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The financial impact of divorce can be overwhelming and possibly devastating if you’re not prepared. Let us help ensure that the decisions you make during this stressful time will lead to long-term financial success. Welcome to Smart Financial Divorce with Brie Reyes, where each episode Brie will walk you through the important things you need to consider when it comes to protecting yourself and loved ones when going through a divorce. She'll cover topics like mediation support, collaborative divorce, litigation support, post divorce transition, divorce financial planning and more. Brie is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner, and a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant. She's an independent investment advisor with 15 years of experience and founded Smart Financial Divorce in 2019 after watching several friends and clients go through painful divorces. She walks clients through a five-step process that empowers them to feel confident when facing an uncertain future. Learn more at or by calling 817-444-8402.


Ep 26: Forgotten Assets in Divorce
When going through a divorce, we generally think about how to split major assets like a house, or a sizeable retirement account. But there are other assets that can get left behind in this process. Brie will discuss some of the assets a lot of people tend to forget about and how we can work to a resolution for them. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
23:43 09/29/2022
Ep 24: Getting Fired & FERS Pension in Divorce
Divorces can get ugly. So much so that someone might go out of there way to spite an ex even if it negatively impacts them as well. That scenario is one we want to talk about today. What happens Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) coverage and its annuities if your ex-spouse gets terminated from the federal position prior to retirement? We'll break it down today and explain what happens if that scenario occurs. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
20:51 06/23/2022
Ep 23: 7 Steps the Stay At Home Mom Needs to Take Before Divorce
Being a stay-at-home mom while also having to face the divorce process can be extremely difficult, but you can stay ahead of the game and keep prepared by following these seven steps we share today. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
23:53 05/26/2022
Ep 22: What You Should Expect From the Divorce Process
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
21:53 04/28/2022
Ep 21: The 5 Stages of Divorce
There are two different processes when you're dealing with a divorce. There's the legal process and then there's the emotional process. It's hard to say which is more difficult, but both can put a heavy weight on someone facing a divorce. Today we'll gove through the five stages of the emotional process and help you better understand what you're facing. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
24:33 03/31/2022
Ep 20: A Tale of Two Celebrity Divorces
Today we'll look at two high-profile divorces involving Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson, which are being handled in completely different ways, and explain how focusing on your kids can help prevent a divorce from getting ugly. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
21:59 02/24/2022
Ep 19: Insurance Revenge During Divorce
Economic abuse can be difficult to spot and is certainly not talked about enough. This occurs when one partner limits access to money and other resources to create financial dependence as a means of control. We will focus today's show on insurance revenge and the havoc it can cause on a person's life. In addition, we will also give suggestions about how to get out of this situation and some first steps you can start taking. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
19:10 01/20/2022
Ep 18: Collaborative Divorce - What Is It?
When we think of divorce, the word "collaboration" does not come up often. Many people associate divorce with arguing, high tensions, and many other negative connotations. However, there are situations where the ex-spouses are on good terms and are able to have a collaborative divorce. We will discuss what this process is, who this could benefit, and why this might be a better solution than going through a court system. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
26:59 11/23/2021
Ep 17: Divorced Parents Going to Court Over Vaccinating Children
More and more court cases are popping up around the country about who can make decisions over whether to vaccinate a child. These medical arguments between parents aren't new, but this is a great reminder that you should be having these discussions early on. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
22:39 10/28/2021
Ep 16: Financial Mistakes Couples Often Make
Getting husbands and wives on the same page with their retirement plan can often be a challenge. Let’s talk about some of the things that couples often mess up. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
22:55 09/30/2021
Ep 15: Why Long Time Couples Divorce
For a couple decades now, we have witnessed more older couples filing for divorce. After going through many tribulations, raising kids, building a life together, many wonder, "why now?" Brie will discuss some of the common reasoning among these divorces and how this can even have an impact on adult children. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
20:19 08/26/2021
Ep 14: Who Gets The Pet?
Your fur babies can feel like they are part of the family, but that isn't necessarily how the law will treat them when you go through a divorce. Brie will give you all the information you need to know about the different ways to handle the question of pet ownership in a divorce settlement. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
21:37 07/29/2021
Ep 13: Steps to Rebuilding Your Credit After Divorce
A couple episodes ago, we talked through how to build your finances after divorce. On today's episode we shift our focus on how to rebuild your credit. Since credit scores are rather imperative in our society, it's important that you get your credit up as much as you can. So you will have more financial opportunities once the divorce is finalized. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
21:04 06/24/2021
Ep 12: Should You Use a Debt Management Plan?
