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Leaving the Door Open for Impact: a Flip the Script Episode
3 High-impact Links •Check out April's Jewelry at •Interested in Hosting a Flip the Script Episode?  Head HERE and tell me why • HERE is the best link to share the podcast Today I give the microphone to my former 8th grade student turned lifelong friend and mentee, April. I hope this conversation shows the profound impact a teacher can have on a student's life through genuine human connection, being present, and leaving the door open.  It also demonstrates how vital ONE student can be in sustaining a educator's career.  Key Moments: • April shares the story of how Joe's presence and open door policy as her 8th grade teacher changed the trajectory of her life when she was feeling lost and disconnected • We discuss the importance of treating students as human beings, not just kids of a certain age, in order to truly connect with them  • We explore how passion and love for an activity, like making art as a child, can fade as people get older and more self-conscious, and what educators can do to keep that spark alive • April opens up about overcoming depression by choosing to look for beauty in life each day, even amidst challenges and setbacks  • I share an impactful classroom exercise about intentionally looking for something beautiful or ugly, and finding whatever you look for • We explore the paradox many teachers face - wanting to profoundly impact every student, while accepting that not every student will overtly demonstrate that impact • April offers the insight that teachers can open the door for connection and impact, without pressuring the student to walk through it Powerful Quotes: "When you're present with people, it doesn't matter how old they are or really what their backgrounds are. If you are one human being to another human being, and you are open to that, and you're open to life, it is incredible what is going to come into your life." - April "Leaving the door open - that's what you did with me. You didn't try so hard. You just said the door is open for you. And I was the one who took the initiative to come back and talk to you." - April   "If I can give myself the self-talk and the mindset to leave the door open...I'm going to leave the door open with no pressure for you to walk in through it." - Joe Ferraro This heartfelt conversation is for anyone who wants to have a positive impact on others. It's a reminder of the power of human connection and the ripple effects that can occur when we choose to be present and leave the door open. As always, thanks for listening to Episode 296! --Joe  PS: Check out the entire podcast catalog HERE
42:19 4/30/24
No Secret Dreams: Lessons on Relentless Perseverance from former Major League Baseball Player Ryan Lavarnway
The 2nd place finisher for this week's episode title was: Getting Cut 26 Times: How Ryan Lavarnway Refused to Quit on His MLB Dream  That should give you an idea of how powerful this episode is. Imagine what you can learn about Mindset, Language, & Behavior from today's Damn Good Conversation I would hit play right now if I were you, but if you are the kind of person who craves details, here is a ton more: Email me if I can be of help Former MLB player Ryan Lavarnway joins me to share powerful lessons on chasing big dreams, overcoming obstacles, and finding success through relentless perseverance. Ryan's journey holds wisdom for anyone looking to achieve more in sports, business and life. Don't Miss: • Ryan's experience of playing in the Big Leagues and how it exceeded even his highest expectations • The power of setting audacious goals and not being afraid to lean into "delusion" • Why you need to get really good at not quitting on the things you believe in • The key difference between "great" and "elite" is ________________.  • How leaders like Terry Francona and Buck Showalter get the best out of their people • Ryan's mission to make an impact by encouraging others to pursue their dreams Ryan encourages all of us to:  • Share your dreams with everyone - you never know what opportunities will arise • Realize the best leaders support their people no matter what • Use failure and obstacles as opportunities to learn and get better Ready to dare greatly and pursue your dreams with no excuses? Follow Ryan's journey on his website (, LinkedIn and Instagram (@rlavarnway). And if this conversation resonated with you, share it with a friend or teammate who could use some inspiration to aim higher.   As always, thanks for listening to Episode 295! --Joe PS: Here's the best link to share your secret dream with me SHARE HERE  
41:04 4/23/24
The Truth About Audience Size Once & For All
