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Speaking on great stages, writing your book, or just sharing your best ideas in conversation - you know you are meant to make an impact with your storytelling and expertise. You want your message and your voice to feel true and honest. But it's not just about work for you - it's about full freedom expression in every area of your life. You are not here to play small anymore. Your host Michelle Barry Franco is executive speaking coach to some of the most respected CEOs and thought leaders in our world today. Her clients deliver standing ovation keynote speeches and TEDx talks all over the world. In this podcast, she shares the best of what she's learned coaching brilliant leaders so you can make a big impact when you speak and feel the freedom and pleasure of full expression in your life and work.


Ep #158: How to Handle Mean People
Whether you are standing in front of an audience or trying to navigate the grocery store, you are going to deal with people who aren’t happy. Sometimes these people will be mean. They will say things and do things that are unkind, unfair and not generous.    Especially when it’s your job to care for an audience, or handle a meeting - or teach your kids how to handle hard situations, you want to handle these people who are being mean in a way that causes the least harm to everyone involved as well as helps you meet your goals for the exchange.    In this episode, you’ll find: A simple process for approaching a person who is being mean How to decide when to work on the relationship and when to just let it go The ways your goals will change your approach to people who are being mean When understanding is essential to moving through an interaction  How to decide when to engage and when to leave   I hope this episode helps you feel more confident when you are interacting with someone who is acting mean. I want you to feel totally empowered to show up and shine in any context - and this one will come up!    Want a copy of my book for free? Go to: Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective next time we open doors? Click here to get on the waitlist
28:21 10/03/2022
Ep #157: How to do a Walk & Talk
You walk around this world with so many stories, ideas, brilliant ways of expressing what you have to say… and sometimes it can be hard to access all of that great content.    We’ve all had the experience of sitting at our computer screen, staring at a blank page - or stuck mid sentence on an idea that just won’t flow all the way through.    This is when a walk and talk can be magic! In this episode I share with you ways I’ve used a Walk and Talk and simple steps so you can start doing walk and talks in your own work and life.    In this episode, you’ll find: Why walking helps us release ideas when thinking harder simply can’t   What’s really creating the spaciousness in our minds and hearts when we walk with our ideas How do interview yourself during a walk and talk so you reveal some of your best ideas and stories How to use prompts to get your ideas flowing on telling your own story of transformation.    I hope this episode inspires you to grab your shoes, headphones and recording device (phone, likely) and hit the trails, streets or wherever you can walk freely and safely to enjoy your own brilliance.    Want a copy of my book for free? Go to: Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective next time we open doors? Click here to get on the waitlist
18:55 09/26/2022
Ep #156: Speak Up Show Up
Sometimes speaking up is easy. But much of the time, it can be nerve-racking. What will people think? Will I say it right? Should I even be talking about this?   The cool thing is, you get to use your voice any way you want. And I want you to feel so much freedom in that. Whether it is speaking on stages, having difficult conversations at work, communicating with your kids or sharing your needs or frustrations with your partner… showing up with love and honesty is magic.    In this episode, you’ll find: The first question you want to ask yourself as you decide whether to speak up.  What matters when you want to influence with your communication The single most important element to keep connection at the center of your communication What speaking up on behalf of things that others may not know matter to you might look like   I hope this episode helps you feel more confident and courageous when it comes to speaking up and showing up. Because I know our world is a better place when you speak up and show up.     Want a copy of my book for free? Go to: Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective next time we open doors? Click here to get on the waitlist   SHOW NOTES Ep 122 Audience Intimacy 
32:01 09/19/2022
Ep #155: The shadow side of positivity
