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Love Your Business

Hi This is Mayur Bardolia And you are listening to Love Your Business podcast. This podcast isn't about magical tactics on running the business that makes you bored and tired. Instead, it’s about how to Love Your business so that you can enjoy doing it and enjoy more time for yourself. Many business owners hate doing things they need to do. People lovingly start their business to live life with freedom but end up chasing their own tails. This podcast shares not only knowledge but also develops skills of running a business without stress and frustration.


How to increase performance without feeling tired and exhausted? 11:07 07/02/2022
How to give away free things and still become the market leader? 11:50 06/18/2022
How can we stay happy even if situations and people go bad in life? 17:54 06/11/2022
Why focusing on exponential growth is wrong and what should you do instead? 12:23 06/04/2022
Why people don't like to fail and how to fail without losing motivation? 14:21 11/04/2021
How To Clear Our Mind And Think Great Thoughts? 10:46 09/06/2021
Why don’t we know ourselves well and how to know ourselves better? 20:22 08/29/2021
Why do objections help you sell faster and how to answer before the customers ask? 15:35 08/01/2021
Why We Get Disturbed By Others And What To Do About It? 11:51 07/25/2021
How to stop giving importance to what people think? 13:54 07/20/2021
How can you turn disagreement into an advantage without making others feel bad? 17:32 07/11/2021
What mistakes you should not do when you sell and what you must do instead? 16:51 06/27/2021
How can you sell bad products even if you compete against best products? 16:53 06/20/2021
Why be secretive about your product before launch and still make it successful? 18:10 06/07/2021
Why we don’t enjoy our work and how can we work without feeling bored? 19:04 05/31/2021
How to position your brand differently among dozens of competitors? 24:59 05/22/2021
What to do when you don’t start because you want to be perfect? 15:46 05/08/2021
Why people are terrible at sales and what to do instead? 12:58 05/01/2021
Why going slow is good even if the others around you going fast? 14:11 04/24/2021
How to learn almost anything in 3 steps in the quickest time and remember for a long time? 20:55 04/18/2021
How to make sure you don’t lose your focus and concentration? 21:18 04/10/2021
How to increase your focus dramatically with a simple exercise anyone can do? 21:53 02/21/2021
How to know how much is enough to deliver to our clients? 15:39 02/13/2021
How working with more successful people make you depressed and how to stay happy working with them? 24:37 01/24/2021
Why most can’t keep the customers happy and how to make your customers say ‘wow’? 20:21 01/18/2021
How to be confident even if you think it’s not possible? 24:10 01/03/2021
How to dramatically increase your chance of success with lesser challenges and efforts? 25:33 12/20/2020
Why should you not follow the crowd illogically and how to stand out to succeed? 21:10 12/13/2020
How to focus even if you find it impossible? 20:33 12/06/2020
What promises you customers want and how it can increase your sales? 24:05 11/22/2020