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Adult content. Grabby award winner and GayVN award nominee Robert Black is the host, and he's on a mission to destigmatize and demystify many aspects of sexuality within the gay, bisexual, and solosexual male community. Robert has been an adult entertainer for 25 years; he also has a master's in education and a bachelor's in nursing. His diverse array of guests will inform, entertain, and inspire you to embrace and fulfill your own sexual desires.


S6E6 MJ: Listen to Your Heart-on
Adult content.In this episode, I interview MJ, the owner of Slammer Club in LA and Club541 in Palm Springs, home of my new club, the Palm Springs Jacks.Guest links:MJ HorneClub541Slammer ClubRobert's links:RobertBlack.onePalm Springs Jacks
27:38 11/19/23
S6E5 Dr Jallen Rix part 2: On Exhibitionism
Dr Jallen Rix joins me again! This time, I ask about his journey to become a sexologist, and we discuss exhibitionism.Dr Jallen Rix linkshttps://DoctorRix.com Rix's interviews with Robert on YouTube Palm Springs Jackshttps://PalmSpringsJacks.orgRobert Black links
38:26 5/12/23
S6E4: Dr Jallen Rix: Special Masturbation Month Episode
May is Masturbation month! Sexologist, Dr Jallen Rix, helps me stress the importance and benefits of masturbation, and point out the overlooked opportunities to incorporate more of it into your life. Dr Jallen Rix's @JallenRixAlso mentioned in this (now This episode is the audio captured from a video interview available on my YouTube Channel. 
15:23 5/1/23
S6E3 Richard Haymes: Called to Action
Through the 80’s, 90’s, and beyond, HIV/AIDS, violence, and other issues impacting the LGBT community were, to many, just headlines. For my guest, Richard Haymes, then living in New York City, they were calls to action, and he responded.This episode is a specially edited version of an in-person interview available on my YouTube
82:36 4/9/23
S6E2 David Pevsner: Unashamed
This episode is a specially edited version of an in-person interview available on my YouTube originally interview my guest, David Pevsner, for season 2 of Sexual Heroes. This time, we talked after shooting a scene together for our OnlyFans and JustFor.Fans pages. David's links and OnlyFans: RealguyLARobert's links
11:00 2/16/23
S6E1 Howard Bragman: Live Your Truth
Sexual hero, Howard Bragman, died on February 11, 2023, less than one month after this interview was conducted.---This episode is a specially edited version of an in-person interview available on my YouTube Channel. publicist Howard Bragman is my guest in this episode. He is best known for helping LGBTQIA+ celebrities publicly come out of the closet, often in a time of crisis, but there is more to his story. Here he shares the full scope of his life's work and passion to help everyone live their truth.Learn more about HowardLa Brea MediaWikipediaAll of of my links can be found
54:15 2/1/23
S5E11 SIR TIM: Mount
Adult content. Season finale.GUEST BIO and LINKSSIR TIM is driven by a belief in service and community. With HIS house DOMUSni (a reference to HIS leather family) HE produces Guys2 Group's shame-free "Mount" and "Deep" bonding events, and seeks to expand and unite the classic community in the digital age through Fetish Vector Digital Flagging. Through, HE sponsors leather events,  including Palm Springs Leather Pride and CLAW.Guys2.orgTwitter @Guys2GroupPIGsolvents.comFetVector.comROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
30:48 7/18/22
S5E10 Stephan Ferris Esq: One Side of Blue
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSStephan Ferris is an entertainment attorney with over a decade of experience as a performer in the adult entertainment industry, perhaps better known to many as Blue Bailey.  He counsels LGBTQ+ and adult content creators, and he is part of an emerging generation of openly queer and sexually progressive activist attorneys who see the law as an opportunity to make social, civic, and cultural change.  He uses his skills and experiences to amplify this perspective to a wide range of audiences through multiple published pieces and speaking engagements related to queer issues, media, and the law. Stephan founded the Law Office of Stephan F. Ferris in 2020 to extend his experience in business and build upon his passion for equity, diversity, fairness, and inclusion in entertainment, cannabis, and psychedelics. Stephan balances his professional life with active social and volunteer commitments including service with various Bay Area LGBTQI+ organizations, such as Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom (“BALIF”), where he currently presides as Programs Co-Chair.  Stephan is also the producer and co-host of the entertainment law podcast Reading is Fundamental.  He is licensed to practice in the State of California with his primary residence in San Francisco and an office centrally located in the heart of San Francisco’s Castro District.StephanFerrisLaw.comReading is BLACKOne link to find them all:
