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Welcome To Doctor Warrick's Podcast Channel. Doctor Warrick is a practicing cardiologist and author with a passion for improving care by helping patients' understand their heart health through education. Warrick believes educated patients get the best health care. Discover and understand the latest approaches and technology in heart care and how this might apply to you or someone you love. >> FREE HEALTHY HEART MEMBERSHIP: SEE HERE


EP175: Interview With Angela Peris - Holistic Health Care 13:08 05/02/2021
EP174: Talking Side Effects With Dr. Begg 15:30 04/25/2021
EP173: Blood Pressure Tablets At Night And Fraudulent Research 08:22 04/18/2021
EP172: Cholesterol Statins and Brain Function 10:54 04/04/2021
EP171: Angela Hartly Interviewing Doctor Warrick Bishop on Stents and Statins 15:40 03/27/2021
EP170: Why The Cholesterol and Statin Controversy? 20:24 03/20/2021
EP169: What Causes Heart Attack? 11:03 03/13/2021
EP168: Angela Hartly Interviewing Dr Warrick Bishop—When We Fix Narrowed Arteries 12:16 03/06/2021
EP167: The 10 Commandments For Avoiding Heart Attack 14:07 02/27/2021
EP166: Deep Vein Thrombosis & Factor 5 Leiden 13:46 02/20/2021
EP165: Heart Conditions & Beta Blockers 08:36 02/13/2021
EP164: Interview With Greg Page (Part 2) 29:22 02/06/2021
EP163: Interview With Greg Page (Part 1) 21:15 01/30/2021
EP162: Doctor Warrick and Doctor Kostner Talking Triglycerides 22:26 01/23/2021
EP161: Darren Lehmann Interview 32:12 01/16/2021
EP160: Doctor Warrick Interviewed by Doctor Kostner About Cardiac CT Imaging For Risk 21:27 01/09/2021
EP159: Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Interview 23:24 01/02/2021
EP158: Fats, Oils, And Lipids 49:49 12/26/2020
EP157: Talking About Viagra 12:31 12/19/2020
EP156: Palliative Care 15:06 12/12/2020
EP155: Discussion With Dr. Karam Kostner About HDL Cholesterol 12:59 12/05/2020
EP154: Moving Fat Around The Body - Lipoprotein 34:25 11/28/2020
EP153: Angela Hartly interviews Dr Bishop on Diet Tips 08:30 11/21/2020
EP152: Angela Hartly Interviewing Dr Bishop - How Often Should You See Your Doctor? 12:59 11/14/2020
EP151: Interview With a Psychiatrist About Heart Problems 32:59 11/07/2020
EP150: Interview With Stent Patient Brian 17:43 10/31/2020
EP149: Interview With Cardiothoracic Surgeon 22:33 10/24/2020
EP148: Why I Became a Cardiologist 08:44 10/17/2020
EP147: Talking LDL Particle Size 13:58 10/10/2020
EP146: Ezetemibe - What is it and What Does it Do? With Dr. Karam Kostner 14:48 10/03/2020