned immediately.” Support Colombian Uprising Prisoners There is still repression being felt by those swept up by the state during the 2021 National Strike in Cali, Colombia and there’s a fundraising effort for the Paso del Aguante 6 who are facing up to 50 years in prison for participating in the strike. The Colombia Freedom Collective is happy to announce that Christian Andres Aguilar has been released at 14 months of pre-trail detention, though he’s not out of danger yet. You can learn more about the cases of the Paso del Aguante 6 and how to support their defense efforts at: Bad News #62 Check out the latest episode of Bad News: Angry Voices from Around The World from the International A-Radio Network. This month features two really good interviews you may not have heard from Frequenz-A: a chat with a member of Feminist Anti-War Resistance, a movement against the militarism of the Russian state and the war in Ukraine; a conversation with Berlin-based advocates for Alfredo Cospito, Juan, Anna and Ivan hunger striking in Italy against 41 bis. These are alongside shorter versions of our recent chats on heaters in Albuquerque, updates on Eric King and Oso Blanco's situations and the struggle against Camp Grayling. Suppport TFSR We are entering a period of recording fury. Patreon supporters will get early access to interviews as we get them edited down, as well as behind the scenes conversations between the producers. Upcoming releases include Mitchell Verter, co-author of the 2005 AK Press book, Dreams of Freedom: A Ricardo Flores Magón Reader speaking around the 100th anniversary of the murder by incarceration by the US state of the Mexican anarchist communist revolutionary, RFM, and discussion of his legacy. Another is a conversation with Rhiannon Firth on her recently published book, Disaster Anarchy: Mutual Aid and Radical Action, out from Pluto Press. You can find our patreon at Though we’re releasing some content early to patreon supporters, we won’t be paywalling it permanently. Our fundraising goes to operating costs, equipment, and paying our transcribers. We’ve been transcribing each interview we’ve conducted and making them available as zines on our website for coming up on 2 years now, and going back to transcribe past episodes to boot. This makes these important conversations available for translation, for easier access to folks who are more comfortable reading or for whom English is a second language, as well as getting the content more easily into prisoners, reading groups and passers-by’s hands so as to include more people in the discussion. For other ways to support our project monetarily, there’s merch and donation options at For non-money support, we could always use ratings on apple, google and amazon podcasts or mentions and boosts on social media (including on Mastodon and Castopod), examples can be found at Telling others about the project is also a great way to help us expand our audience. If you have a story you’d like covered, you can find ways to contact us there we well! Finally, if you have a community or college radio station that you’d like to hear our weekly, free, 58 minute episode air on for any weirdo with an antenna and receiver to pick up, help us out by visiting to learn more. Thanks for the support! . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Gods and Government by Snog from Dear Valued Customer The Voice of God Is Government by Bad Religion from How Could Hell Be Any Worse? Brazil by Django Reinhardt from Django in Rome
70:37 11/20/22
Heater Blocs & Political Prisoners
This week on The Final Straw we have 4 whopping segments, tidbits in length but whopping in importance. Transcripts ABQ Heater Bloc Chicago Heater Bloc Certain Days Calendar Heater Bloc PDF (Unimposed PDF) Heater Bloc Zine (Imposed PDF) First up, you’ll hear from Zachariah Jazz (@BlackariahJazz161 on twitter), who distributes alcohol jet heaters with ABQHeaterBloc in so-called Albuquerque, NM, to talk about their efforts to help keep folks living on the streets safer from the elements through mutual aid. [ 00:02:08 - 00:18:56 ] ABQ Heater Bloc Instagram, donate funds via venmo @abqheaterbloc It’s Controversial!! youtube channel or facebook page Hope 4 Tha Hood facebook or amazon wishlist Then, Tom of Heater Bloc Chicago talks about the construction of these devices, based on shared design. [ 00:20:03 - 00:37:20 ] After that, you’ll hear Josh of the Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar collective to talk about this year’s edition and briefly update listeners on the situations of Oso Blanco & Eric King, two anarchist political prisoners Josh