15:27 7/11/22
S5E9 Bob Miller: Beyond CLAW
Adult content.This Endorphin High edition of Sexual Heroes is available in the library at Endorphin High - School of BDSM. You can visit the school and the library at GUEST BIO and LINKSIf anyone deserves the title Sexual Hero, it’s Bob Miller. This grass roots, civil rights and litigation attorney is the President, executive director, and co-founder of The Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend, better known by its acronym, CLAW. In addition to the original event, CLAW is now also being produced annually in Los Angeles.The event features hundreds of exhibitors and breakout sessions led by kink educators. Since beginning in 2002, CLAW has donated nearly a million dollars to organizations within the leather community.Bob is the founder and executive Director of the Leather Hall of Fame which recognizes individuals and organizations that have made substantial contributions to the community. Since 2014, he has been on the Leather Archives & Museum board of directors, and co-chair of the Development Committee. Bob is on the International Mr Leather board of directors, as well as being a trustee for the Renslow Memorial Trust. He is Board Chair for Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS), General Manager for Alphatribe Magazine’s USA edition, the founding director of Fetish Alliance (a worldwide network of fetish business leaders), and an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club.His awards include:2016 Leather Leadership Award from the National LGBTQ Task Force2018 Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Leather Association2021 Los Angeles Leatherman of the Year Payasos Nutcracker Leather Journal interviewLeather Archives and MuseumAlphatribe MagazineCARASROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
25:22 7/4/22
S5E8 Jasun Mark: Behind the Porn Scenes
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSJasun Mark has been in the adult industry for 20 years and has worked with some of the biggest names in porn history. He has won five Grabby Awards including one for best director. He shares that award with business partner Trenton Ducati, for their work on the Hot House movie, Capitol Affairs. He worked for TitanMen for eight years; five of those years as director of production. Currently he co-owns Trailer Trash Boys and Bondage Bros with Trenton Ducati and Anthony Duran. He does freelance work (directing, shooting, and editing porn) for about 12 different studios.All I Want for Christmas is YouTik BLACKOne link to find them all:
21:41 6/30/22
S5E7 Drew Kramer: Twentieth Century Leatherman
Adult content.This Endorphin High edition of Sexual Heroes is available in the library at Endorphin High - School of BDSM. You can visit the school and the library at BIO and LINKSDrew Kramer is 2011 Mr Palm Springs Leather and founder of the Palm Springs Bondage Club. He is also the author of the book, "Twentieth Century Leatherman," and describes it as “almost, but not quite, a work of fiction.” Rather than an ordinary autobiography, Drew  has crafted a story where the reader learns about his transformative experiences and relationships as a leatherman, through multiple characters. Beginning in the 1970’s, the cover also explains the book is “an argument, a history, and a love story.” Twentieth Century Leatherman book on AmazonPart 1 of 3 podcast interview episodes for Leather TalkROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
30:59 6/27/22
S5E6 Paul Rosenberg: The Heart of Jacks
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSI am Robert Black and you are listening to Sexual Heroes. Paul Rosenberg is a writer, production designer, singer and community organizer in Seattle, Washington.In 2005, Paul founded Rain City Jacks.The club’s mission is to "promote and facilitate group masturbation for adult men, expand our individual sexual awareness, celebrate the basic goodness of our sexual impulse, and build a culture of mutual respect and dignity among our fellows."Paul hosts The Heart of Jacks  podcast, and he is writing a similarly titled book. Both the podcast and the book explore and celebrate masturbation and the history of jack-off clubs, a little-known and little-understood thread running through the fabric of Western culture almost completely unseen.The Heart of Jacks podcast on Apple BLACKOne link to find them all:
