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PsychSessions: Conversations about Teaching N' Stuff

The original PsychSessions podcast is co-hosted by Garth Neufeld from Cascadia College and Eric Landrum from Boise State University. We leverage our connections with psychology teachers from all levels (high school, community college, college, university) as well as individuals from other occupations to have meaningful conversations about what it means to be an educator. Of course, we veer away from the teaching conversation from time to time to hear about origin stories and the personal perspectives of our guests, touching on current events and topics of interest. Our ASKPsychSessions feature is hosted by Marianne Lloyd from Seton Hall University. For ASKPsychSessions, listeners submit questions about teaching and learning, and Marianne interviews experts and posts short features with the question and answer together. These features are often be thematically grouped, such as information about making the sudden pivot to online instruction or various aspects of improving equity, diversity, and inclusion instruction in your course.


E154: Jordan Wagge: Students As Scientists Advocate, Always Evolving, Always Learning, Multi-Tasking Master
In this episode Garth interviewed Jordan Wagge from Avila University in Kansas City, MO.  Jordan is one of the international leaders in the Collaborative Replications and Education Project (CREP), with her focus on projects through a social justice, diversity, and sustainability lens. These interests may harken back to undergraduate days, when she started as a political science major before switching to psychology. She specializes in teaching statistics and research methods (to both undergraduate and graduate students), and recently, she's been examining confirmation bias in one's teaching.  Jordan's habits pay off -- whether it's a preference for multi-tasking so that she can double-dip, or being persistent, as in her recent award of an NSF grant after three submissions over five years.
80:14 09/27/2022
Beyond Teaching Season 04 Episode 11: Human Conflicts, Personality Quirks, Privilege, Status, and Maturity
In this episode: social beings don't always agree, dealing with conflict, collegiality, strategies for avoiding grading bias when a student irritates a professor, being aware of personality quirks, both our own and others, recognizing one's level of privilege and status in their career, a maturity tipping point, the uneven distribution of service, sometimes you need to take tenure out for a spin The Uneven Burden of Identity by Becky Supiano (May 31, 2022) The Chronicle of Higher Education This may require a login:
28:22 09/24/2022
ASK083: What is the role of faculty mindset in student success?
In this AskPsychSessions feature, Marianne speaks with Dr. Katie Kroeper of Sacred Heart University about fixed versus growth faculty mindsets and how they impact students.
34:12 09/20/2022
Beyond Teaching Season 04 Episode 10: Asani's Ascension: Leaving Academia for the Private Sector
In this episode: Asani shares her story of leaving higher education, weight and diabetes clinic work, sustainability and work-life balance, talent, multi-faceted interests, and larger metropolitan area help this type of pivot occur (clinical training too), the importance of wrapping up commitments, props to mother (no limits), the doctorate and its versatility  
22:58 09/17/2022
E153: LaDonna Lewis: Dedicated Educator, Inspired Social Psychologist, Role Model for Us All
In this episode Garth interviews LaDonna Lewis from Glendale Community College in Glendale, AZ. Part of LaDonna's success comes from the determination of her parents for LaDonna to have a better life; the "ticket" out of a poor neighborhood was education for LaDonna.  LaDonna's love of learning matched well with parental goals, as she loved to read as a child, including reading encyclopedias.  Her interests are varied, including sociology, psychology (earning a PhD at the University of Oklahoma), and an undergraduate minor in history.  Working with her wife, she does fascinating research and consulting with probation officers regarding compassion fatigue and burnout.
