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Welcome to the Reading Aloud Podcast, a place where the creative, emotional and hilarious aspects of relationship communication are explored in real-time, by a real Married couple. Marisol and Adam are a married couple living in Asheville, North Carolina. Outside of the Podcast, Marisol is an entrepreneur, who owns SolReflection, a therapeutic image consulting firm (she's a style therapist) and Adam works for Dogwood Alliance, a environmental non-profit organization. After dating, marriage, and lots of travel, the couple went on a long fertility journey. That journey lead them to IVF, a tremulous pregnancy, post partum depression and an amazing life altering miracle kid, Neo (all while recording the ups & downs). These days Marisol and Adam are raising a toddler, navigating the surrogate process to add to their family, and starting the egg retrieval/IVF process again after a miscarriage. Tune in as the couple provides you insight into how they communicate, navigate and thrive through married life, parenting, being an adult, and living in the world today.


1. Love
It's the very first episode of Reading Aloud! Listen in as Marisol and Adam talk about one of their most favorite topics, LOVE. 
26:30 2/8/19
2. Intentions
Marisol and Adam discuss the importance of setting intentions. They share about how they set weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly intentions both individually and in their marriage. 
27:37 2/28/19
3. Toxic Masculinity
In honor of International Women's Day and the need for these types of conversations to be happening between friends, family and couples every day, Marisol & Adam take on the topic of toxic masculinity. And they have fun doing it! 
29:00 3/14/19
BONUS Episode: Toxic Masculinity
Marisol and Adam record a difficult spur-of-the-moment conversation to follow up from Episode 3: "Toxic Masculinity." The podcast they reference is Radiotopia's, "The Heart: No."
12:19 3/15/19
5. The Little Things
In this episode, Marisol and Adam debate the "little things," that drive them crazy about the other person. The debates are timed and totally ridiculous. Enjoy!
28:35 3/28/19
6. Prayer
In this episode Marisol and Adam go deep with a discussion on prayer in their lives and relationship. Why does it matter, why doesn't it and why Marisol thinks Adam's so devout!  
24:59 4/11/19
7. Forgiveness and Healing
Marisol and Adam had a rough week. In this episode they explore, both with humor and truth, the concept of forgiveness as a pathway to self-love and healing.
25:11 4/25/19
8. Travel Bug
Marisol and Adam talk about one of their favorite topics - travel! Including how they budget for it, how they decide where to go and how to get along while they're there. This year, they took a month-long sabbatical to Eastern Europe! 
34:31 5/9/19
9. Manifestation and Privilege
Marisol and Adam what they think about manifestation, how it impacts their relationship, why the heck everyone is talking about it and the difference between manifestation and privilege. They end by sharing their greatest manifestation! 
33:04 5/23/19
10. Friends!
Friends are awesome AND totally hard to find when you're older. In this episode, Marisol and Adam talk about the qualities they want in friends, laugh about the ways in which they wouldn't be friends and dive into the importance of having friendships outside your relationship. Tune in for this fun episode that'll make you want to immediately go hang with your friends!  
25:48 6/6/19
11. Family
Get a glimpse into the upbringings of Marisol and Adam through the eyes (and voices) of their family. Beginning with some insightful and honest conversation about the ways that family, specifically parents, have impacted their lives and their relationship, Marisol & Adam explore how their ancestral gifts ultimately brought them together.
49:54 6/20/19
12. The Grocery List
Follow along as Marisol and Adam turn the simple act of trying to make a grocery list into a hysterical conversation about their shopping and eating habits. 
26:18 7/4/19
13. Silly Stress Symptoms
Let's talk about stress baby! From hysterical laughing and galactic travels to deep feelings and expert insights (yes Marisol is actually an expert on this topic) this episode HAS IT ALL. Tune in and listen to Marisol and Adam work though difficult topics and current emotions impacting their relationship. This one is a can't miss.  
34:55 7/18/19
14. You've got to look before you go
In this episode, Marisol explains why watching ABC's "The Bachelor" helped her find her person (aka Adam). Meanwhile, Adam confesses his love for this season of "The Bachelorette" and tells you why Hannah should have never sent Peter home. :) :)  
27:29 8/1/19
15. Taking Space
Need some space? Well, don't space out on this episode of ReadingAloud! Take some time and listen to Marisol and Adam's short conversation on what it means to take space in a relationship, why transitions of personal time and space are so hard and how you can create a solid foundation. 
