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A podcast that delivers business solutions, best practices, government updates, reimbursement advice and more to home medical equipment, complex rehab, home accessibility, mastectomy and women's health providers, as well as orthotics and prosthetics practitioners.


The Tipping Point of Respiratory Outcomes in the Home 18:43 08/31/2021
A New Infant Monitoring Program and Technology 14:51 08/26/2021
All Things VGM Heartland 2021 17:28 08/11/2021
The Summer of 2021: Growth Amid Volatility in the Home Accessibility Market 31:59 07/09/2021
How the Pandemic is Impacting Sleep and How a Ring Can Help Monitor Oxygen Levels 36:16 06/22/2021
VGM Retail is Rewired to Help You Rewire Your Business 23:05 06/17/2021
VGM Members Adapt, Navigate, and Pivot to Continue to Serve Patients During the PHE 36:34 04/30/2021
My mobile delivery system has GPS, why do I need a second GPS service? 15:32 04/29/2021
Key Leadership Skills Learned in 2020 and Why We Should Keep Some! 39:14 04/22/2021
Cost Effective Wound Care Management Practices 20:49 04/15/2021
AffloVest Case Study with Advanced Medical DME 09:24 04/01/2021
Let's Talk About CPAP Fittings and Inventory Management with Philips Respironics and VGM Fulfillment 19:29 02/19/2021
The Home Accessibility Tax Incentive Bill - What YOU Can Do! 39:46 02/10/2021
Funding in 2021: Are You Ready? 22:46 01/21/2021
Telehealth in Complex Rehab: Part 3 15:47 01/20/2021
VGM Wound Care and Permobil Discuss the Importance of Seated Posture 30:23 01/12/2021
Knee and Back Braces: What You Need to Know About Billing, Reimbursement, and Audits 24:28 11/19/2020
Connection Over Convenience: How to Make Your Connection with Customers More Valuable Than Convenient 32:22 11/11/2020
A Deeper Dive into Telehealth and Complex Rehab - Part II 42:17 11/09/2020
"Owning It" with HME Woman of Year Award Winner, Patty Mastandrea 22:17 10/29/2020
Celebrating Respiratory Care Week 10:49 10/22/2020
O&P Insights: Helping Your Practice Reach Its Full Potential 18:22 10/19/2020
6 Ways to Make CPAP Repair Less Painful 27:51 10/15/2020
Return of Audits: What O&P Providers Need to Know 23:37 10/14/2020
Celebrating Strong Women during Breast Cancer Awareness Month 29:12 10/14/2020
10 Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged During a Pandemic 19:33 10/06/2020
Follow Your Strengths: Maximize Your Potential and Your Team's Potential 26:07 09/28/2020
Operations Leadership During a Pandemic, a Chat with HOMELINK Vice Presidents of Operations 33:25 09/23/2020
U.S. Rehab Launches a New Telehealth and Complex Rehab Technology Educational Course 31:48 09/15/2020
Billing and Reimbursement Update with Ronda Buhrmester 24:46 09/01/2020