Many of us share our messages and stories of inspiration from stages and in books because we want to help others see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. To let them know they aren’t alone in whatever struggle they are experiencing and that they can live the life they really want.    This is beautiful and important, this promise of hope.   And also, it can be hurtful.    Our stories and our messages - in speeches, in our book writing, in our social media shares - must be grounded in the full story. It’s essential that we talk about the hard parts, the parts that didn’t go the way we hoped, the struggle we went through - all on the way to getting to the other side.    We need to do this to create trust and connection, to let them know that even on the “other side” life isn’t perfect (of course) - and we need to do this to create the most compelling communication, too.    In this episode, you’ll find: Why telling the whole truth is important for creating trust The reason we can unintentionally leave out important parts of our story What intentionally creating contrast brings to your communication that can make it way more compelling How aspirational messages can actually get in the way of you serving your people the way you want The importance of audience intimacy in sharing our messages Ways to tap into your Ideal Audience Member’s dreams while also recognizing where they are right now   I hope this episode helps you create a message that is both magnetic and of ultimate service to the people you most want to inspire and magnetize to your work.    Want a copy of my book for free? Go to: Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective next time we open doors? Click here to get on the waitlist   SHOW NOTES Ep 122 Audience Intimacy 
26:22 09/12/2022
Ep #154: 10 Things I Say Almost Every Day As a Speaking Coach
There are fundamental messages that I see as the most helpful ones to reveal the most authentic, powerful speaking and thought leadership in my clients.    I’ve found that great speaking is way less about how to craft a great talk following someone’s formula, how to tell a story with jaw-dropping vivid action (though that can be awesome), or how to deliver your keynote or TEDx talk with perfect hand gestures and movement on stage - and so much more about releasing everything in the way of doing what you naturally know how to do in your speaking and expression.    I used to think of my job as a speaking coach as the expert who tells my clients how to craft a talk - that my expertise should be the most important part of crafting the speech (after all, that’s why they hired me).    Now I know that it’s your intuition, your desired message, your inspired ideas that are most valuable in our process. It’s my job to help reveal those from within you.    In this episode, you’ll learn: Why my being a speaking coach was as much a surprise to me as anyone What I see as the most important thing to know about your message How to think about your Ideal Audience Member The difference between Ideal Audience Member and Ideal Client Avatar The important role experimentation plays in speaking, messaging and thought leadership    I wonder what your list of 10 Things you say everyday would look like? Want support in writing it? You can access this fun gift I created to guide your own #10ThingsProject at   Ready to join us in the Made for This Collective? Doors are open Sept 2 - 9th. Go here to learn more and join:   Want a copy of my book for free? Go to:   SHOW NOTES: 10 Things I Say Almost Every Day As a Speaking Coach post on Instagram 10 Things Project Guide Freebie
29:24 09/05/2022
Ep #153: How to Get Unstuck
If you’ve been an entrepreneur, business owner or leader or, really, a human, for any period of time, you know what it feels like to be stuck.    Whether it’s finding clarity in our message, deciding where to go next with our business, looking for great stages for your keynote speeches or Signature talk, there is plenty for our brains to get caught up on.    There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of tools that are designed to help you get unstuck. Many of them are helpful, at least temporarily.    Yet, they seem to have a short lifespan. Within weeks or months, you find yourself saying the same things to yourself over and over:   “Why can’t I figure this out?” “Where do I go from here?” “What is wrong with me?” “How am I supposed to decide what to do about this?”   And the ever-stuck-making thought: “What if I make a mistake?”   The good news is, there is a much easier way to get unstuck. This helps you with decision-making, knowing what you want, and releasing the barriers to doing the big, beautiful things you intend to with your voice, message and work in our world.    This episode is about this alternative path to getting unstuck.    In this episode, I cover: What “stuck” really means How to recognize when you are “stuck”  What to do in the moment you are feeling most stuck How to remember that you are full of freedom (and completely unstuck) every day, all the time (even though it doesn’t feel like that).  Recognizing when you might need help in releasing the feeling of being stuck   You are meant to change lives with your message, voice and impact in the world. Knowing how to approach the very normal feelings of being stuck will serve you powerfully toward this mission.    Want a copy of my book for free? Go to: Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective when we open doors in July? Click here to get on the waitlist   SHOW NOTES: JOIN US in Message Magic - our free 5-Day experience to help you feel clear and confident in sharing your message far and wide!  How to Access Your Innate Confidence Anytime with Dr. Amy Johnson
28:30 08/29/2022
Ep #152: Meant for TED
