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Fergo and The Freak NRL Podcast

Hosted by Andrew Ferguson and League Freak, the podcast covers different Rugby League topics, from the NRL to Super League, and how they relate to the history of the game.


The Rabbitohs And Panthers Are Into The 2021 NRL Grand Final! 63:52 09/26/2021
Queen Of The Nile 93:14 09/22/2021
Another Wests Tigers Rant! 109:57 09/19/2021
A Potato Review 100:20 09/17/2021
The HUGE Eels Vs Panthers Clash With Elliott Richardson From Rugby League Monthly 73:18 09/15/2021
Our Thoughts On The First Week Of The NRL Finals Series 41:45 09/12/2021
Elliott Richardson From Rugby League Monthly And 81:18 09/01/2021
Everyone Gets Seven Tackles 120:53 08/28/2021
ANOTHER Stupid Rule Change, Brisbane Expansion News And HUGE Fines Handed Out! 26:53 08/27/2021
Why Would We Talk About Rugby League? 107:00 08/22/2021
Buzkashi! 89:58 08/17/2021
The 2021 NRL Fans Poll 75:13 08/15/2021
The 2021 NRL Census 96:16 08/08/2021
BREAKING: The 2021 Rugby League World Cup Postponed Until 2022 08:54 08/03/2021
We Tell You How The NRL Season Will Finish 89:32 08/02/2021
#AskKenty - Volume 9 83:26 07/29/2021
Don't Go To England, Don't Sign For The Wests Tigers And Don't Try Ikea Meatballs 103:40 07/27/2021
NRL Bubble Breach, Bulldogs Signings, The Eels Lose And More Reaction About The RLWC! 42:48 07/22/2021
BREAKING NEWS: Australia and New Zealand Withdraw From The 2021 Rugby League World Cup 03:35 07/22/2021
Should The 2021 Rugby League World Cup Be Cancelled? 39:29 07/21/2021
Andrew And Freaky Talk About Footy 124:30 07/10/2021
Jai Arrow Is A Stupid, Horned Up Idiot! Watch Some Pornhub Or Something! 23:07 07/08/2021
The Dragons Sack Paul Vaughan And Hand Out Massive Fines After Legendary House Party 35:27 07/06/2021
Mitchell Moses Is A State Of Origin Player As The Dragons Start A House Party! 20:16 07/04/2021
Close NRL Games, Stirring The Welsh Hornets Nest And 2021 World Cup News 34:48 07/02/2021
Who Could Replace Nathan Cleary, Moving The Cronulla Sharks, Covid 19 Strikes Back And State Of Origin Is Dead Apparently 32:30 06/29/2021
NSW Wins The 2021 State Of Origin Series - Player Ratings Included 53:34 06/27/2021
A Big Announcement For The Podcast With A Brand New Co-Host! 67:07 06/26/2021
State Of Origin Two And Tangents With Jayme Smith 63:02 06/22/2021
Do NRL Games During State Of Origin REALLY Count? 57:17 06/18/2021