42:26 6/20/22
S5E5 Phil Miner: Scent of a Man
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSPhil Miner creates spaces where people explore their desires free from judgment and stigma. He's the man behind Pheromone NYC, a party for armpit enthusiasts. He is also the man behind Natural Pursuits, a magazine for queer nudists. Prior to founding PM Pursuits (the umbrella organization), Miner worked in digital HIV/STD education in a healthcare setting where he won a society of illustrators Silver Medal for Art Direction for a PrEP campaign. BLACKOne link to find them all:
24:41 6/13/22
S5E4 Micah Martinez: Kinky Comic Book Nerd
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSIn front of the camera and behind the camera, veteran fetish performer Micah Martinez has been expanding his work and influence in the adult entertainment industry, with studios such as Noir Male, BlacksOnBoys, and ManUpFilms.Twitter @MicahMartinezXLinktr.eeMan Up FilmsROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
21:34 6/6/22
S5E3 Joe Gallagher IML: Seduction
Adult content.  Chapter markers are included in this episode. This Endorphin High edition of Sexual Heroes is available in the library at Endorphin High - School of BDSM. You can visit the school and the library at GUEST BIO and LINKSJoe Gallagher is a Philadelphia native.  He lived in New York from 1987 to 1998. He had the honor of representing New York City as Mr. Leather New York, and then winning International Mister Leather (IML) in 1996. He is a sex positive proponent of exploring our personal potential through S/M. Using his year as IML to focus on the issues of sex and S/M, he spoke across the US and Canada on the importance of being out to ourselves and to our fellows about who we are, and what turns us on. Rather than neutering himself to be politically correct, he focused on a healthy combination of activism for sexual freedom and a realism and appreciation of the transformational power of S/M. Joe was the First IML to come out as HIV+. Joe has lived in San Francisco since 1998. He became a barber in 2002 after attending Moler Barber College in Oakland, and opened Joe’s Barbershop in the San Francisco’s Castro in 2004. Joe lives in a small loft (basically a dungeon) in the Mission District, and he is grateful that it has enough room for him to throw a whip.  He is an Associate of the Chicago Hellfire Club. While he lived in NYC, he was a board member of Gay Male S/M Activists (GMSMA) from 1996 to 1998. He has appeared in four videos; two S/M videos for Zeus ("Brute Force" and " Brute Force II - Expect No Mercy") and Catalina's "Hellbent for Leather". The fourth video was so bad that he tries to never talk about it, and he is horrified when it shows in a bar or sex club while he is (Justfor.Fans)Twitter @BruzerXXXJoesBarbershop.comFlogging, by Joseph BeanROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
36:09 5/30/22
S5E2 ProudBator: That's Bator with an "O"
Adult content.  Chapter markers are included in this episode.GUEST BIO and LINKSMay is Masturbation Month. Who better to celebrate with than one of the first openly solosexual online performers, my good mate Ric, known by the moniker ProudBator. Ric is a returning Sexual Heroes guest and a contestant in The Great BateWorld Bateoff.Justfor.Fans/ Ric: ProudBatorBateWorldROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
30:54 5/23/22
S5E1 Adam Surge: The Guzzling Gooner-Next-Door
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSAdam Surge describes himself as a Tumblr-pocalypse survivor turned adult model, lovable and insatiably horny dude-next-door, Trekkie, linguist, video editor, burlesque performer, pole dancer, and winner of a 2021 Raven’s Eden Award. AdamSurgeXXX on the following platforms:TwitterJustfor.FansOnlyFansManyVidsPornhubBateWorldInstagram: TheAdamSurgeROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
40:53 5/16/22
S4E10 Naughty: On Aural Sex
Adult content. Season finale.GUEST BIO and LINKSMy guest goes by the name Naughty. He is host of the podcast Naughty Audio for Men, a show dedicated to gay audio erotica, which includes: narrated true and fictional sex stories, fantasies, and confessions; interviews; role play; audio of sex, phone sex, and orgasms; and autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).Twitter @AudioforMenRedditEmail NaughtyAudioforMen@gmail.comPatreonROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
40:03 1/24/22
S4E9 JR: Flogging Rage
