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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is the entrepreneur & creator behind The Skinny Confidential, a blog, brand, podcast, and YouTube channel that reaches millions of women and men trying to live their best lives by sharing wellness, business, beauty, & lifestyle tips. Michael Bosstick is a serial entrepreneur and brand builder as well as the Co-Founder and CEO of the Dear Media Podcast Network. The dynamic couple are also married and in this show you will find a mix of audio entertainment with world class leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, best selling authors, experts, & thought leaders. What can you expect as a listener? A completely raw and unfiltered, no holds barred conversation around the topics and questions you really want answered. Lauryn and Michael never hold back and this show never fails to bring value.


Melissa Wood Tepperberg Pt. 3 - On Healing The Body & Mind, Food Relationships, Wellness Hacks, & How To Be The Best Version Of You 70:50 09/23/2021
How Nik Richie Saved The Internet By Creating The Dirty, Going Through Hundreds Of Lawsuits, & A Wild Marriage 94:40 09/20/2021
Maria Menounos On Wellness Advice, Career Longevity, Organization Tips, & Pushing Through Life's Challenges 62:44 09/16/2021
Spencer Pratt - No Holds Barred, Reality Secrets, & Why Nothing Is Unwritten Now 79:24 09/13/2021
Nicole Walters On How To Create The Career & Life You Want By Creating Your Own Opportunities & Overcoming Your Hardships 62:17 09/09/2021
The Morning Toast Pt. 3: Claudia & Jackie Oshry On Current Events & What We Need To Know To Survive On The Internet 65:00 09/06/2021
Healthy Options In A World Of Unhealthy Options & A Better Life Through Nutrition Ft. Anya Fernald, Founder Of Belcampo 71:07 09/02/2021
Lala Kent & Randall Emmett - A Raw & Unfiltered Conversation On Addiction, Vanderpump Rules, Parenthood, Sobriety, Their Relationship In The Public Eye 67:50 08/30/2021
How Our Lymphatic System Dictates Our Health & Wellness With Lisa Levitt Gainsley 53:17 08/26/2021
Ramit Sethi Will Teach You To Be Rich, Renting Vs. Buying, Investing, Saving, & Financial Freedom 81:09 08/23/2021
Megan Roup On How To Sculpt & Tighten Your Body, Nutrition Advice, & Fitness Tips 58:21 08/19/2021
Effortless: How To Make It Easier To Do What Matters Most With NYT Best Selling Author Greg McKeown 62:32 08/16/2021
Rea Ann Silva Built A Multi Million Dollar Business As A Broke Mom, These Are Her Secrets 59:52 08/12/2021
Lauryn's Favorite Beauty Rituals 41:07 08/09/2021
The Iconic Skin & Needles Gets Real On Plastic Surgery, Facial Aesthetics, Injectables, Instagram Pressure, Filters, Botox, & Celebrity Secrets 63:03 08/05/2021
Marianna Hewitt & Lauren Gores Ireland Like You've Never Heard Them Before - Tactics For Success As Creators, Founders, Entrepreneurs, & Hustlers 72:29 08/02/2021
Top Celebrity & Professional Home Organizer Ria Safford On Setting A Zen Space, Organization, Minimizing Clutter, & How To Make Something Out Of Nothing 77:36 07/29/2021
It's TINX On How To Get Over Heartbreak, TikTok Tips, & How To Differentiate Yourself From The Competition 66:51 07/26/2021
How To Take On A Male Dominated Industry And Win Ft. Bev Founder & CEO, Alix Peabody 59:47 07/22/2021
Dr. Daniel Amen On Brain Health & Function, How To Guard Against Mental Health Disorders, & Practices We Can Utilize To Continue To Have Optimal Brain Function 69:32 07/19/2021
Breaking Beauty, The Insider Secrets To Everything Beauty, Hair, Skin, Facial Inflammation, Makeup Tips, & Beauty Trends 59:19 07/15/2021
Melissa Rivers On Hollywood Life, Fashion Police, Joan Rivers, & Keeping Life Funny Through The Hard Times 71:08 07/12/2021
World's Top Celebrity Stylist Maeve Reilly On How To Build A Career Doing What You Love, Sobriety, Recovery, Struggle, & Staying Hungry 63:01 07/08/2021
The Art Of Seduction; How To Turn People On & Turn People Off Ft. Best Selling Author Robert Greene 90:14 07/05/2021
How To Create A New Brand & Business From Scratch & Use Your Current Resources To Do So With The Founders Of JuneShine 80:51 07/01/2021
How 2 Co-Founders Got Rid Of Bloat & Built A Massive Business From The Ground Up Ft. Arrae Co-Founders Siff Haider & Nish Samantray 62:59 06/28/2021
Jackie Schimmel On The Painful Truth Behind Pleasure & Why Everything Is Not Going To Be Ok 68:41 06/24/2021
How To Use Your Disadvantages To Overcome Anything In Life With Former Felon Turned Award Winning Author, Speaker, & Entrepreneur; Doug Bopst 67:22 06/21/2021
Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun - Michael Interviews Lauryn On All Things Skincare 34:57 06/17/2021
Vanderpump Rule's Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney-Schwartz On Life On Reality TV, Reality TV Relationship Dynamics, & What Happens Off Camera 74:16 06/14/2021