Quick Links Not To Be Missed: Join the No Spam Mailing List Coaching Opportunites  Josh Spector's Spectacular Newsletter Buy the Macho Man Book Seth Godin's 1st Appearance on One Percent Better Josh Spector's Episode On this episode, I share: - A personal story of cobbling together a powerful poetry podcast for my high school seniors in under 3 hours - Reflections on how to measure the impact of creative work, even if audience reactions are unclear - Liberating mindset shifts around ideal audience size from guests like Seth Godin, Josh Spector and Jon Finkel - Practical tips on building an audience that truly looks forward to your work Key Takeaways: - You don't need a huge audience to make an impact. Focus on delighting a small group first. - Reframe creative projects as worthwhile even if no one sees them, for the value they provide you. - Aim for 10 people who would "cross the street" for your work as a starting point. - Pick one "keyboard" - newsletter, podcast, blog - and consistently create value for a specific audience. I also mention a special offer to review your work and provide feedback. Hit reply to any email to take me up on it. If you've been holding back on a creative project because you don't have an audience yet, this episode will inspire you to start anyway. Remember, it's a privilege to share your gifts with the world, regardless of audience size. Don't forget to check out these links: Join the No Spam Mailing List Coaching Opportunites  Thanks for listening to Episode 294! --Joe P.S. This LINK is the best way to share the podcast with a new listener
19:46 4/16/24
The Art of Connection: Topaz Adizes Reveals 12 Questions for 1% Better Intimacy
Quick Links:  Join the Mailing List Coaching Opportunities Start Here: Organized Back Episodes My guest today is Topaz Adizes, founder of The Skin Deep. Together we dive into the art of making space, asking deep questions and creating intimate conversations. Drawing from Topaz's experience facilitating question-based games and my background in education, we explore the power of well-constructed questions and mutual respect in fostering deeper connections. Key Takeaways: Creating Space for Connection: Topaz emphasizes the importance of creating a safe and open space for meaningful conversations to unfold. He highlights how simple games or structured question sets, like those found in his book 12 Questions for Love can provide the necessary framework for people to open up and share authentically.    Sequence and Timing: The sequence and timing of questions play a crucial role in the depth of conversation. We discuss the architecture behind the sequence of questions in his book, designed to gradually build trust, explore conflicts, express gratitude, and reflect on deeper emotions. Navigating Discomfort: Topaz and I acknowledge the discomfort that may arise from asking and answering probing questions. We get into the value of leaning into discomfort as a means of growth and strengthening relationships. Crafting Questions: You know my love of asking questions. Topaz shares his insights into the process of crafting them, drawing from his experience in facilitating thousands of intimate conversations. He highlights the importance of intentionality and sometimes making grammatically incorrect questions to encourage authentic responses. Creating Synergy: I reflect on my own experience with creating question-based games in my Public Speaking class, highlighting how such activities can build trust and break patterns, leading to unexpected moments of connection. 1% Better Takeawy: Asking meaningful questions and creating space for authentic dialogue can lead to deeper connections and insights. By understanding the art of asking questions and navigating discomfort, individuals can foster stronger relationships and personal growth. Don't forget: Join the Mailing List Coaching Opportunities Start Here: Organized Back Episodes As always, thanks for listening to Episode 293! --Joe 
58:50 3/26/24
Girl Scout Cookies Conquered My Fear of Sales
MY OFFER Since July 1, 2017 I've promised you actionable ways for all of us to get 1% better in our: Mindset | Language | Behavior  I've shared inspiring stories, practical advice, and damn good conversations with some of the most successful people in the world.  Today is no exception.  Quick Links:  Join the Mailing List Coaching Opportunities Episode: Don't Confuse Price & Value Onto today's episode:   We've all felt that fear of "being too salesy" when trying to promote our products or services. But what if the key to confident, authentic selling was right under our noses the whole the form of neighborhood Girl Scout cookie sellers?  On this episode, I share stupefying stories of watching colleagues casually sell Girl Scout cookies for their daughters in shockingly effective yet refreshingly simple ways. From group text threads to order forms on the break room table, their straightforward "Here's an awesome product, who wants it?" approach opened my eyes to sales without desperation. Listen in & you'll learn powerful mindset shifts like: Proudly Offering Value When you truly believe your offering helps people, you shouldn't hesitate to share it.  