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The Final Straw is a weekly anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio show bringing you voices and ideas from struggle around the world. Since 2010, we've been broadcasting from occupied Tsalagi land in Southern Appalachia (Asheville, NC). We are hosted by William Goodenuff, Scott Branson and Bursts O'Goodness. We also frequently feature commentary (serious and humors) by anarchist prisoner, Sean Swain. All archives of the show are up forever at


Views from the "Rogue Gold" Tree Sit (with Cricket and D)
Views from the "Rogue Gold" Tree Sit (with Cricket and D) This week you’ll hear an interview we conducted with Cricket, a tree sitter in a tree called Goldie in southern so-called Oregon as well as D of Siskiyou Rising Tide. The two talk about the experience and efficacy of tree sits, about the land threatened by the Bureau of Land Managements plan to have Boise Cascade and other timber companies log this area they’re calling Rogue Gold, recent success of a tree sit at Poor Windy, revelations of police surveillance and some of the history of forest defense in this region. You can find more at , donate via venmo to @Cascadia-Defenders or see lovely pictures on the instagram accounts @TreeSittersUnion or @Siskiyou_RisingTide Police spying on Siskiyou Rising Tide: Recent article on both tree sits: Announcement of lawsuit by conservation groups: Another article on the BLM sale & logging:
97:39 6/16/24
Anarchist Perspectives on Nationalism (with Rey Katulu)
This week, we're sharing our interview on the Balkan anarchist journal, Antipolitika which released it’s Nationalism issue last July. It's now available via PM Press (USA) and Kersplebedeb (Canada) on Turtle Island, alongside the back issues. Our guest is Rey Katulu (an editor of the journal and a co-host of the awesome antifascist podcast The Empire Never Ended) talks about the journal, about fascism, nations from an anarchist perspective and, surprising to some, nationalism as a project of socialist Yugoslavia.. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) - pending Zine (Imposed PDF) - pending To hear a past interview we aired (recorded by comrades at FrequenzA) an interview about issue #1 of Antipolitika with Rey from 2017, audio comes in at around [00:46:30] . ... . .. Support If you want to support the show, for $3 or more a month at you can get early access to episodes like this one, or the recently released chat with outside supporters of Jailhouse Lawyers Speak’s 2024 Shut Em Down protests. Soon we'll be releasing our chat with the editors of the recent Three Way Fight book on antifascism from PM Press & Kersplebedeb and another with members of Antifa International about the July 25th Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners. We’d love to see an infusion of cash to be able to do some much-needed promotion of the show, like replenishing our stickers for distribution by radical publishers with their book orders, or even to be able to pay an artist for a new shirt design. If you don’t want to do the patreon but have some money to share we also have links for merch and donation points at . ... . .. Featured Track: Song To The Siren by The Chemical Brothers from Exist Planet Dust
97:15 6/9/24
Memory, Movement and June 11th 2024
This week on The Final Straw, we’re sharing an interview we conducted in recognition of the upcoming celebration of June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and other long term anarchist prisoners. This week you’ll hear Julie Herrada, a long time anarchist activist, comrade of Marius Mason and worker at the Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan. Julie is joined by Matthew Hart, another longtime anarchist involved in labor organizing, historical research with the Dockstadter Mutual Aid Society and the Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross chapter of the Federation. We speak about history, memory, prisoner support and continuing the struggle. If you’d like to hear more about the history of June 11th and voices of anarchist prisoners and those who support them outside, we’ve taken the opportunity each year to have at least one show focusing on specific cases or concepts related to ongoing struggle and anti-repression work. But first up, you’ll hear a comrade reading the 2024 call entitled No Separate Worlds and you’re hearing a conversation between anarchist historians and prisoner supporters about memory and the upcoming June 11th international day of soldiairty with marius mason and longterm anarchist prisoners. More info at Announcement Fundraiser for Oso Blanco’s Family There’s a fundraiser for the family of Cherokee anarchist prisoner, Oso Blanco, as they recently suffered a housefire that destroyed their home. You can learn more and find where to donate at . ... . .. Featured Track: Blindblindblind by Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band from 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
83:38 6/2/24
Addameer on Palestinian Prisoners + new TTRPG "Oceania 2084"
This week, we’re sharing two segments. Addameer on Palestinian Prisoners First up, we spoke with Tala Nasser of the Palestinian prisoner human rights group, Al-Addameer which has offices in Jerusalem or Al-Quds, as well as in Ramallah. We speak about the report they released on Palestinian Prisoners day, April 17th, on the conditions of Palestinian prisoners, particularly since October 7th, 2023 including in Gaza since the invasion. More info on the group and their findings can be found at Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) A-Radio Berlin on new TTRPG "Oceania 2084" Then, we’ll hear a segment by our comrades at A-Radio Berlin speaking with Johan Eriksson, an anarchist game designer has recently published such an RPG called “Oceania 2084“, based on George Orwell’s novel “1984”. You can find more of about the game including a free austere pdf of the gameplay at , and you can hear more audios from A-Radio Berlin at . Sean Swain's 2024 Presidential Run For the sake of anyone in the office of Attorney General of Ohio if they’re listening: this segment is political satire. We feel it’s necessary to make this disclaimer as they referenced a spoof press conference for Sean as governor in exile of Ohio on the January 18th, 2015 radio segment in court filings to prove how dangerous Sean is, while actually just showing how stupid hierarchs are. Midweek Release: Yaffa As In case you missed mid-week release of our interview with Yaffa As, a queer and trans Palestinian poet, author, publisher and activist living in the diaspora about two recent collections they published as well as mutual aid and fundraising to get queer Palestinians out of range of Israeli genocide. . ... . .. Featured Track: Ya Taali’een ‘ala el-Jabal (Oh you, climbing up the mountain) by Rim Banna from The Dream
69:48 5/26/24
"I Don't Think You Could Have A Resistance Movement Without Poetry": A chat with Yaffa As
We spoke with Yaffa, a Palestinian poet, author and activist living in the diaspora about two recent collections published by the Trans and Queer Muslim publishing house she founded called Meraj. One of the two books is entitled Inara: Light to Queer And Trans Palestinian Utopia and the second is a collection of her own poems written during the last lunar eclipse visible on Turtle Island, Blood Orange. We spoke about the importance of poetry and world building, the importance of community care and mutual aid, as well as supporting queer and trans Palestinians escaping genocide at the hands of the Israeli military. You can find more from Meraj publishing as well as how to obtain these titles at Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF)
48:51 5/23/24
Asheville's Southside Community Farm
Asheville's Southside Community Farm This week, we're sharing a recent interview with Chloe Moore, a steward, farmer and educator at the Southside Community Farm, in the historically Black neighborhood of Southside in Asheville, NC. The farm has been serving the neighborhood and the region with free and inexpensive, fresh produce for a decade, providing educational opportunities, grocery deliveries, an herb garden and a BIPOC farmers market. The farm sits on land owned by the public Housing Authority of the City of Asheville (HACA) and there is currently a threat that HACA will destroy the farm. For the hour we talk about the work of the farm, the legacy of a community farm in the wake of government policies that destroy Black communities, and ways that community members can support the SCF and help it thrive. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) - pending Zine (Imposed PDF) - pending . ... . .. Featured Track: Rise Above by Ibeyi from Spell 31
