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Under The Hood® Show. Syndicated across America since 1990 Americas' Favorite Car Talk Show! This Live Radio Show is here to help you get free Auto Repair Advice helping you to save money on Auto Repairs. The hosts take your calls about any Automotive Questions and help guide you to a Repair Solution. If you need Car Repair Help to Make Your Own Do It Yourself Auto Repairs or just need a few Automotive Hints to help when you visit a shop, the guys will help you. The guys work in the Automotive Industry hands-on every day and want to pass their knowledge on to you. Questions on the show range from How To Fix Car Electrical, Heaters, Air Conditioning, Car Noises and vibrations, to Where To Get The Best Auto Insurance or Young Driver Tips. Thanks for tuning in and tuning up with the Motor Medics!


Keeping A Truck Running Longer - Best Car Podcast 2024 Under The Hood
1997 Eagle Vision P0300 and misfire code repair. How to fix heater on 2013 Toyota Tundra. 2009 Chevy Trailblazer rpm surges on highway. 2002 Dodge Ram Mouse Story NHOU Mouse Out. Fixing a head gasket on a 2009 Pontiac Vibe. How to fix 4x4 on 2009 Ford F350 Stuck in low How to keep a truck running longer. 2003 Chevy Avalanche.
46:52 2/19/24
How Much Should My New Truck Be Towing - Do You Know?
Why does my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee vibrate at highway speeds? Why does my 2002 Kia Sedona hunt for gear? How can I bleed my truck brakes? 2006 Toyota Tundra 2017 Honda Ridgeline Auto Temp won't work. Can I flush my old Corvette Transmission or not? How do I fix my 2015 Ford Taurus Radio? 1986 Pontiac Parisienne replacing the carb and dist. Why does my GMC Yukon rear hatch open by itself? Why does my Suburban radio keep failing? My 1998 Buick Park Ave is a chick magnet. How to USE NHOU Mouse Out to stop rodent damage to my car. 2017 Kia Sportage when should I change my oil? Who much should a new vehicle be towing?
76:14 2/14/24
A Great Day For A Call In Car Talk Radio Show Lets Get You Going
The best automotive show 2024. Why does my Jeep Grand Cherokee pull to one side. Why does my engine misfire? 2009 Pontiac Vibe and Recall. Why does my Chevy Avalanche won't crank when cold. Why does my dash brake light flash on my 2005 Chevy Silverado. 2010 Ford Escape Engine Why does my 2001 Dodge Ram have air in the fuel filter? Call us with your car questions. 
45:17 2/10/24
Ram Cummins Emissions Fix Update Best Car Podcast 2024
What year transfer case can I put in my 2006 Chevy Silverado? Why does my GMC Acadia roll when it's in gear? How to change a broken valve spring in a 2016 Subaru Impreza? 1999 Subaru Forester how to fix door locks? How do I fix my Ram heated seats? Does all diesel fuel need additives? Does all diesel fuel not have sulfur? Why does my e150 have a misfire? Why does my engine slow down when the fans come on. 1966 Corvette. Why does my Suburban instrument cluster not work? Why won't my Kia Soul accelerate? It had a new engine. Why do my brakes squeak? How do I take my Mustang out of Storage? When should I change my Camaro oil for the first time? Ram Diesel Emissions system fix update. A car wash for dually trucks.
67:44 2/7/24
Best Car Podcast 2024 Under The Hood I Can't Fill My Car With Gas
2015 Lincoln MKC. Battery dies when it sits a few days. Why does my oil pressure gauge not work on my GMC Sierra 6.0 engine? 2006 GMC Sierra Why did my rear brake rotors warp? Why does my Toyota 4 Runner suck power steering fluid into the intake manifold? Chevy 4500 Short Bus has a Short in the Can Bus maybe? Can't connect a scanner to it. Why is my truck so slow to fill with gas? Takes forever. Why won't my Expedition Key Fob work? Why is my 2017 Ram Key fob so weak? Won't remote start.
47:43 2/5/24
Best Automotive Podcast 2024 Will Tesla Robots Lower Car Costs?
How do I fix a belt squeal under my car hood? Scion XA Why do my car headlights flicker at night? Toyota Avalon What oil should I use in a old Jeep M151? Why does my 2016 Ford F-150 have a battery drain? What Diesel Additive should I use? 2010 Dodge Dakota Bighorn Magnum Maintenance Why is my Silverado Truck Overcharging? How do I fix no sound from my Tahoe Radio? Can I remove my Chrysler Pacifica Start Stop Battery VSS? Why does my car pull to one side on ice? Ford Fusion. Tesla Robots and Car Production on the After Show.