does support work for and works on projects with. [ 00:37:42 - 00:50:28 ] Finally, Sean Swain’s weekly segment! [ 00:51:31 - 00:58:09 ] Next week… We’ll be sharing a recent conversation with antifascist researcher and activist, Matthew Lyons, author of the 2015 PM Press & Kersplebedeb book, Insurgent Supremacists, and contributor to the Three Way Fight blog to speak about Christian Nationalist tendencies and their relationship to distinctly racist elements of the far right in the so-called USA, approaches to understanding their approach of Christian Patriarchy as regards axes of gender, sexuality, abortion and bodily autonomy, as well as a call for antifascists to understand and more actively oppose these tendencies. More of Matthews thoughts at his blog, Announcements Mutulu Shakur Released! It is bittersweet for us to share the news that Dr. Mutulu Shakur of the Republic of New Afrika, imprisoned since 1986, is being released from prison. Bittersweet because his case and incarceration were a travesty, and also because Dr. Shakur was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in 2019 and has suffered in prison since. We are overjoyed that Dr. Shakur can pass on to the ancestors surrounded by loved ones on the outside of the bars. You can donate to his support via paypal to You can hear our conversation from a few months back about his case and health at our website by searching “Mutulu Shakur”. Free them all! Mutual Aid Efforts Lots of us are involved in social efforts of mutual aid, which can be a lot on top of just keeping afloat personally in capitalism, keeping rent paid, etc. In line with the subject matter of most of today’s show, we were hoping to highlight a couple of projects that could use money and support in the good work they’re doing during this so-called holiday season. There is an effort in Eastern Kentucky, which was hit hard by floods and tornadoes this year that left many homeless, to raise money for cold gear and other help that can be donated to at @ekymutualaid on venmo or paypal, or $ekymutualaid on cashapp. Chehalis River Mutual Aid Network of rural so-called Washington state’s info can be found at Kinlani Mutual Aid in so-called Flagstaff, AZ is collecting cold weather gear at Talahogan Infoshop, connecting people and building solidarity. More info at KinlaniMutualAid.Org Asheville Survival Program is also doing a drive for cold weather clothes. You can find info on their site, Finally, the Knoxville shared radical space known as MASK that was used by East TN Harm Reduction, First Aid Knoxville & Knoxville Radical Library could use some support on recovering materials destroyed in this summer’s flooding. You can learn more at Support Hey listeners. As prices rise and capitalism chugs along, crushing us in its wake, so goes our patreon. We’ve recently lost a about $50 a month in support, which leaves us below $500/mo, which puts us in danger in falling short of being able to pay for transcription services and web hosting each month. We have a regular goal of $550 to cover those months with 5 Sundays and occasional extra costs. If you can support us via a one-time donation, a merch purchase, a recurring donation via librapay or paypal or a subscription via patreon, we’d be much obliged. At those who support us at $2 or more a month have access to the occasional early audio release and upcoming planned behind the scenes chats among the producers. At the $5 level and above, you’ll get the aforementioned releases plus some stickers to show our appreciation. For $10 or more per month, you’ll get all that plus a monthly zine in the mail sent to you or the prisoner of your choice. Finally, for $15 per month and above you get those thank you’s plus a TFSR tshirt. But we don’t expect these meager enticements to get you to fork over the cash, honestly it seems more likely you’d kick in a few bucks because you have a little extra and appreciate our transcription work that allows for easier translation and accessibility of our episodes as well as easier sharing with prisoners and others who can’t hear the podcast. You can learn more at That said, if you don’t have cash, please consider rating the podcast on amazon, google or apple podcasts to help us beat the algorithm, follow and amplify our social media posts (, share our content with others in real life, or try to get us on your local community or college radio station ( More info on this and more at our website. Thanks for the support! . … . .. Featured Tracks: War Within Us by Tragedy from Vengeance The Girl With The Sun In Her Head by Orbital from In Sides
59:37 11/13/22
Stop Camp Grayling!