65:38 5/19/24
"Clean For Who? Safe For Who?": Asheville Business Improvement District
"Clean For Who? Safe For Who?": Asheville Business Improvement District We sat down with three local activists to talk about the proposed Asheville Business Improvement District, a model of service provision using public funding to increase policing in downtown by an unelected and unaccountable body of largely business and property owners. For the hour, Grace, Madison and Elliot talk about attempts to ram the BID through public process, some of the businesses and individuals behind it, how bids have panned out in other cities around the country and what space there is left to oppose this further privatization of public space in Asheville. We didn’t mention it here, but there have also been rumblings of the BID model, a version of which was fought and never funded in 2012, being applied to other parts of Asheville, for example West Asheville. You can find more information and ways to get involved with folks organizing against the Business Improvement District at and on Instagram at @NoAVLBid. This is our show for the week of May 12th. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) - pending Zine (Imposed PDF) - pending As a quick note, there are a few acronyms frequently used in this conversation. One is RFP, which stands for Request for Proposals and is a process of contracting out an element of a project. Another acronym is ADA, in this case Asheville Downtown Association which is an independent pressure group made up of individuals, business and property owners. Not to be confused with the Asheville Downtown Commission, which was created by the City Council and contains appointed representatives from the ADA, city council, Buncombe County Board of Commissioners and few other community members including business owners. . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Asheville BID song (unknown artist) Moving Through The Streets (instrumental)
71:47 5/9/24
Don Bosco Park Defense in Bologna + Bernard Jemison on Conditions & Resistance in AL Prisons
This week, two segments plus Sean Swain Don Bosco Park Defense in Bologna First up, an interview submitted by audio comrades in Italy about the struggle against the cementization of the city of Bologna and the defense of Don Bosco park from the expansion of a university, highways… the whole urban landscape without the input of the residents so the city can move a school rather than renovate it. This struggle, including the occupation and defense of the park, represents an innovation in urban struggles in Italy which consciously takes inspiration from the struggle to Stop Cop City in so-called Atlanta and the activities of the park defenders has forced the left-leaning municipal government and mayor to temporarily suspend the cutting of trees. [00:02:04 - 00:27:10] Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Bernard Jemison on Conditions and Resistance in AL Prisons Then, you’ll hear Bernard Jemison, an incarcerated activist held in Holman prison in Alabama talking about conditions inside the ADOC recent calls for prisoner strikes in the state by the Free Alabama Movement and their outside supporters, as well as his views on the demands being made. [00:27:57 - 01:05:10] Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) The demands that we mention are the following: BILL TO REPEAL THE HABITUAL OFFENDER ACT ON THE TABLE CIVIL CLASS ACTION LITIGATION FOR PAROLE ALREADY FILED. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SIGN UP. PAROLE BILL ON THE TABLE WE NEED TO ABOLISH LWOP AND CREATE AN AVENUE FOR JUVENILE OFFENDERS. NO MORE NITROGEN GAS EXECUTIONS.. STOP SELLING OUR ORGANS. A few articles on the subjects worth reading include: Statement of support by CCR for a strike called for by Free Alabama Movement: Social media accounts Bernard thinks are doing a good job covering these issues: @Hopedealersprisonreform is Bernard on TikTok @truthbehindbars is a private facebook Bernard contributes to @prison_toks on TikTok . ... . .. Featured Track: On Point (instrumental) by House of Pain
75:04 5/5/24
Crime, Corruption, and Community Based Liberation in the U.S./Mexico Neoliberal Military Political Economy
This week, you'll hear our chat with Simón Sedillo, author of Weapons, Drugs & Money: Crime, Corruption, and Community Based Liberation in the U.S./Mexico Neoliberal Military Political Economy. Simón talks a little about his early days in media near the start of the Indymedia world, his documentary that became the news website El Enemigo Común (which translates to “the common enemy”) which covered grassroots, indigenous led movements in southern so-called Mexico, and about his book with a focus on intervention and integration from capitalist and military powers in the US, multinational banking and big pharma and the violence against and resilience of indigenous communities under that nation-state. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Check out the website for more info on how to order a copy, and the chapters are being posted and translated into castellano at , where you can find two decades + of really interesting content. Simón suggests people follow Avispa Mídia as a project following in the legacy of El Enemigo Común. A big thanks to Mitchell Verter for the suggestion. . ... . .. Featured Track: Get It Together (Buck Wild Instrumental) by Beastie Boys from Get It Together
92:25 4/28/24
Feather River Action! on Forest Fires and Clearcuts
Josh Hart of Feather River Action! in Plumas county joined me to speak about US Forest Service plans for an emergency thinning of forests in this north east part of so-called California and which is threatened to be reproduced in other Federal and private lands in the name of fire prevention around the country. We talk about the claims, motivations and alternative proposals of activists, scientists and community members and the upcoming Lost Sierra Forest-Climate Action Camp happening in the area at the end of May 23-29th. Here's another group working on the issue:  
66:59 4/21/24
Jeremy White on the "San Diego Antifa" Case
A recent chat with Jeremy White, film-maker, activist, and street medic who’s facing prison time in what has been dubbed the “San Diego Antifa” case. You’ll hear Jeremy talk about what happened on January 9th, 2021 at the Stop The Steal rally, how the police interacted with members of American Guard and Proud Boys as they assaulted passers by, the conspiracy-theory driven DA Sommers Stephan and where the case was before it resumed on March 18th, after we recorded this chat. As always, thank you for the support in getting voices like these further into the world. Jeremy also worked on a horror-comedy film called "Bitch Ass". Fundraising on the case: Give Butter to benefit two defendants in the case: Instagram: @SuperPowerToThePeople Fundraising for Tallcan, former defendant: Benefit concert Saturday, May 18th 2024 @Birdcage Comics 165 W Hospitality Lane, Suite 17 San Bernadino, CA 92408 Doors @ 6pm / ALLAGES $8 Suggested donation / (no one will be turned away for lack of funds) The proceeds from this show will go to legal funds and family support. FEATURING LIVE PERFORMANCES BY: SEXETTE / GLORBO / THE HAIL MARIAS / DOVE / LOW SWEEP Venmo: @PUSHINGDOWNTHEWALLS Cashapp: $PUSHINGDOWNTHEWALLS Please put "TC" in the notes.   . ... . .. Featured Track: Comrades by Bambu from Party Worker
64:50 4/14/24
Bulldoze SCI Rockview: Abolition, Prisoner Support, and Resistance to Genocide in PA-DOC