The idea of delivering on a TED and TEDx stage is so exciting to many in the speaking and thought leadership world. Understandably - it’s the place where brilliant ideas are shared. It garners respect and credibility.    It can also feel very mysterious, how to get on a TED or TEDx stage.    In Meant for TED, I do my very best to dissipate some of the mystery so that you can find, apply and have the greatest chance of getting a big happy YES to your application.    In this episode, I cover: The importance of asking yourself WHY you want to do a TED talk Examples of clients who had very different reasons for doing their TEDx talks How to find well-produced TEDx events that are active right now (this is NOT easy) What you need in your application to increase your chance of getting an invitation to speak Ways to make the most of this TEDx experience, including how to get people excited even before you deliver the talk   If you know you are meant for the TED stage, this episode is full of really helpful support.    Want a copy of my book for free? Go to: Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective when we open doors in July? Click here to get on the waitlist   SHOW NOTES: Susan Hyatt’s TEDx talk Shannon Stowell’s TEDx talk YouTube TEDx Talks Channel
31:30 08/22/2022
Ep #151: You Can Do Anything You Want
Our brain loves to tell us that we have to get it “right.” We can spend many hours, days, weeks overthinking our next moves:  Naming your business How to title your upcoming keynote speech Where to tell a story in our presentation or book If it’s okay to take a retreat while your partner takes care of home and kids or pets or other things You name it!    We get caught up in over-thinking because our brain is telling us we’re not safe if we get it wrong.That we will waste time or money or the attention of people who trust us.    I love reminding you that you are MADE for the whole of what you want. You can handle the fun and excitement of it, the possible “failure,” the uncertainty, the unknown… you are literally built for all of it!   Knowing this allows you to truly show up in the big, beautiful way you are meant to.    In this episode, I cover: The way that you have complete access and fullness of infinite potential Why it’s safe to go after what you want How to access knowing what you want Ways to explore what you want What it feels like physically (and how to create your own body compass on desire)   I know that when you go for what you really want, our whole world is served by it.     Want a copy of my book for free? Go to: Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective when we open doors in July? Click here to get on the waitlist   SHOW NOTES: The Only Presentation Outline You’ll Ever Need [TOPOYEN]
28:42 08/15/2022
Ep #150: Where Freedom Lives
It’s easy to think that we’ll get to experience peace and freedom when we get some circumstances handled in our life and work. Maybe it’s: Business success Get on a TEDx stage Be a highly paid speaker Getting our house in order Finally managing our time well An easy flow of money Lots of other things!    The truth is, none of those things are the source of peace or freedom. And while we may nod our heads when we hear this, we actually forget it all the time (me too).    It’s the surrender and letting go that brings the magic. The best news is, we can do that right.this.moment - and over and over again.    In this episode, I cover: How our thinking drives our feelings (most of the time) The important role that trauma can play in moving through our thoughts and feelings Why experiencing racism, sexism, ableism and other “isms” can make it harder to release thought patterns (but that it is absolutely available to us, might just need support) How freedom and your call to serve play together in the same place in your body/spirit experience.    You seeing your freedom means you will more easily show up in all of your gorgeous glory. That’s what our world needs and wants most!    Want a copy of my book for free? Go to: Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective when we open doors in July? Click here to get on the waitlist   SHOW NOTES:
30:48 08/08/2022
Ep #149: 10 Things People Have Said That Changed My Life
What we say matters. What others say to us matters. In this episode of Becoming Unleashed, I share my 10 Things People Have Said That Changed My Life list and give some additional backstory about each item.    The invitation is for you to look at your own life and experiences. What are 10 Things others have said to you that have created shifts - or maybe leaps - in your life path?   Whether you are wanting to get on more stages, share yourself more freely when you are speaking on stage, enjoy your podcast interviews more or just feel more confident and fully expressed in conversation, seeing what’s in the way is the first step to releasing it.    Noticing what old stories and messages are playing in our minds can allow us to release the ones that are blocking our greatest expression, and amplify those that lift us up.     In this episode, you’ll learn: One specific reason women tend to be harder on themselves than men How struggling with my body, weight and other people’s comments has actually helped me be a better Mama and feel more free in my life What my college professor said that helped me find my life’s work The one beautiful thing my older brother said that has brought so much delight and joy to my life, personally and professionally.   I hope you’ll use my example list as inspiration or ideas for creating your own. Shining a light on those old messages can serve us so well now and going forward.     Stay tuned for more 10 Things Project episodes in this series.    Want a copy of my book for free? Go to: Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective when we open doors in July? Click here to get on the waitlist   SHOW NOTES: 10 Things Project #14 post on Instagram
