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The Short Term Rental Profits Show

Navigate the rapid rise of short term real estate investment properties with the SHORT TERM RENTAL PROFITS podcast. Airbnb and VRBO have created new opportunities for savvy income property investors to increase cash flow and maximize ROI. Listen to SHORT TERM RENTAL PROFITS and learn how to identify the best markets to invest in as each city offers unique ratios of risk and profitability. Learn how property managers can simplify the experience for investors and how you can leverage dynamic pricing to maximize revenues as seasonal demand varies throughout the year. Listen and learn how to market and advertise your property using the latest tools and learn the key differences between short term rental and residential rental strategies. Do you want to increase positive cash flow today while tapping into the short term rental market of tomorrow? Listen to the SHORT TERM RENTAL PROFITS podcast and learn key tips on how to select, purchase, and market your property. Your family’s financial freedom is just one podcast away, listen to SHORT TERM RENTAL PROFITS today.


George Gammon Speaking at Empowered Investor LIVE 10:13 08/26/2021
66: When Supply Chain Disruptions Might End with Venveo's Zach & Beth 27:34 07/30/2021
65: How Covid Changed the Short-Term Rental Tenant with Julia Spencer 27:38 06/11/2021
64: Are You Taking on Too Much Risk with George Gammon, Part 2 27:51 06/08/2021
63: Are You Taking on Too Much Risk with George Gammon, Part 1 37:37 06/05/2021
62: The Short Term Rental Market with Jasper Ribbers 35:25 04/09/2021
61: Short-Term Rental Legends, Eric Moeller, Drive-In Markets are Thriving Markets! 34:58 02/12/2021
60: A Course In Miracles, Dr. Robert Rosenthal 43:15 02/06/2021
59: 2021 SMART Goals! 5-Year Investment Plan 30:10 01/09/2021
58: Successful Short-Term Rental Location St. Augustine, Self-Driving Cars, Housing Inventory, Rabbi Moffic 34:31 12/24/2020
57: Giving Thanks - The Power of Gratitude 33:49 11/28/2020
56: Surprise COVID Moving Trends Jenna Weinerman Updater 58:45 11/21/2020
55: Advanced Tax Strategies for Savvy Investors by Amanda Han & Matthew MacFarland 27:33 10/23/2020
Special Announcement: Pandemic Investing Summit 02:45 09/26/2020
53: Wholesaling & Flipping Houses with Lex Levinrad 22:51 09/04/2020
52: Smart Locks by Kleard & Self-Management, Smart Real Estate & Self Tour Tech 42:35 08/28/2020
50: True Reagan & Winning Your Audience, Deliver a Message with the Confidence of a President by James Rosebush 30:43 07/04/2020
49: Dollar Milkshake Brent Johnson, Santiago Capital, Gold 29:56 06/26/2020
48: Mortgage Rate Update for May 2020 10:37 05/09/2020
47: Global Crypto-Currency? CARES Act $170 Billion RE Investors 31:43 04/20/2020
46: Have Short-Term Rentals Changed Amid Coronavirus? 32:29 04/06/2020
45: Understanding the 1031 Exchange and Alternatives 35:45 03/29/2020
44: Pat Donohoe, Author “Heads I Win Tails You Lose” 36:33 03/25/2020
42: Presidential Candidates Capital Gains Tax Plans & CAPE Ratio 34:53 03/18/2020
41: Property Tour, Empowered Investors, Hybrid Property Management 24:47 03/13/2020
40: Appreciation Estimate, Client Questions, Loan Limits, Debt Coverage Ratio and A Fire-Side Chat 27:31 03/11/2020
39: Mortgage Rate Update February 2020 10:07 03/06/2020
38: Performing Due Diligence: Home Insurance, Inspections, Verifying Rents & Property Management 26:05 02/28/2020
37: Performing Due Diligence: Home Prices, Property Taxes, Loans & Home Inspections 28:51 02/21/2020
36: Mortgage Rate Update February 2020 10:06 02/14/2020