SCI Rockview is a prison in central Pennsylvania where incarcerated comrades have been facing repression for demanding justice in the face of impunity by racist COs and following a year of prisoner deaths due to institutional toxicity and guard violence. We speak to an outside supporter about the situation at Rockview, the reactions of administration, inside / outside relationships and solidarity that have flared up. We hope that this conversation contributes to increased and thickened ties between folks on both sides of the walls. You can read some recent posts about this situation at and and you can find audio from the wives of prisoners at SCI Rockview on In The Mix Prisoner Podcast. A few other sites of interest include, DC IWOC on instagram, and In The Belly Journal. This conversation was conducted via encrypted messages and recorded by a comrade Golem and Ash from the the MolotovNow! Podcast, so a big thanks is due to them. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Announcement Jorge “Yorch” Esquivel Jorge has now been held in prison for over a year without a trial, and urgently needs funds to cover legal fees and prison costs (food, water, phone calls, visits, administration fees, service costs, etc). Jorge "Yorch" Esquivel is a beloved compañero of the punk community, and a long-time participant of the Okupa Che. He was arrested on December 8, 2022 by plainclothes police as he was leaving the campus of the Ciudad Universitaria (of the UNAM university) in Mexico City as part of a campaign of criminalization against the Okupa  or squat. BACKGROUND On February 24, 2016, an operative was carried out in which plainclothes policemen detained him, "planting" drugs on him in order to fabricate crimes, and accusing him of drug trafficking, as part of a campaign of repression on the squatted auditorium Okupa Che in UNAM (still existing). The whole case was plagued with irregularities. He was transferred to Oaxaca and then to a maximum-security prison in Hermosillo as a strategy to hinder his legal defense by taking him far away from his support networks. Thanks to the solidarity and legal work, he was reclassified from the crime of drug dealing to simple possession of narcotics, and was released on bail in March 2016. Even though he was no longer in prison, he was not out of danger. Constant threats and journalistic reports did not cease; the press even reported his death and accused him of participating in organized crime. Meanwhile, steps were being taken to frame him once again and re-arrest him for the same fabricated crime. On December 8, 2022 he was arrested in exactly the same place - a few steps outside Ciudad Universitaria, where the Okupa is located, once again by plainclothes police - with the grounds for this illegal detention being that the Attorney General's Office appealed the decision to reclassify the crime. The compañero's health is fragile due to an extended hospitalization a couple years back and the toll the prison conditions have taken on him. CURRENT SITUATION Jorge is currently incarcerated in the Reclusorio Oriente prison in Mexico City. The legal process is still in the evidence stage. Several hearings have been postponed and Jorge’s process is being delayed and prolonged to keep him in what is called “preventative imprisonment” with no sentence, which is common for cases of political prisoners in Mexico. Despite the fact that there is no evidence to keep him in prison, the strategy of the State is clearly to drag it out as long as possible, which is a tortuous level of uncertainty for all of us close to Jorge. Thanks to the solidarity of individuals, collectives and networks, it has been possible to cover Jorge's expenses inside the prison, which have been very high due to the corruption that reigns in Mexican prisons. We are raising funds to support his legal costs and basic needs to be able to survive in this unjust incarceration, and to re-join the community on the outside as soon as possible. We call upon the solidarity of our friends and compañerxs around the world to help us in supporting our compañero Yorch. For updates and news: Instagram: @yorchlibre Fundraiser: Blog: (blog with letters from Jorge) . ... . .. Featured Track: Ba Teaches Yoga by Four Tet from Beautiful Rewind
79:39 4/7/24
Mac Marquis on "Books Through Bars: Stories from the Prison Books Movement"
This week, you’ll hear our chat with David “Mac” Marquis, one of the editors and contributors to the recently published new book Books Through Bars: Stories From The Prison Books Movement out from University of Georgia Press. We talk about prison books projects, what they say about conditions inside, some of the value of this inside-outside organizing and what you can expect to find in the book.
83:30 3/31/24
James "Jay" Ward On Incarceration And His Struggle To Be Free
This week you’ll hear from James "Jay" Ward, a long-time abolitionist who has been incarcerated in Ohio for over half his life, since he was 15. Over the years, he has participated in the national prison strike of 2018, various hunger strikes, and other movements against the abuse and mistreatment of incarcerated people. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) One of his major political goals is to educate the public about the struggles he and other prisoners face to create systemic change. Without a sentence reduction, Jay will likely spend the next 25 years in prison as well. Jay is currently raising funds to pursue post-conviction relief so that he can reunite with friends and family and begin a new life on the outside. Despite Jay’s best efforts, he was not able to visit his mother before she died of an illness in 2022. He would like the chance to spend time with his father, who is also in poor health, before he passes. Jay's links: GoFundMe link is here: His ID # is A517461 for those who want to connect via GettingOut. Twitter / X: @DecarcerateUS His mailing address is: James Ward A571461 P.O. Box 788 Mansfield, OH 44901
40:37 3/24/24
Xinachtli Speaks From A Texas Dungeon
This week, we’re sharing an interview with Xinachtli, an anarcho-communist Chicano political prisoner held in the McConnell Unit of the Texas prison system. Xinachtli, whose name is Nahuatl for “seed” is also known by his state name of Alvaro Luna Hernandez. Xinachtli spoke to us recently about his views on the white supremacist, colonial system of the so-called USA, the legacy of genocide of indigenous peoples in the southwest of Turtle Island, his jailhouse lawyering and his upcoming parole bid. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) From our prior interview intro: Xinachtli is serving a 50 year sentence since 1996 in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for aggravated assault on a Sheriff in Alpine, Texas. The Sheriff was serving a warrant for Xinachtli’s re-arreast at Xinachtli’s home. When questioned on the nature of the warrant, the Sheriff pulled a gun and Xinachtli was able to disarm him and make an escape without harming the Sheriff significantly. After a few days of man-hunt, his mothers house was surrounded by numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and the house was beseiged. It was only a 9-1-1 call from Xinacthli made stating that he was not being allowed to surrender that caused the troops to stand down and he allowed himself to be taken into state custody. The grounds for the arrest warrant have since been overturned, but based on the post-facto word of the Sheriff that Xinachtli had pointed the gun at him, Xinachtli was sentenced to 50 years. He’s been determined to be a political prisoner based on his participation in multiple cases against abuse by prison officials and police, his jailhouse lawyering, advocacy for Latinx and other marginalized people in Texas and his political stance that the US and state governments occupying the Southwest of Turtle Island is a racist and illegitimate regime. Xinachtli links: Website: FreeAlvaro.Net Xinachtli speaking about his life and case up to roughly 2010 A few notes from Xinacthli's Support Team: Xinachtli’s support team is undergoing a transition and expansion, atm, which is why the ways to donate aren’t more formal. Per Xinachtli’s request, donations would go to: fundraising materials, commissary, potential podcast (if the institution approves), movement building, some core team needs, jailhouse lawyer work, and for post-release support if he gets out. If you want to donate a larger amount or have any questions prior to donating, please contact:-2024xinachtlifreedomcampaign ( at) (preferred) or via +1  (773) 688-4329 When donating PLEASE write as a message: “X”, “Xinachtli” or an emoji that has some type of “X” in it. Venmo: Paypal: ( CashApp:$varlam Zelle: ; 210.780.9996 . ... . .. Featured Track: Part III (AKA Light) Alternative Take by Duke Ellington and Mahalia Jackson from Black, Brown and Beige
81:23 3/17/24
A conversation with Hani Almadhoun
As a mid-week special, we’re releasing a conversation we had last weekend with Hani Almadhoun, a Palestinian-American journalist from Gaza and living in Virginia. Mr Almadhoun is also Director of Philanthropy at UNRWA USA, an independent charity to support the UN organization by the same name. In the chat, he speaks about conditions generally and for his family specifically in Gaza as well as the soup kitchen that his brother founded in north Gaza ( , on Instagram at @GazaSoupKitchen ). Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Hani Almadoun on: Instagram: @myhanitizer Facebook: @alkabeer.alhani
42:12 3/13/24
Corvallis Bookfair, Tyumen Case, and Counter-Surveillance
