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Documenting and investigating rap music's most advanced artists, its experimental fringes, and otherwise unique or mysterious manifestations in the world of hip hop, new and old, focusing on its beauty, its complexities and its curiosities. Hosted by Th' Mole, veteran rapper, producer, and performing artist. Weird Rap is a n independently-run podcast, record label, and news/social media presence.


21. Rhys Langston, plus Lt Headtrip
In this episode, we speak with Rhys Langston, plus Lt. Headtrip discusses some new music reviews, and Kounterclockwise returns. Music releases: black - In All Its Messiness Rhys Langston - Grapefruit Radio Cise Greeny, Phiik, & Lungs - WHERE ARE THE BUGS​!​? Algernon Cornelius - Me No Sen You No Come Vulture Lung - Musidora's Shroud billy woods x Messiah Musik - Church Lt. Headtrip raps and runs the WATKK label: Rhys Langston - MC, author, producer, and visual artist - may just be too smart for his own good.  We attempt to humanize and provide some context for understanding his high-minded, poetically abstract, expansive takes on rap music.  Tracking his multicultural roots in Los Angeles and trials as a teenage misfit, following his creative development and industry ups-and-downs, we finally find Rhys embracing his individualism and looking towards further experimentation on his own terms. Our bonus episode features an additional 20 minutes with Rhys Langston, discussing his artistic intentions, critical acceptance and wider appeal, and more.  This and past exclusive interviews with ELUCID, Sensational, Bigg Jus, Odd Nosdam, Volume 10, and more for just three tiny dollars at Kounterclockwise makes music, animation and more: Please, oh please, won't you visit  Give us a rating/review and check out our music, apparel and more to support this barely-surviving, independent operation.
98:17 10/05/2022
20. LoDeck, plus Andrew Mbaruk
In this episode... LoDeck (of jOHNNY23) shares his epic life story, Andrew Mbaruk interviews himself, The Great Adventures Of Kounterclockwise continues, and we review some recent releases. Recent Releases: The Koreatown Oddity: ISTHISFORREAL? The Koreatown Oddity: Aggro Crag Myka 9: My Kaleidoscope Interviews Andrew Mbaruk: Fact and Facticity Rapscapers "Merry Men Maligned" LoDeck takes us through the wild ups and downs of his journey as a Belarusian immigrant fleeing the Chernobyl disaster to the hostile slums of Brooklyn, growing into an angry battle MC, experiencing underground notoriety, winding up destitute in Las Vegas, and finally finding peace and stability. Our bonus episode features extra time with LoDeck as he dishes on some spicy rap beef between himself and Aesop Rock and Lil B.  He also shares an otherwise unavailable track, "North Of Damascus Gate."  This and past bonus episodes featuring Cambatta, Doseone, Mike Ladd, Orko Eloheim, and more, are available for just $3 at Andrew Mbaruk, poet, MC, and author, picks his own brain regarding the form, symbology, and inspirations for his new book, Canadian Unrealism, and he also explores the concept of "foam scholarship." Finally, The Great Adventures Of Kounterclockwise, a weird rap radio play, continues. Please, pretty please, rate and review Weird Rap at Music, shirts and whatnot at
95:25 09/07/2022
19. Elucid, StapleMouth, plus Kounterclockwise
In this gargantuan episode, Weird Rap Podcast brings you interviews with E L U C I D and StapleMouth, music recommendations, the debut of The Great Adventures Of Kounterclockwise radio play series, and more! Music recommendations: Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals - King Cobra Clipping - CLBBNG jOHNNY23 - No Scope Infinite Livez - First They Came For The Programmers Andrew Mbaruk - Unclassified StapleMouth & Th' Mole - Estuary Enigmatic Hawaiian MC StapleMouth emerges to detail his unique approach to music, also covering the islands' little-known but exceptional experimental rap scene, the Proliteariots collective, and much more. E L U C I D of Armand Hammer, currently standing as a pillar in the alt-rap scene, recounts his upbringing and early life experiences, and reflects on his current success and critical reception.  We also probe into his artistic intentions and approaches to writing, vocalizing, and production. We respond to some recent listener pushback.  (Let us know your thoughts at We recommend the new Myka 9 book, My Kaleidoscope. And finally, Deacon Burns presents the first in his satirical rap radioplay series, The Great Adventures Of Kounterclockwise. Check out our bonus episode for more time with StapleMouth and E L U C I D as well as an entire 22 tracks of rare StapleMouth music, in addition to our past bonus material, for just $3 at If you care about the Weird Rap project, your support would be much appreciated.  Please visit to rate/review and otherwise help us battle the algorithms.
