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Inside Data Centre Podcast

My name is Andy Davis and I am the host of the Inside Data Centre Podcast. On this podcast I will interview the people working in the data centre sector across the globe and tell their stories.. How did they first enter the sector? How have they developed their career? What are the challenges faced by the industry as it rapidly expands? What advice can they give others looking to work in the sector? If you work in the data centre sector, or you want to work in the sector, then this is the podcast for you.


Andrew Stevens, President & CEO CNet Training - Leaving a legacy to the data centre sector 41:21 01/21/2022
Patrick Quirk, CTO Nautilus Data Technologies: Changing the Data Center environment. 37:58 01/14/2022
The Digital Futures Programme: Developing the future talent for the data centre sector. 45:12 12/17/2021
Vlad-Gabriel Anghel, DCPRO Training: Developing the future generation of data centre talent. 33:01 12/10/2021
Chad Harris, Whinstone Data Centers: Building a 700MW Bitcoin Mining Data Center 36:42 12/03/2021
Joshua Au: Keeping the Digital Heart Pumping. 42:13 11/26/2021
Mike West, Digital Infrastructure Advisors Ltd: How secure is your data centre? 33:28 11/19/2021
Angel Say, Resolve: Virtual Reality in Data Centres 34:27 11/12/2021
Jim Hart, BCS: Technology & Power: The Energy Conundrum 30:28 11/05/2021
Greg Hayden, Ethos Engineering: Going for Growth 41:57 10/22/2021
Martin Murphy, AMS Helix: It’s the coolest sector in the world 42:25 10/15/2021
Emma Cordiner, Conexus: Data Centre Site Selection. 35:32 10/08/2021
Jon Falker, Prime Data Centers: Developing a $1bn Data Center Campus 31:54 10/01/2021
Scott McCarry: From Dunfermline to Dubai. Data Centres in the Middle East. 30:31 09/24/2021
Jeffrey Tay, SpaceDC: The growing importance of ESG. 38:21 09/17/2021
Steve Hayward, Cyrus One: We need to 'pull back the curtains'. 39:49 09/03/2021
Eric Bell, Creating a data centre community 37:44 08/27/2021
David Liggitt, DataCenter Hawk: An inside view of the Data Center sector 37:48 08/20/2021
Cathal Quinn, Moy Materials: The first line of defence of the building. 35:56 08/13/2021
Rees Westley, Business Critical Solutions: Utilities in Data Centres 36:46 08/06/2021
Ashley Buckland, JB Associates: You are only as good as your last job 43:11 07/30/2021
Paul Haley - Spark New Zealand: The skills shortage storm cloud looms.. 37:40 07/23/2021
Gary Tinkler - USystems: Delivering improvement in efficiency and sustainability 43:45 07/16/2021
Frank O'Sullivan - Linesight in the US: Managing the talent challenge 37:42 07/02/2021
Ciaran Flanagan - ISG: We need to share the good news 39:54 06/25/2021
Phill Lawson-Shanks - Aligned: Going Hyperscale in Chicago 35:26 06/18/2021
David Hirst - Macquarie Data Centers: A focus on Australia 42:55 06/11/2021
Data Centre Construction Procurement & Contracts - Time to make a change. 56:35 06/09/2021
Jim Connaughton: Nautilus - The floating Data Centre 31:48 06/04/2021
Simon Ford - CyrusOne: The importance of adapting to change 38:19 05/28/2021