This week, we’re featuring four segments. First up, you’ll hear a chat with organizers of the 2024 Heart of the Valley Anticapitalist Bookfair which ran its first iteration in Corvallis, Oregon from January 19-21st.  A zine of their experiences will appear on that blog soon. [ -> 00:24:18 ] Then, you’ll hear a brief segment updating listeners on the conspiracy case against six anarchists and antifascists in Russia known as the Tyumen case (for where it initiated). The six anarchists, some of whom barely knew each other, were tortured into confessions of conspiracy to further anarchist ideology and damage the Russian war machine. [ 00:24:34 - 00:32:53 ] Transcription PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed) Following this, we spoke with Aster, a European anarchist involved in the counter-surveillance and anti-repression project known as the No Trace Project which works to share information about known methods and cases of state surveillance. The project does this in order to improve and expand our collective knowledge, tools and abilities at evading state crackdowns as we organize and act. This interview was conducted via encrypted messages and Aster's portion is being read by an unrelated volunteer. [ 00:35:47 - 01:05:18 ] Transcript in English Transcription en Français PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed) If you plan to visit their site, we suggest at least running a VPN ( has a free one) and using an anonymized browser. One method is to download the tor browser (find your device/operating system at for some tips) and visit the NoTrace Project tor address. Their website can also be found at https://NoTrace.How Finally, you’ll hear Sean Swain’s reading of names of people killed by cops in the USA during October of 2023. [ 01:09:50 ] Tyumen Links Tyumen Case Support Crew's Russian-language Telegram: Articles on the case and individuals on Avtonom: Music by some of the imprisoned men appear in a compilation to fundraise for their legal funds: . ... . .. Featured Tracks: День дизертира ( Deserter's Day) by Rasputin Меланхолия (Melancholy) by Rocker Balboa
77:37 3/10/24
Imprisoned Anarchist Toby Shone + Updates from Argentinian Antifascist
Imprisoned Anarchist Toby Shone This week, we’re sharing audio from anarchist prisoner in the UK, Toby Shone. Toby was arrested in November of 2020 after a car chase and during 5 simultaneous raids on residences in the Forest of Dean outside of Bristol. Toby was accused of being responsible for the insurrectionary counter-info anarchist site 325.NoState.Net as well as participation in the Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front, authoring communiques on behalf of IAF-IRF & the Earth Liberation Front, funding terrorism and being involved in the sabotage of a cellphone tower and having information on explosives. This raid and the case were brought in conjunction with the attempted linking of a diverse array of UK anarchist projects with terrorist charges via Operation Adream, which Toby understands to be conducted in conjunction with intelligence services from the Netherlands and German. The court failed to convict Toby Shone on these charges and only succeeded in convicting him of having and distributing hallucinagens and got 3 years, 9 months. Toby was then re-arressted while out on probation for having a cellphone and attending a prisoner support event. Toby Shone Transcript Toby Shone PDF (Unimposed) Toby Shone Zine (Imposed PDF) You’ll hear two audios from Toby, first him explaining his conviction and situation during his first incarceration, and then you’ll hear Toby recently answer a few of our questions and updating listeners about his recent re-imprisonment in HMP Garth, far away from his supporters in the Bristol area. Much thanks to Brighton Anarchist Black Cross for supporting Toby and this conversation. More information at Brighton ABC and Tobys supporters have noted that he’s been receiving pretty spotty treatment for his cancer and not getting a healthy vegan diet and so has lost some weight of recent. Tobys mail, including letters and books haven’t been making their way to him at HMP Garth. It’s requested that supporters consider writing Toby a postcard, letter or email to help him through these next 8 months or so before his scheduled release and to inform his crew at forestcase (at) of the mailing so they have a record in case it doesn’t get to Toby. Notably at that website you’ll see information about an upcoming International Anti-Repression Gathering happening in Brighton from March 30-31st. There’s information about signing up for the event at Brighton ABC’s website. Argentinian Antifascist on Resisting Milei and Red Gym, La Cultura Del Barrio Then, we were able to get an interview with Nicholas of Buenos Aires, Argentina to catch up on what’s been happening since the presidential election of libertarian capitalist Javier Milei. Milei’s presidentialcampaign was highlighted by his claims to subvert the status quo of Peronism - a socially liberal form of democracy with decades of complicated contexts in the 20th century. He’s claimed to be an “anarcho-capitalist,” although his policies since election have been nothing short of classic neoliberalism: cuts to social welfare, hamstringing of labor union’s rights to strike and picket, and doing away with common regulations of capital. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) - pending Zine (Imposed PDF) - pending While Americans have sought to understand Milei by comparing him to former U.S. President Trump, Nicholas outlines how this comparison falls short. We also talk about the role of organized anti-fascists in expecting continued clashes with the police, the social space & boxing gym La Cultura Del Barrio, and how the call for a general strike by mainstream labor unions in Argentina largely fell flat. NACLA article on Millei: LCDB on: instagram: facebook LCDB Rolling Stone article (in spanish): A couple of brief announcements… Andrew Bushnell Memorial in Asheville For folks who hear this in time, you’re invited to mourn the death of Aaron Bushnell, anarchist and US soldier who self-immolated on February 25th in front of the Israeli Embassy in DC in protest of the US complicity in and arming of the Israeli genocidal war on Palestinians. This gathering will happen at 6:30pm on Sunday, February 3rd by the Craven Street Bridge over the French Broad River in Asheville. Kevin “Rashid” Johnson in dire health situation Rashid, minister of Defense of the Intercommunal Black Panther Party has surpassed the 70th day of his hunger strike demanding transfer to a lower security medical facility near where he can receive comprehensive treatment for his prostate cancer and is suffering dire medical consequences as his organs begin to shut down. You can hear an interview we did with Shupavu wa Kirima of the IRBPP on the earlier stages of this hunger strike in our January 21st, 2024 episode at our website, which is also transcribed there. There is a sample script and some numbers to call in our show notes for folks who can call the Virginia government to advocate for Rashid’s life. They are asking folks to keep calling, urgently. Here's a sample script and numbers to use and to share/post etc: "I am calling with grave concern about the status of Kevin 'Rashid' Johnson who is participating in the Red Onion State Prison hunger strike. He must be allowed to remain close to the medical facility where he accesses treatment for his prostate cancer and congestive heart failure. Please move him back to Sussex I or Buckingham. Additionally, the use of solitary confinement in the state of Virginia is cruel and illegal. I am demanding an end to the use of this practice inside your prisons. We are watching the strike and we will not stop calling until the striker’s demands are met. Thank you." The contact info is as follows: VADOC Director, Chadwick S Dotson *NEW NUMBER*Phone: (804) 674-3000 (then hit “0” for staff) Email: VADOC Interstate Compact Liaison, Kyle Rosch Phone: (804) 887-8404 Email: VADOC, Chief of Corrections Operations, David Robinson Phone: (804) 887-8078 Email: Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin Phone: (804) 786-2211 Email: Mumia Abu-Jamal deteriorating health Mumia underwent a double bypass heart surgery on April 19, 2021. His doctor prescribed a cardiac diet and regular exercise for recovery. To date, almost 3 years later, the prison has failed to provide Mumia the required cardiac diet and opportunities for exercise. More on this, including places you can donate to his legal and medical defense fund and who to express your concern for Mumia’s life and safety can be found at PrisonRadio.Org Please call and write these prison officials.  1) Superintendent, Bernadette Mason: 570-773-2158 Email: SCI Mahanoy PA Department of Corrections, 301 Grey Line Drive, Frackville, PA  17931    2) Secretary of PA Dept of Corrections, Laurel Harry: 717-728-4109 Email: Message this form: 1920 Technology Parkway | Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. 