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End of the Road Podcast (Immanence = Transcendence)

Immanence = Transcendence. Exploring Consciousness and the capacities of consciousness--the horizons we never touch, because we are already there....with Michael Kokal


Episode 285: Vickie Dodd: "Awakening Your Audible Body"
Vickie Dodd M.A. has been a sound healing therapist, bodyworker, workshop leader, musician, and internationally recognized pioneer of healing through sound for more than 50 years.   She has collaborated with Don Campbell and is an adjunct faculity member at the Globe Institute in San Francisco. This podcast will focus on her wonderful new book Healing through Sound:  Awakening You Audible Body (2024) and the closing track is from her CD Rest Assured:  Parasympathetic Resonance with James Hoskins. To connect with Vickie and her books, music, and other offerings, please see: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend!
68:01 4/4/24
Episode 284: Dr. James Maffie: Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion
Dr. James Maffie is senior lecturer in the Department of American Studies and an affiliate of the Departments of Philosophy and History and Religious and Latin American Studies Programs at the University of Maryland.  He is the author of Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion, which is the subject of this podcast, and numerous articles examining various aspects of conquest era Mexica (Aztec) philosophical thought.  He argues that the conquest-era Mexica advanced a highly sophisticated and systematic philosophy worthy of consideration alongside other world philosophies.  HIs work employs a broadly inter-disciplinary approach including indigenous studies, linguistics, ethnography, religious studies, art history, archeology, history as well as philosophy.   For more information about Professor Maffie and his work, please see: or reach out to him directly at:  Cover photo courtesy of the author. This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed week!
68:13 3/16/24
Episode 283: Dr. Christopher Bache: "Diamonds From Heaven"
Dr. Bache is professor emeritus in the department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Youngstown State University, adjunct faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Emeritus Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and on the Advisory Council of Grof Legacy Training.   Dr. Bache is the author of numerous books, including The Living Classroom:  Teaching and the Collective Consciousness, Dark Night, Early Dawn, Lifecycles: Reincarnation and the Web of Life, and Diamonds from Heaven:  LSD and the Mind of the Universe, the latter of which is the subject of this podcast.   Mor information about Dr. Bache can be found at : (This is a rerecording of the 2019 interview with a new introduction) This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend!
76:25 3/2/24
Episode 282: Dylan Webster and Andres Colon: Sacred=Alchemical/Words/Images/Symbols/Poems
This podcast features two artists and focuses on the relationship between the Sacred and Words, Symbols, Images, and the Alchemical process of Poetry. Dylan Webster is the author of Dislocated, a collection of poetry.  His poetry and fiction can be found in Quillkeepers Press anthologies, the Neon Sunrise Publishing anthology Love//Lost, the Dillydoun Review and the Cannon's Mouth.  He is currently working on his first novel.  Connect with him at: @phoenicianpoet. Andres Colon is an author, artist, Illustrator and graphic designer.  He is the author of The Matador's Wife and Anatomy Of, both collections of poetry.  He also has a unique collection of art available at @a_ndres.c on Instagram or This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend! Cover art is a digital illustration from Andres titled "The Matador's Wife" also the title of his collection of poetry discussed on this podcast.  
78:59 2/16/24
Episode 281: Oren Jay Sofer: Contemplative Practice/Dharma/Your Heart Was Made for This
Oren teaches Buddhist meditation, mindfulness, and communication internationally.  He is the author of several books, including the bestselling Say What You Mean:  A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication (2018) and his latest work, Your Heart Was Made for This:  Contemplative Practices for Meeting a World in Crisis with Courage, Integrity, and Love (2023) which is the focus of this podcast. Lama Rod Owens states that Oren's work "offers a beautiful and poignant invitation to meet the crises of our current world and communities with the power or contemplative practice, which helps us to acknowledge the pain that we are all experiencing and reveals how we can respond directly with awareness and tenderness."   For more information and to connect with Oren and his teachings, please see: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend!
