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The Powerful Communication podcast from Comsteria is an essential listen for businesses, brands, comms teams and public relations professionals. We cover every aspect of communication - from social media and websites, video production and podcasts, to traditional media relations, interviews, presentation skills and much more. If you've got something to say and want to say it better, and if you're interested in the fast moving world of corporate communications - this is the podcast for you. Fast moving, jargon free, opinionated and dedicated to helping you in the course of your work.


Why you shouldn't use the phrase 'town hall' to describe a business meeting
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04:38 5/9/24
Màiri McAllan and a lesson in how to give and receive criticism
Rule Number 1 - only pick fights you can't lose. Rule Number 2 - learn to recognise when you're dealing with a winner. Some advice from Comsteria's Colin Kelly.
07:12 5/9/24
Writing training - confidential, bespoke support for your writing
Contact us today for tailored, confidential support to develop your writing skills.
07:18 4/30/24
Google Podcasts Is Closing - Here's What You Need To Do
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01:51 4/26/24
Be A Guardian Of The Journalism Profession
Your message, with clarity and personality. Comsteria's mission is to help your organisation communicate with power. Find out more about all our training, consultancy and creative services in our 2024 brochure. 
05:14 4/26/24
The thing Scottish politicians do when they speak that drives audiences up the spout
Y'all know who you are.
02:57 4/17/24
Media Training Tip: The General-Specific transition
Here's something you can try if you're facing questions from a hostile audience. Comsteria's media trainer Colin Kelly shares a quick tip that can get you out of a tight spot and balance up a negative line of questioning from journalists or your own staff. Find out more about our #powerfulcommunication training, Visit Comsteria online at
06:11 4/16/24
Attitudes To AI
What impact are your attitudes towards AI having on your team?
07:32 4/1/24
Crisis comms and the need for compassion in holding statements
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09:48 3/29/24
Spell it out to help the NHS
Colin Kelly is back on the Powerful Communication podcast from Comsteria. Grab our new training and creative services brochure, with full details of our courses and content creation. Should we talk about 'National Health Service' instead of 'NHS' all the time?
05:05 3/14/24
In praise of Iona MacGowan and Sam Sulek
A quick chat about 2 of the best communicators I've ever encountered. There's so much you can learn from Iona MacGowan and Sam Sulek if you're interested in digital media content creation, general marketing and anything around engaging an audience. Brilliant.
07:09 2/27/24
Why do football clubs put their managers in such vulnerable positions?
The Celtic manager referred to a reporter as a 'good girl' when he walked away from a post match interview yesterday. Why don't PR and comms profesionals get involved when things like this occur? Can't they see the potential for reputational damage? Easier all round of course if men improve their attitudes but it should't take national newspaper headlines the following day and an outcry from women's groups for the BUSINESS to realise this shouldn't have happened. Stop deifying football managers and other powerful people in your organisation. Treat them like the liabilities they often are, especially in these moments of high emotion.  Risk assess every media engagement. 
08:51 2/26/24
The Comsteria AI Challenge
Replace the word 'legislation' with the word 'guidance'. Send your completed MP3 recording to  
05:08 2/16/24
Josh Simons on LBC comments about Scotland
Another horror story you can learn from.
10:16 2/13/24
Thought leadership false assertions
If you're involved in thought leadership in any way, you ought to be aware of the dangers of false assertions. Here's Comsteria's Colin Kelly with more.  Looking for new ways to get your message across with clarity and personality? Ask about our Presenting With Confidence prsentation skills training.
05:17 1/30/24
Reaction to Chris O'Shea £4.5 million salary
Comsteria's media trainer Colin Kelly reacts to CEO of Centrica, Chris O'Shea's latest interview here he reveaed his salary last year was £4.5 million. Are you able to be sp upfront about your earnings? What are the pros and cons of sharing this in an interview? Have a listen.
09:53 1/19/24
Media training breakthrough - cutting out the verbal crutches.