139:27 08/09/2022
18. St Louis Gibbor, plus Lt Headtrip, Old Grape God, Slick Devious, Volume 10
In this action-packed episode Volume 10 interviews St. Louis Gibbor, plus Old Grape God, Slick Devious, and Lt Headtrip discuss their music and new releases by others. New releases: Buck 65: King Of Drums E L U C I D: I Told Bessie Pan Amsterdam and Damu The Fudgemunk: EAT Moor Mother: Jazz Codes The Difference Machine: Unmasking The Spirit Fakers Ace Cannons and MIGHTYHEALTHY: MIGHTYCANNONS MC/producer Old Grape God of Portland OR describes himself as the Laotian Beyonce or a less horny Kool Keith. Joining in our conversation is his frequent collaborator Slick Devious ( Lt Headtrip is a producer/MC and CEO of WATKK (Karma Kids, label/collective) of NYC, newly relocated to Portland OR. St. Louis Gibbor, hailing from Pasadena CA, is a seasoned yet relatively unknown MC with a checkered past and bright future. Guest interviewer Volume 10 (Good Life/Project Blowed, navigates Gibbor's history as a listener, an artist, and a survivor. BONUS EPISODE: More with Old Grape God, Slick Devious, Lt Headtrip, St Louis Gibbor, and Volume 10, plus past bonus episodes ft. Antipop Consortium, Rob Sonic, billy woods, Bigg Jus, Doseone, Mike Ladd, New Kingdom, etc. $3 at Weird Rap apparel, music, socials, etc. at
109:14 07/06/2022
17. First Degree The DE + Volume 10 & Kool Keith
In this episode of Weird Rap we interview First Degree The D.E., plus Volume 10 joins us for music reviews, and Kool Keith returns with your monthly horoscope reading. We cover the following: Quelle Chris: DEATHFAME Fatlip & Blu: Live From The End of The World, Vol. 1 Demos Kendrick Lamar: Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice: Flux Populi Phelimuncasi: Ama Gogela themselves: Crowns Down & Company First Degree The D.E., hailing from Sacramento, has one of the most strangely unique voices, sonically and lyrically, in rap, with beautiful self-composed production.  Clearly a smart and prolific dude, he's been a math teacher, orchestrated a gang truce, written a book, directed films, runs a record label and news service, and has led various community organizing efforts, while continuing to progress and remain unpredictable as a musician for nearly 30 years now.  His new album, The Backman, features the artist at the peak of his craft. While musicologists agree that much of the Los Angeles underground's quick-paced "chop" style can be traced back to Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship, Volume 10 can be credited with the chop's antithesis: the "stretch".  The exaggerated swing collides with the speed-rap to form an infectious brew of opposites that spread like wildfire after 10's "Pistolgrip-Pump" hit the charts in '94. Kool Keith might be considered the godfather of weird rap music, having introduced his wildly unorthodox take on hip hop in the late 80s with Ultramagnetic MC's, further developing his bizarre styles and subject matter in the 90s, and continuing to expand his range through today. This month's bonus episode features additional time with First Degree, plus an amazing behind-the-scenes tale featuring several well-known rappers, as related by Volume 10.  This and much more at Weird Rap endeavors to bring you out-of-the-norm rap music, new and old. Please support Weird Rap at
79:42 05/26/2022
16. billy woods, DoNormaal (plus Kool Keith)
