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Adobe & Teardrops highlights the best in alt-country and punk week after week. Hosted by Rachel Cholst of the long-running blog Adobe & Teardrops. In music we trust, in music we believe.


Episode 184 -- Jewish Country Music (Sarah Aroeste, Nefesh Mountain, Debbie Friedman, Karen and the Sorrows, Ben Fisher, Dana Sipos, Rabbi Sandra Lawson, Deborah Stokol, Jeremiah Lockwood) 37:06 11/22/2021
Episode 183 -- Empowering Black Women w/ Lilli Lewis, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Songs of Our Native Daughters, Toshi Reagon, Roberta Lea, Ruthie Foster, Crys Matthews, Nina Simone 73:28 11/01/2021 this thing on??? 00:01 10/28/2021
Episode 182: July Releases Featuring: Son Volt, Ryan Curtis, Yola, Tayls, Leon Bridges, Jeremy Squires, Jodi 32:07 07/30/2021
Episode 181: Summer Flings -- Adam hooks and the Huckleberries; The Redhill Valleys; Emily Duff; Gabe Lee; The Only Sons; Ashley McBryde; Kate Vargas 31:49 07/23/2021
Episode 180: Papa, Don't Lay That Shit On Me w/ Grace Pettis (feat. Eurythmics, Aretha Franklin, Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band, Allison Russell, Meg Christian, Shaniah Twain) 42:57 07/09/2021
Episode 179: Our America -- Featuring No-No Boy, Nana Grizol, Leyla McCalla, Hurray For the Riff Raff, The Highwomen, Two Cow Garage 28:02 07/02/2021
Episode 178: June Music Roundup w/ Cory Branan, Angela Autumn, Von Bieker 48:19 06/30/2021
Episode 177: INTERVIEW w/ Poet Anastasia Walker (feat. Johnny Cash, Tricia Black, Love, Fancy Hagood, Penelope Houston, Gary Cawker, Emily Davis and the Murder Police) 64:40 06/25/2021
Juneteenth Pride w/ Terry Blade (Featuring: Crys Matthews, Allison Russell, Amythyst Kiah, Jett Holden, Brittany Howard) 66:07 06/18/2021
Episode 175: Rainbow Rodeo -- The Playlist! (Karen and the Sorrows, Justin Hiltner, Mya Byrne, Paisely Fields, Maya de Vitry, Bug Martin, Sarah Shook) 25:44 06/11/2021
Episode 174: PRIDE with Adeem the Artist and songs by Chris Housman, McKain Lakey, Jessye DeSilva, Sam Armstrong Zickefoose, Cidny Bullens, Harper Grae, Austin Lucas 57:28 06/04/2021
Episode 173: May Music Roundup feat. Travis Linville, Johno Roberts, Maia Sharp, Volk, Lindsay Ellyn, Robert Finley, Eddie 9-Volt 32:02 05/28/2021
Episode 172 -- Baseball! w/ Kasey Anderson (feat. Todd Snider, Caroline Spence, Sam and Dave, Two Cow Garage, Ultramagnetic MCs, Vigilantes of Love) 65:16 05/21/2021
Episode 171: Modern Honky Tonk w/ Charlie Marie, Soo Line Loons, Shootouts, Steel Woods, Fiver With the Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition, Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters 33:13 05/14/2021
Episode 170: Antiracist Country Music (feat. M Lockwood Porter, Karen and the Sorrows, Jason Isbell, The Skipperdees, Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires, Amy Ray) 34:33 05/07/2021
Episode 169: Sara Jarosz, Doc Feldman and the Alt + Cntry + Delete, Two Cow Garage, Brittany Howard, Tim Montana, Cowboy Mouth, Adam Hooks and the Huckleberries, Lauren Jenkins, West of Texas, Brit Ta 53:42 04/30/2021
Episode 168: Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, DL Rossi, Under the Rocks, Veronique Medrano, Brightwire, Edwin, Lande Hekit, Blowboater, Max and the Martians, Jess McIntosh and Aaron Smith 58:49 04/26/2021
Episode 167: Co-host Rachel Hurley w/ Zack Joseph, Zach Schmidt, Zachary Lucky, Twinnie, Sir Canyon, Van Plating 35:47 04/16/2021
Episode 166: INTERVIEW w/ Mackenzie Shivers; Dallas Moore, I Can Lick Any Son of a Bitch in the House, The Roseline, The Blips, The District Attorneys, The Pollies, June Star, Ryan Barry Quintet, Jere 52:21 04/09/2021
Episode 165: Elizabeth King, Cristina Vane, Kai Mata, Henry Conlon, Valerie June, Hope Dunbar, Scott Making Cents, Andrew Waite, al Riggs, Amina Shareef Ali, The Barker Brothers, Claire Kelly, Intervi 63:40 04/02/2021
Episode 164: Karen and the Sorrows, Sunny War, Esther Rose, The Wanted, Miko Marks, Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal, ZhanXG, Kris Angelis, The Armadillo Paradox, Chevel Shepherd, Dave Wilbert, One Way Traf 54:38 03/26/2021
Episode 163: Gabe Lee, Mercy Bell, Amina Shareef Ali, Morgan Wade, Rob Leines, Royal Horses, Sam C. Jones, Melissa Carper, Mandy Rowden, The Heels, Deadass Dobro, Schmekel, Janet Simpson, Samhain, Ont 66:37 03/19/2021
Episode 163: Vivian Leva, Riley Calcagno, Ontarians, Rosie Cima, Dirty Bird, Mac Leaphart, Semler, The Octobers, Fee Doyle, Lainey Wilson, Oh Susannah, Bill Mallonee, Adeem the Artist, Clark Naito 65:00 03/12/2021
Episode 161: The Liverpool Fisherman, Kaiti Jones, Charles Ellsworth, The Prairie States, Amythyst Kiah, Pressgang Mutiny, Adeem the Artist, Maddisun, Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, Brittney Spencer, Eliz 62:42 03/05/2021
Episode 160: Mando Saenz, Olivia Ellen Lloyd, Tommy Alexander, Mo Kenney, Sarah Petite, Ben Trickey, Jim's Not Dead, Embla and the Karidotters, Charlie Treat, Chris Pierce, Wild Earp, Amythyst Kiah, C 58:52 02/26/2021
Episode 159: Spencer Burton, Katarina Pejak, Brooke Brown, Katie Dahl, Sam Phelps, Casper Allen, Jeff Brown, Hailey Whitters, Greg Farley, John Paul Keith, Katy Kirby, Wet Leather, The Doubtfires, Oh 59:32 02/19/2021
Episode 158: Jutta Hipp, The Barlow, Hailey Whitters, Joel Schwelling, Beth Lee, Wolf Van Elfmand, Brent Funkhouser, John John Brown, Devil Love, NRCSSST, Dirty Streets, D'orjay the Singing Shaman, Sc 60:34 02/12/2021
Episode 157: Sarah King, Drayton Farley, Have Gun Will Travel, Creekbed, D'Orjay the Singing Outlaw, Taylor Ackerman's Global Acid Reset, Leeann Skoda, baby chemist, MIINUTEMEN, Mary Halvorson, Willie 60:51 02/05/2021
Episode 155: Tucker Riggleman and the Cheap Dates, King Commoner, Bubblewands, Leah and the Truth, Pony Bradshaw, Ghalia Volt, Hugh Phillips, Melissa Erin, Lilly Winwood, Saugeye, Eric Church, Nellen 81:37 01/29/2021