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It's Not As You Perceive

Christianity is laden with misconceptions about what it truly means to be a Christian. Many believers have left their churches in search of a relevant faith that challenges their walk with the Savior. It's Not As You Perceive examines crucial topics that every self-professing believer must grapple and come to terms with in order that they secure eternal life and live the life abundant that Jesus Christ taught. Be prepared to leave your denominational mindset at the door and have your Western mindset challenged as we search for the truth Faith once delivered to the first century Saints. This is the only podcast and blog of its kind. Prepare to have your perceptions of the Faith challenged and your walk with Messiah drastically improved.


How to Keep the Month of the Aviv Replay 120:15 04/04/2019
Impediments to our Understanding the Faith and God 65:21 06/08/2018
Impediments to our Understanding Things of the Faith 65:36 06/01/2018
Keeping Shavuot-The Feast of Weeks-Pentecost---Its Importance and Meaning to Messianic Believers Today 100:36 05/27/2018
Living a Life Beyond the Norm 113:51 05/15/2018
A Call For Unity in the Body of Messiah 77:09 05/01/2018
Day of Firstfruits and Keeping the Sabbath Holy 101:22 04/10/2018
Observing and Guarding the Month of Aviv 116:40 03/18/2018
Contending for the Faith 56:40 12/25/2017
Law of Reconciliation Part 2--How the Law Applies to Salvation--INAYP-88 40:13 05/02/2017
Why We Celebrate the Feasts--Lesson-15--Episode 87 95:08 04/22/2017
Law of Reconciliation-Part-1 59:52 03/10/2017
Reconciliation of a Broken Marriage 87:02 01/11/2017
Love That Pleases God 55:51 12/17/2016
The Spirit of the Sons of God 77:16 12/03/2016
Pentecost and the Gospel of the Kingdom--Part 10 45:54 10/26/2016
The Wave Sheaf and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God 53:13 10/01/2016
The Gospel of the Kingdom of God Part 8 49:54 09/08/2016
Passover and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God- 44:15 09/01/2016
The Sabbath and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God 38:15 08/22/2016
The Gospel of the Kingdom of God Part 5--INAYP-77 52:43 08/10/2016
The Gospel of the Kingdom--Part 4--INAYP-76 57:04 08/03/2016
Who Are the Sons of God--Part 3 of the Multi-Episode Series Entitled The Gospel of the Kingdom of God--INAYP-75 36:04 07/27/2016
The Gospel of the Kingdom of God--Part 2--It's Not As You Perceive 39:56 07/18/2016
The Gospel of the Kingdom, Part 1 44:54 07/09/2016
Common Misconceptions of Pentecost-Part 1--It's Not As You Perceive 25:13 06/14/2016
What Does It Really Mean to be Born Again--It's Not As You Perceive--Episode 71 52:45 05/24/2016
Death and Eternity 60:12 01/05/2016
What is the New Covenant? It's Not As You Perceive 66 66:59 11/15/2015
Reflections on Feast of Tabernacles 2015 and The First and Last Exodus Conference--It's Not As You Perceive 65 78:44 10/11/2015