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The Therapists Uncut Podcast is an informative, self-help podcast that makes mental health relatable and a part of your everyday conversation. Join off-the-clock therapists who happen to be friends for good laughs, guest interviews and, at times, difficult conversations on all things mental health including, anxiety, trauma, relationships, work stress, First Responder mental health, grief, parenting and more! Tune in every 1st and 3rd Monday with co-hosts Alyssa Najera, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Nikki Young, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. This is an AMP Smart Business Production.


Using Missed Opportunities to Practice Self Awareness 18:46 08/01/2022
From the Hood Life to the Good Life with Gloria “Glory” Magaña 42:50 07/18/2022
“Heroin, Heartache, and Hope” with Christian Author of Counting Spoons Kathryn Mae Inman 45:31 06/20/2022
How To Make Friends 22:53 06/06/2022
Catching Acts of Kindness 29:03 05/16/2022
Confessions of a High Functioning, Anxious Therapist 21:15 05/02/2022
Secondary Traumatic Stress: Know When the Traumatic Experience of Others is Negatively Impacting You 23:51 04/18/2022
Battling Burnout In The Workplace 22:03 04/04/2022
When And How To Be Assertive 20:49 03/21/2022
Recognizing And Responding To Toxic Relationships 29:17 03/07/2022
Recovering From Alcoholism Part 2 of 2: Interview with Karlha Davies 29:17 02/21/2022
Recovering From Alcoholism Part 1 of 2: Interview with Karlha Davies 27:56 02/07/2022
Living In A Larger Body With Natalie Silva 34:45 01/03/2022
Gett'n Shifty During The Holidays 17:18 11/03/2021
Get To Know Your Co-Hosts Nikki Young and Alyssa Najera 10:17 10/18/2021
“How Fair Fighting Can Save Your Relationship” 29:03 10/04/2021
Emotion Contagion 19:16 09/20/2021
Men's Mental Health 22:57 09/06/2021
Living With Anxiety 36:03 08/16/2021
Practicing Self Awareness Part 2 26:53 08/02/2021
Practicing Self Awareness Part 1 27:12 07/19/2021
Coming Out Of Covid - The Social Struggle Is Real 19:42 07/05/2021
100% Perfectionist: When Perfectionism Keeps You From Succeeding 30:50 06/21/2021
Dear Educators, This One’s for YOU 26:05 06/07/2021
Mental Health Awareness 2021 41:09 05/17/2021
Surviving Mom Guilt with Natalie Silva, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 32:10 05/03/2021
Saying Goodbyes 24:07 04/26/2021
The Unintended Social and Psychological Impacts of Social Media 26:14 04/19/2021
To Get or Not to Get the F*** out of Dodge 28:08 04/05/2021
Top 10 Ways Our Thoughts Screw With Us 28:29 03/15/2021