74:56 1/31/24
Best Car Podcast 2024 Should You Restore a Old Car or Sell It?
The best car repair show 2024. Jan 25th show. Should Funny Highway Caution Signs be banned?  We give you free car advice and answer your live car questions on the air. Call us or ask your car questions in the comments below. New vehicles cost more than you think. We will answer your live car questions and give our thoughts on the auto industry. Why does my F150 randomly not start and set codes? Why does my factory Remote Start shut off a few seconds after the car starts when cold? Where can I find parts for a 1984 Buick Grand National? How do I bypass vehicle security? Should I restore my Toyota Supras or sell them? What are they worth? 2008 Mazda 3 Brakes feel soft. How Do I Fix my brakes?
47:04 1/28/24
Why Do Teslas and Batteries Die In The Cold Under The Hood
What is the noise that my 2003 E450 Diesel 7.3 van engine makes when cold? 2012 Toyota Rav 4 How do I fix my TPMS light? What kind of Snow Tires are best? Why won't my 99 Dodge Diesel Truck start when cold? Should I change my Nissan CVT Trans Fluid? How do I fix a slow-moving convertible top? Do I need a Diesel Truck? Should I buy a Diesel Truck? Why does my Silverado Starter keep going bad? Why does my 2000 Ford F350 Diesel keep dying? Aftershow - Why do batteries on Tesla Cars go dead in the cold? Battery talk in general.
80:44 1/24/24
Cars And Cold The Best Car Podcast 2024 Under The Hood
How can I get new wheels for my old Mercedes or other car? Can I add zinc additive to oil in a car with a catalytic convertor? Should I change my oil before I store my car or after? Why does my car die when cold? Why do my radiator hoses keep leaking? Toyota Vensa Is my Dodge Ram Truck gelled up or is it something else? How do I fix my Park Assist and license plate lights on a 2015 Silverado? Did my 2008 Ford F350 Gell up in the cold weather?
47:03 1/20/24
Shannon Gets Bugged in a Turo Rental in a Crazy Funny Situation
Stay tuned at the end for the CRAZIEST AFTERSHOW WE HAVE EVER HAD as Shannon is attacked in a Turo rental on the Island of Hawaii by some new frineds. I replaced my exhaust and no I have a misfire and catalyst codes. Why do my brakes fail on my Honda Fit? A 2014 Ram Truck no heat. Heater core? A 2003 Ford F150 won't start is it a fuel control module? What is the tow rating of my truck? A 1994 GMC Truck stalls in gear at 1:01:00 The craziest after show we have ever had. Really, the CRAZIEST AFTER SHOW we have ever had.
79:09 1/19/24
Best Car Podcast 2024 The Big Ram Diesel Recall
There are some 600000 Ram Trucks Recalled for Emissions Software issues! Why does my 2009 Ford F-150 Cut out when I give it gas? Can I Drive My Hybrid Honda Civic with the IMA Light on? Can I drive my 2010 Silverado with a bad engine? Why is my Lamp Out Light lit on my 2015 Ram 1500? The Big Ram Diesel Emissions Recall and what might happen. Why does my car have no heat? Heater output and coolant filling. Why does my 2015 Silverado Direct Injected Engine have an engine miss?
48:13 1/14/24
Best Automotive Podcast 2024 Under The Hood The Death Wobble
Sailboat Diesel Engines low power and loping. Should I flush my engine coolant? 2000 Toyota Sienna Van. Why does my transmission shift hard? 2015 Chrysler 200. What causes front end noise on a 2003 Ford F250 Diesel 4x4 Truck? Why does my 1993 Chevy Truck stall at stop signs and idle? Noise in a 2014 Ford E350 Van after Timing Chain replacement. Why does my 2019 Camry Jerk and Buck under load up hills? Why does my Ecoboost Ford Truck burn oil? I have questions about the new Ford Maverick Hybrid. What Suburban years are best to buy? When should I do my first oil change on a Ford Maverick? Suspension problems on a 2015 Suburban. What is a death wobble? Can you use oil that has been sitting on the shelf a long time?