In this edition of the Weird Rap Podcast, we venture into the thickets of billy woods, and fathom the depths of DoNormaal; resident oracle Kool Keith returns; and we survey new music releases.  Listen at or wherever you get pods. In the 45-minute-long bonus episode, billy woods elucidates some of the themes of his Hiding Places album, he shares his reading and weed habits, and more.  Meanwhile DoNormaal expands on her musical influences and upbringing, she details Seattle's underground hip hop scene, and she shares an exclusive track from her forthcoming album.  Only at New releases: First Degree The D.E. - The Backman Dälek - Precipice Randal Bravery & Joshua Virtue - Spectacular! Linqua Franqa - Bellringer Buck 65 - Dirtbike/Dirty Work billy woods - Aethiopes DoNormaal: billy woods: If you value this podcast, be a decent human being and review it, at least rate it.  It's quick; it's easy:
106:19 05/04/2022
15. Why? (Plus Fatboi Sharif & Kool Keith)
We're joined by Why? (of anticon) for a full-length interview, plus a quick talk with Fatboi Sharif about he and Lonesword's new project, Cyber City Society, and our resident seer Kool Keith is back with your horoscopes. Music Recommendations: Cities Aviv: Man Plays The Horn Vritra: Void MC Yallah x Debmaster: Kubali Scotch Rolex: Tewari Guest correspondent: Beverly Fresh Patreon bonus materials: • 3 live Why? songs (2009) • More Why? & Fatboi Sharif interviews [] Please support the show with a few moments of your time at All the Weird Rap tentacles:
74:53 03/16/2022
14. Sensational (plus Kool Keith, Guy Albino, Spectre, etc.)
In this episode, we speak with Sensational and cohorts, plus Kool Keith returns, & we cover some new releases. For our portrait of avant-garde MC/producer Sensational, a man of few words when it comes to answering questions about himself, we also speak with Spectre/Skiz Fernando (Wordsound CEO), Guy Albino (of Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MC’s Wid Ghatz), Sensational documentarian Liz Moore, MC Kev Hutch, & producer Ex-Terrestrial. In our Patreon bonus episode we premiere a beautiful Sensational track, "All Or Nothing" recorded in the early 00s, plus we get an additional half-hour of Sensational talk with Spectre, Guy Albino & Kev Hutch. Sensational Links: Music Recommendations: Tokyo Cigar: The Megaman Theory 5 - From The Stoop To The Stupa Marrow: Four For Timing Del The Funky Homosapien & Kool Keith present FNKPMPN: Subatomic Psyche Nah doNormaal StapleMouth & Th’ Mole: Rift Please - for fuck’s sake - rate/review at All the Weird Rap tentacles:
97:40 02/09/2022
Fear Of A Black Planet (WR Discussion Gang #24) ft. Geng
We discuss Public Enemy's Fear Of A Black Planet. Video version at In the hour-plus After Hours talk we cover even more Public Enemy & much more, at With special guest Geng, AKA King Vision Ultra And your hosts: Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice Beverly Fresh Th' Mole Please support us with some clicks & key strokes at Check out all the Weird Rap tentacles at
104:56 12/08/2021
13. Pedestrian, plus Kool Keith & more
In this episode we feature an in-depth interview with pedestrian of anticon, with cameos from Kool Keith and Beverly Fresh, new music reviews, and even more. Music: * Spectacular Diagnostics: Ancient Methods * Nosaj of New Kingdom & V8 TFD: Acid Is Groovy Kill The Pigz * Brzowski & C&Burns: Seditious Acts * Aloe Vera: Opaque * Tree Dusk Muir: The Dusk Within Us * phiik x S!LENCE: That Was A Test * Andrew Mbaruk & Vellum Bristol: Ultraviolet Flamingo * R.A.P. Ferreira: The Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures * Guayaba: Fantasmagoría Kool Keith returns for Weird Rap Horoscopes. (Note, we sell glorious Kool Keith T-shirts at For our feature