Simplicity Trumps Complexity Part of the genius was making it stupidly easy to purchase with low-pressure tactics . Detaching from Outcomes The sellers never begged, guilt-tripped, or took the "no's" personally because they had zero attachment to any single sale.  By the end, you'll be inspired to confidently sell like a Scout - authentic enthusiasm, smooth simplicity, and a liberated, resentment-free attitude towards anyone who passes. It's not pushiness, it's serving people value you believe in. I also share a special offer tailored just for you on mastering question-asking skills and 1-on-1 coaching to help you communicate at your highest level. If you've been holding back on selling your gifts to the world, this fun, analogous episode will have you selling with unshakable Girl Scout cookie confidence! Don't forget to check out these links:  Join the Mailing List Coaching Opportunities Start Here: Organized Back Episodes Thanks for listening to Episode 292...8 away from 300! --Joe  PS: If you've made it this far, you'll love the best two sales profesionals I know: Colin & Garrett
12:21 3/12/24
This Entire Idea is Bananas: Tyler Gillum | Manager of The Savannah Bananas
Since July 1, 2017 I've promised you actionable ways for all of us to get 1% better in our: Mindset | Language | Behavior  I've shared inspiring stories, practical advice, and damn good conversations with some of the most successful people in the world.  Today is no exception.  Quick Links:  Join the Mailing List Coaching Opportunities Start Here: Organized Back Episodes Onto today's conversation.  In case you've missed it . . .The Savannah Bananas emerged in October 2015 with a mission to inject fun back into baseball and inspire fans everywhere.  Following the departure of minor league baseball after a 90-year stint in the city, the challenge of generating excitement for a collegiate summer team proved daunting. Everything transformed on February 25, 2016, with the announcement of the team's quirky moniker, the Savannah Bananas. Despite local skepticism and criticism, the name garnered widespread attention, earning accolades as logo of the year from national media outlets. Since their inaugural season, the Bananas have consistently sold out every game, exceeding 200 consecutive sellouts. Transitioning from the Coastal Plain League to playing Banana Ball year-round in 2022, the Bananas now field two independent professional teams, the Savannah Bananas and The Party Animals. With a focus on fast-paced, entertaining play, the Bananas have attracted former MLB stars like Jonny Gomes and Bill Lee, as well as local standout Josh Reddick, cementing their status as a beloved and innovative force in baseball entertainment. Today's guest is the manager of The Savannah Bananas, Tyler Gillum. He shares actionable ways to improve, including . . . Mindset Telescope Goals and Microscope Habits. Tyler discusses the team's ambitious goal of reaching one billion fans, emphasizing the importance of setting massive goals while focusing on daily habits to achieve them, showcasing the Savannah Bananas' relentless pursuit of growth. Language Authenticity. Tyler emphasizes the importance of authenticity and fun in the Savannah Bananas' approach to engaging fans, sharing stories of unconventional promotional ideas and community impact initiatives. He also says "Boom, Baby!" often : )  Behavior Crazy Ideas and Promotional Stunts. We discuss stories of the Savannah Bananas' unconventional promotional ideas, including potential parachuting stunts, playing shirts against skins, and creating memorable experiences for fans. Banana Land at Sea. Tyler unveils the ambitious plan of hosting 3000 Banana fans on a cruise to the Bahamas, demonstrating the team's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences for supporters. Community Engagement. Tyler reflects on the team's impact on fans, sharing heartwarming stories of children aspiring to be Savannah Bananas players and the team's efforts to give back to the community through initiatives like donating baseball gloves. Practical Advice Relentless Pursuit of Growth. Tyler provides practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, highlighting the importance of setting ambitious goals, staying true to oneself, and focusing on daily habits to achieve long-term success. Inspiring Stories  Impact and Community Engagement. Tyler shares heartwarming stories of children aspiring to be Savannah Bananas players and the team's efforts to give back to the community through initiatives like donating baseball gloves, showcasing the team's commitment to making a positive impact beyond the baseball field. This episode offers an inspiring look into the world of the Savannah Bananas and their fearless pursuit of unconventional ideas and ambitious goals. Tyler's passion for creating memorable experiences for fans shines through, leaving listeners inspired to dream big and challenge the status quo. Thank you so much for being a part of this community for 291 episodes! Don't forget to check out these links:  Join the Mailing List Coaching Opportunities Start Here: Organized Back Episodes Thanks for listening! --Joe   