34:01 08/01/2022
Ep #148: Soulful Time Management with Ulrika Brattemark
Leading a company or your own small business means wearing many hats and juggling a lot of priorities on any given day. It can feel overwhelming.    Add to that a desire to share your voice and message far and wide for the greatest impact - through speaking, writing books, or any of the ways we show up and shine in service of our business - and it’s easy to get paralyzed.    Which is why we need good time management systems. But we all know that the issue of overwhelm isn’t fixed by a pretty planner alone. We need ways of looking at our commitments and deciding which ones we want to give our precious time and energy.    Ulrika Brattemark has created, refined and then written a book about this soulful approach to time management. In this conversation we discuss: How she went from working in a software company as a Business Analyst and Agile expert to coaching and supporting women solopreneurs in creating the businesses they dream of The difference between planning out tasks and assessing your values to determine how to spend your time How she got her book written quickly, after getting stuck for a bit in the middle of the process The ways that her approach to time management also inform her parenting and other relationships.    This is a rich conversation with tips on how to think about time in a new way plus some stories about building a business and stepping into thought leadership that are sure to resonate.   Ulrika Brattemark is on a mission to help heart-centered women solopreneurs get out of overwhelm and find sustainable and deeply fulfilling ways to build the impactful business they dream of.    Her background as a former business analyst turned agile coach, combined with her deep intuition, and playful curiosity have shaped her unique approach to time management.   She is the author of "Time Alchemy - a Dynamic and Soulful Approach to Managing Your Time" in which she provides a refreshing perspective on time management, one in which time becomes our ally.     Her group offerings provide compassionate accountability support, a deeply felt sense of camaraderie, and a place to be real. She is the creator of the popular program Procrastination-Buster Bootcamp.   Ulrika is committed to conscious business practices of people, planet and profit. She donates part of her profits to highly rated charitable organizations.    Show Notes: Ulrika’s Website:  Ulrika’s LinkedIn: Ulrika’s Facebook:    Freebie: First three chapters of "Time Alchemy - a Dynamic and Soulful Approach to Managing Your Time" (PDF) -  
35:23 07/25/2022
Ep #147: 10 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self
In January of 2022, I realized I was feeling super leashed up on social media. I had a lot of thinking about what I should and shouldn’t say or share on social platforms. In conversations with dear friends, I was lovingly challenged to let go of any thinking about what I should share and just say all the things I was wishing to say but thought I couldn’t. This is how the 10 Things Project was born.    As I think about the process of becoming unleashed so we can share our voice, speak with confidence, and just show up as real and powerful as possible, I realize these 10 Things Project lists have been a beautiful catalyst. So this is the first in a series of podcast episodes sharing 10 Things Lists.    In this episode, you’ll learn: How family and subculture can make us smaller, even in a loving environment Where body image and self-expression come together The interplay of Surrendered Speaking and Becoming Unleashed How I see talking with my younger self as a path to even greater surrendered living Where public speaking, saying what you really want to say, and even intimate relationships interconnect   I hope you enjoy this episode. Stay tuned for more 10 Things Project episodes in this series.    Want a copy of my book for free? Go to: Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective when we open doors in July? Click here to get on the waitlist   SHOW NOTES: Surrendered Speaking 10 Things Project #8 post on Instagram
26:37 07/18/2022
Ep #146: The Two MOST Essential Elements of Crafting a Talk
Public speaking gets wrapped in such mystery for so many of us. The fact that most people get very nervous before they speak makes it feel like something magical when a person loves public speaking, or when they appear confident and clear in their delivery.    The truth is, great speaking comes with practice and excellent preparation (like so many things). And the key is knowing HOW to prep and practice well. Knowing what’s most important, especially when you don’t feel like you have a lot of time to get ready.    I love sharing the essentials in a way that makes them easy to implement so that you can feel a big difference in your confidence right away when you are speaking. That’s what this episode is about.    In this episode, you’ll learn: The two most important things you MUST do before any presentation or talk (or important communication of any kind, really) to make sure you have the greatest impact What often gets in the way of your message landing with impact  How to create a talk that makes the audience’s jaw drop Two more elements that round out a process you can use over and over again for every single presentation and talk you prepare   Listen to this episode before you craft any upcoming important communication. I promise it will uplevel the experience exponentially.     Want a copy of my book for free? Go to:   Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective when we open doors in August? Click here to get on the waitlist SHOW NOTES: How to Craft a Talk that Attracts Clients Surrendered Speaking