66:41 1/10/24
Under The Hood Best Car Podcast 2024 Making My Diesel Last
Can a Fuel Filter cause a transmission to shift bad? My F150 shifts hard and late. How do I fix Cruise Control on a 1993 Chevy. Road Trip in a Chevy Van. How do I make my Diesel VW Toureg last longer in Canada? Should I use fuel additives? What causes a Toyota to smoke during start up? Camry 2002. How do I fix noises on my Mustang GT 2004? How do I add cameras to my car? 2021 Kia.
46:47 1/7/24
Best Car Podcast 2024 Under The Hood Episode 2021
Best-of Under The Hood part 2 Happy New Year from the Motor Medics. 2024 is going to be a great year with all of you! Thanks for the support!
45:38 1/3/24
Best Car Podcast 2024 Under The Hood Episode 2020
Best-of show part one. Thanks for Tuning-In and Tuning-Up with the Motor Medics. Russ, Shannon and Chris. 
46:22 1/1/24
Don't Let Auto Repairs Bring You Down
Call in automotive advice from the Motor Medics on Under The Hood. We answer your calls and help you find better ways to repair your ride. 
50:26 12/27/23
Shannon Takes A Ride With The Family In A Self Driving Car
Under The Hood #BestAutomotivePodcast2023 Car Repair Advice from the Motor Medics. Russ, Chris and Shannon
47:17 12/24/23
Should You Put A New Engine In Your Car Or Sell It
Why does my Nissan Titan have a Service ABS Light after Pinion Seal change? Is Brake Fluid Corrosive and should I change it? Why does my car have no heat? 2003 Pontiac Grand Am. Why does my Ford Transmission slip and shake with 290k miles? When should I do my first oil change on a new car? Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid. 2003 Silverado engine. Why do my Honda Fit Spark Plugs blow out? Should I replace my Subaru Engine with a used part or new? Why does my idle surge on my Ford Taurus?
59:20 12/21/23
When Do You Sell A Car VS Replacing A Engine?
Should I replace my engine or sell my Rav 4 Toyota? All my electrical won't work on my Chevy Van, Dash, Speedo, No start. Why do my car vents switch to defrost by themselves? Dodge Avenger. Why does my Toyota Corolla Idle up and down? Crash Mulvaney won a hoodie. Why does my Ford PCV Valve buzz? 2002 Ford F150 How to fix Fast Blinking Turn Signals #FastBlink 2017 GMC Sierra Why does my Holly Carb run rich? 1965 Olds Cutlass engine repair. How can I stop a oil leak on a John Deere 3010 Tractor? How to replace a steering shaft in a Silverado. Steering Shaft Noise, Dorman.
48:26 12/18/23
Should You Buy The New Car Ad-ons Like Undercoating?
Why is the Transmission fluid in my engine oil? Chris Carter is at the CMN Radiothon Why won't my Chevy Express Van Start? How to Program a engine computer ECM for a 2007 Tahoe? 2015 Audi Why does the engine burn oil and foul spark plugs? Should I buy the dealer ad-Ons like Rustproofing and seat protection? What is a Cathodic Rectifier? Why does my Honda CRV Click from the front end? Axle shafts?
62:52 12/13/23
What Is My Classic Car Worth? How Do I Find Out?
Why does my 2008 Audi A4 Turbo burn oil and leak from the turbo? Why does my check engine light flash on my 2004 Ford Mustang GT? Why does my battery terminal keep corroding? 2016 Mazda CX5 How do I bleed my Toyota Brakes without a scan tool? What is my 1967 Pontiac GTO Worth? 2024 Car of The Year the Toyota Prius
46:28 12/9/23
How To Start a Car When The Fob Fails
How do I find a misfire on my Toyota Corolla? How do I fix My Traction Control on my Impala? How do I replace my 2007 GMC Engine? What to look for. Why does my Hyundai Sante Fe bang  when it downshifts? How do I start my Jeep with push button start when it won't work? Why won't my Ford Flex Headlight work? Why does my 2016 Silverado lurch when it shifts gears? How do I fix my S10 Hazard lights Why does my 2015 Ram Diesel Stall on the highway? Why does my Ford F150 die by itself? Does my Key fob Battery need to be replaced? GMC Acadia #BestAutomotivePodcast2023
81:26 12/6/23
Best Automotive Podcast 2023 How Do I Store A Car?
