Show cover of The Lora Shipman Show - Social Media Transformation Strategies for  Busy Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

The Lora Shipman Show - Social Media Transformation Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

No Fluff! Just all the STUFF! My commitment to you is to deliver practical, usable, actionable information that you can implement in your business immediately! As a business and social media strategist, through my podcasts, I will deliver tools and techniques to help you grow your business through social media marketing, traditional marketing, and digital marketing. But wait, there's more! You will also discover how I stay on top of my several businesses through time management, productivity hacks, organization tips and so much more! Let's jump right in!


Mini Cast - 5 Unique Ways To Use Instagram Highlights 06:23 09/22/2021
Just Do The Damn Thing! A Guide To Getting Stuff Done 17:04 09/20/2021
Mini Cast 5 Post Ideas You Can Steal When You Have Run Out of Ideas 06:49 09/15/2021
How to Pick Content Pillars in 3 Easy Steps 06:33 09/13/2021
Mini Cast On A Scale Of 1-10 How happy Are You WIth Your Social Media? 06:32 09/08/2021
Social Media Caption Secrets You Need To Start Using This Week 12:24 09/06/2021
Mini Cast: Discover the Secret Sauce to Winning Your Day 13:40 09/01/2021
7 Ways to Improve Focus Especially When Working With Social Media 19:35 08/30/2021
Mini Cast: 4 Things You Should Be Doing Daily On Instagram 06:01 08/25/2021
5 Rookie Mistakes Social Media Managers Must Avoid 09:03 08/23/2021
Mini Cast: Fast, Fun Ways I stay motivated 11:01 08/18/2021
Instagram Habits You Need to Start Beginning Today 12:28 08/16/2021
Mini Cast: 5 Instagram habits you should start today to improve Your Results 08:08 06/16/2021
Social Media Trends You Should Be Preparing for Starting Now 20:30 06/15/2021
Social Media Posts That Smash The Save Button 08:27 05/24/2021
Mini Cast: Top 3 Social Media Struggles and the Quick Fixes You Have Been Looking For 19:00 05/19/2021
Finding Inspiration For Social Media Content 12:12 05/17/2021
Mini Cast: Social Media Success Edition Focus On This...Not That 07:40 05/12/2021
STOP! Ask Yourself These Questions BEFORE You Post 10:20 05/10/2021
Mini Cast: 3 Social Media Secrets No One Tells You...Except Me 09:26 05/05/2021
Quick and Easy Social Media Content Plan 13:23 05/03/2021
Mini Cast - Ask these questions before you post on social media 08:08 04/28/2021
TOP SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS: How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts For Your Business 08:50 04/26/2021
MINI CAST - TOP TIPS for How I Make Working at Home Work For Me 14:49 04/21/2021
20+ Ideas to Help You Show Up More Consistently and More Often On Instagram Stories Every Day 16:23 04/19/2021
Mini Cast - 7 things I wished someone told me before I started my social media business 08:42 04/15/2021
Why your business needs SEO today with John Vuong 36:46 04/12/2021
Mini-Cast: How I Organize My Work Week As A Solopreneur 10:50 04/07/2021
Constantly Attracting New Clients With Jill Celeste 25:27 04/05/2021
Mini-cast: How to be more productive - 5 Tips to get into Flow State Faster 10:53 03/31/2021