23:45 07/11/2022
Ep #145: Natural Leadership with Dr. Sweta
An essential element of becoming unleashed is knowing that we are leashed up in the first place. In this rich, engaging conversation with Dr. Sweta Chawla, we get to hear her story of going from a traditional, academic, high-achieving background to where she is today, living and working in her brilliance.    Going from Pharmacist and professor to Leadership Coach helping leaders, entrepreneurs and other professionals step into their own Natural Leadership (in the work and their life) was not a straight line, of course. But has been and continues to be one full of learning, growth and many tools to share.    In this episode, you’ll hear: What inspired Dr. Sweta’s sabbatical from academia all those years ago - and the fascinating shifts that space and time inspired in her life and career. How curiosity and experimentation has served her work personally and for her client in important ways. The interplay of identity and personal and professional growth How to think about creating your own trajectory for your life and work   Sweta Chawla PharmD, MS is a Former Professor of Pharmacy and Clinical and Residency Director turned Speaker, Facilitator, Leadership Coach and Author. She supports organizations, highly driven professionals, budding creatives and entrepreneurs to reinvent how they work and lead. Through her natural leadership model, she empowers her clients to create personal structures that leverage their natural brilliance. As a result they experience more passion, impact and meaning without compromising their integrity and well-being.   Dr. Sweta is the author of the book I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For...Now What? and contributor to the award-winning Anthology She’s Got This: Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On. She has published articles and essays in several journals, magazines and has spoken on many stages and panels, including the White House.   You can get a free copy of Dr. Sweta’s book plus the cool CASA tool she describes in this episode (and other surprise goodies!) at 
44:07 07/04/2022
Ep #144: Where Are You On the Path to Radiant Leadership?
Some of us are called to share our stories, lessons learned and expertise in service of others. We feel this call at the center of us. It starts as a glimmer. If we choose to nurture this glimmer into a spark, we can stoke that spark all the way into being a recognized leader in our industry through keynote speaking, TEDx talks, writing books, and just showing up to serve with our voice.  After working with well over 1,000 speakers and leaders, the path to this kind of Radiant Leadership has become powerfully clear. There are five phases, each with their own characteristics, milestones and activities. Knowing where you fall on this path will help you step more fully and easily into the most natural success on your thought leadership journey. In this episode, you’ll learn: How to recognize the glimmer that starts the whole journey - and how it feeds the entire five phase path. Ways to recognize when you’ve hit the “discernment” phase, when it is more valuable to think about what to say “no” to than to look for new opportunities to open up.  Stories of thought leaders who’ve ridden the entire journey from glimmer to Radiant Leadership, and what they’re doing now.  Milestones to look for to know your priorities should be shifting as you move into greater recognition as a leader.  The power of support at different phases of the journey, and what kind to look for when.     Listen in to this episode and see if you can name which phase you are in on the Path to Radiant Leadership. This will help you focus in on what matters most at this phase to keep your momentum going with more ease and success.    Want a copy of my book for free? Go to: Would you like first dibs on a spot in The Made For This Collective when we open doors in July? Click here to get on the waitlist   SHOW NOTES: How to Craft a Talk that Attracts Clients Surrendered Speaking
25:28 06/27/2022
Ep #143: 5 Myths About Thought Leadership
According to many people who try to preserve our patriarchal system, the term “thought leader” must be bestowed upon anyone who wants to carry that name.  Of course, this is bullshit. In this episode of Becoming Unleashed, Michelle shares 5 myths she’s seen shared in various forms around what it takes to be a genuine Thought Leader. The trouble with these myths is that they only serve to keep brilliant, heart-fueled people quiet. And we need the brilliant, heart-fueled people to be louder than ever.  In this episode, you’ll learn: Some of the most well known, unconventional thought leaders who serve big in our world.  How to become a Thought Leader (hint: it’s not because someone else bestows this name upon you). Why being hyper-professional or buttoned up can actually be detrimental on your thought leadership journey.  The difference between thought leadership and content creation (and how they play together). Where ego fits (and doesn’t) in the path to thought leadership.  Listen to this episode, take it all in, then go out there big, bold and with rich freedom, sharing your gorgeous voice and message for all the world to hear! We need you out there!   Want a copy of my book for free? Go to:   SHOW NOTES: Steve Jobs Alicia Keys - Time to Uncover article Luvvie Ajayi TED Talk    Other relevant podcast episodes: Who Are You To Call Yourself a Thought Leader The Path of Radiant Thought Leadership