57:36 1/25/24
Episode 280: Dimitri Moraitis: Spiritual Arts Institute/Christ Consciousness/Theosophy
Co-founder and co-spiritual director of the Spiritual Arts Institute (a nonprofit), Dimitri has been instrumental in bringing the Spiritual Arts Institute to the place it is today as a premier metaphysical school.  With Barbara Martin, he co-authored Change Your Aura, Change Your Life (2000), Communing With the Divine (2021), Karma and Reincarnation (2021), The Healing Power of Your Aura (2020) and their newest book Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution (2021).   Barbara Y. Martin (known affectionately as the "Mozart of Metaphysics") worked with Dimitri to form the Seven Spiritual Arts Program, their proprietary metaphysical training program offered to SAI students.  Participants learn effective  meditation and seven mystical arts to accelerate spiritual growth.  Essential Divine Light principles build an enduring foundation to apply in any aspect of life including careers, relationships, and a lasting sense of purpose. More more information about Dimitri and his wonderful programs, please see: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend!  
60:08 1/18/24
Episode 279: Diana Zaheer: "Over the Counter Meditations"/Inner Harbor
Diana Zaheer is a counselor and teacher of healing and wisdom traditions with more than 30 years experience.  In Over the Counter Meditations, she teams up with Grammy nominated musician Lincoln Parish, founding member and original lead guitarist of Cage the Elephant to produce an "extraordinary" piece of spoken word poetry and song.  Over the Counter Meditations is a "spoken word LP with a metaphysical purpose for positive transformation and reliable support during pivotal moments in people's mental health journeys." According to Zaheer, the album was created with the intention of giving us "companionship and wellness education along with familiarity of music."   For more information about Diana's work and many offerings, please see: A fragment of Lincoln Parish's many creations can be viewed here: This podcast can be found on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Many blessings to you and yours in 2024!
57:16 12/24/23
Episode 278: Stephanie Banks: Connecting with Undifferentiated Energy Forms/a.k.a. Channeling Wisdom For Personal & Global Transformation
Stephanie Banks is an intuitive and conscious channel, mentor and guide who helps people connect on the soul level.  She is the author of Joining Joanie--Staying Connected to Your Loved One Through Dementia and Beyond (2017) and is currently working on her second book.   Her TEDx talk "I am an Intuitive Channel" can be viewed here: Connection and communication are the common themes in all of Stephanie's professional endeavors as Speech-Language Pathologist, birth doula, lactation consultant, infant massage instructor and medium. For more information about this gifted and articulate channel, please see: IG: FB: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: To connect with said channeling circle, please email or check out for meeting info when it is posted. Have a blessed weekend!
51:49 12/14/23
Episode 277: Dr. Melissa Moore: Contemplative Psychology/Karuna Training/Tibetan Buddhism
Dr. Moore has been a senior teacher in the Shambhala community for the past 40 years and is the co-founder of Karuna Training, a certification in Contemplative Psychology offered since 1996 in eight countries.  In addition to her Buddhist teaching, Melissa has held many positions in the field of mental health, most recently as the founding director of the Felton Institute in San Francisico. This podcast will focus on her wonderful book The Diamonds Within Us:  Uncovering Brilliant Sanity Through Contemplative Psychology (2021), which serves as a textbook for Karuna Training. For more information about Dr. Moore and the Karuna Training Program, please see: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend!
50:47 12/1/23
Episode 276: Dave Oshana: Enlightenment Transmission Version 2.1 (with custom Ego poultice application included)
My friend Dave comes back on the podcast for some serious holiday season mischief and merrymaking.  Dave, despite being raised on an intellectually processed diet of reductionist cognitive science, engineering and bastardized East-West spirituality, somehow managed to liberate himself circa June 19th, 2000.  On this solemn day "an Oprah Winfrey level Eckhart Tolle somebody became an absolute nobody."  He who laughs last laughs longest.    Dave now has Enlightenment Transmission: which you can experience free of charge just by emailing him or stalking his Huge Presence of Absence on his YouTube Enlightenment Comedy channel: This podcast can be found on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Version 1.0 of Enlightenment Transmission is likewise available here: Have a blessed holiday season in all ways that are meaningful to you:-). 
103:15 11/23/23
Episode 275: Shannon Duncan: "Coming Full Circle: Healing Trauma Using Psychedelics"
Shannon Duncan is an author, seeker, entrepreneur, and advocate for those looking to heal from trauma.  This podcast will focus on his two books:  Coming Full Circle:  Healing Trauma Using Psychedelics (2023) and Present Moment Awareness (2001 and 2023).  The latter book is also accompanied by the free app:  The Focus Tool which Shannon developed and is available on most platforms. For more information about Shannon, his work, and his programs, please see: IG and FB:  @shannonduncan_author This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend and holiday season!  
