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Dr. Rahat Sayyad is a Physician, Certified Parenting Coach for teenagers and mom of two. She believes that parenting is something that should NOT be learnt on the job. Using her medical expertise, research and personal experience as a parent she wishes to provide some mental peace, to all those struggling parents. Tune in for expert interviews, practical advice and her personal parenting experience as a doctor mommy on child health and challenging behaviours in kids and teenagers.


Old school parenting hacks. 13:52 06/29/2021
Mindfulness techniques for parents 18:37 06/18/2021
Interactive play 52:59 06/10/2021
Teen brain 18:02 06/01/2021
Mindfulness 48:37 05/18/2021
From "Instructional" to "conversational" parenting. 04:05 05/12/2021
Screens aren't that bad. (All about video games, educational apps, porn, cyberbullying) 61:11 05/10/2021
Happy marriage equals happy home. 37:14 05/03/2021
Ditch power parenting, Become an empowered parent 31:34 04/24/2021
Secrets to communicating with tweens and teenagers. 13:08 04/17/2021
Understanding teen brain, Raising resilient teens. 41:57 04/10/2021
Ep. #29 Bullying, Teaching your kids to accept themselves as they are With author Craig Pomranz 33:05 04/06/2021
Ep. #28 Teens, Instagram and Parents 19:56 03/28/2021
Ep. #26. Real Moms Real Talks- Raising Boys Right with Batul Mumin 28:24 02/21/2021
Ep. #25 All About Depression And Therapy With Clinical Psychologist Dr. Mimansa Singh 29:18 02/14/2021
Ep. #24 Tackling sibling feuds 11:44 02/08/2021
Ep. #23 The Unique Child- With Chairperson of Fragile X society of India, Mrs Shalini Kedia. 34:01 01/29/2021
Ep. #22 Modern parenting trends in the post-pandemic era and how to handle them. with Behavioural Expert dr. Marcie Beigel 33:59 01/15/2021
Ep. #21 How to help your child attain his maximum height up to his full genetic potential- with Pediatric Endocrinologist. Dr. Alok 35:49 01/09/2021
Ep. #20 Three important life lessons i wish i was taught earlier as a kid. 12:11 12/30/2020
Ep. #19 Everyday behavioural problems in children with Behavior coach Katie Gately (USA) 29:29 12/18/2020
Ep. #18 Money Matters- Teach your child how to handle and spend money consciously. 07:02 12/11/2020
Ep. #17 How to connect with your tweens and teenagers with Psychologist Dr. Mary Ruth Hackett(USA) 35:28 12/04/2020
Ep. #16 How to Identify infantile spasms and take action. With President of Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance- Kari Rosbeck 16:45 11/27/2020
Ep. #15 Why do kids lie and how to handle it? 11:17 11/19/2020
Ep. #14 Why and how to teach your kids about Life Skills 08:47 11/16/2020
EP. #13 Infertility and IVF - A complete guide with dr. Riddhi Doshi (Gynecologist, Obstetrician and Fertility specialist) 48:50 11/05/2020
Ep. #12. How to Parent a Highly Sensitive Child With Parenting Coach-Jen Harrison 21:44 10/30/2020
Ep. #11 Why do your child discipline techniques fail to work. 10:05 10/22/2020
Ep. #10 How to know if your child has autism with Dr. Farah Adam 54:28 10/15/2020