3) Acting Deputy Secretary Eastern Region, Morris Houser 717- 728-4122 ext. 4123 Email:       Sample Script (can also use for letters and emails):  I am calling because Mumia Abu-Jamal #AM 8335 and other incarcerated elders diagnosed with heart disease are being prevented by the prison from getting what they medically require for their health. Mumia Abu-Jamal #AM 8335 had double bypass heart surgery. He needs: 1) A CARDIAC DIET three times a day that includes fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, legumes, and limited sugar, salt, and highly processed foods;   2) He must have access to do sufficient cardiac rehab every day.   Thank You. Cc: your letter to Leonard Peltier Must Be Freed! Elder political prisoner of Lakota, Dakota and Anishinaabe descent, Leonard Peltier, has been in prison for roughly 47 years and at nearly 80 years old after this long behind bars, his physical health is ailing. His supporters are asking people of conscience to contact US senators and representatives to appeal for medical care for his eyesight and other medical needs, including access to a wheelchair. There are lots of backgrounds on his case, but you also can hear a February 17th, 2019 interview we conducted with Paulette D’Auteuil on his case. SAMPLE SCRIPT “Hello, I'm calling about immediate medical care needed for Leonard Peltier, a 79 year-old federal prisoner. His prisoner number is 89637- 132, and he's in USP Coleman 1. We need Sen/Rep _____'s assistance. 1) First, Leonard must see an eye specialist without further delay, as his loss of vision poses serious risk of him falling, and he depends on other prisoners to perform basic life activities. 2) Second, Leonard is in constant pain and has multiple severe health conditions requiring immediate and ongoing medical care. I am asking (Sen/Rep) to request an immediate transfer for Leonard Peltier to the Federal Medical Prison Facility in Rochester Minnesota (FCI Rochester) where he can get treatment for all of his medical conditions. I also urge the Sen/Rep to advocate for elder Leonard Peltier's release so he can receive healthcare outside of prison and be with loved ones and community. Aside from Leonard Peltier being innocent of any crime, immediate release is proper and humane given his advanced age and medical conditions. Thank You." . ... . .. Featured Track: Shut 'Em Down (instrumental) by LL Cool J
80:33 3/3/24
Extremism, Fascist Voids and Antifascist Hope with Joan Braune
An interview with Joan Braune, author of Understanding and Countering Fascist Movements: From Void to Hope out this year from Routledge. In this chat we talk about understanding fascism and fascists, motivations and deterrents, the framework of “deradicalization”, the role of former fascists in education around fascism and the importance of fostering antifascist movements. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Links: The oft-mentioned interview on the anti-fascist radio show out of so-called Melbourne, Yeah Nah Pasaran Bundyville podcast season 1 & season 2
73:49 2/26/24
Harm Reduction and Eco-defense in Appalachia
First up, Ian chats with Tasha of Project Mayday, a harm reduction project operating in so-called West Virginia. They discuss harm reduction strategies and the political framework of their approach to mutual aid. The conversation also touches upon co-existing in the public health and non-profit space without compromising their radical values and some of the many ways that drug policy and pharmaceutical marketing affect people who use drugs. Listeners can contact Project Mayday at the links below and should watch those spaces for news about the benefit show coming up on April 28th. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Then, I spoke with Toby from Appalachians Against Pipelines and Madeline Ffitch, an activist recently arrested for locking down to a drill threatening to move the Mountain Valley Pipeline through Peters Mountain at Jefferson National Forest. We talked about the recent days of solidarity, direct actions against the MVP, repression of activists and related topics. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) - pending Zine (Imposed PDF) - pending Project Mayday Links Email: maydayx ( at ) Website: Instagram: @projectmaydayx Twitter/X: @projectmaydayx Facebook: @projectmaydayx Threadless Web store: Bonfire web store: Paypal: @freiheit13 Cashapp: $xpmaydayx Venmo: @maydayx Appalachians Against Pipelines links Website: Legal Defense Fund: AAP twitter:: @stopthemvp AAP instagram and facebok: @AppalachiansAgainstPipelines . ... . .. Featured Track: We Roll (instrumental) by Pete Rock from We Roll
84:59 2/18/24
Andrew Lee on Defying Displacement
We’re sharing a recent chat with Andrew Lee (instagram / tiktok), author of the book Defying Displacement: Urban Recomposition and Social War, released by AK Press on February 6th 2024. Andrew and I talk about gentrification, speculation and financialization of houses, the destruction of communities by racial capitalism and the state, and some methods used to fight back and stay put. Andrew shouts out Decolonize Philly as a project to pay attention to. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Housecleaning Weekly, we work to bring you and our wider audience, including over the radio waves, conversations that you won’t hear many other places. And we operate at a minimal cost, paying for transcription, printing, mailing, web hosting to make sure that information is easier translatable and accessible, including to our comrades behind bars. The most regular way that we fund that is from the patreon. Our patreon is currently below supporting our monthly operating costs of around $500, so we’re asking folks on the fence of supporting this project who have a patreon account to kick in and help at $3 or more a month. If you don’t have a patreon, we do have a liberapay you can psuedonymously kick us money from or set up a recurring payment from paypal and we also can take money via venmo or stripe. If you haven’t supported us before or haven’t for a while now and can afford to, we’d really appreciate the help. And if you’re already supporting us or have in the past in various ways, thank you. . ... . .. Featured Track: Doin It (instrumental) by LL Cool J
88:22 2/11/24
Free Alex Stokes + Russian Anti-War Saboteur Ruslan Siddiqui
This week on the show, we’re starting out with an interview with Lo and Meghan, two supporters of Jewish independent journalist, artist and antifascist leftist from Albany, NY, Alex Stokes Contompasis. Alex is serving a 20 year sentence for defending himself and 3 other community members attacked by Proud Boys and Oath Keepers at the New York state capital on January 6th, 2021. For the hour, we speak with Lo and Meghan, two friends and supporters of Alex who talk about Alex’s media work, the politically-charged court case and his ongoing appeal. More on his case can be found at FreeAlexStokes.Com, you can order his artwork to support his case there as well. They mentioned getting support & attention from the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund. Transcription PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Then, you’ll hear an interview from our comrades at Frequenz-A in so-called Germany with a recent interview of Anya of the grassroots group called Solidarity Zone that offers legal, media and other support to people facing charges for anti-war direct actions inside of Russia to speak about their work and the case of Ruslan Siddiqui, an anarchist who does not deny railway sabotage against the Russian war efforts in Ukraine. This first aired on episode 75 of B(A)D News: Angry Voices From Around The World from the A-Radio Network. Transcription PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Solidarity Zone Links Facebook: Telegram: Patreon: LinkTree: Email: solidarity_zone(at ) Finally, you’ll hear Sean Swain reading from an incomplete list of people killed by law enforcement in the USA during the month of April 2023. Announcements Red Onion Hunger Strike Phone Zap The saga at Red Onion continues, with more than 30 participants. Participants are asking supporters to call the Governor and the Virginia Department of Corrections to demand that the Red Onion follows state restrictions on solitary confinement. Kevin "Rashid" Johnson is additionally requesting his treatment for congestive heart failure and prostate cancer that he be moved from Red Onion to a facility like Sussex I or Buckingham that are near to large medical facilities. You can hear a recent interview we had with a comrade of Rashid and see a roundtable of comrades of Rashid on Black Power Media recently talking about his situation. Here's