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The craft beer scene is full of great stories! Whether you're a homebrewer or brew for a brewery, an artist who creates the wonderful label art on the brews we enjoy, a distributor or work on the sales and marketing side... Regardless of your connection to the craft beer industry, if you have an interesting story to tell, we at "Share a Pint" want to hear it and help bring your story to craft beer enthusiasts everywhere!


"Share A Pint" with Stephen & Devon Peet of Kettlerock Brewing 47:58 09/17/2021
"Share A Pint" with Adam Davis of Burley Oak Brewing 28:00 09/03/2021
"Share A Pint" with Maureen O'Prey, Maryland Beer Historian [Part 2] 44:20 08/20/2021
"Share A Pint" with Maureen O'Prey, Maryland Beer Historian [Part 1] 58:35 08/06/2021
"Share A Pint" with Marcus Thomas & Leo Michanco of Cushwa Brewing 36:22 06/18/2021
"Share A Pint" with Dan Baumiller of Full Tilt Brewing 41:56 06/04/2021
"Share A Pint" with Christian Layke & Erin Karla of Silver Branch Brewing 50:04 05/21/2021
"Share A Pint" with Earl Holman of Crooked Crab Brewing 29:10 05/07/2021
"Share A Pint" presents "Straight from the Tap with Rob Lutz" 08:02 03/22/2021
"Share A Pint" presents "Straight from the Tap" 12:06 02/15/2021
"Share A Pint" 1st Anniversary Special 59:19 11/27/2020
"Share A Pint" with Yancy Bodenstein of Clear Skies Meadery 45:07 11/13/2020
"Share A Pint" with Tim Rose of Distillery Lane Ciderworks 31:33 10/30/2020
"Share A Pint" with Emma Whelan of Astro Lab Brewing 30:51 10/16/2020
"Share A Pint" with Chris & Kerry Keene of Baile Cask & Kettle 34:10 10/02/2020
"Share A Pint" with Kendrick Doolan of Maryland Craft Beer 41:31 09/18/2020
"Share A Pint" with Jon Zerivitz of Union Craft Brewing 38:48 09/04/2020
"Share A Pint" with Jake Berg of DC Beer 35:07 08/21/2020
"Share A Pint" with Zac Rissmiller of 1623 Brewing Company 36:01 08/07/2020
"Share A Pint" with Jim Bauckman of the Brewers Association of Maryland 44:17 07/24/2020
"Share A Pint" with Marcus Baskerville of Weathered Souls Brewing Company 30:19 07/10/2020
"Share A Pint" with Chadd Balbi & Matt Kozar of Breweries in Pennsylvania 33:23 06/26/2020
"Share A Pint" COVID-19 Series 4: Smoketown & Checkerspot 37:53 06/12/2020
"Share A Pint" COVID-19 Series 3: Hysteria 26:28 05/29/2020
"Share A Pint" COVID-19 Series 2: Denizens & Adroit Theory 40:25 05/15/2020
"Share A Pint" COVID-19 Series 1: Manor Hill & Waredaca 33:27 05/15/2020
"Share A Pint" with Jon Esposito of Chesepiooc Real Ale Brewery 29:41 04/17/2020
"Share A Pint" with Dave Palmer of Brewery Fire 24:07 04/03/2020
"Share A Pint" with Simon Bee & Bryan Van Den Oever of Red Bear Brewing Company 34:21 03/20/2020
"Share A Pint" with Ty Kreis of Hysteria Brewing Company 57:07 03/06/2020