presentation, pedestrian takes us through the tumultuous times of anticon, lets us in on his deeply involved creative process, and shares his outlooks on art, life, death, and beyond. Following the interview, Beverly Fresh joins the program to share his insights on it. FREE Patreon bonuses include… * A lengthy discussion with pedestrian, producer Jel, and the multi-talented Kevin Beacham, exploring Jel and Beacham's development in Chicago's underground hip hop scene in the 90s, the genesis of Scribble Jam, early relationships that would eventually lead to anticon, pedestrian's Evangelist J.B. Best alter-ego, and much more. * An 11-minute videotaped performance of pedestrian as Evangelist J.B. Best. * Photographs of pedestrian’s transcribed and otherwise unreleased "Song Of Saint Pac" with accompanying artwork, as printed on a limited series of prayer flags. And our Patreon subscribers’ exclusive bonus is the official STUFFED ANIMALS album. Besides a crappy-sounding leak with different tracks, there has been no previous release of this supergroup comprised of pedestrian, Circus, Doseone, sole, Why?, L*Roneous, Megabusive, Controller 7, and Moodswing9. An uncompromising and fearless celebration of untamed art rap, this album, recorded around the turn of the century, exemplifies the anticon era at the peak of its adventurousness. All of the above bonus materials, and much more, are at Please consider doing some clicking and typing to algorithmically help the Weird Rap project out at
90:08 12/01/2021
12. Volume 10, plus Kool Keith, Oaky, Cane Corso, Eb&Flow
In this episode we interview Volume 10 (of Project Blowed/"Pistol Grip Pump") fame.  We're also joined by resident oracle Kool Keith, political scientist Eb&Flow, and rap maniac Oaky.  Plus we showcase the Cane Corso collective. To begin, we look into the mysterious Cane Corso collective and record label, including the artists 3SunzEclipse, Joobs, Luca Blood, and p.WRECKS. Cane Corso Records - Pen Thief Records - p.WRECKS - Eb&Flow returns to examine racism and questionable politics in rap, this time focusing on, among other things, Griselda's Westside Gunn, Conway, and Benny The Butcher. We announce Weird Rap Records' redistribution of the Sensational: Loaded With Power CD, and we gently remind you of the Interdependence compilation (ft. Clipping, Kool Keith, Mestizo, Beans, Youngman, Mike Ladd, Awol One, Duncecap, Rammellzee, StapleMouth & more), both at Kool Keith is back for another round of Weird Rap Horoscopes, letting you know what the cosmos has in store for you... For our feature presentation, guest correspondent Beverly Fresh interviews Volume 10, covering his evolution from the streets to the outer dimensions.  He speaks about his creative process, influences (from Chubb Rock to Myka 9), and the ups and downs of his career. He also gets candid about Ice Cube. In the bonus episode, V10 takes us into deep space as he reveals his conception of the universe.  He also further explains his connections to Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. (And we peek into his family life as his wife and kid make brief appearances.)  This and many other exclusive interviews (New Kingdom, Scotty Hard, Orko, Doseone, Antipop Consortium and more) are yours for $3 at Finally, New Zealand's Oaky joins us to detail his recent parasite-induced manic episode, exploring the psychology of a fledgling MC in a delusional mindstate. Please support Weird Rap with a couple clicks at Explore the many tentacles of Weird Rap at
165:40 10/20/2021
Bonus: Mike Ladd continued...