This week on The Final Straw, we’re sharing a chat that Scott had with Smirk, Wink and Nudge of the Stop Camp Grayling Offensive, an anarchist effort to oppose the doubling expansion of the largest military base on Turtle Island, based in so-called Michigan. For the hour, the militants talk about the ecological, social, economic and other potential impacts of expanding the military industrial complex and this counterinsurgency training ground in particular. Listeners (including Adi) can find Sean's segment this week [ 00:59:45 - end ] Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) You can learn more at or,
69:28 11/8/22
Solidarity With Prisoner Resistance from Alabama to Italy
This week on the show, you’ll hear from Diyawn Caldwell, founder of “Both Sides Of The Wall” which has been supporting striking people behind bars across the Alabama Dept of Corrections where incarcerated workers refused their unpaid work over 3 weeks. The strike is on hold, for now, but prisoners continue resistance despite repression. You can learn more abut the group by finding them on social media or visiting [00:01:07 - 00:19:31] Alabama Prisoner Struggle Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Alfredo Cospito & 41 bis Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Then, you’ll hear anarchist comrades from the anti-repression solidarity group called La Lima, or The File, from Rome, Italy. The comrades will share about the situation of Alfredo Cospito who is now on hunger strike against the conditions in the 41bis hard prison regime. You can hear an interview from 2019 also that gives some context of other anarchist and anticapitalist radical prisoners resisting 41bis in Italy at that time. To keep up on resistance, you can visit ActForFree.NoBlogs.Org or check out the post on EnoughIsEnough calling for international solidarity. [00:20:43 - 00:53:10] Plus, a segment from Sean Swain with a proposal for these United States…. [00:55:36 - end] . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Moving Through Streets (Instrumental version) by The Psycho Realm by Moving Through Streets / Sick Dogs 12" Ballata Per L'Anarchico Pinelli by Gruppo "Z" from Canti Anarchici Italiani (Italian Songs Of Anarchy)
64:16 10/30/22
The First International and the Birth of the Anarchist Movement (with Robert Graham)
I’m happy to share this interview with anarchist author and historian, Robert Graham about the split in the historic left that led to the birth of the anarchist movement. Robert published the book We Do Not Fear Anarchy, We Invoke It!: The First International and the Origins of the Anarchist Movement with AK Press in 2015 and, as I say in the interview, I was excited to have this conversation with Robert since the 150th anniversary of the first anti-authoritarian International hosted by the anarchist watchmakers in St-Imier, Switzerland. I’m definitely not a history or theory head, so I’ve been pleased to take this opportunity to broaden my horizons and areas of study. To hear about the 150th Anniversary gathering, check out the segment by comrades at A-Radio Berlin from August 2022’s Bad News podcast. And check out Anarchy2023.Org for info on next year’s gathering. Part 1: [00:11:45 – 01:11:58] Part 2: [01:14:08 – 02:12:58]  Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) The book is available from Firestorm at the above link, also from the publisher at AKPress.Org, and you can check out an online version from Archive.Org for free as well. Or now at TheAnarchistLibrary.Org for easy & free download. Here’s a link to an archive of Open Road, the anarchist journal Robert participated in in the 1970’s For a related historical interview we conducted in 2014 with Andrew Zonneveld of On Our Own Authority! on an anarchist historical compilation called “The Commune: Paris, 1871”, linked in our show notes. The interview begins after Sean Swain’s segment on the protests in Iran [00:03:20 – 00:11:45] Next week.... Next week, I hope to air voices supporting prisoner struggle in Alabama and anarchist prisoner struggle in Italy, particularly Alfredo Cospito. . … . .. Featured Tracks: The Internationale by Ani DiFranco & Utah Phillips La Internacional (Anarquista) by anonymous
133:49 10/23/22
Too Black on the Case of the Pendleton 2!