49:52 11/16/23
Episode 274: Jacob Cooper: Ascension/Jacob's Ladder/Altered States of Consciousness (NDEs)
Jacob L. Cooper, LCSW, is the author of Life After Breath (2020) and The Wisdom of Jacob's Ladder (2023) , the ladder:-) being the focus of this podcast.  Jacob is a sought-after speaker on grief, wisdom, and consciousness, offering meditation and mindfulness seminars to help others find purpose and overcome fears of life after death. He is also a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression and hosts a weekly podcast "The Wisdom of Jacob's Ladder."   For more information and to connect with Jacob and his many offerings, please see:  or IG/TikTok:  @jacobcooperlcsw FB:  @Jacob Cooper, LCSW This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed week!
62:11 10/24/23
Episode 273: Michael Stuart Ani: Indigenous Rituals/The Yanomami/The Mazatec/Spirit Guides including those Fabricated
Michael Stuart Ani is a writer, musician, director and explorer.  In the 1960s and 1970s, he lived in Mazateca's remote cloud forest and became the only outsider who was ever allowed to collect the sacred mushroom species of the region.  In the 1980s, he resided with the Yanomami people of the Amazon Rainforest, later co-founding the Amazonia Foundation in 1991.  With this foundation, he was instrumental in fighting the epidemics among the Yanomami.  This work was subsequently featured in the 1994 documentary, Yanomami, Keepers of the Flame, which won the US Environmental Film Festival's Best Documentary of the Year.   He also directed the documentary Coming Home, about the repatriation of pure American Bison to the Lakota people of South Dakota.   After many years guiding explorers through the remote parts of the Amazon, Ani was inducted into the Explorers Society under the guidance of Sir Edmund Hilary and Thor Hyerdahl. Michael is also the author of The Ghost Dance (2016), which was featured in Episode 123.  This just barely scratches the surface of Michael's remarkable journey.  His complete bio is at: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Episode 123 which featured Ghost Dance, is available here: Have a blessed week!    
67:59 10/11/23
Episode 272: Donna Wallace: Opening Portals/Ascension Process/The House of Orion
Donna Wallace is the founder and CEO of the House of Orion, (Melbourne, Australia), dedicated to supporting the ascension process of of Mother Earth, her habitats, and her inhabitants.  In this podcast, we open portals to dive into meditation practices, engage boundaries and undermine intuition in a mischievous manner that continues to bring a smile to my face when I think about it.  Donna has created a process to help people "switch on their lights" through energy healing work synchronistically aligned to match crystals and heirloom jewelry.  The House of Orion will eventually become the worlds largest crystal grid and support the Earth's ascension for even those of us that will come along only kicking and screaming :-).   To connect with Donna and the House of Orion, please see: To receive the free energy reading from Donna discussed in the podcast, please see: IG: FB: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed week!
63:54 9/19/23
Episode 271: Brian George: Visionary Literature/"Masks of Origin"
In this podcast, we focus on Brian's new work Masks of Origin: Regression in the Service of Omnipotence which was recently published by Untimely Books.  Brian's work invites the reader on a journey beyond the normal categories of space, time, and narrative structure, toward a further shore of multidimensional and transcendent experience--and who doesn't want a little of that? Other forthcoming titles in this collection will include To Akasha: An Incantation for the Crossing of an Ocean; and The Preexistent Race Descends.  Brian is also the author of five books of poetry and numerous essays,  a former member of the Boston Visionary Cell, a former organizer for Evolver Boston, and was a founding member of MAAP SPACE, a multimedia performance series as well as of the Revolving Arts Salon and the current Cedar Square Arts Salon. To connect with Brian and his wonderful new work, please see: Also: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed week! (cover art "Homage to Khyanyogi Mashusudandas 4" was created by the author)
81:54 9/17/23
Episode 270: Ronnie Pontiac: Sacred Music/The Magic of the Orphic Mysteries
The legendary teletai of Orpheus were not simply "hymns"--they were initiatic poems for meditation and ritual, magical, and ceremonial use, each one addressed to a specific diety or virtue.  In The Magic of the Orphic Hymns, Tamra Lucid and Ronnie Pontiac recapture the magical vitality of the teletai that inspired mystery cults, Western esotericism, art, music and countercultures throughout Western history.  Ronnie joins us in this interview to provide a survey of the historical landscape of origin and evolution of the archetypical myth of Orpheus. Tamra Lucid has produced documentary films including the Emmy nominated End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock, and is the author of Making the Ordinary Extraordinary.  (See EOTR Podcast episode 208).  She is the former writer and art editor for Newtopia Magazine and her work has appeared in Reality Sandwich.  She and Ronnie are also founding members of the experimental (and riotous) rock band Lucid Nation. Ronnie Pontiac worked for many years as Manly P. Hall's research assistant, screener, and designated substitute lecturer.  Author of American Metaphysical Religion (See EOTR Podcast episode 251), he wrote the biographical introduction to Letters to the Sage:  Selected Correspondence of Thomas Moore Johnson: Volume Two: Alexander Wilder, the Platonist.  He's currently working on several other books, including one on Rosicrucianism, and has written for several esoteric journals, and has produced award winning documentaries.  Check them out at: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend!  
