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A Film By... is a podcast created and hosted by Brad Koszo and Jeff Johnson. Together, they wax intellectual about Hollywood's biggest film directors, their underrated movies, and the things we love about them.


Michael Bay - Pain & Gain
Big budgets. Explosions. Fast cuts. Chances are, you're watching a Michael Bay film. Join us for a look at one of his better films; the based-on-a-true-story crime comedy "Pain & Gain." Bay delves into the Sun Gym Gang's crazy story with his signature visuals, and over-the-top performances by Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. on Facebook and Twitter
68:53 09/27/2022
1986 - Blue Velvet
"Now it's dark."Our limited series, "1986," is back and we're joined by Dayton Johnson of the Docking Bay 77 podcast to discuss the strangest, most controversial film of 1986, David Lynch's "Blue Velvet."Jeff and Dayton do their best to analyze this neo-noir crime mystery and find out why it's hailed as one of the "must see" movies of the 1980's. Grab your oxygen mask, because it's going to get weird! on Facebook and Twitter
54:54 09/20/2022
Wolfgang Petersen - Enemy Mine
With his recent passing, we take a look at the impressive filmography of Wolfgang Petersen and discuss the auteur's knack for delivering hits. Whether it's historical military fare like "Das Boot" and "Troy" or dramatic action like "In the Line of Fire" and "Outbreak," Petersen's films contained intelligent action and occasionally taught us important life lessons. In his underrated sci-fi classic "Enemy Mine," Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. play soldiers from opposite sides of the war, forced to work together for the sake of survival. They ultimately learn that despite their differences, truth is truth when it comes to doing the right thing. on Facebook and Twitter
72:21 09/13/2022
1986 - Under the Cherry Moon
We conclude our special "Worst Week Ever" with a bonus episode today! Jason Colvin of the Surely You Can't Be Serious podcast returns once again to our limited series, "1986", to discuss one of the worst films of the year; Prince's "Under the Cherry Moon."Jason offers up his best way to fix the film with a much improved soundtrack and Madonna casting decision that should have/could have been. We talk creative differences on set, compare Prince's kissing technique to a xenomorph, and debate why we love the villain of the film, more so than the hero! on Facebook and Twitter
76:03 09/09/2022
1986 - Howard the Duck
This week, our limited series, "1986" will be discussing the worst two films that the year offered and up first, we're quacking up over "Howard the Duck!"Alec and Cameron from the Comically Unaware podcast join us to educate us on Howard's origins in Marvel comics, and determine what George Lucas got wrong. We discuss the film's tone, the awkward sexual connotations, casting contenders, and what an MCU remake needs to be successful. on Facebook and Twitter
64:43 09/06/2022
Rob Reiner - Ghosts of Mississippi
Rob Reiner made us laugh with "This Is Spinal Tap." He swept us away into adventure with "The Princess Bride." We discovered the fear of helplessness with "Misery," and he recaptured our childhood with "Stand By Me."In 1996, he educated us about Medgar Evers and opened our eyes to injustice with his historical drama, "Ghosts of Mississippi." on Facebook and Twitter
58:12 08/30/2022
1986 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Our limited series, "1986", is back and we're taking the day off to discuss "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" with the gang. As adults, we debate Ferris's motives and manipulation tactics. Was Rooney justified in his quest to catch Ferris?Other topics include fun license plate trivia, the similarities between the Ferrari and Bruce, the mechanical shark from Jaws, favorite scenes, and when asked his thoughts on sequel, prequel, remake, Scott accurately suggests the spin-off idea that's currently in development!
