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Climate Risk Podcast

Hello and welcome to GARP’s Climate Risk Podcast series, where we will be investigating how climate change is impacting the world of business and finance and what this means for risk management. Through the course of this series we will be bringing you insights from those working at the cutting edge of climate change. We will be joined by regulators, business leaders and risk practitioners who will help us build up a holistic view of the risks and opportunities that climate change poses and explore how this might affect you in your day to day work.


30,000 Years in 30 Minutes: Climate Risk from an Archaeologist’s Perspective 30:10 07/27/2022
The Green Bond Market Explained (And Why Investors Do Need to Worry About Climate Risk) 34:22 07/06/2022
EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance: Everything You Wanted to Know, But Were Too Afraid to Ask 33:21 06/15/2022
30 Years of Catastrophe Modelling: Lessons for Risk Professionals 35:55 05/26/2022
The Oceans & Climate Explained (and Why it Matters to Finance) 26:58 05/05/2022
Supply Chains: Why Sustainability is the Best Form of Risk Management 29:44 04/12/2022
Culture and Capability: An Asset Owner’s Guide to Net Zero 30:46 03/24/2022
Achieving Net-Zero: Reframing Climate Change as a Supply Side Issue 35:04 03/03/2022
Sustainability and Space: Lessons from Low Earth Orbit 28:47 02/10/2022
What We Learned About Climate Risk in 2021 36:48 01/20/2022
Adapting to Tail Risks: Surviving the Cascading Risks from Climate Change 33:13 12/09/2021
Confessions of an Economist: How Imperfect Policymaking Will Shape Transition Risks 35:12 11/18/2021
The Rising Tide of Climate Litigation 30:48 10/28/2021
Navigating the Alphabet Soup of Climate Reporting Standards 25:19 10/07/2021
B Corps: How to put sustainability at the heart of a business 31:15 09/16/2021
Climate Disclosures: What can we learn from TCFD adoption in the banking sector? 31:13 07/29/2021
Why Net Zero Doesn’t Always Mean Net Zero 44:31 07/08/2021
Agriculture and Climate Change Win-Wins: How to reduce emissions whilst building resilience 26:25 06/17/2021
The Race to Net Zero: Understanding the role of boards and firm commitments 29:02 06/01/2021
Climate Data Challenges: What are they and how can we solve them? 28:33 05/06/2021
Engagement vs Divestment: How to navigate risk whilst achieving impact 28:59 04/15/2021
3 topics to keep an eye on: Carbon Offsets, Biodiversity and Nature-related Financial Disclosures 28:12 03/25/2021
Responding to Climate Change Risk: A Financial Regulator’s Perspective 33:07 02/26/2021
Physical Climate Risk: How to assess the impact on assets 27:16 02/04/2021
What we Learned About Climate Risk in 2020 30:42 01/14/2021
Climate Change as a Risk Management Problem: How to Price the Risk 33:36 12/17/2020
Aligning Finance with the Transition to Net Zero 39:04 12/03/2020
How Will Climate Change Impact Our Energy and Water Systems? 39:10 11/12/2020
Systems Theory: Complexities of Climate Risk 35:51 11/02/2020
Getting Informed About the Impacts of Consumption: How Data Can Shift Consumer Sentiment 30:25 10/02/2020