59:26 2/27/24
Ask Questions Like a Journalist So You Don't Need Wayne Newton
You are not Wayne Newton. I am not Wayne Newton. Your conversation partner is not Wayne Newton. Today on the podcast, I tell you why all that matters. After you listen, if you find yourself craving more, head HERE to inquire about limited 1:1 coaching opportunites.  TL/DR Ask questions like a journalist hunting for pull quotes. At 81 years young, Wayne has more media training than a politician embroiled in an international scandal. That's why when he got two horrendous questions lobbed at him this week, he took the questions and turned them from coal to gold.  Most people don't do this automatically. Most people accept mediocre questions and give boring, mediocre answers. When we are locked in conversations that matter, our questions need to do more. Listen as Wayne takes close-ended, clunky questions and tells a micro story, adds depth and emotion, and leaves us with a lasting feeling.  Larry in your department won't do that when faced with a dud of a question. Unless you use this short cut: Ask questions like a journalist hunting for pull quotes. You can't print: "there's no question about that." --Wayne Newton You can't print: "Yes." You CAN print provocative, fun, emotional, high-energy quotes that you only got because you asked a damn good question. The next time you are in a conversation, think like a journalist. Instead of: "Do you feel like you've kinda become, to some degree, the institutional memory of Las Vegas?" Ask: "You've become the institutional memory of Las Vegas. What's your reaction when you hear that?" Instead of: "Do you feel like Las Vegas is being treated like a real American city in a way that maybe it wasn't always in people's minds?" Ask: "How has Las Vegas changed since 1957 when you arrived?" I promise you will find gold, even when it's not Wayne Newton you are talking to. Remember to connect HERE if you are on the hunt for damn good conversations. In the meantime, thanks for listening to Episode 290! --Joe   
06:36 2/13/24
Don't Kill Your Sponsorship Dream: Justin Moore Shows Us How to Land Partnerships That Pay Real Money
I would love to get to know you better. Please click on the link below to answer a few short questions that will help me make the show even better?  Help Me Make the Show 1% Better 🙏 Today I present my conversation with Justin Moore. Justin is a Sponsorship Coach & the founder of Creator Wizard, a community that teaches you how to find & negotiate your dream brand partnerships.  Today we discuss: The number 1 mistake creators make while hoping to land sponsors An easy-to-follow script to approach your dream brand partner The myth of download numbers holding back sponsorships  What to do if you are just getting started as a creator  and much more.  One more thing . . . If you are a founder, entrepreneur, author, or presenter looking to crush your next opportunity in front of a microphone, Let's Have a Conversation. As always, thank you for listening to Episode 289! --Joe 
48:48 1/23/24
Overdeliverance: Experiences that Surpass Ridiculously High Expectations
My Rao's Story Today I want to share a new idea. Overdeliverance In a world where the mantra "under promise, over deliver" has become commonplace, let's challenge the status quo and introduce a new concept: Overdeliverance. Overdeliverance is not about modest commitments and barely exceeding them; it's about setting bold expectations and still surpassing them with confidence and flair.  Imagine a realm where promises are not mere assurances, but declarations. A world where commitment is not a cautious whisper, but a resounding proclamation. One Percent Better celebrates the philosophy that excellence is not found in playing it safe but in daring to push boundaries day after day.  This episode shares four stories showcasing the magic of Overdeliverance. I invite you to share real-life stories from businesses and your personal life where you have experienced or embraced an audacious, over-promised and over-delivered experience.  Email me  Overdeliverance can be a catalyst for personal growth, professional success, and the elevation of standards. Challenge conventional wisdom and strive for that extra mile. I would love to hear what you think.  Don't forget to visit some of my favorite past episodes all in one organized place HERE in The Vault As always, thanks for listening to Episode 288! --Joe 
11:43 1/16/24
The Best Coach You've Never Heard Of: A Conversation w/ Jon VanderWal
