Show cover of Sexual Heroes with Robert Black

Sexual Heroes with Robert Black

Adult content. Grabby award winner and GayVN award nominee Robert Black is the host, and he's on a mission to destigmatize and demystify many aspects of sexuality within the gay, bisexual, and solo-sexual male community. His diverse array of guests will inform, entertain, and inspire you to embrace and fulfill your own sexual desires. Visit for links to follow Robert on Twitter, join the Heroes & Fans Facebook group, receive news in your email, or support the show.


S5E2 ProudBator: That's Bator with an "O" 30:54 05/23/2022
S5E1 Adam Surge: The Guzzling Gooner-Next-Door 40:53 05/16/2022
S5E0 Season 5 Trailer 01:13 05/09/2022
S4E10 Naughty: On Aural Sex 40:03 01/24/2022
S4E9 JR: Flogging Rage 31:00 01/03/2022
S4E8 John Pendal IML: Outsider 44:17 12/27/2021
S4E7 Dr Steven Davidson: Sexual Integrity 45:44 12/20/2021
S4E6 Joel Benjamin: Powers of Man 34:15 12/06/2021
S4E5 Matty Myers: Conversion "Therapy" Survivor 33:06 11/22/2021
S4E4 CagedJock: Creativity Beyond Chastity 32:19 11/15/2021
S4E3 Andrew Gurza: Disability After Dark 46:40 11/08/2021
S4E2 Countdown of Bad Brohaviors 65:06 11/01/2021
S4E1 Nick Charms: On Fred Flintstone Feet 36:57 10/25/2021
S3E10 Brian Dawson: From Playgirl Centerfold to BDSM Authority 39:38 03/26/2021
S3E9 Lance Charger: Unscripted 27:22 03/19/2021
S3E8 BeastlyBator: Solosexuality on a Spectrum 29:15 03/12/2021
S3E7 Karl Miller: Breaking BDSM Molds 28:30 03/05/2021
S3E6 Austin: Gentle Porn and Watersports 34:25 02/26/2021
S3E5 Colton Ford: Stronger 18:38 02/19/2021
S3E4 Jack Dixon: Romantic at Heart 34:21 02/12/2021
S3E3 Nick Stracener: A DJ's Journey 20:37 02/12/2021
S3E2 Sir JET: Empowered Bottom 21:18 02/05/2021
S3E1 FurryCritter572: Hairy Exhibitionist 23:39 01/29/2021
S2E10 Will Stone: Leathermen Travel 31:45 12/25/2020
S2E9 Pup Kona: A French Bulldog's Tale 32:48 12/18/2020
S2E8 Buck Angel: What Makes a Man 38:39 12/11/2020
S2E7 Richard Sprott PhD: Research on the BDSM / Kink Community 38:58 12/04/2020
S2E6 Ric: ProudBator 32:43 11/27/2020
S2E5 Brent Ray Fraser: Art Sexual 33:09 11/20/2020
S2E4 Will Tantra: Tantric Fitness 34:57 11/13/2020