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The increasing gap between rich and poor, exacerbated by the recent financial and economic crises, is a key concern for us all. The DIAL Podcast helps us better understand the causes and consequences of those inequalities, providing new evidence and insights into the complex ways in which they play out over the lifecourse. In a series of accessible audio interviews focusing on research emerging from the NORFACE funded Dynamics of Inequality Across the Lifecourse (DIAL) programme, we talk to those with an interest in getting to grips with inequality and trying to create a fairer and more equal society for all. The podcast is co-edited and produced by DIAL scientific co-ordinator Elina Kilpi-Jakonen and former BBC journalist, Christine Garrington of Research Podcasts.


How does economic disadvantage accumulate for single mothers? 12:28 07/05/2022
The dynamics of inequality: what have we learned? 15:35 05/02/2022
A level playing field for children: why it matters in tackling inequality over the lifecourse 18:25 05/02/2022
Pre-term children: how do they get an equal chance to thrive? 12:47 04/29/2022
Tackling inequalities in adolescence and working life 25:07 04/27/2022
Nature, nurture and our later life outcomes: new insights on inequality over the lifecourse 12:06 04/05/2022
The impact of inequality on the lives of children 22:02 04/01/2022
Ability grouping: does it affect UK primary school pupils' enjoyment of Maths and English? 12:13 03/16/2022
Discrimination harassment and violence: the experiences of LGBT communities 14:18 02/25/2022
Golfing with Trump: who does it and what does it mean for rising populism? 14:14 02/15/2022
Work and family lives: Who has a chance of having it all? 17:55 01/24/2022
Sharing housework in the pandemic: what changed and for how long? 12:03 12/14/2021
Extending working life: what needs to change to make policies work? 26:22 11/17/2021
Educational opportunities for all: are countries the same or different? 13:05 11/10/2021
Why and how do rich parents have rich children? 09:22 11/02/2021
Documenting childhood inequalities and the case for early intervention 23:38 10/26/2021
Education pathways: how do they affect young people's job prospects? 08:39 10/25/2021
Modelling the LGBTQ workplace for new insights and understanding 16:38 05/18/2021
Antenatal steroids: are there links with mental and behaviour problems later on? 10:26 05/06/2021
Mums who smoke and their baby's birthweight 09:02 12/08/2020
The work and family lives of women in Israel 16:08 10/21/2020
Working with migrants: does it increase or decrease support for anti-immigration political parties? 12:52 10/13/2020
From outcast to citizen: the time travels of LGBTQI+ elders 18:01 09/30/2020
Born preterm or low weight? What could that mean for your relationships and wellbeing later on? 10:38 04/16/2020
First 12 months with mum: will you be happier later on? 13:41 04/07/2020
Unemployed parent? How does that affect a teen's school choices and achievements? 09:10 03/20/2020
Aiming high and missing the mark? 10:19 03/11/2020
The UK LGBT Action Plan: a look behind the celebratory rhetoric 17:03 02/20/2020
Do Nordic countries live up to their promise of creating fairer and more equal societies? 13:05 12/05/2019
Alessandro Di Nallo: Job loss and divorce: worse for disadvantaged couples? 08:15 09/25/2019