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Hosted by Eric Morris Eskenazi and featuring interviews with actors, artists, comedians, journalists, photographers, poets, public speakers and writers discussing their current and upcoming projects. All Erratic Dispatches podcast episodes are the copyright of Outre Tomes, Inc., a division of Brooklyn Digital Media, Inc. Support this podcast:


Interview with Natalie Duque: Folk Singer and Songwriter 41:22 09/02/2021
Interview with John Baltisberger: Splatterpunk Author, Kaiju Poet and Publisher of Jewish Horror and Bizarro Fiction 56:57 08/31/2021
Interview with Zach Beach: Yogi, Author, Poet and Love Coach 58:25 08/22/2021
Interview with Frankie Raye: Singer and Songwriter 48:06 08/15/2021
Interview with Mercedes Killeen: Blogger, Poet and Mental Health Advocate 37:04 08/01/2021
Interview with R. Scott Edwards: Author, Founder of the Laughs Unlimited Comedy Clubs, Podcaster and Serial Entrepreneur 43:29 07/25/2021
Interview with Kym Jackson, author of The Hollywood Survival Guide for Actors and Founder of The Secret Actor Society 59:45 07/11/2021
Interview with Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley, author of Am I Famous Yet? – Memoir of a Working-Class Rock Star 64:37 06/19/2021
Interview with Kira Leigh: Author of Constelis Voss Vol. 1: Colour Theory 32:17 06/02/2021
Follow-up Interview with Scott Milne, discussing updates on how businesses can effectively prevent COVID-19 69:26 05/07/2021
Interview with Tamara Sellman: author of the poetry collection, Intention Tremor 81:32 04/15/2021
Interview with Composer, Podcaster, Producer, Songwriter and Performer: Santiago Ramones 66:53 04/07/2021
Interview with David Paris: Author, Dancer, Educator and Survivor of COVID-19 54:49 04/07/2021
Interview with Comedian, Podcaster and Video Artist: David Feinberg 58:31 04/05/2021
Interview with Composer, Musician, Producer and Sound Designer: Mike Hall 40:45 03/24/2021
Interview with Grungesploitation Filmmaker and Host of the 2-Bit Horror Podcast, Kelly Hughes 183:05 03/22/2021
Interview with Bunye Ngene, author of The Bodies That Move 21:55 03/12/2021
Interview with world-class photographers, Arnold "Arnie" Zann and Margo Taussig Pinkerton 73:10 02/11/2021
Interview with Andrew Shanahan, author of Before and After 57:33 10/23/2020
Interview with Scott Milne, author of Win The War On COVID-19: Virus Defense Strategies for Home and Business 96:34 10/16/2020
Interview with Datta Groover, author of Different 39:15 10/16/2020
Interview with Angel B. Jimenez, author of Age of the Kings 38:44 10/16/2020
Interview with Ja'Quintin Means, author of Willie 25:06 09/17/2020
Interview with Maggie Dwyer, author of What The Living Do 50:48 09/11/2020
Interview with Richard Kiers, Author of Swindled by Faith 65:59 08/17/2020
Interview with Brenden Kumarasamy, Communication Expert and Founder of MasterTalk 28:27 08/13/2020
Interview with Jan McInnis, Corporate Comedian, Keynote Speaker, Author and Podcaster 39:21 08/07/2020
Interview with Paz Ellis, author of Plantains And The Seven Plagues 55:05 07/27/2020
Interview with Nir Bashan, author of The Creator Mindset 31:27 07/24/2020
Interview with Caleb Harris, author of Suffering in Silence: August 15th, 2003 24:09 07/20/2020