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Hi everyone! Welcome to The Far Out Wisdom Podcast! Where we will explore unconventional ideas with the underdogs of the world. This podcast is a place of unorthodox individuals coming together to share their wisdom in hopes that we will teach each other lessons from our life experiences. My name is Boonn, I am the founder and host of F.O.W. My articles have appeared on social media pages like Uplift Connect, Educate Inspire Change, Collective Evolution, GoalCast and Jay Shetty's FB page. I strongly believe that there are wisdom all around us. I have the following mini series on my podcast call: Drunk Philosophy, Free Flow Mind Sex, The Wisdom of Star Trek, The Wisdom of Nietzsche and The Wisdom of Rick and Morty and Everyone Needs a Bj. Remember to leave a comment, a


Ep.#83: Reality Circus W/ John Pier & Randell Stroud 102:27 03/29/2021
Ep.#82: The Duel With Life W/ Randell Stroud 106:34 03/07/2021
Ep.#81: Round Two W/RomanianTVee 131:06 02/27/2021
Ep.#80: Presumption of Innocence W/ James Hoak 61:44 02/14/2021
Ep.#79: Populist Woke V.S Populist MAGA 45:06 01/24/2021
Ep.#78: U.S.A's Modern Day Revolution is Like Belle Delphine's Porno...... 35:24 01/18/2021
Ep.#77: Use The Force Aya W/ Aya Ruane 33:49 01/09/2021
Ep.#76: The Trumpian Shadow W/Isaac J. Miller 86:22 01/03/2021
Ep.#75: Come Dance With Me My Shadow W/Rebeca Eigen 85:05 12/25/2020
Ep.#74: Power is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac 114:10 12/06/2020
Ep.#73: Little Fukashima W/Isaac J. Miller 95:14 11/27/2020
Ep.#72: Unity Of Chaos&Order W/Isaac J. Miller and April Rose 113:43 11/23/2020
Ep.#71: I've Got A Brain Tumor On My Mind: My Meningioma Diagnosis 12:51 11/22/2020
Ep.#70: Drunk Philosophy #5-Eithics, Initiation and Being W/Isaac J. Miller & Jenner Zeno 143:48 11/12/2020
Ep.#69: Web Of Lies W/Isaac J. Miller 87:15 11/09/2020
Ep.#68:JeSuisProf: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death 21:56 10/26/2020
Ep.#67: The Wisdom of Rick and Morty |Introduction| W/The Daily Archetype & The Archive 83:11 10/18/2020
Ep.#66:Boonn&Vee Went To A Bar....W/RomanianTVee 93:01 10/11/2020
Ep.#65: To Be Me or Not To Be Me? W/Melissa Spopheap Meach 108:47 10/09/2020
Ep.#64: F.O.W's Unity2020 W/J.D Wyatt 104:14 09/28/2020
Ep#63: Free Flow Mind SexW/April Rose 74:00 09/27/2020
Ep.#62: Metamorphosis W/ Connor Derting 91:46 09/17/2020
Ep.#61 Lydia's Plant 41:34 08/28/2020
Ep.#60: Gandhi's Letter to Adolf Hitler 25:31 08/18/2020
Ep.#59: Free Flow Mind Sex W/ Isaac Miller 69:30 08/10/2020
Ep.#58: Lack of Appreciation For The Shadow 37:46 08/09/2020
Ep.#57: Everyone Needs a BJ W/ BJ Carpenter |Introduction| 71:26 08/03/2020
Ep.#56: It's Not Me, It's Seriously YOU 37:59 07/28/2020
Ep.#55: The American Red Guards 75:01 07/12/2020
Ep.#54: Drunk Philosophy #4- Ghost, Demons and Quantum Immortality 62:23 07/06/2020