This week, we’re airing a conversation with Too Black, communications representative for the defense committee to Free the Pendleton 2. Too Black also hosts the Black Myths podcast. For the hour, Too Black talks about the case of the Pendleton 2, two Black men incarcerated in Indiana who had decades added to their sentences, including decades in solitary confinement, for defending another prisoner from a white supremacist guard officer formation in the Pendleton Prison Uprising, February 1st 1985. Too Black talks about Christopher “Naeem” Trotter and John “Balagoon” Cole and the struggle to free these elders. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) You can find out more about the case by visiting the links at (the form Too Black mentioned in particular can be found at this link) see the documentary They Stood Up about the Pendleton 2 at youtube, and you can hear Black Myths Podcasts at We sometimes forget to add in content warnings, but since we’re talking about racialized brutality behind bars, there are some descriptions of violence and racist quotes read. Next week.... We hope to share an interview with folks organizing in Alabama against the atrocious conditions faced by people incarcerated in the Alabama Department of Corrections. . ... . .. Featured Track Leave The Shu Behind (Jarleen Bootleg) by SHM & Laidback Luke vs. Johan Vedel
58:25 10/16/22
Feminist Uprising in Iran + Atlanta Radical Bookfair
This week on The Final Straw, we feature two portions. First up, you’ll hear from Modibo Kadalie and Andrew Zonneveld of On Our Own Authority! Publishing about the upcoming Atlanta Radical Bookfair happening on October 15th at the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History. Then, you’ll hear a recent interview with Aryanam, a member of the Federation of Anarchism Era, an anarchist grouping based in Iran, Afghanistan and the diaspora to speak about the morality police murder of Zhina or Mahsa Amini and the ongoing revolt against the imposition of the hijab and general cruelty of the Islamic Republic regime. More by the Federation can be found at and their fundraiser for comrades in Afghanistan & Iran at Transcript Atlanta Radical Bookfair Feminist Uprising in Iran Iran PDF (Unimposed) Iran Zine (Imposed PDF)   Image from @loozanar on Instagram, Drawing in black and red of Persian words swirling around Zhina watching over a crowd of people in the streets and a youth holding a giant, burning dandelion Next week.... Next week we hope to share with you an interview about the case of the Pendleton 2, two Black prisoners still suffering punishment in the Indiana Department of Corrections for standing up to defend their lives and that of a jailhouse lawyer in the face of a racist, Ku Klux Klan -affiliated corrections officer gang known as the Sons of Light in 1985. To learn more, check out related episodes of Kiteline Radio or the recent documentary by TheKingTrill on youtube, both linked in our show notes, or by visiting Announcements Solidarity with Striking Alabama Prisoners If you’re in the southeast, there is a Break Every Chain demonstration outside of the Alabama State Capital, 600 Dexter Avenue in Montgomery on Friday, October 14th at 9am in support of striking prisoners across the Alabama Dept of Corrections. You can find more info at or by emailing Certain Days Calendars Out Also, the Certain Days: Freedom For Political Prisoners Calendars are back from the printers. You can find out how to order one for someone behind bars, for your self or place a bulk order for distribution at . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Soroud-e Barabari (سرود برابری) The Song of Equality on Qanun performed by Asal Vaseghnia Song of Equality (سرود برابری: بازخوانی خوانندگان زن به یاد مهسا امینی) performed by female singers in memory of Mehsa Amini Meydoone Jang (میدون جنگ) by Toomaj
122:40 10/9/22
Islam and Anarchism with Mohamed Abdou