93:02 9/7/23
Episode 269: Marlene Seven Bremner: "The Hermetic Marriage of Art & Alchemy-Imagination, Creativity, and the Great Work"
Marlene is an oil painter, writer, and teacher who has spent more than 20 years exploring esoteric and spiritual traditions, including Hermeticism, alchemy, surrealism, symbolism, tarot, psychology, magic, astrology, shamanism and mythology. Her work Hermetic Philosophy and Creative Alchemy (2022) was featured on episode 247 (link below). This podcast focuses on her new work, The Hermetic Marriage of Art & Alchemy--Imagination, Creativity, and the Great Work (2023).  For more information about her art, work, and life, please see: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast feed, or here: Episode 247 is available here: Have a blessed weekend!  Cover Art is Marlene's Harmonia Elementorum (2017)
61:47 8/23/23
Episode 268: Eva Marquez: Re-Membering/Re-Cognizing/Cosmic Awareness/Starseeds
Eva Marquez is a spiritual consultant, soul healer, guide, teacher and writer with a Pleiadian starseed lineage. She has authored five books, and recently appeared on on Gaia TV's "Beyond Belief."  She works alongside her guides, the Lights of the Universe, a group of light beings from different star nations, including the Pleiades.  In her spiritual practice, she draws on Pleiadian energy, the Language of Light, and other ancient soul memories. Eva and her team help starseeds remember their past lives on Earth and beyond, activate their dormant cosmic DNA, and reconnect with their soul family.  She strives to aid starseeds in adapting to their physical bodies, empowering them to fulfill their life missions in supporting humanity's evolution into a multidimensional species while safeguarding the planet for future generations. To connect with Eva and her cosmic radiance, please see: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend!
57:22 8/8/23
Episode 267: Steven Martyn: Sacred Gardening/Where Permaculture meets Indigenous Land Use/Co-Creative Polyculture
Steven Martyn, M.A. has spent over 30 years living co-creatively with the Earth, "where the Earth herself is our teacher, where we reside in the company of Gods and where we live surrounded by the reassurance of Her divinity, in all of Nature."  Steven is the co-founder of the Sacred Gardener School (link below) and is the author of three books, The Roundhouse: A Meditation and Guide to Building A Handmade House with Local Materials (2022), Sacred Gardening (2017) and The Story of the Madawaska Forest Garden (2016).    Steven was also the founder of the Algonquin Tea Company (in 1996), North America's premiere bioregional tea company, and he also created Livingstone & Greenbloom, Toronto's first green landscaping company in 1986.. For more information about Steven and Megan Spencer, his partner and co-creator of the Sacred Gardener, the Sacred Gardener School, and their many offerings, courses, books, and herbs, please see: IG:  @sacredgardener Patreon: YouTube: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend!
68:07 7/26/23
Episode 266: Alexander Titov: Mantra/Kirtan/108Records/Vedic Practices
Alexander Titov is a producer and founder of 108Records--Russia's first all mantra/all kirtan record label.  108Records honors these Ancient Vedic practices with a modern style that resonates with Western concert going audiences.  Indeed, it is Alexander's passion to bring this music which has transformed his life into traditional western music venues in Europe, Asia, and North America. For more information about 108Records, and their many programs, please see: The three tracks featured on this podcast are:  Shiva (artist: Go Kirtan), Gurudev (artists: Go Kirtan and Sati Ethnica), and Radhe Govinda (artists: Padmarani and Amala Hariam) This podcast is available on your favorite podcast feed, or here: Have a blessed weekend!
