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Beginning Teacher Talk

"Just because you're a beginning elementary teacher, there's no need for you to struggle like one." Welcome to Beginning Teacher Talk, the weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Lori Friesen, where we talk about all of the things you wish you learned in college about teaching elementary school. We feature kid-tested classroom management techniques, organizational strategies, creative ways to motivate your students, how to work with colleagues, seasonal gems, and how to de-stress and eliminate the overwhelm that too often accompanies your first years of teaching.


Find Your Tribe & Prepare Ahead for Crazy Back-to-School Busy 28:06 06/29/2022
Classroom Management Hack: Lucky Ducks 05:59 06/25/2022
Must-Have Class Jobs: The Key to Your Self-Running Classroom 30:37 06/22/2022
Classroom Management Hack: Use Yoga Chimes 06:18 06/18/2022
How to Build Up Your Classroom Library Without Breaking the Bank 25:18 06/15/2022
Classroom Management Hack: You Are My Sunshine 05:48 06/11/2022
How to Prepare (& What to Bring) to Your Teacher Interview 25:30 06/08/2022
Classroom Management Hack: Friday Folders 04:52 06/04/2022
52 Free Edutainment Science Lessons & Activities with Jerry Kolber 27:29 06/01/2022
Classroom Management Hack: Make Grading Easier with Hanging File Folders 07:17 05/28/2022
New Teacher Training Series #8: Your Questions Answered about R.E.A.D.Y. for School Academy 24:07 05/23/2022
Classroom Management Hack: Something to Smile About! 06:28 05/21/2022
New Teacher Training Series #7: 10 Ways to Know if the Academy is Right for You 33:01 05/18/2022
Classroom Management Hack: Fantastic Hallway Behavior Part Two 07:06 05/14/2022
New Teacher Training Series #6: Advice for New Teachers from First-Year Teacher Ashley O'Dell 21:59 05/11/2022
Classroom Management Hack: Fantastic Hallway Behavior 06:34 05/07/2022
Spring New Teacher Series #5: Advice for New Teachers from a 2nd Year Teacher: TaiLi Matheny 23:20 05/04/2022
Classroom Management Hack: End of Day Routine 07:07 04/30/2022
Spring New Teacher Training Series #4: How to Get Started with & Make the Most Out of Small Groups in Reading with Alison Ryan & Sara Marye 56:11 04/27/2022
Classroom Management Hack: Rock-Star Ready Morning Routine 06:02 04/23/2022
Spring New Teacher Training Series #3: Classroom Purchases with NO Regrets: What to Invest in for Your New Classroom 25:54 04/20/2022
Classroom Management Hack: No More Running to Line Up 05:45 04/16/2022
Spring New Teacher Training Series #2: Setting Up (or Re-Imagining) Your Classroom 25:34 04/13/2022
Classroom Management Hack: Magic Word 04:50 04/09/2022
Spring New Teacher Training Series #1: 7 Creative Class Jobs 25:00 04/06/2022
Classroom Management Hack: Mystery Learner 05:51 04/02/2022
What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Teacher’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety 34:40 03/30/2022
Classroom Management Hack: The Trick to Keeping Elmer White Glue Fresh 07:29 03/26/2022
15 Ways to Connect with Your Most Challenging Students 25:39 03/23/2022
Classroom Management Hack: Make-10 Attention-Getter 06:46 03/19/2022