Would you be willing to answer a few short questions to help the show get even better? Head HERE to help me get 1% better!  Agressive wins.  So says today's guest Jon VanderWal.  VanderWal has coached his way to the top ranks of D3 basketball, and according to someone I trust, "Jon is the best coach I have ever seen operate."  Learn more about Jon HERE In our conversation, Jon and I break down: His blueprint for building a championship program & culture Why recruiting comes down to sales The daily intensity that fuels his team’s aggression How confidence is a cornerstone of his philosophy Walking the line between connection and competition Jon provides a masterclass in leadership, motivation, and perseverance. His conviction and authenticity jump through the microphone. As always, thanks for listening to Episode 287! --Joe PS: Don't forget to visit some of my favorite past episodes all in one organized place HERE in The Vault
52:24 12/5/23
286 Episodes Later: Start Here
The One Percent Better Vault Click & browse  Text the link to a friend or family member Thank you so much for being a valuable part of the One Percent Better Community! --Joe  Here's that link again: The Best of One Percent Better
04:13 11/25/23
Getting 1% Better at Mastering Change w/ Brad Stulberg
Would you be willing to answer a few short questions to help the show get even better? Head HERE to help me get 1% better!  Change happens. Growth is optional. Today's guest, Brad Stulberg has thought more about mastering change than anyone I know. His new book is Master of Change: How to Excel When Everything Is Changing Including You. In our conversation, Brad and I get tactical on: How to build rugged resilience when change strikes Responding flexibly when plans or expectations shift The power of living aligned to your core values Why accepting struggle builds confidence The key to being stable through periods of instability Why the shoulder might be the best metaphor for navigating change Brad brings science, coaching experience, and personal wisdom together. His insights will transform how you navigate change in life and work. This is a masterclass in staying grounded when facing tests. You'll learn mindset shifts and practices to become a change master. Interested in 1:1 coaching to take your communciation to the next level? Want to nail your next job interview or save years of frustration on your podcast launch? Let's connect: As always, thanks for listening to Episode 285!  --Joe   
46:03 11/14/23
Experience vs. Expertise
Would you be willing to answer a few short questions so that I can make the show even better? Head HERE to help me get 1% better!  Today . . . join me in this thought-provoking conversation as we unravel the intriguing interplay between experience and expertise. Let's explore the nuances that distinguish these two concepts--experience, the accumulation of moments and lessons over time, and expertise--pattern recognition, refined knowledge and skill. Let's delve into: Whether one can exist without the other  Stories that illustrate this dynamic relationship How my favorite football team sparked this question in my mind Whether you're navigating a professional path or simply curious about the nuances of mastery along a path to getting 1% better every day, this episode promises to make you think about the unique dance between experience and expertise. Email me or connect with me on LinkedIn As always, thanks for listening to Episode 284! --Joe 
13:26 11/7/23
Inside the Kansas City Chiefs Front Office with VP of Football Operations Brandt Tilis
Welcome to this week's episode! Would you be willing to answer a few short questions to help me make the show even better? Head HERE to help me get 1% better! --->Communication Coaching Opportunity
65:02 10/30/23
Every Conversation Counts: A Psychological Safety Deep Dive
In today's episode, we're delving into the transformative power of small steps around  navigating the landscape of Psychological Safety.  The dynamics of Psychological Safety are all around us and appear to be a crucial element of team and family success.  Psychological Safety is built on: open communication trust respectful feedback no fear of failure inclusivity  empathy How can tiny tweaks in the way we interact, lead, and collaborate create a ripple effect of positive change? We're about to find out. Every conversation counts, and every step, no matter how small, contributes to our journey of becoming better versions of ourselves. Today, we dive into the world of Psychological Safety. Episodes Mentioned in This Episode: The Importance of a Reverse Mentor Stephen Covey on Trust What feedback do you have for me? Email me As always, thanks for listening to Episode 282! --Joe 
19:15 10/24/23
Winning With Character: Fred Claire 88 Years of Getting 1% Better
