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Dirty, unhealthy, and unsustainable energy for our electricity, heating, cooling, and transportation threatens our planet and the lives of everyone we love and know. Once a week - every Monday, we bring in leading environmental activists, entrepreneurs, experts, and everyday people who are transforming homes, workplaces & communities into clean energy power centers that save money and create a healthy, prosperous, just & sustainable planet. The AWESome EarthKind podcast inspires and empowers you with the knowledge of how the Forces of Nature (Air, Water, Earth, Sun, and YOU) – can make the world a better place, and save you money. The fear isn’t that we are powerless, but that we are powerful beyond measure. Find out more at


Driving Force in the Mass Adoption of Ground Source (Geothermal) Heat Pumps - with Bill Nowak, NY-Geo 43:48 09/20/2021
Climate Disasters & Multiplying Your Impact by 1,000 15:22 09/13/2021
Electricity Choice Evolution - with Energy Ogre’s Jesson Bradshaw 59:50 09/06/2021
Power of Earth Geothermal Heating - Ep 7 - Creating Home Sustainability Solutions with Innovative Financing with Eric Howarth, GoodLeap 30:44 08/30/2021
Helpfully Hoping – Believing & Doing 62:41 08/23/2021
The Electric Vehicle Revolution - with Ariel Fan, Green Wealth 50:51 08/16/2021
Year 1 Review and Request for Feedback 11:19 08/09/2021
Saving Energy through Practically Perfect Plumbing - with Pete Skinner 41:23 08/02/2021
Building Electrification and Electric Efficiency Portfolios – with Jennifer Cross, National Grid 20:23 07/12/2021
The Best Solution for Sustainable Mobility - with Brandon Bartneck of FEV 32:36 07/05/2021
Good Night Gasoline- with Twyla Dell, Environmental Leader & Fuel Transition Historian 42:00 06/28/2021
What’s Better than Cooking with Gas - with 5-Star Chef Chris Galarza of Forward Dining Solutions LLC 32:42 06/21/2021
Make Your House Healthy, Comfortable, and More Energy-Efficient - with Lauren Salz of Sealed 26:11 06/14/2021
Tracking State & Utility Clean Energy Policies - with Miriam Makhyoun, CEO of EQ Research 30:30 06/07/2021
Religious Organization’s Role in Addressing Climate Change - with Rev. Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone 39:23 05/31/2021
Climate-Friendly Heating with Michael Seidenberg, Eco Energy of NY 21:45 05/24/2021
How Geothermal Blows Away Oil & Propane - with upstate NY Homeowner Hugh Casler 14:03 05/17/2021
Building Green & Saving Money - with Michael Murphy, Murphy Brothers Contracting 43:16 05/10/2021
Phase Change - with Govi Rao, Phase Change Energy Solutions, Inc. 43:20 05/03/2021
Carbon Offsets - with Tom Herman, AirCarbon Pte Ltd. 37:14 04/26/2021
Earth Day 51st Anniversary - with Earth Day Founder, Denis Hayes (Special Re-Release) 33:46 04/12/2021
Zip System Building Envelope - with Will Contento, Huber 27:39 04/05/2021
Towards Aware and No-Harm Investing - with Marco Vangelisti, Essential Knowledge for Transition (EK4T) 41:57 03/29/2021
Creating a Clean Energy Economy that Benefits All - with Danny Kennedy, New Energy Nexus 38:08 03/22/2021
Power of Earth - Ep 5 - Clean Heating & Cooling with Geothermal - with Mark Sclafani, Central Hudson 17:22 03/17/2021
Burning Clean: How to Stay Warm, Cozy, and Energy Efficient with Ventless Fireplaces - with Anastasia Vankova, Modern Blaze 23:47 03/15/2021
Energy & Financial Independence - with EO Fire Founder John Lee Dumas 24:27 03/07/2021
How Regenerative Agriculture Helps Solve the Climate Crisis - with E2 Policy Advocate Nicole Lederer 40:17 03/01/2021
Catastrophe or Utopia? Which Way Do We Want to Go? – with Will Hackman, Public Sector Conservation Community 44:25 02/22/2021
Converting Brownfields and Landfills into Solar Farms - with Paul Curran, BQ Energy 37:54 02/15/2021