73:12 09/13/2022
Beyond Teaching Season 04 Episode 09: The Challenge of Saying Yes or No to Opportunities Offered
In this episode: making academic commitments to others, that special end-of-semester time, when you choose to give away your expertise for free, the sanctity of "off-contract," saying no now can give one the power to say yes later, Maria Bamford and negotiating commencement, fun parts of the end of the semester, listening to The Kinks Maria Bamford commencement speech: The Kinks: Better Things:  
17:46 09/10/2022
Beyond Teaching Season 04 Episode 08: Keep or Toss: Faculty Record Keeping in the Digital Age
In this episode: spring cleaning in the (faculty) office, what to do with graduate school notebooks, reprints in the olden days, paper books and digital books, what books have lasting shelf life, what to do with old exams, Susan's weekly one-inch rule
25:18 09/03/2022
E152: Noland White, Part 2: A Genuine Southern Gentleman, Introductory Psychology Textbook Author, Appreciates Life
In this episode Eric interviews Noland White (for the second time) from Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, GA.  Noland is a true Southern gentleman in the best sense of the phrase; we chat about his long-term colleague Lee Gillis, a silly conversation about failing to reject peach cobbler, and the pronunciation of PEcan vs. peCAN.  Eric asks a lot of questions about Noland's textbook expertise, from a vacation visit with Saundra Ciccarelli in 2022 to the role of textbook reviewers to his first splurge from a royalty check.  Noland was kind enough to mention a book that Eric had recently co-authored, and we both acknowledge our friendship, our privilege, and we look forward to seeing our national colleagues in person "post"-COVID.
54:23 08/30/2022
Beyond Teaching Season 04 Episode 07: Psychological Scientists and Our Interactions with the Media
In this episode: how do we share psychological science with the public, TV and radio interviews, journal impact factors vs. real impact, faculty fears of being misunderstood, lack of training in how to communicate science, sometimes "no" is the appropriate response when asked for expert opinion, academics fiercely fear the perception of bragging, taking risks
26:10 08/27/2022
Beyond Teaching Season 04 Episode 06: Work-Life Balance with Special Guest Lorraine Trippodi
In this episode: teaching the Sex and Gender course at a Catholic university, adjuncting is academic gig work, Lorraine balances being an artist and an academic, professional tool sharpening, the challenges and benefits of adjuncts serving on committees, the criticality of finding the joy, faculty tips for work-life balance, Lorraine's professional work with survivors of trauma
31:19 08/20/2022
SB15: APA's PsycLearn
In this PsychSessions Sidebar episode, Garth Neufeld interviews Laura Pople from APA’s PsycLearn. Offering titles for Research Methods, Statistics, and Introduction to Social Psychology, PsycLearn is an all-digital textbook alternative that immerses students in multidimensional learning experiences. To learn more about PsycLearn, please visit
25:09 08/16/2022
E151: Jasmine Mena: Teacher and Learner, Multiculturism Expert (and Generous Collaborator), Insightful Researcher
In this episode Garth interviews Jasmine Mena from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA. Jasmine talks about growing up between Queens, NY, and the Dominican Republic, her strong role model mother (who was also a teacher), and her deep understanding of her own research field and the pioneers of multiculturalism research who have been working for decades. Jasmine reminds us all that science is impacted by the power dynamics of the time and that our decisions as scientists are influenced by positionality, privilege, and prior experiences.  Her training as a clinical psychologist lead her to serve as a counselor for 3 years, but her fascination for answering research questions lead to a post-doc which lead to a faculty position, and the rest is her story.
71:47 08/16/2022
Beyond Teaching Season 04 Episode 05: The Adjunctive Life with Special Guest Andrew LeBlanc
In this episode: the adjunct experience teaching at multiple universities, record amount of teaching -- 14 courses in one semester, plus a full-time job as a swim coach, evil policies universities have toward adjuncts and overload teaching, healthcare benefits, the benefit and cost of flexibility, how to value your adjunct colleagues
24:53 08/13/2022
Beyond Teaching Season 04 Episode 04: All About Unions with Special Guest Vinny Prohaska
In this episode: learning about unions and unionizing on college campuses, the benefits of collective bargaining, salary protections, health and safety protections during the pandemic, his union has negotiated reduced teaching loads, the union represents adjunct faculty, administrators, and professional staff, Vinny's history
29:27 08/06/2022
E150: Wayne Weiten: The Complete Academic--Talented Teacher, Generous Scholar, Prolific Writer, Thoughtful Mentor
In this 150th PsychSessions episode, Eric interviews Wayne Weiten from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV. Wayne reveals that he retired from teaching in December 2021, although he still plans to be a very active textbook author.  He shares his professional background and the very different institutions he served over his career, including UNLV where he truly enjoyed teaching graduate students how to teach psychology.  We discover that Wayne has a 'go it alone' perspective throughout much of his education and career, and he clearly thrives.  He tells his story of his early/young college teaching start, the substantial influence of MACTOP, his interest in introductory psychology and the corresponding research program, and more.  Self-confidence helped Wayne write two very successful textbooks, and that success eventually has meaningful benefits for the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP).  Wayne's deep knowledge of introductory psychology trends and the history of textbooks in this realm continues to be impressive to this day, and it's clear in Wayne's stories that he's deeply appreciative of those around him who have both collaborated and facilitated his success.
