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The Final Straw is a weekly anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio show bringing you voices and ideas from struggle around the world. Since 2010, we've been broadcasting from occupied Tsalagi land in Southern Appalachia (Asheville, NC). We are hosted by William Goodenuff, Scott Branson and Bursts O'Goodness. We also frequently feature commentary (serious and humors) by anarchist prisoner, Sean Swain. All archives of the show are up forever at


Firearm Safety and Education with Comrade Center 60:46 09/19/2021
Stop The Legal Lynching of Ernest Johnson 56:51 09/12/2021
"Interpreting Realities": A Panel Discussion Supporting Jailhouse Lawyers Speak's #ShutEmDown2021 83:50 09/05/2021
"Representing Radicals" Lawyers' Guide from Tilted Scales 66:10 08/29/2021
"If You Want To Fight Fascism, You Cannot Rely On The State" 91:08 08/22/2021
Swift Justice on Abolitionist Struggle in Alabama 64:57 08/18/2021
Unity And Struggle Through The Bars with Mwalimu Shakur 62:39 08/15/2021
Combating Movement Misogyny 78:01 08/10/2021
Asheville's Policing Crisis with Ursula Wren of Asheville Free Press 75:24 08/01/2021
Dixie Be Damned: a regional history of the South East through an Insurrectional Anarchist lens (rebroadcast) 69:18 07/25/2021
Aishah Shahidah Simmons on Love WITH Accountability (Rebroadcast) 67:18 07/19/2021
Federation of Anarchism Era on Iran and Afghanistan 85:06 07/11/2021
Joshua Clover on Riots and Strikes 85:51 07/05/2021
Free Xinachtli! and Updates from Greece 57:52 06/27/2021
Cindy Milstein On Mending The World As Jewish Anarchists 105:47 06/20/2021
Eric Laursen on Modern Anarchist Conceptions of The State 67:29 06/13/2021
Making Links: June 11th, Long-term Prisoners, Anti-Repression Work 76:24 06/06/2021
IDOC Watch, Leon Benson and Abolitionist Organizing in Indiana 89:10 05/30/2021
Colectivo Subversión on Protest in Colombia and Global Battles for Dignity 59:28 05/24/2021
Palestine and Challenging Settler Colonial Imaginaries 73:21 05/16/2021
Shane Burley on "Why We Fight" 68:44 05/09/2021
Max Fox on Chitty's "Sexual Hegemony" 105:44 05/02/2021
An Indian Anarchist on Anti Caste Organizing and More 130:59 04/27/2021
Veronza Bowers, Jr: 47 Years of Justice Denied 77:55 04/18/2021
Alive With Resistance: Diasporic Reflections on the Revolt in Myanmar 73:56 04/11/2021
Queer Activist Perspectives from Southern Appalachia 78:19 04/04/2021
Shut Em Down 2021: Jailhouse Lawyers Speak 57:37 03/28/2021
Steve Martinez Still Resists Grand Jury Related To Dakota Access Pipeline Struggle 62:44 03/21/2021
An Ethiopian Anarchist Perspective on the War in Tigray 69:13 03/14/2021
Aric McBay on "Full Spectrum Resistance" 80:03 03/08/2021