Today I share a damn good conversation with Fred Claire, a true legend at 88 and former LA Dodgers GM. Join Fred's fight HERE As the mastermind behind the 1988 championship season, Fred takes us on a journey behind the scenes of that historic achievement. We explore his unique approach to building winning teams with character, the profound friendships he cultivated with baseball icons like Jackie Robinson, and the invaluable wisdom he imparts on the art of continuous learning. Beyond the ballpark, Fred shares his inspiring battle with cancer, fueled by gratitude and a commitment to championing the life-changing work of City of Hope. At 88, he embodies the principle of daily 1% improvement, proving that it's never too late to strive for greatness. Today we discuss: Behind-the-scenes insights into the '88 championship season The art of building winning teams with character Profound friendships w/ legends like Jackie Robinson & John Wooden The 1% Better learning mindset Fred's inspiring battle with cancer and his advocacy for City of Hope Tune in to this enlightening episode as we explore history, resilience, and a lifetime of wisdom with the remarkable Fred Claire. If you are intereseted in 1:1 coaching, head HERE As always, thanks for listening to Episode 281! --Joe 
66:59 10/17/23
A Conversation Killer: Diminishing Language
Human beings regularly speak 15,000 words a day. This reality makes it impossible to communicate perfectly.  Luckily, perfection isn't the goal, connection is. This week I invite you to eliminate an entire category of language: diminishing language.  Take the compliment. Say thank you. Tell someone: "I made this for you."  Watch your conversations bloom and your connections deepen.  Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me to find out more ways to have damn good conversations As always, thanks for listening to Episode 280! --Joe 
04:40 9/26/23
Transform The World with the Power of Beautiful Questions
Today's guest has studied hundreds of the world’s foremost innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers to learn how they ask questions, generate original ideas, and solve problems. He is the author or co-author of more than 12 books on innovation, including the bestseller The Book of Beautiful Questions.  Warren Berger and I discuss: What makes a beautiful question The % of adults he believes ask good questions  How to the navigate the job interview question Tell us about yourself  How one question can change your career  and much more! Connect with me on LinkedIn where every Monday | Wednesday | Friday I share actionable tips to transform your communication and connect deeper than ever before with the most important people in your life and work. As always, thanks for listening to Episode 279! --Joe  PS: Email me  if you have a guest you would like me to record a conversation with 
56:39 9/12/23
Thoughts Entering Year 25 in the Classroom
Email me if you have questions about this episode or if you want to wish me well in year 25 : ) I appreciate each and every one of you.  Here are the three episodes I mentioned in today's episode: The Importance of Fresh Eyes Find your Reverse Mentor Will Guidara: Unreasonable Hospitality As always, thanks for listening to Episode 278! --Joe PS: Have we connected on LinkedIn yet? 
20:35 9/5/23
We are doing Icebreakers WRONG
Connect with me on LinkedIn where every Monday/Wednesday/Friday I share tranformational communication tips to help you listen better, connect deeper and land clients.  Posts like THIS. In this episode, I make friends & enemies by telling you how wrong we are about icebreakers.  Email me to tell me what you think As always, thanks for listening to Episode 277! --Joe  
16:36 8/29/23
Derek Sivers Tells Us Secrets
Connect with me on LinkedIn to add some science to the art of conversation.  Today's guest is Derek Sivers. Derek has appeared on the biggest podcasts in the world. Find out why he says our conversation "is one of the most interesting interviews I've ever done."  We talk: Creativity | Decision Making | Writing | Goal Setting | Identity | Effort and so much more.  Thanks for listening to Episode 276! --Joe PS: Don't forget to connect with me on LinkedIn. 
55:47 8/27/23
Damn Good Conversations are Built not Born: Zoe Chance asks me how
If you are interested in learning more about coaching head HERE Today's guest host is Zoe Chance, Yale Professor & best-selling Author. You can listen to our first conversation HERE or learn more about Zoe at her WEBSITE In this conversation, Zoe asks me how I do what I do when it comes to coaching  communication. Zoe asks me: what formative coaches I've had in my life what it was like to be the youngest NCAA coach in the country  who taught me how to listen what makes a damn good question what mistakes podcast guests frequently make how to nail the question "tell us about yourself" and so much more.  This conversation was a joy. So. Damn. Good. Thank you Zoe, and as always thank YOU for listening to Episode 275! --Joe  Email me  
63:38 8/13/23
Be Unreasonable When it Comes to Hospitality says Will Guidara
My guest today is the author of the National Bestseller Unreasonable Hospitality. He is the former co-owner of Eleven Madison Park, which under his leadership received four stars from the New York Times, three Michelin stars, and in 2017 was named #1 on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. You can find what he is up to now HERE. In this damn good conversation we discuss: Will's background in the food industry The influence his father has had on his life His steadfast belief in the value of criticism How he approaches hiring  The line between hospitality and entitlement What unreasonable hospitality might look like in schools and much more.  Email me if you: have a question about today's episode have feedback for me want to talk about  The Bear Unreasonable Hospitality  want to invite me to dinner  As always, thanks for listening to Episode 274! --Joe 