94:56 08/02/2022
Beyond Teaching Season 04 Episode 03: Involving Students in Research
In this episode: Asani was an undergraduate honors student who worked with Susan, the match between the student and the researcher, should you ask a faculty member about what they study, leveraging the research lab model, running lab meetings remotely, the cobbler/apprenticeship model, how this work informs tenure-track efforting
31:57 07/30/2022
ASK082: What are some recent findings on the role of rapport in student success?
In this AskPsychSessions feature, Marianne talks with Meliksah Demir from California State University Sacramento. They cover recent findings on the construct of rapport, including the underlying factors and student perceptions of what matters in creating student-professor rapport.
28:45 07/26/2022
Beyond Teaching Season 04 Episode 02: The Student Personal Statement
In this episode: reviewing personal statements for students as connected to writing letters of recommendation, how much help is too much help, context matters (such as helping non-native speakers), how does privilege influence the degree of help students can receive, "spark birds"
21:23 07/23/2022
E149: Jennifer Thompson, Part 2: Leader, Diplomat, Advocate, Strong-Willed, Assessment Champion
In this episode Garth interviews Jennifer Thompson from the University of Maryland-Global Campus in Largo, MD (making her second appearance on the podcast).  They reminisce about the before-times (pre-pandemic) and committee work advancing APA's Introductory Psychology Initiative (IPI), where they both played leadership roles.  Co-leading the student learning outcome and assessment group, Jen flexed her knowledge of assessment and utilized her leadership skills.  At UMGC, her leadership skills have been well recognized as she continues to elevate through the leadership ranks.  She values her time spent on the Committee for Associate and Baccalaureate Education and knows when to pick a fight about 'learning styles.' And ask her about knowledge, skills, abilities, and dispositions too.
59:46 07/19/2022
Beyond Teaching Season 04 Episode 01: Trainings and What We Bring Back
In this episode: narrative exposure therapy, should teachers have to stay up to date, the world of continuing education units (CEUs), variability of conference presentations, good speakers vs. good writers, conference travel, and travel privileges
25:05 07/16/2022
ASK081: What can you tell me about two new books on social justice teaching?
In this AskPsychSesions feature, Marianne chats with the three authors of two new books on social justice teaching. These include repeat guest Roxanne Donovan of Kennesaw University, new guest Dr. Grace Kim from Boston University, and new guest Dr. Karen Suyemoto from UMass Boston. They cover the contents of the books and how they can be used in classes. Both works are published by Routledge. Teaching diversity relationally: Engaging emotions and embracing possibilities Unraveling assumptions: A primer for understanding oppression and privilege
30:05 07/12/2022
E148: The Faculty Leadership of APA's Introductory Psychology Initiative: Regan Gurung and Garth Neufeld
In this episode, Eric interviews two dear friends and the faculty leads of the American Psychological Association's Introductory Psychology Initiative, or IPI -- Regan A. R. Gurung from Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR, and Garth Neufeld from Cascadia College in Bothell, WA.  So many topics are discussed by these three, including the origin stories of IPI and how Regan and Garth ascended to the leadership helm, short-lived compass points (and how Eric can ruin anything), and group formation, with special emphasis on student learning outcomes (SLOs) and assessment (Eric's group).  We have a winding conversation about pillars, that was, refreshingly honest.  We discuss the inner workings of the introductory psychology classroom, a call for more active experimentation, and ponder why there is not a national course starter template available? For more on IPI: For more about the IPI edited book discussed ( Transforming introductory psychology: Expert advice on teacher training, course design, and student success ), go to
63:31 07/05/2022
ASK080: How can I make changes to my grading to increase success in my courses?