Adult content.This special edition of Sexual Heroes is included in the library atEndorphin High - School of BDSM ( BIO and LINKSJ.R. has been a member of L.A.'s kink/fetish community since the mid-1990s. He especially loves impact play in all its forms, including flogging, spanking, and punching, and has presented on these topics at events for Avatar and CLAW.J.R. currently serves as president of Avatar Club Los Angeles, whose mission is to provide opportunities for men to explore alternative expressions of sexuality in a safe environment. He is also an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, and an affiliate of Los Angeles' Devil Mask Society. Avatar presents monthly in-person programs and weekend hands-on classes on a variety of BDSM topics.JR and Robert each share their very personal, inside perspective of a recent flogging scene. JR was the top and Robert was the bottom.AvatarLA.orgTwitter @Avatar_LACLAWinfo.orgTwitter @CLAWcorpFour buckle restraintsRobert does NOT receive any compensation for purchases made through the above link. If you enjoyed this episode, you will likely enjoy:S1E4 Robert Black: My Own Personal JourneyROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
31:00 1/3/22
S4E8 John Pendal IML: Outsider
Adult content. This special edition of Sexual Heroes is included in the library atEndorphin High - School of BDSM ( BIO and LINKSJohn Pendal became the 25th International Mr Leather in 2003, the only Briton ever to have won the title, and the following year became a regular host of the Mr Chicago Leather contest. In 2010 he began a decade-long career as a comedian traveling to clubs in cities across the United States and Europe. The pandemic brought his roles as leather contest host and comedian to a screeching halt. A self described outsider with autism, John recognized the opportunity to pursue a new career, as a life coach. He earned a diploma from the Animas Centre for Coaching and completed a course in First Aid for Mental Health.Since the interview for this podcast episode, John has been asked to return to host the 2022 Mr Chicago Leather (coaching website) (kink coaching) @KinkyLifeCoachFacebook and Instagram @JohnPendal.CoachIf you enjoy this episode, I recommend you listen to:S2E7 Richard Sprott, PHD: Research on the BDSM/Kink CommunityROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
44:17 12/27/21
S4E7 Dr Steven Davidson: Sexual Integrity
Adult content. GUEST BIO and LINKSDr. Steven Davidson is a psychotherapist and clinical sexologist in private practice in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He has over 30 years experience working with individuals and couples on matters related to sexuality and relationships. He is the author of Sexual Integrity: Finding the Courage to be Yourself. Colleagues and clients know him as The Sexual Integrity Coach® Integrity: Finding the Courage to be Yourself (on Amazon)Robert does NOT receive compensation for purchases made through the above link. If you like this episode, you will likely enjoyS1E8 Brent Heinze LPCC: Redefining NormalROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
45:44 12/20/21
S4E6 Joel Benjamin: Powers of Man
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSJoel Benjamin is a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher living in Seattle with his husband and their two cats. Joel’s studio is Yogasmith, and describes his yoga classes as classic Hatha. Each class includes meditation, breath work, Yogic philosophy, and asanas (the postures). In addition to yoga classes and retreats, Joel teaches men’s Tantric bodywork workshops and hosts monthly Tantric events. He also works with men one on one, and with couples who want to explore Tantric bodywork Twitter @PowersofMan1 joelb@yogasmithseattle.comROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
34:15 12/6/21
S4E5 Matty Myers: Conversion "Therapy" Survivor
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSMatty Myers shares a very personal and inspirational tale. As a young adult, he was forced to participate in a gay conversion program. Today, he is thriving and very comfortable in his own skin.Twitter @ThePurpleMattyIG @PurpleMattyTik Tok @PurpleMattyROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
33:06 11/22/21
S4E4 CagedJock: Creativity Beyond Chastity
Adult content.This special edition of Sexual Heroes is available in the library atEndorphin High - School of BDSM ( BIO and LINKSCagedJock is an adult actor and model based in New York City. He chose his name when Tumblr was the vehicle for posting content depicting his interest in sports gear and chastity. Now, with the same moniker, he has a big fan base on platforms like OnlyFans, Justfor.Fans, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, with nearly 200K followers. CagedJock ( CJ) is extremely proud of himself for his unique contribution to the world of BDSM, and for making the entertainment world more diverse by showcasing the beauty of Asian males. He is pleased to be part of a new breed of adult models that don’t fit the status quo. on Chastity CagesROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