Do I need to replace my Ford Mustang Ignition Coils? How do I Store A car? 2017 Ford F150 How do I fix my Suburban Instrument Cluster? My Adaptive Cruise Control won't work on my 2020 Silverado LTZ How do I fix my Silverado Daytime Running Lights? Can I Use LEDs? How can I make my car last longer? 2017 Caddy ATS How do I fix My Dash Lights? 2000 Buick Lesabre
46:58 12/4/23
Fixing Brakes on Classic Cars and More Car Advice
2018 Ram 3/4 Ton How to fix the dash TV Screen 1968 Ford Mustang how do I fix the Brake Pressure? What is the noise in my front wheel on a 2018 Chevy Silverado? 2009 Ram 1500 Vibration under load only. MDS was replaced. 2019 Ford Escape what is the popping sound? 2004 Dodge Neon trans wont shift right. 1989 Dodge Raider, that takes us way back. Blown engine. 2011 Silverado RPMs climb by themselves. The After show. 2006 Infinity QX Transmission fluid. #BestAutomotivePodcast2023
51:17 11/29/23
Why Did My Car Explode?
Why does my 2002 Honda CR-V Squeak from the front? Why does my 2014 Toyota Corolla have bad engine performance? 2008 Chevy Impala has hard trans shift. Brian is the Hoodie winner. Why does my air bag light come on? Ford Fiesta 2019 repairable car. 2001 Buick Park Ave exploded and blew off intake manifold. How do I fix my 4-wheel drive 4x4 on a 1997 Ford Ranger? 2008 Chrysler Town and Country how hard is it to swap a steering angle sensor? #BestAutomotivePodcast2023
44:49 11/26/23
Car Talk That Saves You Cash on Car Repairs With The Motor Medics
Why does my 2002 Honda CR-V Squeak from the front? Why does my 2014 Toyota Corolla have bad engine performance? 2008 Chevy Impala has hard trans shift. Brian is the Hoodie winner. Why does my air bag light come on? Ford Fiesta 2019 repairable car. 2001 Buick Park Ave exploded and blew off intake manifold. How do I fix my 4-wheel drive 4x4 on a 1997 Ford Ranger? 2008 Chrysler Town and Country how hard is it to swap a steering angle sensor?
45:01 11/20/23
Live Car Advice Radio Show With How To Advice and More
2022 Subaru Accent battery just goes dead by itself. 2003 Dodge truck 2500 Cruise accelerates by itself. 2009 Kia Optima engine knock with 250k miles. 1995 Pontiac Bonneville Mouse Repellant NHOU Mouse Out.  2002 Chevy S10 Blazer (KSeal) to repair water pump leak. 2021 Blazer has a bad bounce when driving. 2016 Chevy Traverse coolant smell KSeal heater core leak. Ford Lightning Range update from Motor Trend. The After show! Update on the launch of Starship and the Super Heavy Booster system. Space X and Elon Musk the Tesla man.
61:42 11/15/23
SEMA 2023 We Recap Shannon's Trip and F1Vegas Racing Update
1. SEMA 2023 Shannon gives an update on what he saw in Vegas. 2. Shannon tells us about the upcoming F1 Race in Vegas from a live view. 3. When and what should I flush for fluids on my car. 2012 Honda Accord 4. 2008 Chrysler Town and Country why does my ABS and Traction control turn on by itself. 5. 2913 Chevy Tahoe Battery drain.
47:24 11/13/23
Shannon Live From SEMA Show 2023 and When To Do Your First Oil Change
When should I change oil in my 2023 Ford Maverick and do a first oil change? Why does my 2012 Nissan Armada Clock reset when key is off? How should I store my Boat batteries? Should I use a battery maintainer? Kelly Davidson wins a hoodie! How do I fix my 2016 GMC Acadia Power Steering and Alarm? Shannon calls in from the SEMA 2023 Show floor. How do I fix EVAP Codes on my 2007 Chevy Tahoe? How to fix a 2011 GMC Acadia Low Trans Pressure Code. Update from a listener. We fixed it!
48:58 11/8/23
Storing A New Ford Maverick or Most Hybrid Vehicles
Are my Cam Phasers bad in my 2019 Ford F-150? How can I tell? Why does my 2021 F-150 Super Crew not start? Why does my 2010 Ram truck surge while driving? Janie Krans wins a Hoodie! Why does my 2003 Ford Taurus not start only when cold? How should I store my 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid? How do I dispose of used 2cycle gas and oil mix?
47:03 11/6/23