In this AskPsychSessions feature, Marianne talks with Rachel Weir from Allegheny College about using mastery-based grading to increase student success in math courses.
20:54 06/28/2022
E147: Erin Hardin: Extraordinary Teacher, Researcher, Student Advocate; In Her Spare Time, Leaps Tall Buildings Too
In this episode Garth interviews Erin Hardin from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in Knoxville, TN.  They start with a strong discussion of all things introductory psychology, from committee work, grading challenges, supervising teaching fellows, to Erin's work on her own course design. Erin is an accomplished SoTL researcher, with multiple grants that allow her to study success in Appalachian students from various perspectives, and she generously shares her grant-writing philosophy/strategy.  Her academic family is impressive, as she shares stories about growing up, which include impressive combinations of service and science (and the positive influence of daytime soap operas too). She shares stories of her gap years between college and graduate school, and the importance of taking time for oneself.
78:06 06/21/2022
ASK079: What are the benefits to disclosing elements of your identity in class?
In this AskPsychSessions feature, Marianne chats with Sara Brownell from Arizona State University. They talk about Sara's research on identity disclosure in a Biology class and more generally about creating more inclusive classrooms. You can read about Sara's research in the open access article posted here
24:50 06/14/2022
E146: Infusing the Research of Trailblazing Women of Color into the Psychology Curricula -- WPA 2022 Distinguished Symposium (Rihana Shiri Mason (Chair), Georgia State University)
In this episode, Eric and Garth attended this Western Psychological Association 2022 distinguished symposium (recorded live) on April 29, 2022: "Infusing the Research of Trailblazing Women of Color into the Psychology Curricula." The participants were Rihana Mason (Georgia State University), Andrea Karkowski (Capital University), Leslie Cramblet Alvarez (University of Denver), Amanda ElBassiouny (Californian Lutheran University), Linda Jones (Belmont University), Seungyeon Lee (University of Arkansas at Monticello), and Michelle Ceynar (Pacific University). This research comes from a collaborative project for an edited book to be published by Taylor & Francis titled "Early Psychological Research Contributions from Women of Color" (Editors: Jon Grahe, Michelle Ceynar, Rihana Shiri Mason). We are pleased that the Western Psychological Association and each of the symposium participants provided permission for PsychSessions to record and distribute the outcome of this outstanding symposium.  
83:39 06/07/2022
Teaching Matters Season 3 Episode 10 With Special Guest Ginger Wickline: The Society for the Teaching Blog "This is How I Teach," Benefits to Readers, How To Contribute
In this episode: we start with a discussion with the co-editors of the STP blog This Is How I Teach, been around for a while and it can help newer instructors minimize impostor syndrome, a safe space for teachers to disclose their imperfections, hear the diverse voices of teachers, the tagging project Email: Website:  
29:04 06/02/2022
Teaching Matters Season 3 Episode 09: Building and Rebuilding, Professional Demeanor, How Do Others Teach, Improv, Why Extra Credit -- Why
In this episode: building and rebuilding, Easter memories, professional demeanor during conference presentations, I wonder how my national colleagues teach, the potential value of improv training for teachers, the peril of extra credit
30:47 06/02/2022
Teaching Matters Season 3 Episode 08: Storytelling, Self and Other Ambitions, Measures of Central Tendency, and Our Teaching Heroes
In this episode: preparation, preparing for (spring) break, telling teaching stories, having ambitions for your students and yourself, the real value of psychology majors understanding measures of central tendency, storytelling as teaching strategy/hook, our interactions with the psychology teaching-famous, Nebraska contributions to the history of psychology
47:38 06/02/2022
Teaching Matters Season 3 Episode 07: A Felled Tree for Rob, Recovery During COVID, Scaffolding and Hand-Holding, Course Modality Switching as Warranted
In this episode: the new year bring new challenges to Rob's home, Rob and an arborist walk into a front yard, disrupting routines yet the benefits of privilege, Rob the educator extracts learning and life lessons from terrible personal experiences, in the classroom: scaffolding vs. hand-holding, what to do when modality switching is warranted, more on recovering from a natural disaster event
49:48 06/02/2022