Islam and Anarchism with Mohamed Abdou This week, Scott spoke with Mohamed Abdou, a North African-Egyptian Muslim anarchist activist-scholar who is currently a Visiting Scholar at Cornell University and an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the American University of Cairo. Mohamed is the author of the recent book, Islam and Anarchism: Relationships and Resonances published by Pluto Press in 2022. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) For nearly 2 hours, Scott and Mohamed speak about Mohamed’s experience of the Tahrir Square uprising of 2011 and the western media coverage of it, current unrest in Iran, Orientalism, decolonial education, Islam, Settler Colonialism, anarchism and a lot more. You can follow Mohamed on Twitter at @minuetInGMinor or on facebook at @MohammadAbdou2020 Upcoming Stay tuned next week for a chat with the organizers of the 2022 Atlanta Radical Bookfair and another surprise topic. For patreon supporters, pretty soon we should be sharing early releases of conversations with Robert Graham about his 2015 book “We Don’t Fear Anarchy, We Invoke It” and with Matthew Lyons on far right christian movements and other chats. More on how to support us at Announcements And now a few brief announcements Asheville Survival Program Benefit For listeners in the Asheville area, you’re invited to an outdoor Movie Night benefit for Asheville Survival Program halloweeny season double feature on Saturday October 8th at 6pm at the Static Age River Spot. There’ll be food, music and merch. To find out more sbout the venue, you can contact Asheville Survival via their email or social media, found at Atlanta Radical Bookfair If you’re in the southeast of Turtle Island, consider visiting so-called Atlanta on Saturday, October 15th where from noon to 6pm you’ll find the Atlanta Radical Bookfair at The Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History in Georgia. There’ll be speakers and many tables, including us! Hurricane Ian Relief If you want to offer support to folks in Florida around Hurricane Ian, one place to start could be with Central Florida Mutual Aid. They have tons of ways to plug in remotely or on the ground for what is likely to be a long and arduous cleanup and repair effort. You can learn more about them at Also, Firestorm books is collecting donations of emergency goods at their storefront in Asheville. Prisons in the Wake of Ian We’ve regrettably missed the opportunity to promote the phone zap campaigns to raise awareness of prisoners in the path of Hurricane Ian before the storm hit, but suggest that folk check out FightToxicPrisons.Wordpress.Com to learn more about efforts to press public officials to heed the calls to protect prisoners during storms like this rather than follow the path of inertia and cheapness that leads to unnecessary deaths of folks behind bars. #ShutDownADOC2022 There is currently a prison strike within the Alabama Department of Corrections known by the hashtag #ShutDown ADOC2022. Campaigners have organized a call-in campaign to demand an end to retaliation against Kinetic Justice (s/n Robert Earl Council) who has been assaulted by guards on September 29th and placed in solitary confinement as well as retaliation of any prisoners participating, Kinetic’s release from solitary and the meeting of prisoners demands. Supporters are asking folks to call Warden William Streeter at (256) 233-4600 or Commissioner John Hamm at (334) 353-3883. You can find a recent interview with Kinetic at Unicorn Riot, as well as more on the prison strike at UnicornRiot.Ninja . … . .. Featured Tracks: Blues for Tahrir by Todd Marcus Blues Orchestra from Blues for Tahrir Kill Your Masters by The Muslims from Fuck These Fuckin’ Fascists
121:22 10/2/22
Anti-Coal Struggles in Lutzerath, Germany (+ Bad News)
Anti-Coal Struggles in Lutzerath, Germany First up, we share an interview with Fauv, a radical who recently participated in the anti-coal occupation in the village of Lützerath / Lutzerath (aka the ZAD of Rhineland) in western Germany against the company RWE. We talk about RWE’s push to break resistance at Luzerath and the currently-calm Hambach Forest, which activists fear will be attacked by RWE and their goons. More info at Transcript PDF (Unimposed Zine) Zine (Imposed PDF) You can find our past interviews on: the ZADs Hambach Forest BAD News We’ll also be sharing the September 2022 episode of Bad News from the anarchist and anti-authoritarian A-Radio Network. You’ll hear a short update from the 2022 anti-racist football (aka Soccer for you ignorant yankees out there) tournament by A-Radio Berlin, an update from Free Social Radio 1431 on labor strikes by the Malamatina Winery workers in Thessaloniki and the pre-trial release of three prisoners accused of participation in Anarchist Action Organization, which ramped up arsons this year. Finally, Frequenz-A shares an interview with Feral Crust collective in Manilla, Philippines! Check out more Bad News. Announcements Support Russian Antifascist Prisoners There is an article on