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Under The Hood® Show. Syndicated across America since 1990 Americas' Favorite Car Talk Show! This Live Radio Show is here to help you get free Auto Repair Advice helping you to save money on Auto Repairs. The hosts take your calls about any Automotive Questions and help guide you to a Repair Solution. If you need Car Repair Help to Make Your Own Do It Yourself Auto Repairs or just need a few Automotive Hints to help when you visit a shop, the guys will help you. The guys work in the Automotive Industry hands-on every day and want to pass their knowledge on to you. Questions on the show range from How To Fix Car Electrical, Heaters, Air Conditioning, Car Noises and vibrations, to Where To Get The Best Auto Insurance or Young Driver Tips. Thanks for tuning in and tuning up with the Motor Medics!


1803 What Are We Going To Do With Thousands Of Dead Electric Car Batteries? 67:54 12/02/2021
1802 People Are Stealing Dealership Cars Is Your Car Safe? 55:51 11/29/2021
1801 Are AGM Batteries Worth The Money? 46:44 11/24/2021
1800 Rocking The New Ford Bronco Off Rodeo In Vegas 48:01 11/21/2021
1799 What Would YOU Do With 5million Shares Of Tesla? 46:39 11/18/2021
1798 What Is A Good Automotive Scan Tool For Me At Home? 46:46 11/14/2021
1797 SEMA 2021 Continues New Car Products And A Retractable Exhaust Tip 47:22 11/10/2021
1796 What New Stuff Is At THE SEMA Show 2021 46:51 11/07/2021
1795 When Should You Put A Prius On A Pole? 46:02 11/03/2021
1794 Hertz Rental Cars Buys 100k Tesla Electric Vehicles and Offers To UBER 47:25 10/31/2021
1793 Russ Has A New Lamborghini Urus And Chris Longs For A Metro 47:40 10/27/2021
1792 A Lubricant Specialist- Yes There Is Such A Thing 59:55 10/24/2021
1791 How Do I Get My Car Ready For Winter? 47:06 10/20/2021
1790 New Cars of 1972 82 92 2002 And 2012 Lets Go Way Back 46:17 10/18/2021
1789 Have You Thought About A Jeep Trip To Moab? 47:36 10/13/2021
1788 Should You Would You Could You Use Fuel Additives There Are Reasons 61:58 10/11/2021
1787 Having Transmission Problems? We May Have A Cheap Repair 45:55 10/08/2021
1786 Are Cheap Box Store Oils As Good As Name Brand Synthetics? 46:02 10/03/2021
1785 Finally Someone Makes A Manufacturer Law About Cars Driving With No Taillights On 46:27 09/29/2021
1784 How Do You Find A Bargain In Todays Car Market 45:58 09/26/2021
1783 Do You Service A High Mileage Transmission Or Not 43:12 09/23/2021
1782 The Best Of Under The Hood September 2021 45:27 09/19/2021
1781 Should You Use Long Life High Mileage Engine Oil In Your Vehicle 45:52 09/15/2021
1780 Rental Cars Are Getting Scarce Renter Beware 57:55 09/12/2021
1779 Chris Helps Keep Us Mechanic People ASE Certified 47:20 09/03/2021
1778 An Obituary Brings Up The Mood 47:15 09/03/2021
1777 It's All About The Hair- Is It Real? 63:47 09/01/2021
1776 The Chevy Bolt Recall Is Going To Cost A Shocking Amount 46:40 08/29/2021
1775 Chris Has A Childhood Flashback About Dirty Cars 47:45 08/29/2021
1774 Billions Of Mice Attack Cars In Australia 47:04 08/22/2021