Just to show you what you're missing if you're not a subscriber to, here's the bonus episode for Weird Rap Podcast #11 with Mike Ladd. The esteemed rapper/poet and hip hop producer details his struggle with addiction and more. Please, for the love of Divine Styler, rate/review at
35:52 10/14/2021
Skits & Interludes (Weird Rap Discussion Gang #23)
We discuss intros, interludes, skits & such, including KMD, Raekwon, Outkast, Ice-T, Fugees, Madvillain, Dove Shack, Ice Cube, and Kendrick Lamar. Video version: After Hours episode (feat. De La Soul, Masta Ace, and Air Credits): With special guest DotdotDotdotDotdot And your regular hosts: Beverly Fresh Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice Th' Mole Please rate/review: Brought to you by Weird Rap
61:53 10/12/2021
11. Mike Ladd, plus Kool Keith, Rhys Langston, etc.
In this episode Mike Ladd (Infesticons, Anarchist Republic of Bzzz, Dead Can Rap) joins us for an in-depth interview. Also featuring Rhys Langston, Kool Keith, a bunch of music recommendations, and more. Music Recommendations: Air Credits: Believe That You’re Here Dos Monos: Dos Siki Second Season; Larderello Moor Mother: Black Encyclopedia of the Air Various Artists: Sounds of Pamoja (Nyege Nyege Tapes) Rey Sapienz and The Congo Techno Ensemble: Na Zala Zala Youngman & Celestaphone: A Year Of Octobers Andrew Mbaruk: Andra Mbalimbali Injury Reserve: By The Time I Get To Phoenix Pan Amsterdam: P.A&JSammich Aaron Cartier: Smile Season Rob Sonic: Latrinalia Lungs: The Birth Of LoneSword Curly Castro: Little Robert Hutton Flavor Wolf: 9th Dimension (Myka 9, prod. by Freematik) This episode’s edition of Hip Hop Haikus features the great Rhys Langston. / Kool Keith returns for a third round of Weird Rap Horoscopes. (Check out our official Kool Keith T-shirts, by the way, at And for our feature presentation, weird rap royalist Mike Ladd takes us through his life and career, from his early identification as an "outsider" through the NYC art rap heyday with Antipop Consortium, Company Flow, Sonic Sum, etc., to future works. He details the Infesticons trilogy and its forthcoming offshoots, his past and current rap inspirations, thoughts on labels and language, and much more. In the 35-minute Patreon bonus episode, Mike shares his journey through substance abuse, his current non-psychoactive addiction, and beyond. $3 gets you this and a hoard of exclusive interviews with Antipop, Spectre of Wordsound, New Kingdom, Bigg Jus, Doseone, Orko, Cambatta, and others. (Higher price tiers include stickers, shirts, Weird Rap Discussion Gang membership, etc.) Thanks for listening. Please support us with a few moments of your time and a few clicks at
108:58 10/06/2021
Midwest Rap (Weird Rap Discussion Gang #22)
We discuss a handful of midwest rap artists: Elzhi, Esham, Tech N9ne, envelope, Danny Brown, and Black Milk. With your hosts, Beverly Fresh, Chief Doomsday & Th' Mole. Video version at After Hours discussion at Please rate/review at All the other Weird Rap stuff at
55:30 09/15/2021
Kid Rappers (Weird Rap Discussion Gang #21)
We discuss rap by kids: Another Bad Creation, Kriss Kross, Illegal, Da Youngsta's, 5th Ward Juvenilez, BG, Baby D (Lil Wayne), Bobb'e J, Fly Girlz, YN Rich Kidzz, Silentó, Soulja Boy, Rich Brian, & Zaza. Video version: After Hours discussion (Slim Jesus, 2 Low): (If you like kid rap, tune in to this Sunday's Weird Rap Radio Show at in which Lil Kushy Shapes will play a whole damn hour of it.  To be archived later at Your hosts: Beverly Fresh - Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice - Th' Mole - For the love of god, please support us with a few clicks at Much more Weird Rap stuff at
83:04 08/25/2021
Cypress Hill: S/T (WR Discussion Gang #20) ft. Skiz Fernando
We discuss the groundbreaking self-titled debut Cypress Hill album. We're joined by guest Skiz Fernando (AKA Spectre of Wordsound Recordings, author of From The Streets of Shaolin: The Wu-Tang Saga). With your usual hosts: Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice - Th' Mole - Video version: [Thurs. Aug. 12] After Hours Discussion (on Cypress Hill: Black Sunday): Please rate/review: All the Weird Rap stuff:
72:40 08/09/2021
10. Bigg Jus (Company Flow), plus Kool Keith, etc.
In the latest episode of Weird Rap Podcast we speak in-depth with Bigg Jus and pay respect to Biz Markie. Kool Keith returns for another round of Weird Rap Horoscopes, and Eb&Flow is back with a Rap Grifters report. We also introduce the Hip Hop Haikus segment with guest poet Andrew Mbaruk. Plus more! MC/producer Bigg Jus, who ghosted the world for 9 years, is making his way back into the public eye as he ramps up for a string of releases. We get into the grit of his upbringing as an orphan, adopted only to become homeless, and how this led him to graffiti. From military school to street crime and finally into music (where he first made his mark with Company Flow), we follow Jus's trajectory through the decades, wherein his political, historical and sonic studies lead up to the current day. He talks about his upcoming projects with Orko Eloheim (as Nephilim Modulation Systems), his album-in-progress Sonoluminescence, and how he’s finally found the family that eluded him as a kid. The bonus episode features another 23 minutes with Jus in which we get deeper into his writing and recording practices, political views, pre-Company Flow works, and more. It’s yours, along with all the past bonus content (including exclusive interviews with Orko, Antipop Consortium, New Kingdom, etc.), for 3 tiny dollars at The Rap Grifters series continues as guest correspondent Eb&Flow breaks down the thinly-veiled white supremacist dogwhistler Tom MacDonald. The segment is followed by a brief discussion with Eb&Flow. As one of rap’s original outsiders, Biz Markie’s recent passing looms large in the weird rap universe. We detail his musical history and what he meant to us. Also made a playlist of some of our Biz favorites at We introduce several new segments to the show: Are You Wealthy, Did You Know?, and Hip Hop Haikus, the latter featuring a brief original spoken-word piece by MC/poet Andrew Mbaruk. For your zodiacal needs, resident wizard Kool Keith returns with another edition of Weird Rap Horoscopes. And we recommend The Crate 808 Podcast. We’ve updated our ratings page so that now virtually anyone can help us combat the brutal algorithmic overlords with a few clicks in a minute or less at Please do. T-shirts, socials, and all the other Weird Rap stuff is at
112:44 08/06/2021
WR Chaotic Shitshow #3 ft. Nosaj & Jouquin Fox
Special guests Nosaj (New Kingdom) and Jouquin Fox join Beverly Fresh and Th' Mole on the Weird Rap Chaotic Shitshow to share and discuss some "guilty pleasures" (Master P, Pigeon John, Lil Yachty, Young MC, and Jay-Z).  Plus the Useless Trivia Championship and more... Video version at Bonus episodes at Please rate/review at All the Weird Rap stuff at
69:23 07/27/2021
Concept Albums (WR Discussion Gang #19)
Talking about concept albums: * Clipping - Splendor & Misery * Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst * Childish Gambino - Because The Internet * Kid 'N Play - Funhouse With special guest Protextor - And the usual gang of nerds: Beverly Fresh - Chief Doomsday - Th' Mole - After Hours discussion at Video version at Please check out all our stuff at Please help us with a few clicks at
74:13 07/14/2021
Trugoy of De La Soul (WR Discussion Gang #18)
Part two of our two-part series focusing on De La Soul's Plugs One (Posdnuos) & Two (Trugoy). With your hosts... Chief Doomsday - Th' Mole - After Hours discussions & much more at Video version at Please check out all our stuff at Please give us a rating at
29:15 07/07/2021
9. Doseone & Andrew Mbaruk, plus Kool Keith