25:58 06/20/2022
Ep #142: When Being Seen Feels Hard
Speaking on stages, submitting your book draft, even hitting “publish” on that social media post takes courage, a willingness to be seen, noticed, and possibly judged. It’s what makes doing these things too much for many people.  When you are called to serve with your stories and expertise, you actually have to show up and be seen. To some degree, most of us get used to it, even if it isn’t always comfortable.  Sometimes, though, being seen can feel especially hard. Maybe you’ve decided to tell a very vulnerable story that risks judgment in ways you’ve never experienced and are afraid to. Or you are going to finally get on video after a recent change in your body, face, voice or something else “visible” to others - and you are afraid of the response you’ll get.  Maybe it’s just your own response that scares you most.  In this episode, Michelle shares: A story about a time when she was horrified by being seen - and how she moved through that overwhelming feeling. Why resisting your feelings can make everything harder - and what to do intead Reminders that the things we are afraid of are mostly built into this patriarchal system that is designed to keep us quiet and hidden - and therefor bullshit on every level. Examples of clients and friends who have felt like they’d never be able to show up and shine again, and yet they did (and are shining bright now). The simple process you can call upon when you are feeling afraid to be seen, to help you not only show up and serve, but to feel celebrated and inspired for it!  This episode is meant to be played over and over again when you feel nervous, afraid or overwhelmed by your call to serve. The process is simple. Your call is real and meaningful and you deserve to be seen and heard all over the world!    Want a copy of my book for free? Go to:   SHOW NOTES: BARE by Susan Hyatt   Other relevant podcast episodes: How to Be Less Afraid of Virtual Speaking When You’re Afraid of Being Judged  
25:51 06/13/2022
Ep #141: Getting Paid to Speak
The vision and dream of being a paid speaker is an exciting one. If you see yourself on a stage, inspiring and serving audiences all over the country or world, you are not alone - and it’s SO possible for you! But, it’s not the only way to be a paid speaker.  In this episode, Michelle shares the glory and not so glorious aspects of being a paid speaker, especially when there is travel involved. While travel can be time consuming and full of frustrations at times, it’s also a beautiful benefit of in-person paid speaking.  That said, having a broader view of how to get paid to speak as well as ways to speak will serve your speaking and thought leadership well.  In this episode, you’ll hear: A day in the #speakerlife from Michelle’s recent paid speaking event Ways to broaden your idea of paid speaking Forms of compensation that are valuable, even when no money is exchanged The benefits of virtual speaking in this new era of online work and connection A bit of perspective, a bit of encouragement and some inspiration mixed into one episode. We hope you love it.  And if you love this episode, be sure to get a copy of Michelle’s book at: and join our email community! We share so many goodies there!    SHOW NOTES: Gold Star Peak Alaska Michelle’s Book: Beyond Applause (get it free)                                       
31:32 06/06/2022
Ep #140: How to Get What You Want More Often
Whether you work at an organization and need to do regular presentations as part of your job or you are a thought leader crafting TEDx talks and keynote speeches, the struggle is often similar: how do you get people to pay attention and then take action on your ideas?    You might wonder: How do I say it in a way that makes them care? Why is it so hard to get their attention? My topic is inherently boring - there’s no way to make them care or pay attention!   Well, the answer to these questions is also the answer to so many other questions about how to get what you really want. In this case, you want the attention and action of your audience. Another time, you may want to persuade your teen to clean up around the house or convince your partner to give you a back rub or get your parent to go to the doctor.    This episode is dedicated to helping you get what you want, whatever that is. I know you will use this for good in our world, so I feel excited to share this powerful information with you.   In this episode, I share: Why knowing what you want might be the hardest part of getting what you want Where fear of rejection blocks you and what to do about it How finding my dream house taught me about clarity and conviction What being unapologetic has to do with influence More If you love this episode, be sure to get a copy of my book at: and join our email community! I share so many goodies there! 
