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Swiss and Chips - Your British guide to Switzerland

Your British guide to Switzerland: an audio podcast for English speaking expats living in Switzerland and Swiss interested in Britain. Everything expats need to know about finding a job in Switzerland, how to find an apartment in Bern, Geneva or Zurich, how to find friends and get to know Swiss culture, traditions and of course, learn the language. We will try to answer your questions and give you personal insight into what it's like to move from London to Bern. This is not just a view from the outside looking in however, we will also bring you the Swiss perspective, from a "real" Swiss, born and bred in the Bernese Oberland.


Relocating to Switzerland: Part 2 20:04 01/20/2022
Relocating to Switzerland: A personal perspective 14:29 12/30/2021
How to organise a Swiss (and British) passport for your newborn 14:57 12/09/2021
Becoming Swiss, part six: 'the interview' 05:56 11/18/2021
Trip tip: An easy walk through the vineyards 07:49 10/14/2021
Becoming Swiss, part five: ‘One form to rule them all’ 10:38 07/29/2021
What to expect at a Swiss apéro 13:48 06/17/2021
Having a baby in Switzerland 07:56 04/06/2021
Weirdest thing you saw when you moved to Switzerland 18:49 02/23/2021
How to celebrate Christmas as an expat in Switzerland 13:31 11/24/2020
Becoming Swiss, part four: The Swiss citizenship test 19:22 10/27/2020
Becoming Swiss, part three: 'Starting the Application Process' 15:42 08/04/2020
What are we missing when trying to make Swiss friends? 18:46 05/19/2020
Walk with us along Bern's Aare river 19:51 04/14/2020
Five ways to perfect your Swiss knowledge while staying at home 17:45 03/24/2020
When to shake hands in Switzerland 15:14 03/10/2020
Should you join an English-speaking club in Switzerland? 13:16 02/25/2020
Unspoken Swiss rules 20:05 02/11/2020
How to hike to the top of a Swiss mountain 19:15 10/08/2019
This is what it sounds like in Switzerland's capital city, Bern 15:14 09/17/2019
Swiss German sayings: what they mean (and how to say them!) 20:13 09/03/2019
The Swiss and Chips guide to dating in Switzerland 17:25 08/20/2019
Get a holiday vibe without leaving Switzerland 15:32 07/23/2019
Hit the road: driving in Switzerland 13:31 07/09/2019
Your questions about Switzerland: answered! 18:44 06/25/2019
Taking to the classroom to learn Swiss German 17:05 06/11/2019
Do you need to know Swiss German to move to Switzerland? 14:55 05/21/2019
Where to find Swiss second-hand delights 14:46 05/07/2019
'Fête des Vignerons': make merry at the Swiss winemakers' festival 15:32 04/22/2019
Shopping in Switzerland: what do you buy where? 15:35 04/09/2019