Debt can be a sensitive topic that people try and stay away from. The cause of debt is often deeply rooted in ourselves and looking inward can be extremely uncomfortable. However, there are resources out there that aim to help you pay off debt and keep you out of debt. Brie discusses some of the different debt management plans that are out there and the potential benefits you may be able to reap from a program like this. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
21:54 05/27/2021
Ep 11: How to Develop a Budget Plan
After your divorce, it can be a mess to determine a new budget for yourself. It can be difficult to be completely honest with yourself and create a budget that reflects your actual expenses. This is where a professional like Brie can step in and help guide you through this process. Brie talks on today's show on exactly how to start building a budget and some considerations you should keep in mind. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
21:49 04/22/2021
Ep 10: 3 Steps to Rebuilding Your Finances After Divorce
A divorce can not only devastate you emotionally, but it can completely wreck your financial stability. However, there are actions you can take to rebuild your finances. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day and taking the right, small steps will eventually lead you to your goal. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
20:59 03/25/2021
Ep 9: What To Do About The Family House?
Many people look at their house as the place where they raised their kids and created years of memories, which is why it can be a difficult asset to part with during the divorce process. However, you may also be able to keep it once the divorce is finalized under certain circumstances. Brie will run through a list of situations with the family home she has seen in her career and will offer some possible solutions if you find yourself in this situation. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
18:05 02/25/2021
Ep 8: Not All Assets Are Equal When It Comes To Divorce
It can be difficult coming to an agreement in a divorce settlement. Going through all your combined and separate assets and trying to split them up evenly is certainly no easy task. To make matters more complicated, some assets may look equal on paper, but there are tax implications and fees associated with certain investments. Brie shares a story about a loved one that went through a divorce and why the assets in the settlement were not equal. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
17:58 01/28/2021
Ep 7: 3 Financial Benefits of Divorce
Money can be such a contentious part of the divorce process as you divide assets. Then there's the worry about how move forward with less income. But it's not all bad news. Today we're going to put a positive spin on a challenging time of your life by telling you about three financial benefits that can come from divorce. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
22:04 12/30/2020
Ep 6: Non-Toxic Divorce Process with Paul Youngblood
Brie is joined alongside by fellow family lawyer Paul Youngblood, who shares advice on how to navigate divorce, and why it is important to find an agreement before entering the court room. We also discuss finding the right lawyer for you, and how you can make the process much easier on you and your family. Contact: Paul's Website: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
42:46 11/24/2020
Ep 5: Financial Coaching with Special Guest Kelly Smith, CPA, CDFA
Kelly Smith is the owner of New Life Divorce Solutions. Her passion is helping people understand their financial situation better, especially for those who are going through divorce. We talk to Kelly about what a financial coach is and some of the common situations she sees in her practice. Contact: Kelly's Website: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
29:57 10/29/2020
Ep 4: Dr. Dre Facing $2 Million Spousal Support Payment
We dive into the recent Dr. Dre divorce case that is in the news and take a look at the specifics of what his spouse is requesting to maintain her lifestyle. We talk about what steps she needs to take during the process and what we can all take away from the situation. Dr. Dre Article: Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
26:23 09/24/2020
Ep 3: What You Need to Know About Handling Real Estate During a Divorce
We invite Dana Wilson to the show. Dana is a certified divorce realtor who works with couples going through a divorce to find the best option for each of them. We discuss what are the common obstacles that Dana sees in his work and why he wanted to be in this business. Contact: Dana Wilson's Website: Second Saturday: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
25:46 08/27/2020
Ep 2: The Top 3 Divorce Settlement Mistakes
We'll cover the top 3 divorce settlement mistakes on today's show. Conversations about taxes, pensions and the home are all on the agenda. Susan also has a question for Brie about alternatives to going to trial during a divorce. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:
18:59 08/16/2020
Ep 1: An Introduction To The Smart Financial Divorce Podcast
This is the first episode of Smart Financial Divorce with Brie Reyes. We ask a few questions to get to know Brie, why she started her business, and what's to come on the podcast. Contact: 817-444-8402 Website: Schedule A Call Online:  
09:33 07/31/2020