As a founding member of anticon, frontman of Themselves, Subtle, 13&God, etc., and too many other projects to list, Doseone has secured his legacy as one of hip hop’s most unique and accomplished multidisciplinary artists. We drill into his stony veneer as he shares not only his artistic but his emotional drives, revealing his relationship with death, aggression, and therapy. Our bonus episode features an additional 15 minutes with Doseone, as he describes his outlook on politics, classism and Saafir. Additionally Andrew Mbaruk shares his impressions of Doseone’s G Is For Deep album. It’s available, along with all our past bonus content, for $3 at Eb&Flow presents part one of his Rap Grifters series, investigating the growing phenomenon of white supremacists and other nefarious infiltrators of hip hop culture who covertly work towards dangerous political aims under the guise of artistry. And we proudly debut Kool Keith’s Weird Rap Horoscope series! Finally, we speak with MC/poet Andrew Mbaruk about his mental state, his artistic intent, his drug use, and his album, Papier-Mâché Chalet. Weird Rap socials, playlists, record label, etc. at Please rate/review at
125:51 06/30/2021
WR Chaotic Shitshow #2: Transformative Embarrasment
In this edition of the Weird Rap Chaotic Shitshow, the Discussion Gang members are joined by the weirdest man alive, David Liebe Hart (of Adult Swim/Tim & Eric), and Canadian rap weirdos Epic and Kitz Willman of the Saskatoon Folk Rap collective. They share some of their most embarrassing art and music, and play another round of the Useless Trivia Championship.  They also get porn-bombed by a couple of trolls. Video version: Bonus episodes: Please rate/review: All the Weird Rap stuff:
46:40 06/29/2021
Posdnuos of De La Soul (WR Discussion Gang #17)
Part one of our two-part series focusing on De La Soul's Plugs One (Posdnuos) & Two (Trugoy), respectively. With the usual gang of nerds: Beverly Fresh - Chief Doomsday - Th' Mole - After Hours discussion (another 20 minutes on De La Soul, etc.) at Video version at Please check out all our stuff at Please give us a rating at
54:24 06/17/2021
Ol' Dirty Bastard (WR Discussion Gang #16 ft. Buddha Monk, Skiz Fernando)
The gang discusses Ol' Dirty Bastard's debut album, Return To The 36 Chambers, with... Buddha Monk, ODB's childhood friend & closest comrade throughout his career, was in the studio behind the mixing board for almost the entirety of the album's creation, & certainly has the deepest insights into its production & ODB as both a person & artist. He co-authored the book On Stage, In The Studio, And In The Streets With Ol' Dirty Bastard, & as a recording artist & label owner, he continues the legacy of ODB's crew, Brooklyn Zu, to this day. Skiz Fernando (AKA Spectre, CEO of Wordsound Recordings) has done dozens of interviews with all of the Wu-Tang since the 90s, for The Source, Vibe, Rolling Stone, etc. His definitive Wu biography, From the Streets of Shaolin, comes out July 6. Tokyo Cigar produced the latest album by Wu-affiliate & Sunz Of Man member Hell Razah (Heaven Razah: Spiritual Kung-Fu). And your usual hosts: Beverly Fresh - Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice - Th' Mole - After Hours discussion (an extra 30 minutes on ODB) & complete Buddha Monk interview (including an additional 45 minutes on ODB, etc.): Video version: Please rate/review: Even more Weird Rap stuff:
150:51 05/27/2021
Saafir (Weird Rap Discussion Gang #15 with Demone Carter)
Special guest Demone Carter of Dad Bod Rap Pod joins the gang to celebrate the vocal gymnastics and linguistic wizardry of Saafir. After Hours discussion at With your usual hosts: Beverly Fresh - Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice - Th' Mole - After Hours discussion (an extra 30 minutes on Saafir, rap movies, De La Soul & more): Video version: Even more Weird Rap stuff:
70:48 05/13/2021
Tierra Whack (Weird Rap Discussion Gang #14)