25:46 05/30/2022
Ep #139: You Don’t Have to Be an Expert to Be a Speaker
This past week, I had yet another conversation with a brilliant client who is concerned they aren’t expert enough to take a stand for their ideas. I am so committed to blowing up this idea into oblivion because it keeps so many brilliant people quiet! And here’s the thing, it’s not like I don’t get it. Ohhhh do I get it. I spent six years staying quiet and small in my work because deep down, I didn’t believe I was good enough to take a stand for my message. In this episode, I broaden the conceptual idea of speaking by offering up different kinds of speakers and their talks. I came up with 4 so far, but I know there are more... and they definitely aren’t mutually exclusive. You’ll hear about: What makes an “expert” speaker and examples of well known speakers in this category. How to be a “Disruptor” in your speaking and two awesome examples of speakers who tend toward this kind of talk. The kind of talk that doesn’t button everything up at the end and instead inspires you to think and question the status quo. Ways that talents like music and magic tricks enhance particular types of talks and when these kinds of speakers are often brought in to speak. My secret bucket list dream I hope this episode inspires you to get out there with great excitement and confidence, knowing there are many powerful ways to serve an audience. If you love this episode, be sure to get a copy of my book at: and join our email community! I share so many goodies there
22:14 05/23/2022
Ep #138: Have more FUN sharing your message
It’s easy to get caught up trying to create perfect, high-impact content. You hear things like, “Your content must be epic or it won’t get attention.” But that’s simply not true. In fact, the more fun you have sharing your message, the more often you will share it and the more people you will reach.   In this episode, I share: A story about the time I stayed up until 4am trying to make things “perfect” - and how it didn’t make any difference in the outcome at all (except to exhaust me) Some strategies for adding delight and fun to your content A process for approaching message sharing that centers your own enjoyment - and honors your desire to create an impact, too Why our patriarchal “training” has made us think we have to be perfect to be worthy - and how that’s such a big fat lie More!   If you love this episode, be sure to get a copy of my book at: and join our email community! I share so many goodies there!
20:01 05/16/2022
Ep #137: Being a Beacon Light
There is a way of shining in this world that is so full of service that many lives will be changed. Sharing your story, speaking on stages, interviewing on podcasts, writing your book, showing up on social media… these are all ways of being a beacon light of hope.  In this episode, Michelle Barry Franco shares her own life-changing experiences thanks to beacon lights of hope she has magically come upon.   You’ll also learn: What it means to be a Beacon Light How to set the foundation for being of service in this powerful way Where to go to share your stories, experiences and expertise Examples of other beacon lights in our world    Want to be the first to hear when we open doors to the Made For This Collective? Sign up here.    Links: Time Alchemy by Ulrika Brattemark Jessical Miller Aiden Donnelly Rowley We Can Do Hard Things with Dr. Jen Gunter
22:15 05/09/2022
Ep #136: The Sure Fire Way to Squash Creativity
My client had flown in for a VIP day to get her Rooftop Message Talk crafted all in one day. I love these days together because the creative energy is off the hook! Even though it's called a VIP day, we actually start our work together a week or two prior, with questionnaires and exploring branding, messaging and offerings. All kinds of details so that on our VIP day we can dive deep fast.  We spent the entire day exploring her stories, playing with messaging and refining her offerings. The walls were covered with large post it papers.  She left our time together absolutely GIDDY with the possibilities not just for her speaking but for her business and thought leadership overall.  I sent her a refined version of her talk outline a few days later, with a few questions in the comments and requests for some stories to flesh out the talk.  I didn’t hear from her for a week… then she’d check in and let me know she was still thinking and would get back to it soon… then two weeks, a month passed…  By the time she came back to our conversation she was second guessing every idea she had in our treasure chest of talk content, stories and messaging!  When I asked her why she made so many changes, she said, “I just didn’t feel like it was right. I wasn’t sure that would work.” So we ventured down her path of new ideas, each iteration feeling more stifled and tight.  This is when I realized we were doing the very thing that is likely to create the LEAST creative content and ideas…  We were trying really hard to get it right!    In this episode, I share: Why trying to get it right is the least helpful thing to do when creating great presentations & talks, podcasts, books, articles… anything creative! The early signs that your analytical mind is getting too involved What to do to get back to your most creative energy What happens with this client story in the end!  Trying really hard to get it right is pretty much always a sign that you need to stop and do something else. YOu’ve moved out of your creative energy and into critical, analytical energy. Not a lot of good stuff happens there at this stage.  I promise your greatest ideas, content, expression is fully alive in your creative energy. Enjoy this part of the process - it can be so gloriously fun and exploratory!  And remember, my book Beyond Applause: Make… has all kinds of support for you sharing your voice, especially if you want to get on awesome stages! Get your free copy at   Related Link: Whose Mind Is It Anyway? By Lisa Esile & Franco Esile  
