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End of the Road

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Episode 198: The Mystic Known as "Deep"/Poetry/Innocence/Surrender/Vulnerability/Detachment 63:15 09/20/2021
Episode 197 (Mini): Sleeping Dogzz: The End of the Road/The Spirit of Classic Rock 38:14 09/13/2021
Episode 196: Richie Ogulnick: Iboga/Synchronicity/Psychospiritual Healing/Holding Space/Addiction-Interruption Therapy 47:47 09/10/2021
Episode 195: Tom Hatsis: The Psychedelic Historian/The Golden Age of Psychedelic Research in the 1950s/How to Avoid a Bad Trip 75:06 09/02/2021
Episode 194: Diego de Oxossi: The Secrets of the Kimbanda Magicians/Traditional Brazilian Magic/Spiritual Embodiment 64:07 08/24/2021
Episode 193: Dr. Jerry Brown: The Psychedelic Gospels/Entheogens in Christian Art/Genesis Reimagined/Ethnomycology 71:10 08/11/2021
Episode 192: Eliyahu Jian: Kabbalah/Vital Transformation/The Laughing Billionaire/Thinking Outside the Box/Aspects of Desire 56:09 08/06/2021
Episode 191: Christian de la Huerta: Awakening the Soul of Power/A Myth for Our Times/Transformational Retreats 60:30 07/30/2021
Episode 190: Matthew Pallamary: Ayahuasca/Picaflor(Hummingbird) Empathy/Shamanic Mirror 67:13 07/21/2021
Episode 189: M.H. Forrest: The Meaning of Life/Evolutionary Psychology/Quantum Mechanics/Cosmology 64:42 07/15/2021
Episode 188: Stephanie Mathews: Magical Mothering/Finding Plant Medicine in Your Own Backyard/Escaping the Matrix 49:24 07/08/2021
Episode 187: Wild Wool Shepherdess (lekawehatie): Birthing/Shearing/Connecting/The Lone Wolf/She Who Paddles Along/Swans/Buzzards 58:37 06/29/2021
Episode 186: Lydia Johnson: London Clinic of Hypnotherapy/Cognitive Hypnotherapy/Meditation and Mindfulness 51:00 06/25/2021
Episode 185: Emilia Rose: Ascension/Portal for Divine Energy/Source Energy Channel/Other Spiritual Goodies and Mischief 48:37 06/25/2021
Episode 184: Ivo Dominguez, Jr.: The Four Elements of the Wise/Working with the Magickal Powers of Earth, Air, Water, Fire (and Spirit) 66:51 06/17/2021
Episode 183: MJ Culliane: ROAR--Connecting with Archetypical Trailblazing Historical Women/Crow Energy/Forhaxa 55:06 06/14/2021
Episode 182: Allen Banick: Learning How to Die While Living/Bwiti Initiation of Iboga/Iboga/Beyond Words 61:22 06/04/2021
Episode 181: Ana Lilia: Breathwork/Pranayama Breathing/The Breath as a Pathway for Healing and Transformation 45:20 05/26/2021
Episode 180: Stuart Preston: Stoned Ape Comedy/Poignant Psychedelic Humor/The Grief Trip 54:29 05/24/2021
Episode 179: Von Braschler: Time Shifts/Theosophical Practices/Heightened States of Consciousness/Lucid Dreaming 54:25 05/18/2021
Episode 178: Iszabel Fairbairn: Movement Medicine/Ecstatic Dance/Sound Therapy/The "How" of Human Consciousness 64:14 05/10/2021
Episode 177: Kim L. Kirn, Esq.: The Power of an Apology/Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution 61:43 05/03/2021
Episode 176: Dr. Shelli Renee Joye: Consciousness and Electromagnetic Field Theory/Supersensible Perception/Tantric Psychophysics 65:00 04/28/2021
Episode 175: Marta Wanderlust: Plant Medicine/Yoga/Breathwork/Miracles from the Abyss (A Love Story:-)) 66:34 04/20/2021
Episode 174: Walter Masaracchio: Microdosing/ADHD/FOMO/Clarity Retreats 56:47 04/17/2021
Episode 173: Carlos Plazola and Dr. Larry Norris: Decriminalize Nature/Decriminalize Oakland/Recovering our Connection with Nature/Plant Medicines/Entheogens 52:34 04/09/2021
Episode 172: Dr. Kile Ortigo: "Beyond the Narrow Life: A Guide for Psychedelic Integration and Existential Exploration" 63:42 03/31/2021
Episode 171: Mona Loring: Conscious PR and Healing/Working with Clients with Intuition/Mediumship/Living in 5D/Shadow Work 61:33 03/26/2021
Episode 170: Kemia Sarraf M.D.: Intratraumatic Growth/Toxic Stress and Burnout/Vicarious Trauma/Lodestar Professional Coaching 62:31 03/21/2021
Episode 169: Evelyn Hale: Developmental Trauma/Generational Trauma/Inner Light Healing 57:59 03/11/2021