Here's a quick look at what went on during our media training webinar yesterday. A couple of participants made some excellent progress. Think we can help you? Get in touch -    
04:42 1/18/24
Changing the way we talk about mental health
Colin Kelly from Comsteria calls for a grown up conversation around mental health and an end to what he calls 'an unholy mangling of the English language'. Every year, Comsteria helps more than 200 organisations communicate with power. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.
04:22 1/12/24
How to get your staff back to the office
This is an issue many organisations are facing at the moment. But there's a lack of understanding around why many staff are reluctant to come back. In this episode, Comsteria's Colin Kelly explains how many employees have been left feeling after the COVID pandemic and cost of living crisis and how you need to better understand what's going on in their heads. There's also some advice regarding what you could do to try and change this situation - and the key - we believe, is in forming communities based around the extra curricular passions of your staff. Need more? Get in touch with us. 
11:19 1/11/24
Should your business have an AI working group?
Comsteria's Powerful Communication podcast helps communications professionals and small business owners navigate today's fast moving communications world. Today, Colin Kelly discusses how you might implement an internal working group to discuss the role of artificial intelligence in your organisation. To find out more about Comsteria and the work we do, visit our website.
03:30 1/9/24
How would your business cope with a YouTube audit video?
Comsteria is back for 2024 helping businesses like yours communicate with power. From media training to crisis comms, smartphone video production, writing workshops and podcasting, we are here to support you with every aspect of your corporate communications activity. In this podcast, our media trainer and Managing Director Colin Kelly explores the growing phenomenon of YouTube 'audit' videos where people turn up with phones, cameras and drones and film as much of your business as they can and then post the recordings on YouTube. Some of them are even live streams. How would you react if this happened to you? For an example of the sort of video we're talking about - check out this channel: We make no comment on the behaviour of anyone appearing in these videos, neither party is known to us and we have no interest in it. The important point for us, is that more than half a million people have now viewed this particular video. What steps can you take to prepare your team (and perhaps third party contractors if your site security is outsourced)for something similar happening at your gate?
07:45 1/7/24
Job titles and biographies
When you're introduced at conferences or on podcasts, make sure you give a positive first impression. You don't need to use your actual job title and don't include abslutely everything you've ever done when the host asks for your biography.
03:07 12/6/23
Marketing Essentials - Pizza Express and the marble table
Every business needs a value proposition, a USP, an edge over its competitors. Could the promise of marble tables do it for Pizza Express? I'm not convinced.
03:21 10/3/23
A common sense approach to AI in comms and PR
I said I'd only mention AI on this channel when there was something useful and relevant to share. Here are a few thoughts, courtesy of the Government Communication Service who is using the technology to good effect.
06:57 10/3/23
Thoughts on TFL Bond Street Burberry takeover and Reaction to Russell Brand allegations
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07:32 9/18/23
500 ish episode special
This is a special edition of our podcast, for our loyal subscribers. We recently flew past a milestone - our 500th podcast episode. So here is a special episode taking a moment to reflect on our business journey, highlight our wider mission and share some insights into what makes Comsteria what is it. It's a much longer episode than normal and features the following: - Thoughts about living and working with COVID - How Emma joined the business, and how we met! - All about our grammar and proofreading and writing training - A free gift for anyone that makes it to listening all the way to the end! Get in touch via  to claim your free gift! Thanks for listening and here's to the next 500 episodes!
20:24 9/15/23
Media Training Advice - Understanding Key Messages
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03:34 9/14/23
Do you need media training if you don't deal with the media?
Comsteria has been delivering the UK's most relevant media relations training since 2012. It might come as a surprise to hear that some of the participants on our courses have no intention of going on camera and facing journalists. But they still get plenty out of the day.  Find out more about Comsteria's #powerfulcommunication revolution. Visit our website today. 
02:16 9/11/23
Lessons from the Luis Rubiales Kiss Row
Comsteria founder and crisis communications consultant Colin Kelly shares some opinions on the row involving Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales and the controversial statement the organisation issued in his defence.
02:41 9/1/23
Why do so many politicians speak like jerks?! Media training tip.
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
04:55 8/23/23

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