72:46 7/20/23
Episode 265: Brian James: Medicine Path/Shamanism/Yoga/Howl in the Wilderness/Fool Archetype
Brian James is a soul recovery guide, writer, musician and cultural activist.  He has published three books on yoga, psychedelics, shamanism and depth psychology; hosts a popular podcast called Howl in the Wilderness (formerly Medicine Path); and creates resources to support others on their journey of soul recovery. Brian regularly speaks on topics related to Soul Recovery including psychedelic integration, archetypal men's work and the intersection of depth psychology, yoga, and shamanism. For more information about Brian, and to see his wicked guitar licks, please see:   This podcast is available on you favorite podcast feed, or here: Have a great week! P.S. Outtro--when the End of the Road falls away, or turns into "flailing in the wilderness":-)
85:35 7/8/23
Episode 264: R.E. Kretz: "The Alchemical Search for the Unified Field"/The Philosophers Stone/Animism
Richard Kretz has worked in the telecommunications and IT industries both in the military and civilian world.  He is an acclaimed master naturalist, caver, and a member of the prestigious Explorer's Club.  In the 1970s, he studied transcendental meditation under Maharishi Yogi and later spent three years with a Native American Medicine Man.  He was raised to the degree of a Master Mason and has held many leadership roles as a Mason and within the Knights Templar.  In this podcast, we focus on his intriguing and award winning new work The Alchemical Search for the Unified Field which combines the operative mechanics of the Philosopher's Stone with Pythagorean Math, the Qabalistic Tree of Life,  the electrical elements of our nervous system, and the cross cultural teachings (and personal) friendship of a Native American Shaman.   For more information about Richard, please see: or simply drop him an email at: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: May your weekend be filled with helpful fields:-)
61:47 6/19/23
Episode 263: Tenali Hrenak (and Bill Crook): Rainbow Gatherings/"Gathering Sounds" Field Recordings with the Rainbow Family
Tenali Hrenak is a folklorist, ethnomusicologist, Sonic Fluffer and Auditory Vernacular of Curiosities at KVMR Public Radio with nationwide distribution.  Field Recording has been a prime passion of his many years, often using them to "decorate" his shows.  Tenali has devoted close to 23 years recording at Rainbow Gatherings in the United States, New Zealand, Mexico and Panama.   This podcast focuses on his new work Gathering Sounds--Field Recording with the Rainbow Family which is an ethnographic, folkloric, and illustrative listener guidebook of his many years recording at Rainbow Gatherings. For more information about Tenali, and his audio program "Muddy Boots" please see: The co-host of this podcast is the fantastic artist and former End of the Road guest, Bill Crook (Episode 100).  His bio can be found here: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast feed, or here: ...loving you....
52:59 6/15/23
Episode 262: Chuck Hyde: Boulder Light Club /Acoustic Resonance Therapy/The Lucia No. 03/Hypnagogic Embodied Meditation/Dr. Walter Russell/Interdimensional Energy Forms
Chuck Hyde is the founder of the Boulder Light Club, a unique journey that combines Acoustic Resonance Therapy (ART) and Lucia No03 which is a Hypnagogic Embodied Meditation Light Experience.   In this podcast, as much as possible using words, Chuck walks us through the experience at the Light Club, then we explore other dimensions connecting with one of Chuck's favorite scientists of "Light"-- the enigmatic (and late) Dr. Walter Russell who Nikola Tesla famously told to "bury his findings until humanity was ready."  We end the interview discussing the limits of this dimension, and Chuck's ineffable experiences with others. For more information about Chuck and the Light Club, or to contact Chuck about opening up a Light Club in your area, please see: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend!
70:55 6/1/23
Episode 261: Akash Sky: Formless Relationship with Essence/Lord Shiva/Jesus/Inner Perfection
In 2016, Akash was connected to the essence of Guruji, the Avatar of Hinduism's Lord Shiva, in a formless relationship.  Guruji guided him to study A Course in Miracles which is dictated by Jesus.  This study lead to the existence of the book, Introducing You to Your Own Perfection, which is the subject of this podcast. Introducing You to Your Own Perfection was written under challenging circumstances.  It was if it came out of nowhere or now-here.  The book began during the Coronavirus Lockdown, as the writer had an 18 month-old baby, a pregnant wife expecting another, a full time career outside of writing and a normal householder life.  To ensure the message of this work was not lost, it was written during the toddler's naptimes on the weekends and during the week after hours until late at night.  The intense force inside to get the words down and arrange this material was "overwhelming" as Akash wanted to extend his experience and introduce you to your own perfection. To connect with Akash and the bright light which joins humanity, please see: FB: IG: YouTube: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have a blessed weekend!
