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This podcast explores the trials and tribulations of growing up in today’s world. Filled with discussion, debate and a few facts here and there, Lucie tries to find a way to make peace with the inevitability of ageing and what it means to grow up. Striving to find the perfect blend between existential crisis and humour, that will satisfy every millennials' deep seated fear of ageing, and some how attempt to find lightness in the greatest of fears, even wrinkle related ones.


Almost Grown..Up: Episode 32 - Would you rather?
This week we go Meta AF as Lucie questions how we ask better questions of ourselves. Covering her recent discovery with asking better quality questions, what she has learnt and a few suggested questions to road test yourself.  Find the full show notes at
24:43 09/23/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 31; On Values and Veganism
This week Lucie is joined by Kelly McGrath ( to talk about living by values. Uncovering her journey into veganism, how she deals with people disagreeing with her beliefs and what to do to become more conscious about your choices. This is another episode of radical responsibility and a chance for us all to ask how can I become more conscious in my choices and  what would I like to choose? Find the full show notes at  
72:15 09/18/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 30; Conscious choices, activism and what cracks you open
This week Lucie chats to Natasa Leoni a photographer and activist based in Brighton in the UK. Delving further into rebellious responsibility, they talk about making conscious choices, the power of having conversation and what cracks you open to make changes and live by your values.  Exploring the idea of how your values and your life choices work holistically this episode gets into what it is to be a grown up and show up as your whole self. 
49:46 08/12/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 29; Sailing to the Edge
This week is Part Two of Lucie's conversation with Yoga Teach, Author, Speaker and Change Consultant Betsy Reed on the topic of discomfort. This week they delve into finding your edge, and serving when you sail over it. With tips on how to start your own discomfort practice and lean into uncomfortable conversations if you ever needed a quick start guide for discomfort this is it! Find the show notes at
45:51 08/05/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 28; Discomfort and finding your edge
This week is a masterclass in handling discomfort. Growning up can be hard and uncomfortable and just coming out of lockdown after COVID-19 we are painfully aware of how uncomfortable life can get sometimes.  This week Lucie interviews Betsy Reed a speaker, author and leader on social and environmental issues. Betsy is also a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher and as they discuss in this episode somewhat of a 'professional discomforter'.  The conversation covers personal discomfort, societal discomfort and how to keep growing and stay kind to yourself as you go through changes that life brings.  Part one of this two part series is an introduction to where discomfort creeps in from lack of control to lack of knowing and how growing pains are a very real thing. They discuss the idea of finding your edge and what to do when you get there.  This is professional grown upping, so pull up a seat in the blanket fort and let's get uncomfortable together! 
43:06 07/22/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 27; Rebelliously responsible
This week Lucie shares a kick start to a new movement - Rebelliously responsibility. How do we stand up for the things we believe in? How do we get started with making change in the areas of our life and the larger world that we want to change. Join the Almost Grown...Up summer reading challenge to start to get to grips with the things that you care about and how you can make positive change.  Find out more on Instagram 
12:53 07/07/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 26; Why we need to grow the f*ck up... and other reasons to embrace adulting
Half pep talk, half call to action, this weeks episode delves into why it's time we all decided to grow up and do something about the world we see. Tough truths, lots of love and a little bit of discomfort. Just another week in the blanket fort. 
20:50 06/15/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 25; A Pep Talk on Making it Happen
This week Lucie goes rogue and shares a pep talk on how to make things happen. This about getting that project off the ground, doing the creative thing, and making it happen. Going in search of the grown 'uping' that is hidden in creative work. Tired of not doing the thing, or starting the thing and then going for a nap or eating a cookie, this is the antidote! 
36:07 05/27/2020
Almost Grown...Up -Episode 24; Connection, Mastery and What Creativity Demands
What do you do when you live in existential crisis? Well, quite simply you take strangers out for coffee and ask them what they think the meaning of life is. This week Lucie is back with another coffee on the meaning of life. Chatting to Nia, a London based Musician, they delve into the power of creativity to provide purpose, how it builds connection, mastery and the role it plays in life. 
43:43 05/08/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 22; A Newbies Guide to Existential Crisis
Ok, this is not a drill people. Seriously growing up just got a whole lot more pressing and a whole lot more difficult. In this episode Lucie dives into Existential Crisis and how we can all give ourselves a little bit of a break and get through the discomfort of losing our meaning momentarily. Blanket forts are included.
23:18 04/22/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 21; What do you mean
This week Lucie delves into the world of questions and how what we ask can shape the answers we get. And gives suggestions on how you can embrace your inner toddler to start to ask the questions that just might change the way you see yourself and and the world. #butwhy?  
17:04 02/05/2020
Almost Grown..Up: Episode 20; Growing Pains
This week Lucie explores the idea of growing pains and the challenge that comes with growing up and transitions.
20:29 01/29/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 19; The Push and Pull, Forty Two and The Meaning of Life
This week is another Coffee on the Meaning of Life. In this episode Lucie sits down the Madeleine to talk about purpose, meaning and the role it plays in our own lives as well as our collective purpose. Covering everything on making decisions that defines and the meaning in endings it will leave you thoughtful about what you are becoming and how we can grow up a little better day by day. 