Avtonom.Org/En calling for support for the 6 prisoners of the Tyumen Case through a fundraiser to cover legal costs and write them letters. There is more info on the case and how to support them linked in our show notes or at Exposing Fascists: Best Practices Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists just published a short and thoughtful guide to creating doxxes of people on the far right. You can find it at Firefund for Revolutionary Prisoners in Greece From their fundraising page: After all these years, of the continuous persecutions and imprisonments, we consider the existence of the Solidarity Fund topical and necessary. Being one more stone in a mosaic being built by the multiform struggles against prisons, which urge us to act against one of the major pillars of the system of oppression and exploitation. Against the crime of incarceration that reproduces class inequalities, fear and submission. Certain Days Calendar The 2023 Certain Days Freedom For Political Prisoners Calendars are now available for pre-order. There are ordering details in the show notes, including info on bulk orders. The Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar is a joint fundraising and educational project between outside organizers across North America and political prisoner Xinachtli (s/n Alvaro Luna Hernandez) in Texas. We were happy to welcome founding members Herman Bell and Robert Seth Hayes (Rest in Power) home from prison in 2018, and founding member David Gilbert home from prison in 2021. We work from an anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, feminist, queer- and trans-liberationist position. This year features art and writings by Zola, Jeff Monaghan and Andy Crosby, Killjoy, Noelle Hanrahan, Juan Hernandez, Dan Baker, Antiproduct, Upping the Anti, Katy Slininger, David Gilbert, Paul Lacombe, Garrett Felber, Oso Blanco, Mark Tilsen, Terra Poirier, Steve McCain, Lawrence Jenkins, Ed Mead, Windigo Army, Dio Cramer, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Scott Parkin, Seize the Mean and Cindy Barukh Milstein. Proceeds from the Certain Days 2022 calendar were divided amongst Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP), Mutulu Shakur legal support, Sundiata Acoli release fund, Palestinian Youth Movement, Burning Books expansion, Puget Sound Prisoner Support , Coalition to Decarcerate Illinois, Appalachians Against pipelines, Community Resource Initiative- CA, P4W Memorial Collective Prisoners’ Justice Day healing circle, Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Fund 2022, Cascadia Forest Defenders and NorCal Resist. Proceeds from the 2023 calendar will go to some of the same grassroots groups and more. How to order the Certain Days calendar: U.S via Burning Books (individual and bulk sales) Your group can buy 10 or more for the rate of $10 each and then sell them for $15, keeping the difference for your organization. Many campaigns, infoshops and projects do this as a way of raising funds and spreading awareness about political prisoners.  Use the discount code "BULK" to get 10 or more calendars for $10 each. In order to receive the discount, you must enter the discount code "BULK" at check out. Canada (1-9 copies) via Left Wing Books Canada (bulk. 10+ copies) Prisoner copies ($8 & only for people in prison and jail) Support TFSR If you’d like to support The Final Straw, there are a few easy ways. First up, you can like and share our content on all the social media platforms out there, rate and subscribe on apple podcasts, google, amazon and the rest as it makes our content easier to find. You can share episodes you enjoy with folks in your life, use the content in discussion groups or print off a transcribed zine for reading and sharing. More details at . If you have money to spare, we have merchandise for sale on our BigCartel or you can make one time or recurring donations via Venmo, Paypal, Liberapay or become a patron at for one-time or recurring thank you gifts and early access to some interviews. More on this at . Finally, get us on your local radio airwaves to increase the audience of listeners. More on that at . Thanks so much for all the support! . ... . .. Featured Tracks Children's Story (instrumental) by Black Star from Black Star Instrumentals Hip Hop (instrumental) by A Kid Called Roots from Hydra Beats 13 Take Back The Land by Oi Polloi from Fuiama Catha Farewell To The Crown by Chumbawamba Her Majesty by Chumbawamba (based on The Beatles) . ... . ..  