68:12 5/25/23
Episode 260: Nicholas Pearson: Symmetry/Order/Harmony/Beauty/Transducers/"Crystal Basics"
Nicholas Pearson has been involved in all aspects of the mineral kingdom for nearly three decades.   He is the award-winning author of seven books, including The Seven Archetypal Stones, Crystals for Karmic Healing, and Crystal Basics. Nicholas is among the foremost experts on crystals, combining his background in mineral science with his love of healing, spirituality, and folklore to illustrate how and why crystals can change our lives. This podcast will focus on his new work:  Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia--The Energetic, Healing & Spiritual Power of 450 Gemstones.   For more information about Nicholas and his work, please see: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast feed, or here: Have a beautiful, symmetrical weekend!  
60:24 5/19/23
Episode 259: Don Webb: Modern Magus/Eqyptian Magic/Temple of Set/Chaos Magick
Don Webb joined the Temple of Set in 1989, where he served as High Priest for 6 years as is recognized as an Ipsissimus.  The author of several books on Left-Hand Path practice and philosophy, including Energy Magick of the Vampyre, he lives in Austin, Texas. This podcast will focus on his wonderful new work: How to Become a Modern Magus:  A Manual for Magicians of all Schools.  In his work, Don lays out a detailed step-by-step program for building and sustaining a magical practice based not on Eliphas Levi's correspondence system, but on an older form of Eqyptian magic, as well as drawing on Chaos magic, shamanism, and the secret techniques of the Temple of Set. To learn more about Don, please see: This podcast is available on your favorite platform, or here: May you create the conditions for a blessed weekend to manifest!  
61:19 5/11/23
Episode 258: Diego de Oxossi: Magic and Spells of the Orishas/Odus/African Gods Oracle
Diego de Oxossi is a Chief of Kimbanda and Orishas Priest.  For more than 20 years he has been researching and presenting courses, lectures, and workshops on pagan and African-Brazilian religions.  He writes a weekly column at, is the publisher at Arole Cultural, and is the author of Traditional Brazilian Black Magic which was featured on End of the Road Episode 194.  This episode will focus on his wonderful new offering "African Gods Oracle" which is available from Rockpool.  For more information about Diego and all his mischief :-), please see: For more information about his African Gods Oracle available from Rockpool publishing, please see: This podcast is available on your favorite platform, or here: May you honor the Orishas this weekend!  
62:52 5/5/23
Episode 257: Joey Greenstone: Traditions of the Sacred Valley of the Incas/Wachuma/San Pedro Shaman
Joey Greenstone is a Wachumero (Wachuma/San Pedro Shaman) and founder of wachumAwaken, a Plant Medicine Healing and  Retreat service in the Sacred Valley of the Incas,  Peru.   In addition to guiding ceremonies, Joey provides  Consciousness Development Teaching, Plant Medicine Integration counseling and leads conscious tours to many of the sacred sites and places of power within Peru.    He has been working with plant spirit medicines since 2009, and is skilled at using song and sound vibrations to facilitate healing and transformation within his medicine ceremonies.   Joey draws upon shamanism and many other consciousness traditions from around the world to affect significant healing and transformation in the lives of his clients. For more information about Joey and wachumAwaken, please see: Additionally, Joey was featured on Jason Grechanick's wonderful podcast "The Universe Within", which is found at: This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have an awesome weekend!
68:43 4/26/23
Episode 256: Piers Kaniuka and Charles Shaw: The Poverty of Soul/Connection & Ego Death in Healing/Trauma/PTSD/Addiction
Piers Kaniuka is at the forefront of reimagining addiction, recovery and community.    He is the author of Real People, Real Recovery:  Overcoming Addiction in Modern America.  Piers is also the former chair of the department of Transpersonal Psychology at Burlington College and is a core faculty member in the Contemplative Spiritual Direction certificate program at the Alcyon Center in Seal Cove Maine.   For more information about Piers, his work and his podcast "Resistance Recovery," please see: Charles Shaw is an author, filmmaker, journalist and activist who was featured in episode 246 and his full bio can be found there:-) This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform, or here: Have an awesome weekend!
71:00 4/18/23

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