36:56 01/15/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 18; How can I Save the World; Musings on Responsibility and a Heroes Complex
This week Lucie is back with a bitesize talk on ways to change the world and how to deal with the overwhelm that comes from wanting to take responsibility for the wider world and make a difference. She shares 4 top tips to help you make a difference and take responsibility for your little part of the world today. 
22:02 01/08/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 17; Life is Your Wall Climb it How You Like
Happy New Year! In this short episode Lucie shares some of the best wisdom from her 50 coffees on the meaning of life and a little bit of inspiration for growing up in the year ahead.
11:32 01/01/2020
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 16; Part Two of Ten Things I Learnt About Growing Up in the Last Decade
Lucie is back for Part Two of ten things she learnt this decade about growing up. In this episode we touch on kindness, the importance of play, building your community and the heavy hitter of learning (well trying to learn) patience.  She also talks about the time of how we can countdown to the new decade with some kindness and possibility. 
34:07 12/24/2019
Almost Grown...Up - Episode 15; Ten Things I Learnt About Growing Up in the Last Decade,
This week is Part One of 'Ten Things I Learnt About Growing Up in the Last Decade". In it Lucie takes us on a tour of her first 5 lessons of growing up and why you should give them a go.  From opening post to accepting the tough situations in life this episode covers everything you need to uplevel your grown upness in 2020.
32:56 12/18/2019
Almost Grown Up... Episode 14; Questioning the Question
This week Lucie and Irina have a coffee on the meaning of life. Questioning the very question it all gets a bit meta and feel good. So basically a metaphor for growing up. Settle down into the blanket for for your own does of meaning.   
24:08 12/11/2019
Almost Grown...Up: Season 2 Episode 1
Hold on to your adulting hats people, it is season two. Lucie is back in the blanket fort to help calm your adulting woes and just generally hang out whilst we all deal with this growing up thing. We kick off season two with a journey into knowing and why its all time we stopped pretending we have a clue. 
24:50 12/04/2019
Almost Grown...Up - Episode Twelve; Shots of meaning
This is a mini episode dedicated to serving you up two shots of meaning. Think of it as a double espresso to get your morning going. And trust me the coffee is good as we take a mini trip to Colombia to find out how a few people there view the meaning of life. 
07:17 06/23/2019
Almost Grown...Up - Episode Eleven; That's the way the Apple Cake crumbles
This episode shares one of the early conversations from Coffee's on Meaning of Life. It's a 30 min edit of a much longer conversation with Photographer, Francis Augusto. Together Francis and Lucie explore many views on a meaning for life, covering everything from duty to  curiosity to Apple Crumb Cake. 
33:54 05/24/2019
Almost Grown...Up - Episode Ten; Reaching a new level in the video game of life
It’s Lucie’s Birthday! And this bitesize podcast covers a few ways to get out of your own way if you are worrying about growing up. Good Birthday rituals, cake eating and why birthdays are like a whole new level on a video game.
18:35 05/03/2019
Almost Grown...Up - Episode Nine; Oat Flat Whites and a movable meaning
This week we dive into another two coffees on the meaning of life. Looking at the power of the story we tell ourselves and how things are constantly changing. 
34:04 04/07/2019
Almost Grown...Up - Episode Eight; Adults in existential crisis getting coffee
In this episode Lucie kicks off a brand new series on the podcast - Adults in existential crisis getting coffee. Aka 50 coffees on the meaning of life.  This episode charts one persons take on the meaning of life. From food, to community to a personal board of directors this fascinating exploration into how we can find meaning and purpose is the first step into the next few months of getting comfortable with someone life big questions. 
44:52 03/13/2019
Almost Grown...Up - Episode Seven; Expectations and Itchy Labels
After a brief Hiatus Lucie is back talking about the ball ache of expectations and why you need to treat yourself like a toddler. 
25:25 12/16/2018
Almost Grown... Up - Episode Six; The first rule of play is... Lego, Sunsets and Seasonal Super Hero Capes
We are back in the blanket fort exploring what it means to be a grown up today. In this episode we discuss play and what playing looks like when you are trying to be a grown up. Everything from rules for playing, how to make play a practice in your life and of course our favourite toys.  So if you need to find a way to lighten up or just want to know that it's acceptable to still play with lego as an adult this could be the answer. 
56:24 10/01/2018
Almost Grown...Up Episode Five; The first Anniversary of my 30th Birthday
This episode is part two of Lucie and Yvonne. They cover the second part of how to be a grown up, along with hints and tips for celebrating milestone birthdays and when to tell people to Grow Up. 
33:00 08/25/2018
Almost Grown...Up Episode Four; The Penny Sweets are Alcohol and the Shop is Life
In this Episode Lucie get's into Birthdays, the worlds expectations on appearing like an adult and how to cope with the intricacies of what it means to 'grow up'
35:24 08/08/2018
Almost Grown Up Episode Three; Acceptance, Celestial Dating and another reminder that 'that s**t is photoshopped'
In this episode we delve more into the topic of self acceptance, discuss what growing up really means and how we could see this positively and also answer the question of whether it is acceptable to sleep under a ceiling of glow in the dark stars.
49:45 07/26/2018
Almost Grown Up Episode Two; Crop Tops and Pissing in the Direction of Travel
In this episode Lucie gets to grips with what being a grown-up means for her outfit choices, including discussions on how to dress as a pirate for work. She also chats to her guest Danae about what being a grown up means, how to build a bucket list for 30 and gets general tips about  life in the world of adults.
36:30 06/05/2018