19:37 8/15/19
16. Commitment
Marisol and Adam dive into what it is to commit to transforming their lives and relationships. 
28:02 8/29/19
17. Adam Stole My Job!!
First off, Marisol has small toes and Adam has one that is longer than any of the others, and it's not the one you might expect. Second, Marisol geeks out about the true meaning of shopping (trust us, it's deep!) and how Adam may or may not be better at it than her - and it's her JOB! Enjoy mindless entertainment that meets meaningful conversation. xo
27:58 9/12/19
18. Fighting Forward
Arguments happen. It's simply a part of being in relationship. But can "fighting" actually help move your relationship forward? It is possible to experience growth while experiencing the pain of conflict with your partner. In this episode, Marisol and Adam explore how, since returning from sabbatical, they have implemented the concept of "fighting forward" and even created positive momentum out of conflict. Can you actually enjoy fighting? Tune in and find out. 
29:11 9/26/19
19. Work
If you wanna hear Adam singing Alanis Morissette, tune in - need we say more? Also they talk about how their professional work interacts in their relationship. Check it out! 
26:29 10/10/19
20. Positively Married
In this episode. Marisol and Adam talk about how positive reinforcement and a focus on cultivating healthy attributes works better as a long term game-plan for not getting a divorce than criticism and fixing problems. 
20:01 10/24/19
21. Sex
In this episode, Marisol and Adam talk about sex. They discuss how they learned about sex, how they current relate to sex, and how they would approach talking to a teen about sex. It's sexy, tune in. 
25:50 11/7/19
22. Our Fertility Journey Part 1
In part one of the Our Fertility Journey series, Marisol and Adam begin to discuss their multi-year journey of trying to get pregnant. Tune in, real talk. 
35:28 11/21/19
23. Our Fertility Journey Part 2
In part two of this series, Marisol and Adam continue their "in the moment" discussions during a single month or their multi-year journey of trying to get pregnant. Tune in, more real talk. 
35:47 12/5/19
24. Anger Part One
In this episode, Marisol and Adam dive deep into what anger means in their relationship - how it helps and how it hurts. Should we be  transforming our anger OR just let it flow with no shame? Tune in to hear the vastly different approaches, while finding out some things that this couple can work on. 
36:22 12/19/19
25. Endings & Beginnings
In this episode, Marisol and Adam challenge each another to define how they plan to take their new year's intentions from vision into tangible action in their day-to-day lives. It's easy to dream. It can be more challenging to do something about those dreams. Listen as they explore what they each intend to compost and seed in 2020.
34:59 1/2/20
26. Adam explains Star Wars
In this hilarious and amazing conversation, hear Adam's attempt to explain the entire Star Wars series to Marisol. Come for the bad Star Wars puns and stay to hear them master the art of complex explanations between opposite communicators. 
28:09 1/16/20
27. Anger Part Deux
Following up on a previous conversation this season on anger, Marisol and Adam dive in again to talk about how learning to constructively express this potent emotion can lead to a ton of personal growth in relationship. If you haven’t listened to the “Merry Christmas,” episode, catch up there for part 1 of this meaningful conversation.
27:12 1/30/20
28. What our ex's would say about us
As usual, Marisol surprises Adam with a question out of left field and asks him to name what he thinks his ex’s would say were his worst qualities. Tune in to hear what both Marisol and Adam believe were the qualities their ex’s hated the most in them.
21:31 2/6/20
29. LIVE at the Whitefire Theatre
The Reading Aloud podcast is BACK and better than ever! In this first episode of Season 2, recorded in front of a live audience at the WhiteFire Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on Valentines Day 2020, Marisol & Adam unknowingly take on what will become the hottest topic on people's minds in the coming weeks - sickness & health.  As usual, they take this topic to a whole new level of funny, touching and super-real. With some help from the audience, Marisol & Adam discuss how sickness impacts how they feel about themselves; but, more importantly, how it impacts how they feel about each other. Join them on this emotional roller-coaster of a conversation that will make you both laugh and cry.  
61:02 3/12/20
30. LIVE in Oakland
Marisol and Adam gather with friends and friends of friends at a house party in Oakland, CA and discuss the significance of marriage, the deeper meaning behind the engagement period before marriage and what happens when you take an inventory of your life through your friendships. Fun fact: At least three of the couples there that night were engaged to be married in 2020. Wishing them all interesting and loving engagement periods, especially as they experience them through these odd pandemic times!
47:31 3/26/20