21:22 05/02/2022
Ep #135: High Profile Speaking & Becoming Unleashed
There is no more powerful way to change a lot of lives at once than authentic, powerful speaking. High-profile speaking is also a beautiful opportunity to practice full presence and deeply real expression. In this episode we talk about Surrendered Speaking and the value of committed and thorough prep and then fully letting go on stage, whether the stage is virtual or in-person.  We also cover the steps to Unleashed High Profile Speaking: CELEBRATE the opportunity!! Enjoy imagining yourself killing it on that stage! Soak up the excitement and possibilities!  Craft an excellent talk, of course. Audience intimacy, very clear juicy core message, use the magic mix of content, have a compelling call to action that meets your goals as well as theirs - all stuff I talk about in another episode I’ll share in show notes.  Prepare like wild! Keep on. In the shower, on walks, everywhere…  Show up and serve.  Surrender on that stage. Bring your full magical presence and trust yourself to give them the best experience possible for you and them on that day.  Talk about your talk everywhere. Show your process while you do it. Put it into a blog post and add it to your speaker page.    Relevant Links: How to Craft an Awesome Talk That Attracts Clients   If you haven't yet, download a free copy of my book Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference Through Transformational Speaking at
24:28 04/25/2022
Ep #134: Why it's so hard to say what you want to say
If you struggle to say what you really want to say, you are not alone. And the thing is, it's not your fault. It's actually built into our patriarchal system that you question yourself and stay smaller and quieter.  When we shine a light on this, though, we have a chance to step away from this system.  It's time for you to bring the fullness of your voice into all areas of your work and your life. We start that process in this episode! 
26:59 04/18/2022
Ep #133: Say Hello To Becoming Unleashed!
Get ready for a whole new conversation about public speaking, writing your book, and sharing your voice in every way! After a 10 month hiatus, our podcast has a new outfit. We are Becoming Unleashed. In this episode you'll get a high level overview of the essential elements of releasing the barriers that get in the way of using your voice and set forth a vision for brilliant conversations to come. You can find all podcast episodes at 
14:37 04/12/2022
Ep #132: When There is No Question in Your Mind
Over the last 13 years of my work, I’ve had the amazing opportunity of working with many thought leaders and speakers all across the spectrum. And there’s something I’ve noticed only recently as the common thread running between them, something that makes them the most impactful and profound speakers: they have no question in their minds that their message is going to make a difference. Now, I want to clarify that they are all human, which means they experience doubt and uncertainties about whether what they’re creating is actually good, as I’m sure we can all relate to. But there is one big difference-maker that allows them to create impact through their talks, and I’m sharing it with you today. Get full show notes and more information here:
14:27 06/21/2021
Ep #131: How to Say “I Don’t Know” with Confidence
Anyone who has had to present information to a group of people will tell you how much anxiety can come from getting asked a question that you don’t have the answer to. My friends, it is okay to own not having all the answers and invite the brilliance in the room to contribute to the collective. Tune in today, as I share a structure tip for public speaking that will allow your audience to walk away with the core message and happy bliss needed to keep right on task! Get full show notes and more information here:
22:42 06/14/2021
Ep #130: Is It Worth Your Attention?
A recent experience inspired me to ask myself “Why is this podcast worth your attention?” In answering, I discovered what I want this show to be for you... and some questions for you to consider when honing in on what your communication is about to better understand the experience of your audience. In today’s episode, we explore what the purpose of our communication is as it pertains to creating a podcast, webinar, or Facebook Live. Though perhaps all you need is to be reconnected with that place in you that knows you are meant to serve in an amazing way. Get full show notes and more information here:
18:02 06/07/2021
Ep #129: Your Words Are Currency with Amber Williams
We discuss ways to discover the real purpose behind your business. Because when you know your purpose you can create content with clarity and are able to practice your brand voice for added success. Amber asks you critical questions about your beliefs in order to help you create a brand promise that can orient you in all aspects of your business. You are going to gain so much from listening in today, I know I have! Get full show notes and more information here:
48:38 05/31/2021