73:13 9/25/22
Wayne Price on Anarchism and Marxist Economics (rebroadcast)
This week we’re re-airing our 2020 conversation with Wayne Price, longtime anarchist, author and then-member of Bronx Climate Justice North and the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, or MACC, in New York City. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) - pending Zine (Imposed PDF) - pending From the original post: After reading his book, The Value Of Radical Theory: An Anarchist Introduction to Marx’s Critique of Political Economy (AK Press, 2013), I became excited to speak to him about his views on anarchists engaging Marxist economic concepts and some of the historical conflicts and engagements between Marxism and Anarchism. We talk about his political trajectory from a pacifist Anarchist in high school, through Trotskyism and back to anarchy. Wayne talks about common visions of what an anarchist economy might look like, how we might get there, class and intersection of other oppressions, critique of State Capitalism. Wayne sees the oppressed of the world having a chance during this economic freeze to fight against re-imposition of wide-scale capitalist ecocide by building libertarian, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and heterogenous future societies in the shell of the old. You can find his books Anarchism & Socialism: Reformism or Revolution? available from at AKPress.Org and The Abolition Of The State: Anarchist & Marxist Perspectives (AuthorHouse, 2007) or through a fine, independent radical bookstore in your area that could use support. A reminder that AKPress published books, such as “The Value…” can be purchased in e-book format for free from You can find some of Wayne’s writing at this mirror of AnarchistLibrary, as well as at the site for the Platformist Anarkismo Network, Anarcho-Syndicalist Review, and The Utopian Journal (seemingly out of print). A transcript of this interview will be available soon at our website . ... . .. Featured Track: I'm So Bored with the U.S.A. by The Clash from The Clash
55:53 9/18/22
Compañeras: Zapatista Women's Stories (rebroadcast)
This week on the show, we re-air Amar’s 2015 interview with Hilary Klein, author/editor of the book Compañeras: Zapatista Women’s Stories, out from Seven Stories Press. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Over the hour, Hilary talks about her 7 years of living in Chiapas and recording the stories and experiences of women there, collecting stories on their behalf. The book covers the Zapatistas experiences before the EZLN uprising of 1994, during that period and after. Discussion address what gender, indigeneity and class looked like and how that’s changed in the Zapatista communities, the state of Chiapas and in Mexico. William and Hilary also explore the effects that the EZLN & La Otra Compaña have had on radicals and anarchists abroad, the origins of the EZLN, some parallels and distinctions between anarchism and Zapatismo and much more. You’ll find a transcript of this audio available soon at our website. The book is also available for free reading on Next week, stay tuned for another rebroadcast, with some new content coming up real soon. Annoucement Post-Release Funds for Maumin Khabir from SUPPORT FUND FOR NEW AFRIKAN POLITICAL PRISONER ON HOSPICE, MAUMIN KHABIR! (SN MELVIN MAYES). CURRENT GOAL IS $3K FOR ESSENTIAL MEDICINE! Maumin Khabir served a 27 year sentence behind prison walls in North Carolina for a crime he didn't commit. Declared a terrorist by the U.S. government, Khabir was targeted by RICO laws (a draconian set of laws that target individuals opposed to U.S. ideology) and captured in 1995. Maumin turned down a plea deal that would require him to confess to crimes he did not commit. As a political prisoner, he has remained an organizer, educator, and devote Muslim while on the inside. Maumin is a citizen of the sovereign Republic of New Afrika and his secession from the United States of America is the motivating factor behind the government's prosecution and has no criminal basis. Maumin asks the court to recognize him as a political prisoner in accordance with the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and Protocol 1. In February, Maumin was granted compassionate release by the courts due to his severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He is now in the care of people who love him but it is still a very difficult situation. Maumin is on 24hr oxygen and can hardly move and it's overall difficult to care for him. We are raising funds for to support Maumin's care, to ensure it is the best it can be right now, and so his family who cares for him can give him a proper burial after he transitions. We ask you to share this link and donate what you can! We need money for medication, medical bills, and hopefully new transportation so Maumin can see loved ones and make appointments. Thank you for your support! Free The Land! . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Politiks Kills (Prince Fatty Instrumental) by Manu Chao from Politiks Kills single Himno Zapatista (track #20) from Antología Musical Zapatista Por El Suelo by Manu Chao from Clandestino
66:51 9/11/22