Talking about Tierra Whack; her 2018 album, Whack World, and several of her subsequent singles. With your hosts: Beverly Fresh - Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice - Th' Mole - After Hours discussion & more: All the other Weird Rap stuff: Rate/review:
46:16 05/05/2021
8. Odd Nosdam, Illogic
We’re back, talking in-depth with Illogic and Odd Nosdam, reporting on some new albums, a book and a podcast, and paying tribute to Shock G. Available at all fine podcast outlets, at, or at Starting with Nosdam, we get into his unique approach to hip hop production, his history with the divisive and groundbreaking collective Anticon, working with Serengeti and Circus of The Shape Shifters, and how he linked up with Illogic for their fantastic new EP, Right The Ship. With Illogic, guest correspondent Beverly Fresh digs deep into the creative drives and processes of the thoughtful and prolific MC, discussing ways to navigate the choppy seas of contemporary society. They also talk about his podcast, Super Duty Tough Work, and more. In the Patreon bonus episode Nosdam speaks about his Glass Cutters project with Jel, and he also gets into some behind-the-scenes celebrity intrigue that is simply too spicy for public consumption! Meanwhile Illogic relays some fascinating history around the Columbus OH hip hop scene, and talks about how he started working with Greenthink (Doseone and Why?). PLUS the pair has generously offered us an exclusive, unreleased track of theirs which is truly beautiful. $3/month gets you that, all past and future bonus episodes, and the Weird Rap Discussion Gang ‘After Hours’ episodes. $5 also gets you Weird Rap stickers and access to the weekly Weird Rap Discussion Gang live recordings (during which you can interact with us via text). We also get into a book/album report on Rhys Langston’s brilliant Language Arts Unit, some new albums by Serengeti (Curse Of The Polo) and Sharkula x Mukqs (Take Caution On The Beach), and a podcast recommendation (Dope KNife and Linqua Franqa’s Waiting On Reparations). And we announce the arrival of the Weird Rap Radio Show (Sundays, 6pm Western/9 Eastern) on S.P.A.Z. Radio, a weekly hour of unique rap music presented by a rotating cast of hosts. (Archived at Finally, we pay our respects to OG weird rapper Shock G of Digital Underground. May he live on in peace and Humptiness forever. Please, for the love of God, rate/review at
105:57 04/28/2021
Weird Rap Discussion Gang #13 with David Liebe Hart
Special guest David Liebe Hart (Adult Swim/Tim & Eric) joins the gang to discuss audience-suggested songs: 1. Tim Fite "For-Closure (Live)" 2. Knieght Rieduz "Knieght Rieduz Are Here" 3. K-Rino "Grand Deception" 4. Ahmad ft. Ras Kass & Saafir "Come Widdit" 5. Sebutones "We Three Kings" 6. Death Grips "Takyon (Death Yon)" 7. Death Grips "Takyon But Every Other Beat Is Missing" 8. Steve-O "Crack Cocaine (Fees So Good)" 9. R.A.P. Ferreira "U.D.I.G. (United Defenders of International Goodwill)" 10. Black Eyed Peas "Fallin' Up" 11. Nnamdi "Let Go Of My Ego" 12. Themselves feat. Why? & cLOUDDEAD "Rapping 4 Money" After Hours discussion: Video version: With your hosts: Beverly Fresh - Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice - Th' Mole - Rate/review: More Weird Rap stuff:
64:47 04/23/2021
Weird Rap Discussion Gang #12 - Sci-Fi Rap
In this episode... Digital Underground "Future Rhythm" [Future Rhythm] El-P "Habeas Corpses" feat. Cage [I'll Sleep When You're Dead] Rammellzee "Brainstorm (Divine Styler Remix)" [Cosmic Flush] Killah Priest "Heavy Mental" [Heavy Mental] Cibo Matto "Sci-Fi Wasabi" [Stereo Type A] Dr. Octagon "Biology 101" feat. Sir Menelik [Dr. Octagonecologyst] Devin The Dude "Zeldar" [Just Tryin' Ta Live] A Tribe Called Quest "The Space Program] [We Got It from Here...] With co-hosts: Beverly Fre$h - Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice - Video version at After Hours Discussion at Please rate/review at
65:11 04/14/2021