a social media post with all of the pertinent information: VADOC Central Administration USPS P.O. Box 26963; Richmond, VA 23261 David Robinson Phone: 804-887-8078 Email: VADOC Director, Chadwick S Dotson Phone: 804-674-3081 Email: Chadwick. VADOC Central Administration Rose L. Durbin Phone: 804-887-7921 Email: Rose. Beth Cabell, Division of Institutions Phone: 804-834-9967 Email: Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin Phone: 804-786-2211 Email: Sample script: I am calling in support of the hunger strikers at Red Onion State Prison. I am concerned about the serious health effects of long-term solitary confinement and other illegal and brutal methods of confinement including sensory deprivation. Please end the use of these practices. I am also seriously concerned for the health of Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson, as he is being prevented from accessing care for his health conditions. Please move him back to Sussex I or to Buckinghm, near a major medical facility, so that he can resume cancer and cardiac treatment. Thank you. Support Guarani M'Bya in Brazil from FireFund.Net: This campaign aims to support two native land in São Paulo south and also, others in state interior and coastal zones. Our goals is to restore and expand the prayer house (Opy’i) and communal kitchen, plant native trees and subsistence foodsuch as corn, rice, potato and others, distribute water and generate clean energy collected from surrounding rivers, support the cerimonies, and other constructions such as houses and other demands that the comunitie brings to us. Also carry out the construction of ecological bathrooms and support the school located in the land. These are some of the missions and commitments we have to native people here in São Paulo. . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Get It Together (Buck Wild Instrumental) by The Beastie Boys High Water Everywhere, Part 2 by Charlie Patton from Complete Recordings 1929-1934
66:02 2/4/24
Mohammad Hureini of Youth of Sumud
This week, we're featuring a conversation with Mohammad Hureini (twitter / instagram), a young activist from Masafer Yatta, an area in the hills south of Hebron in the occupied West Bank in Palestine. Mohammad is a member of a non-violent group called Youth of Sumud that struggles to hold on to the sites and lives of Palestinian villages despite displacement by the Israeli military occupation as well as the illegal zionist settlements (like the neighboring Havat Ma’on) and their routine violence and impunity. For the hour, Mohammad speaks about the work of Youth of Sumud, their recent report co-published with The Good Shepherd on increased settler violence entitled Indigenous Erasure: How the zionist movement is using state sanctioned violence to eliminate the Palestinian communities of the West Bank, the South African genocide case against Israel in the International Court of Justice and other topics. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Al-Addameer's recent publication on prisons and repression of Palestinians since October 7th, 2023: Organizations Mohammad names doing on the ground support: Defund Racism ( follows NGO connections to settler projects recently published a report on Regavim, a pro-settler organization that pulls funding from the US, Canada and elsewhere to displace Palestinians Operation Dove /Operazione Colomba from Italy ( International Solidarity Movement ( Community Peacemaker Teams ( Recent interviews about the conflict in Palestine Yuval Dag, Israeli anarchist military refuser Joey Ayoub on the War in Gaza Jewish anti-zionist Anarchist in Israel Announcements B(A)D News #75 is out! Check out the January 2024 episode featuring updates on support for antifascists facing charges in Budapest from February 11, 2023; reflections from an Autonomist on the '80s-'90s journal "Radikal"; a portion of our interview with Israeli refuser Yuval Dag; and an interview from Solidarity Zones on the case of accused Russian war sabateur, Ruslan Siddiqui . ... . .. Featured Track: Building Steam with a Grain of Salt by DJ Shadow from Entroducing....
63:40 1/28/24
Hunger Strike at Red Onion + Military Refuser in Israel
This week on the show, we’re featuring three segments. First up, you’ll hear an interview with Shupavu wa Kirima, General Secretary of the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party, comes on to talk to us about the ongoing hunger strike among prisoners at Red Onion State Prison in Virginia protesting the abuse of solitary confinement and the medical status of hunger striker Kevin “Rashid” Johnson. More at https://RashidMod.Com [00:01:18 - 00:25:47] Red Onion Transcript Red Onion PDF (Unimposed) Red Onion Zine (Imposed PDF) Then, Yuval Dag, an Israeli anarchist member of Mesarvot recently imprisoned for publicly refusing conscription, talks about draft refusal, opposing the war on Palestinians and the occupation and undoing zionist ideology. More at [00:27:31 - 01:06:13] Yuval Dag Transcript Yuval Dag PDF (Unimposed) Yuval Dag Zine (Imposed PDF) Finally, you'll hear Sean Swain reading the names of people killed by US law enforcement during February 2023 [01:06:15 - 01:12:02] Call-in / Emails For Red Onion Hunger Strikers Who To Contact: VADOC~ Central Administration; USPS— P.O. Box 26963 Richmond, VA 23261 David Robinson Phone~ 804-887-8078, Email: Virginia DOC ~ Director, Chadwick S Dotson, Phone~ (804) 674-3081 Email: VADOC ~Central Administration Rose L. Durbin, Phone~804-887-7921 Email: Beth Cabell, Division of Institutions (804)834-9967 Gov. Glenn Youngkin (804)786-2211 Red Onion Hunger Strike Participants last we heard: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson – #1007485 Jason Barrett – #1092874 Rodney Lester – #1429887 Charles Cousino – #2213403 Eric Thompson – #1208012 Joe Thomas – 1193196 Nguyen Tuan – #1098070 Demetrius Walllace – #1705834 Gregory Binns – #1157265 P. Williams – #2103207 DeQuan Saunders – #1458253 J. Hilliard – #1988319 Ray Galloway – #1407902 Gregory Azeez – #1421616   . ... . .. Featured Track: One Man Army (instrumental)  by Rage Against The Machine
72:54 1/21/24
Sean Swain's 10 Year Radio Anniversary
Sean Swain is an anarchist prisoner who's serving an indeterminate sentence in Ohio for a self-defense killing. Sean has authored 3 books (one co-authored with Travis Washington) and released an album of his music (with collaboration of a number of artists) while behind bars. Sean is also a dear friend and collaborator on The Final Straw for 10 years, now. We’re sharing here a conversation Bursts had with Sean Swain to mark the 10th anniversary of Sean's (mostly) regular segments on the show, You Are The Resistance. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) The show notes will be chock full of links to segments and articles worth checking out, but you can find a full rundown of Sean’s audios on the first link labeled “You Are The Resistance”, our first interview with him about the Army of the 12 Monkeys linked in the first paragraph and a whole bunch more writings and audio at SeanSwain.Org and at our website. You can find contact info there to reach out to Sean if you want to strike up a conversation. Links to materials as they come up in the conversation: You Are The Resistance Archive Sean’s first segment an interview with Ben Turk Sean’s writeup about the attempted cell extraction during A12M situation A12M inerview, Sean's first appearance on TFSR A12M writeup on Sean’s blog (some broken links) Sean Swain Run for Governor 2014 A statement on 2014 segment by Sean about his Presidential run for 2016 Sean’s OSP hungerstrike, one segment The FBI Can Go Fuck Itself Ohio: The Truth Behind Bob's Lanes online book LBC isn’t online right now, but apparently a fuller version is in the published edition Ihsan reading a statement by Sean when Sean was incommunicado Some background on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (per A12M as Animal Enterprise) and the Green Scare, our interview with Will Potter Sean Swain’s folk punk album, Burning Down Sean Swain’s finger getting cut off UNHCR testimony information Swain 2020 election discussion on AnarchistNews.Org Sean’s post on losing his father Kevin Rashid Johnson’s website Our interview with Rashid in 2018 A more recent interview with a comrade of Rashid about his medical neglect Sean’s Opposing Torture book Other Interviews with Sean Swain Political Prisoners channel on YouTube Sean's Guerrilla Litigation and Re-Imagining Outside Support PrisonsKill interview with Sean on 12 Monkeys Celebrities reading Sean Swain’s segments: John Zerzan The Stimulator
100:10 1/18/24
Kazi Toure of Boston Jericho on Prisoner Support
