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Reel Political News, Pathway to the Presidency

With 100 days until the presidential election, with President Donald Trump double digits down in the polls and his Democratic contender, Joe Biden, sitting on a healthy 50+ approval rating, we’re living in a critical moment in American history, a time that separates one age from another, a period that refocused our priorities from one of anti-diluvian isolation to forward-looking, progressive and worldly engagement. Anyone old enough to remember November 2016 knows that crushing polls don’t accurately predict a landslide election. They don’t predict Russian hacking, fake Facebook news feeds, James Comey’s surprise news conference, Access Hollywood, nor WikiLeaks leaks. Nor do they accurately reflect the deep resentment, a sense of rejection and bitterness many seemingly disenfranchised voters feel as they enter their ballot with a vicarious middle finger to the establishment. Two White House Correspondents , Doug Christian and Christopher Bua, will nudge you through this tumultuous period as Washington insiders. We’ll ask the tough questions, look for some answers, and have some fun along the way.


Bowing To Their Leader, Trump, The GOP Tosses Out One Of Their Own 15:41 05/10/2021
Corporate America Responds To The GOP’s Attempt To Permanently Rig The System In Their Favor By Restricting The Right Of Minorities To Vote. 17:06 04/14/2021
How Far Can Joe Biden Go With His Plan To Reshape America? 23:15 04/03/2021
Biden The Conciliator May See Eliminating The Filibuster As A Bridge To Far But Is There Any Other Option? 28:35 03/23/2021
The Aftermath of an Impeachment Decision 18:32 02/15/2021
It’s Time For Biden To Make Some Difficult Choices To Save The Economy And Restore Trust In America 18:41 02/02/2021
A Not So Peaceful Transition Of Power 26:16 01/23/2021
Trump’s Presidency Ends With His Attempt to Destroy Our Democracy 30:38 01/15/2021
Joe Biden Walks Us Back From The Trump Precipice Of Chaos 17:33 12/30/2020
Have we become so numb to Trump’s lawlessness that we actually think he will just go away? 22:01 12/17/2020
It’s Time For Trump To Go And Take His Mountain Of Lies With Him 23:02 12/07/2020
In a last gasp attempt at survival Trump takes the low road out of office 25:48 11/23/2020
Knowing that he has lost the Election Trump puts his scorched earth exit strategy into high gear 17:35 11/18/2020
A Victorious Joe Biden Offers Hope And Unity As Trump Engages In Scorched Earth Politics 31:21 11/09/2020
One Week To Go - There’s No Turning Back! 22:03 10/27/2020
With Two Weeks to go before the Election, Will America Vote to Save its Soul? 22:44 10/19/2020
Kamala Harris Scores Big Win Over Mike Pence While Trump Scampers For The Exits 19:25 10/08/2020
COVID-19 Trump-Infection Bombshell Has White House In Panic Mode 11:01 10/02/2020
Trump Flies Off The Rails In First Debate 20:23 10/01/2020
America At The Crossroads - So Much At Stake 28:33 09/22/2020
Is a United America Lost Forever? 23:34 09/11/2020
With two months to go, the clock is ticking for a desperate Trump 15:53 09/07/2020
Can America Survive Another Four Years Of Donald Trump? 21:03 08/31/2020
Trump’s RNC Opens With A Message Of Fear and Division Over Hope And Promise 17:22 08/25/2020
Biden’s Hopeful Convention Message To A Broken Nation 20:55 08/22/2020
Dems Hit A Home Run While Trump Slithers Into Skulduggery 12:43 08/18/2020
Is The Biden-Harris Dream Ticket Donald Trump’s Nightmare? 16:14 08/14/2020
Is Trump a victim of his insecurity and incompetence? 17:15 08/08/2020
Is Donald Trump Running Out of Time? 15:38 08/04/2020
Dr. Trump's Cures, AG Barr Lies and VP Biden Meets the Press 20:40 07/29/2020