32:19 11/15/21
S4E3 Andrew Gurza: Disability After Dark
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSAndrew Gurza is an award winning Disability Awareness Consultant and the Chief Disability Officer and Co-founder of Handi, a sex toy company that puts pleasure within reach for disabled people.  Andrew uses they/he pronouns and identifies proudly as disabled.  Their work has been featured on BBC, CBC, Daily Xtra, Gay Times UK, Huffington Post, The Advocate, Everyday Feminism, Mashable,, and several anthologies.  He was the subject of an award winning National Film Board of Canada documentary, “Picture This." Andrew has been a guest on a number of podcasts, including Dan Savage’s Savage Love and Cameron Esposito’s Queery. He has spoken all over the world on the topic of sex, disability, and what it means to be a Queer Cripple. He is host of Disability After Dark: The Podcast Shining a Bright Light on Disability Stories,  which won a Canadian Podcast Award in 2021, a Queerty Award, and was chosen as an Honoree at the 2020 Webby Awards. Andrew  is the creator of the viral hashtag #DisabledPeopleAreHot.AndrewGurza.comTwitter @AndrewGurza_Instagram @AndrewGurza_ROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
46:40 11/8/21
S4E1 Nick Charms: On Fred Flintstone Feet
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSIf you’re not already a foot lover, you may think about feet in a whole new way after this episode. My guest is Nick Charms. His journey in adult entertainment started long before OnlyFans, documenting his bliss, worshiping big beautiful soles.  Somewhere between a lumberjack’s son and a furry woodland nymph, Nick has carved a niche as a dominant submissive, reclaiming agency as a servicer who calls the shots. Well within the top 1% of OnlyFans creators, Nick plans to launch his own website, Nick's Lucky Charm, with exclusive content for his fellow foot ROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
36:57 10/25/21
S3E10 Brian Dawson: From Playgirl Centerfold to BDSM Authority
Adult content. Season finale.This special edition of Sexual Heroes is included in the library atEndorphin High - School of BDSM ( BIOBrian Dawson was a 1978 Playgirl centerfold (Google it) who became a popular porn Dom for ZEUS Studios. Widely considered a BDSM authority, Brian has presented to community groups nationwide. He possesses the unique ability to convey nuances to those in both active and passive roles, helping them to understand that they share a single energy source, but draw from it in different ways. Brian’s 30 plus years of experience in the BDSM Community has earned him numerous honors including International Mr. Drummer (1989), the Los Angeles Leather Coalition’s “Mentor of the Year” (2006), and “The Leatherman’s Heart Award” (2007). ROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
39:38 3/26/21
S3E9 Lance Charger: Unscripted
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSLance Charger spent 25 years as a creative and marketing executive in the film, television, and beauty industries.  Then just last year he decided to use his skills and knowledge in a very different way. Now in his 50’s, Lance is very successfully creating and marketing his own porn.Twitter @LanceChargerOFCJustfor.Fans/ BLACKOne link to find them all:
27:22 3/19/21
S3E7 Karl Miller: Breaking BDSM Molds
Adult content.  This special edition of Sexual Heroes in included in the library atEndorphin High - School of BDSM ( BIO and LINKSMy guest in this episode is the Dom kinkster Karl Miller. At 5’4” and 29 years of age, he and his taller, older sub Freddy Miller, thankfully break the traditional BDSM mold. Topics include rope bondage, BDSM, versatility, polyamory, and @KarlMillerXXXAlso mentioned in this episode:Twitter @FreddyMillerXXXROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
28:30 3/5/21
S3E6 Austin: Gentle Porn and Watersports
Adult content.GUEST BIO and LINKSMy guest in this episode is Austin, a content producer with more than 85K Twitter followers. Austin has a mission to create what he describes as “gentle porn” and he sometimes gets a little wet in the process.Twitter @TheGrayMerchantOnlyFansJustForFansAlso mentioned in this episode:Ande Williams on TwitterWet n HotROBERT BLACKOne link to find them all:
34:25 2/26/21

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