This week on the show, you’ll hear Kazi Toure. Kazi is a former political prisoner from the Ohio 7 case and founding member of the Boston chapter of The National Jericho Movement. For the hour, Kazi and I talk about the history of Jericho Movement, supporting political prisoners and support for post-release and aging prisoners. You can find recent updates from the group at @OfficialJerichoBoston on Instagram. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Kazi’s appearances here before: 2015 Former Political Prisoner Panel (pt 1 & pt 2) 2016 Former Political Prisoner Panel (pt 1 & pt 2) Presentation at Burning Books in Buffalo New York Other Interviews Referenced: Dhoruba bin Wahad speaking about Police Unions on BPM / ImixWhatILike: Part of this episode was inspired by the call by Shaka Shakur in this episode of Millenials Are Killing Capitalism Two interviews Kazi's former co-defendant, Ray Luc Levasseur (pt 1 / pt 2) Then, Sean Swain’s segment begins the annual tradition of reading the names of people killed by the police in the USA during the prior year. Stay tuned mid-week for a release of a 10 year anniversary chat with Sean about his life since he began participating in TFSR [00:55:58] Announcements Post-Release Fundraiser for Mwalimu Shakur Formerly incarcerated New Afrikan revolutionary activist Mwalimu Shakur has been released from prison after 20 years, Mwalimu was featured on this show twice talking about his organizing work. If you’d like to contribute to his post-release fund, consider donating to our paypal or  venmo linked at our website or via this cashapp with  Mwalimu support in the memo. You can find his former appearances on the show here. Hunger Strikes Grow More Dire at Red Onion Prison Several Virginia prisoners began a hunger strike on Tuesday, December 26 at Red Onion State Prison, protesting the continued use of long-term solitary confinement at the institution. Despite critical concern, outcry from the public and prisoner populations in the state, incarcerated people are still subjected to this brutal practice which has been renamed “restorative housing” since July 1, 2023 when measures were passed to limit its use in the state. Leading these prisoners in this effort is longtime prison activist, revolutionary writer and artist, Kevin “Rashid” Johnson. Rashid has stated that no one will take any food at all until demands are met. Some of the strike participants have underlying health concerns that make the undertaking of such a demonstration particularly risky. Rashid, himself, is recovering from multiple rounds of radiation to treat prostate cancer as well as suffering from untreated heart disease/congestive heart failure. This is why the public’s support is especially needed. We are asking that calls, emails, and letters be sent to the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) officials as well as Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin’s office voicing support for the strikers and condemnation for the inhumane use of long-term solitary confinement/restorative housing. PLEASE EVERY DAY THIS WEEK: call and email the following people demanding that the hunger strikers demands be met (end long term solitary confinement) and Rashid receive the medical care he has been denied for months, and that he be transferred immediately. If the latter is not an option, then demand an interstate compact transfer take place immediately. 804-674-3081 804-786-2211 ** Demand that the Governor intervene on Rashid’s behalf and that an internal investigation be conducted immediately that would reveal why there were documents removed from his medical jacket and why his referrals to outside medical care were canceled. Joka Jeupe Mkali, AKA Komrade Shine White, who put out this call to action, said "Death is inevitable, but it mustn't be at the hands of some racist dogs. Rashid walks in shoes that cannot be filled, thus we must keep him walking in them as long as possible." Thank you for all you do to help prison rebels keep walking! Red Onion Hunger Strike Participants: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson – #1007485 Jason Barrett – #1092874 Rodney Lester – #1429887 Charles Cousino – #2213403 Eric Thompson – #1208012 Joe Thomas – 1193196 Nguyen Tuan – #1098070 Demetrius Walllace – #1705834 Gregory Binns – #1157265 P. Williams – #2103207 DeQuan Saunders – #1458253 J. Hilliard – #1988319 Ray Galloway – #1407902 Gregory Azeez – #1421616 Phone Zap for Aaron Isby-Israel at Plainfield CF in Indiana Aaron Isby has been facing increased harassment Plainfield the last few weeks. Details and the support script are available at IDOCWatch. Here’s who to contact: Please call Plainfield CF and IDOC HQ, and email the Ombusdan and the Governor and demand that the harassment against Mr. Isby cease immediately and that he be provided full access to the law library in accordance with law and policy! Call IDOC HQ: (317) 232-5711 ext. 0 ext. 1 Call Plainfield CF: (317) 839-2513 ext. 7 ext. 9 Email the Ombudsman Bureau: Call & Email the Governor: . ... . .. Featured Track: Water Got No Enemy by Fela Kuti from Expensive Shit
64:22 1/14/24
Elia J. Ayoub on the War in Palestine
We’re joined again by podcaster, writer and activist Elia J. Ayoub, who is a Lebanese Palestinian living in Europe, co-hosts a podcast called The Fire These Times which is soon to be a part of the From The Periphery podcast network. For the hour we speak about the Israeli war on Palestinians, US policies in the SWANA region and the possibilities of war expanding to neighboring states, conspiracy thinking in the early days of these massacres, European state approaches to massacres in the Occupied Territories and other subjects. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Other links: Writings by Elia J. Ayoub at Podcast via Support the project via Keep an eye out for their new podcasting network coming out as From The Periphery (soon at FromThePeriphery.Com). Our past interviews on our show with Joey Announcements Fundraiser for Daryle Lamont Jenkins Supporters of antifascist activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins are raising funds for DLJ after a recent visit to the hospital. You can learn more and kick in some funds at GoFund.Me/e40da8b8 or check the link in our show notes. New Episode of B(A)D News The latest episode of the monthly podcast from the A-Radio Network is available, featuring stories from: Kilavo Seme about Quilombos and struggles in Brazil; A-Radio Berlin on the trials concerning the 2017 G20 protests in Hamburg Flora Radio in so-called Valparaiso, Chile, on recent repression against Mapuche people claiming their lands Hunger Strike At Red Onion Expands The hunger strike that began on December 26th at the infamous Red Onion State Prison in Virginia has doubled in size as of a few days ago with participation of 7 more imprisoned resisters protesting abuse by isolation despite Virginia policy and international human rights law. There is a rundown of the hunger strike and conditions at Red Onion available at RashidMod.Com and supporters are requesting that people call or email VDOC officials to end this cruel and unlawful use of segregation. Newly joined the strike: Nguyen Tuan - #1098070 Demetrius Walllace - #1705834 Gregory Binns - #1157265 P. Williams - #2103207 DeQuan Saunders - #1458253 J. Hilliard - #1988319 Ray Galloway - #1407902 Gregory Azeez - #1421616 Who To Contact: VADOC~ Central Administration; USPS— P.O. Box 26963 Richmond, VA 23261 David Robinson Phone~ 804-887-8078, Email: Virginia DOC ~ Director, Chadwick S Dotson, Phone~ (804) 674-3081 Email: VADOC ~Central Administration Rose L. Durbin, Phone~804-887-7921 Email: Beth Cabell, Division of Institutions (804)834-9967 Gov. Glenn Youngkin (804)786-2211 . ... . .. Featured Track: Splash Waterfalls (remix) (instrumental) by Ludacris feat. Raphael Saadiq
87:00 1/7/24
Eric King and Josh Davidson