72:57 08/23/2022
Carl Reiner - Summer School
From his early days writing for Sid Caesar to his performance of Saul Bloom in the "Ocean's" trilogy, Carl Reiner kept us laughing for seven decades.In 1987, he directed "Summer School." A comedy about a misfit teacher bribed into teaching a group of misfit kids; who learn a great deal about "going on throw-up rides and petting barnyard animals" as they prepare to pass remedial on Facebook and Twitter
64:24 08/16/2022
1986 - Flight of the Navigator
Join us as we take flight on our limited series, "1986", to connect with our inner twelve-year-old for "Flight of the Navigator!"We discuss our love for the film while debating whether or not NASA are the bad guys, the inspiration the film gave James Cameron, how well the visual F/X hold up, and what we want from the proposed on Facebook and Twitter
55:14 08/09/2022
Back to the Box Office: Review for Bullet Train
Jeff Johnson and special guest Dayton Johnson, of the Docking Bay 77 Podcast, offer a quick, SPOILER-FREE review of David Leitch's new action-comedy film "Bullet Train." on Facebook and Twitter@dockingbay77 on Facebook and Twitter
09:54 08/08/2022
Kevin Smith - Zack and Miri Make a Porno: Part II
On the second half of our 100th episode discussing Kevin Smith and his film, "Zack and Miri Make a Porno," we dive into Kevin's filmography, talk about his many creative endeavors, his upcoming projects, and share stories about our visit to Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash in Redbank, on Facebook and Twitter
78:44 08/02/2022
Kevin Smith - Zack and Miri Make a Porno: Part I
It's our 100th episode! Join us as we discuss Kevin Smith's raunchy romantic comedy, "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" on an episode so big, we had to offer it in two parts! On Part I, Brad, Jeff, and Dave discuss the controversial subject matter, the chemistry between the actors, and the fight to keep it from an NC-17 rating.Then join us for Part II for a discussion about Kevin Smith, his filmography, and his extensive projects, from books to podcasts! on Facebook and Twitter
55:33 08/02/2022
1986 - Raw Deal
The system gave him a raw deal. Nobody gives him a raw deal.We're celebrating Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday this week with "Raw Deal" on our limited series, "1986." Scott and Dave are in raw form as Jeff goes on the defense of another '86 classic!Join us as we discuss Arnold's best roles of the 1980's, critique the unusual soundtrack, and determine whether or not one should drink... and bake! on Facebook and Twitter
65:48 07/26/2022
Back to the Box Office: Reviews for The Gray Man, and Nope
Jeff Johnson and David Burns offer quick, SPOILER-FREE reviews of the Russo Brothers' action-packed film "The Gray Man", as well as Jordan Peele's latest thriller, "Nope."
14:41 07/25/2022
1986 - The Hitcher
The terror starts the moment he stops.Our limited series, "1986", is celebrating the great Rutger Hauer on a special Friday bonus episode, as we discuss "The Hitcher." Jeff picks up Jason Colvin of the Surely You Can't Be Serious podcast from the roadside to discuss one of the best thrillers of the 80's. Join us as they discuss Rutger's incredible, albeit creepy, ad-libbing, debate the outrageous review given by Siskel & Ebert in 1986, and rank the villainous roles of the late actor.Special thanks to Jason Colvin! Check out on Facebook and Twitter
59:27 07/22/2022
Sidney Lumet - Deathtrap
Sidney Lumet is one of the greatest filmmakers with a body of work spanning six decades. His accolades are as impressive as the list of legendary actors he has worked with. From "12 Angry Men", to his final film "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead", he made films that widely regarded as classics.In 1982, he took a Broadway hit and turned it into a slick, Hollywood murder mystery; pitting Superman himself, Christopher Reeve, against the brilliant Sir Michael Caine. The result was Deathtrap. on Facebook and Twitter
54:01 07/19/2022
1986 - Aliens
This time, it's war.Our limited series, "1986", sets down on LV-426 to discuss James Cameron's "Aliens". Is the 1990 Special Edition the better version? Which marine would you want watching your six, in a dark corridor? We answer these questions, plus talk Stan Winston, sound design, and hear a fantastic idea for a franchise spin-off from our friend Dayton Johnson, of the Docking Bay 77 Podcast! "Game over, man! Game over!" on Facebook and Twitter
74:19 07/12/2022
Back to the Box Office: Thor Love and Thunder Review
Jeff Johnson is joined by Alec and Cameron of the Comically Unaware Podcast to offer a quick, SPOILER-FREE review of Thor Love and Thunder!
22:28 07/11/2022
1986 - Quicksilver
It's Kevin Bacon's birthday, so our limited series, "1986", is back with a bonus episode to discuss "Quicksilver"!Our resident expert on 1986 movies, Andrew Blakley, stops by to talk about the dangerous, fast-paced world of bike messengering with Jeff Johnson. How much do these messengers really make? What's going on with Bacon's terrible mustache in the opening? Can a deadly drug dealer still be scary when shopping for orange soda and toilet paper?Jeff and Andrew debate these topics and more, plus we revisit our "Jamie Gertz theory" decide between this movie and "Rad" as to which one peddles harder in 1986! on Facebook and TwitterFor the best coffee available to order, go to
48:00 07/08/2022
Taika Waititi - Eagle vs Shark
Taika Waititi seems to be successful no matter what genre he explores. From vampires, and pirates, to superheroes, and droids, Waititi has a gift for evoking emotion when and where you least expect it, even when a young boy's imaginary friend is Hitler, as such is the case in his Oscar and Grammy award-winning film, "Jojo Rabbit".It is his directorial debut, "Eagle vs Shark", however, that allows Taika Waititi to explore two of his most bizarre characters in what can only be described as the quirkiest love story that can be told about misfits finding common ground, in order to find out about on Facebook and Twitter
62:54 07/05/2022
1986 - Ruthless People
"I've been kidnapped by... K-Mart!"Andrew Blakley returns to our limited series, "1986" to discuss the comedic, kidnap gone wrong, gone right film, "Ruthless People." Jeff and Andrew talk '86 fashion trends, Danny DeVito's ability to be slimy on-screen and utterly charming off-screen, Bill Pullman's debut, and Helen Slater's incredible adorability.Plus, why didn't we get more Gary Riley after the 80's? Is this Bette Midler's best comedic performance? We talk all this, and identify a stellar cast for a potential remake! on Facebook and TwitterFor the BEST coffee, check out!