58:56 7/23/23
Giving & Receiving Unreasonable Hospitality: A 𝘽𝒆𝙖𝒓 Story
Email me if you: have a question about anything on today's episode have feedback on this episode  want to talk about  The Bear The Lemon Unreasonable Hospitality  want me to listen to your podcast want to invite me to dinner  As always, thanks for listening to Episode 273! --Joe 
12:30 7/16/23
Building a Personal Brand Does Not Have to Be Weird: Adrienne Sheares on Pivoting, Branding, & Not Being for Everybody
Adrienne Sheares is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategist, and coach.  She's also a damn good conversationalist.  Hat tip to former guest Amanda Natividad for the introduction.  On today's show, Adrienne helps us get 1% better at: personal branding goal setting pivoting when needed  crafting a compelling offer  separating details from procrastinaton  and much more! If you are looking for a boost in your communication, consider a free 15-minute 1:1 coaching session with me. Let's connect to find out about your goals. Head HERE to find out more.  Email me with questions or comments on the show.  As always, thanks for listening to episode 272! --Joe 
52:15 7/9/23
Where is the Line? 3 Questions About How to Best Educate Our Young People
Today I offer three questions I am reflecting on about how to best educate young people. These are top of mind as I conclude year 24 in the classroom.  I would love your feedback.  Here are the questions:  Where is the line between . . . 1) Serving students and enabling entitlement 2) Having high standards and being compassionate 3)Treating our high school students like adults and creating an environment we think is best suited for learning Email me If you enjoy conversations about education you will love my conversation with lifetime educator Kelly Gallagher As always, thanks for listening to Episode 271! --Joe 
17:15 6/25/23
Two Polar Opposites on a Mission to Redefine What it Means to Sell
Halfway through this episode, Colin teaches me how to be less weird when selling. That tip is worth the entire episode, and I know it can help you as well!  We get into valuable lessons from their book The Unsold Mindset as well as figuring out powerful questions like: Who is the best salesperson on the show The Office? What does it mean to be authentic? Why did Colin and Garrett schedule their teaching class on Monday? How come it's rare to get paid for what we enjoy doing? and much more. You'll love these guys. If you are looking for 1:1 communication coaching, schedule a free coaching call HERE As always, thanks for listening to Episode 270! --Joe 
57:06 6/18/23
The Magic of 'Just Before You're Ready'
One simple and powerful idea this week: when your brain says "I am not sure I am ready" you probably are.  When in your life has this proven true? Share your thoughts with me Listen to the whole conversation with Mace Curran HERE Looking for 1:1 communication coaching this Summer? Schedule a FREE coaching call.  As always, thanks for listening to Episode 269! --Joe 
06:21 6/11/23
Matthew Dicks Says Nobody is Listening to You Unless You Do This
Thank you for pushing play and for sharing this episode with someone.  Email me if you are interested in 1:1 coaching this Summer.  A magical story by Matthew Dicks: Karen vs. The Patriots Find out more about Matt's work on his website HERE Stick around until the last 3rd of this conversation when Mathew gives us a storytelling tip that he has taught to CEOs and 10 year-old kids, a valuable tip we can put it into our lives immediately. Learn about Homework for Life and why Matthew calls it "the single most important thing I teach." It's a damn good conversation, packed with value.  Last week's episode on HUMILITY Thank you for being here for Episode 268! --Joe 
63:47 6/4/23
The Word We All Get Wrong: Are We Humble Enough to Admit It?
Today I continue a damn good converation about the value & role of humilty in our life and work. Please spread the word by sharing this with someone you know.  This week's episode features the thoughts & voices of five podcast listeners.  Special thanks to all of you who made a contribution. Here they are (in order of appearance) along with the best place to connect with them: Brett Holtz Charles Schultz Brian Levenson (Book) Amanda Box Kyle Harris If you are craving more, listen to the previous episode in which I began the conversation around "What is Humility?" I would love your thoughts on humilty or this episode. Email me Thank you for listening to Episode 267! --Joe   
28:49 5/28/23

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