This week on the show, you’ll hear part of our conversation with Eric King and Josh Davidson. Josh has been on a few times to talk about collaborative inside-outside projects he works on such as the Certain Days calendar, the greeting cards he helped make of Indigenous political prisoner Oso Blanco’s artwork to benefit Zapatista schools in Chiapas, and the Rattling The Cages book that he co-edited with Eric King. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) Eric was just released in December 2023 into a halfway house in Colorado after nearly 10 years in Federal prisons across the country. Eric is an anarchist who was incarcerated for an attempt to molotov the office of a Democratic Party official in Kansas City in solidarity with the then-going Ferguson Uprising following the murder of Michael Brown by police there. An antifascist and antiracist, Eric was moved around a lot during the 10 years he was inside and pitted against nazi prisoners in fight scenarios in a few instances, and near the end of his bid he was accused of assaulting an officer and successfully defending himself from a possible 20 year addition to his time inside but suffered intense isolation, insecurity, mail / phone and visitation blocks, moves across the country and physical restraint, ending up at the federal prison system’s most intense prison, the supermax ADX in Florence, CO. For the hour, the guests speak about prisoner support, putting the book together, the implications and effects of long term isolation related topics. You can find more of Erics thoughts and updates at SupportEricKing.Org and similarly named social media accounts. Our past chats with Josh  Our past interviews with Eric Announcement Hunger Strike at Red Onion State Prison (VA) Prisoners at the Red Onion State Prison in Virginia have been on hunger strike since December 26th against the illegal and cruel use of solitary confinement at the facility in spite of procedures put into place last summer by the Virginia government. Here’re some words from the support site for Minister of Defense of the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party, Kevin "Rashid" Johnson. From : “On Tuesday, December 26, 2023, several prisoners confined at Virginia’s Red Onion State Prison began a hunger strike to protest the continued use of long-term solitary confinement within the institution.Despite critical concern, outcry from the public and prisoner populations in the state, incarcerated people are still subjected to this brutal practice which has been renamed “restorative housing” since July 1, 2023 when measures were passed to limit its use in the state.  Leading these prisoners in this effort is longtime prison activist, revolutionary writer and artist, Kevin “Rashid” Johnson. Rashid has stated that no one will take any food at all until demands are met. Some of the strike participants have underlying health concerns that make the undertaking of such a demonstration particularly risky. Rashid, himself, is recovering from multiple rounds of radiation to treat prostate cancer as well as suffering from untreated heart disease/congestive heart failure. This is why the public’s support is especially needed. We are asking that calls, emails, and letters be sent to the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) officials as well as Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin’s office voicing support for the strikers and condemnation for the inhumane use of long-term solitary confinement/restorative housing.” Red Onion Hunger Strike Participants: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson – 1007485 Jason Barrett – 1092874 Rodney Lester – 1429887 Charles Cousino – 2213403 Eric Thompson – 1208012 Joe Thomas – 1193196 Who To Contact: VADOC~ Central Administration; USPS— P.O. Box 26963 Richmond, VA 23261 David Robinson Phone~ 804-887-8078, Email:   Virginia DOC ~ Director, Chadwick S Dotson, Phone~ (804) 674-3081 Email: VADOC ~Central Administration Rose L. Durbin, Phone~804-887-7921 Email: Beth Cabell, Division of Institutions (804)834-9967 Gov. Glenn Youngkin (804)786-2211 . ... . .. Featured Tracks: Army Of Me (ABA All Stars Instrumental)  by Bjork Bright Star (traditional) from H-Block, The Legacy of 1981 Hunger Strike CD Helicopter Song by The Dublin Ramblers from Irish Republican Jail Songs
98:27 12/31/23
Cypher Human Rights Comics with Adam Shapiro
On this episode, Ian spoke with Adam Shapiro, Co-editor of We Are Many, a comics anthology released as part of the Cypher Zine project (@cypher_comics on Instagram) and published by Radix Media. The book pairs artists and activists to create narratives around the defense of women and sex workers around the globe. Among other topics, the conversation touches on the process of matching local artists with the activists on the ground, notions of human rights defense (as defined by UN guidelines) as it relates to autonomous, self-directed struggle. They also speak about the strengths and limitations of NGO-led initiatives, and the effects of emergent disasters on long-term organizing initiatives. Transcript PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) But first, a Sean Swain shares his book reviews of 2023. . ... . .. Featured Track: Glaciers of Ice by El Michels Affair
59:23 12/24/23
Stop Cop City RICO Updates
This week, we dig into the pre-trial hearings and jury selection for Ayla King, Stop Cop City movement's first and only co-defendant so far to be granted a speedy trial. We're joined by Silver, an on-the-ground correspondent among many in Atlanta focused on supporting the collective defense against the State of Georgia's RICO indictment. Stay tuned for future coverage of the trials as they unfold. Transcript Jewel on Speedy Trials ACPC Matt on Jury Selection PDF (Unimposed) Zine (Imposed PDF) We will be focusing on the pretrial proceedings of defendant Ayla King, who has bravely flexed their right to a speedy trial and whose case we will be following more in-depth when opening arguments begin on January 10th. To help us unpack some of the media and legal intricacies in this case we will hear from Jewel, a North Carolina based lawyer (member of NLG Mass Defense) followed by an interview with Matt from Atlanta Community Press Collective. Jewel will help us understand some of the strategy of exercising a right to speedy trial while Matt will speak as one of the only members of local media to actively cover jury selection. First, some background to this case for listeners less familiar: On August 29th the State of Georgia filed an indictment against 61 people in the movement to Stop Cop City and defend Weelaunee people's park. The state alleges that music festival attendees and protestors engaged in racketeering, domestic terrorism, arson and money laundering-- all as part of a so called mob conspiracy to halt construction of the massively unpopular expansion of police traning grounds in Southeast Atlanta-- also known as Cop City. This indictment follows a years-long, powerful and popular struggle against the city of Atlanta and their Police Foundation's attempts to build the 90 million dollar training grounds. The expansion of this site not only follows the widespread anti-police movements of 2020 but further bolsters US backed military training such the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (aka GILEE) - a direct exhange program between Atlanta police and the Israeli Occupational Forces, who are currently waging genocide in the occupied Gaza strip of Palestine. We have experienced the unrelenting and escalating criminal charges (such as domestic terrorism charges for so called trespassing on public land, racketeering charges for mutual aid), raids of collective organizing and healing spaces, and even the assassination of a beloved comrade, Tortuguita. Not only have these atrocities failed to stop the movement against Cop City, but they have inspired renewed resistance and solidarity from across the country and across the world. Announcement Noise Demo on NYE at Buncombe Jail If you’re around Asheville on Sunday, December 31st, you’re invited by a coalition of abolitionist crews to attend the New Years Noise Demo, gathering at 7pm at the ampitheater at 630 Pack Square and to bring things for making some noise. The Asheville Community Bail Fund will be selling Certain Days Calendars and folks will also be bailing out and welcoming folks to start their new year outside the walls of the Buncombe County Detention Center. It’s a great event to meet folks and learn about local projects dreaming of and working towards a future without prisons! More at Blue Ridge ABC’s website. If you’re in another area of Turtle Island, you can scan your social media for noise demos to participate in or make one up yourself. Often there’s a list of things to get involved in available at ItsGoingDown.Org Anticapitalist Bookfair in Small Town Oregon If you’re in the Corvallis, Oregon area in early January, the folks organizing the Heart of the Valley Anti-Capitalist Bookfair have announced their programming and entertainment schedule for events January 19th to 21st. A few of our past guests on The Final Straw are listed there if you want to brush up on the topics. More info at Eric King in Halfway House Anarchist and antifascist prisoner, Eric King, has been released to a halfway house as he finishes the last portion of his nearly-decade-long incarceration. You can donate to his post-release fundraiser via his GoFundMe, read updates and words from Eric at or on Instagram
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