50:19 06/28/2022
Back to the Box Office: Reviews for Elvis, and The Black Phone
Jeff Johnson and David Burns offer quick, SPOILER-FREE reviews of Baz Luhrmann's electrifying biopic, "Elvis", as well as Scott Derrickson's latest horror thriller, "The Black Phone."
17:29 06/26/2022
1986 - Invaders from Mars
"There's no place on Earth to hide!"Scott Hoffman and David Burns return for a bonus episode this week to talk Martians with Jeff Johnson for our limited series, "1986." Join us for Tobe Hooper's "Invaders From Mars!"Is the original film from 1953 worth watching? Are the Martians the true aggressors, or are we? Stan Winston creature effects, Karen Black, a Louise Fletcher character more villainous than Nurse Ratchet, raw hamburger, and the importance of product placement are among the many topics covered in this episode! on Facebook and Twitter
57:50 06/24/2022
Tim Burton - Mars Attacks!
From his early days at Disney, to his blockbusters throughout the years, Tim Burton has consistently delivered everything from gothic fantasy, to quirky oddball tales. He's put his unusual touch on some of Hollywood's biggest characters, including Pee Wee Herman, Batman, Willy Wonka and Beetlejuice.Jeff Johnson and special guest co-host David Burns discuss Burton's hilarious send-up of 50's sci-fi, "Mars Attacks!" in this extended episode! on Facebook and Twitter
93:26 06/21/2022
1986 - Maximum Overdrive
Who made who?Jeff Johnson, David Burns, and Scott Hoffman discuss Stephen King's first, and only, directorial effort "Maximum Overdrive" on our limited series "1986."Did George Romero secretly direct scenes? How did ACDC get involved? What is the connection between "Maximum Overdrive" and the Evil Dead franchise? We uncover all this and more! on Facebook and Twitter
50:21 06/14/2022
Back to the Box Office: Jurassic World Dominion Review
Jeff Johnson and David Burns offer a quick, SPOILER-FREE review of Colin Trevorrow's latest dinosaur adventure, "Jurassic World Dominion".
17:01 06/13/2022
Colin Trevorrow - The Book of Henry
Colin Trevorrow is one of the most successful directors to take Hollywood by storm in the last ten years. From his debut film, the brilliant time travel comedy "Safety Not Guaranteed", to the massive box office success of Jurassic World, Trevorrow proves he can deliver the indie, the blockbuster, and everything in between.In 2017, after foregoing the opportunity to direct the ninth entry in the Star Wars saga, he directed "The Book of Henry". What was initially preconceived as a dark comedy transformed into a beautiful story about a mother, her two sons, and the importance of never leaving things undone. It is both heartbreaking and warmly uplifting all at on Facebook and Twitter
56:01 06/07/2022
1986 - Top Gun
"Sorry, Goose. It's time to buzz the tower."Our limited series, "1986", has finally re-engaged right in time for the release of Top Gun: Maverick! We're talking call signs, soundtrack, and everything else that makes this Tony Scott blockbuster one of the biggest, most iconic films of the decade.As special bonus, we hear from our friends at The Surely You Can't Be Serious Podcast, and include a short SPOILER-FREE review of Top Gun: Maverick! on Facebook and Twitter
72:17 05/30/2022
1986 - Firewalker
It's Louis Gossett Jr.'s 86th birthday, so our limited series, 1986, is back with a special Friday bonus episode to discuss his co-starring role in Firewalker! Was Chuck Norris successful as the comedic relief in a PG-rated film? Is Firewalker the high adventure, treasure hunting thrill ride you remember from your youth, or "Ed Wood's Indiana Jones?" David and Scott are back to answer these questions and many others, while Jeff defends his love of another classic B-movie from his childhood.www.afilmbypodcast@afilmbypodcast on Facebook and
44:34 05/27/2022
Ang Lee - The Ice Storm
From the beginning of his career, critically acclaimed filmmaker Ang Lee has received accolades for his work. From Academy Award winner Sense and Sensibility, to the visually stunning Gemini Man, Lee has proven himself across genres; with two Oscar wins for his direction on Brokeback Mountain, and Life of Pi.With his 1997 family drama, The Ice Storm, Ang Lee gives us a haunting observation of two families on the brink of tragedy during Thanksgiving weekend in Connecticut, 1973.
50:37 05/24/2022