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RIP Takeoff, An Open Letter To Ye & A Slew Of New Projects!
Sending many condolences to the friends and family of Atlanta hip-hop superstar Takeoff who was senselessly lost to an act of violence last week. Rob addresses Ye's recent antics and how he is solely responsible for the swift fallout and reveals many new projects coming soon from The Curated Culture!
23:06 11/07/2022
After The Apple Event, Is The Pixel In Danger Of Getting Overlooked?
In this week's episode, Rob gives a quick rundown of the Apple event and his favorite announcements from it. From there, he also details what he thinks Google will need to do to ensure the Pixel doesn't become an afterthought in an increasingly competitive smartphone space.
19:22 09/16/2022
The Dangers Of AI Moderation
This week, we dive into the recent complications caused by AI moderation of human-made content. Sometimes these services can be heavy-handed in their approach, causing uneven results in what is deemed "inappropriate content" and what passes through. We also do a deep dive into the recent Cory Kenshin vs YouTube debate and levy our opinions on the wildly polarizing issue.
58:46 09/07/2022
Don't Buy An iPhone Right Now
This week, we get into some Apple talk, and more specifically why you don't want to buy an iPhone right now. Rob breaks exactly why it's best to wait, and what you gain from exercising a little bit of patience. 
15:51 09/02/2022
Booking The Territory W/ Terrence!
On this week's show, Rob sits down with friend of the podcast, Terrence Robinson! They discuss the current state of WWE, how much better the product has been since Triple H took over creative, and they do a little fantasy booking of their own! They also jump into some MCU talk, and what they expect from the next slate of Marvel projects! Sit back and nerd out with us! Don't forget to join the conversation with us on our socials! Follow us via the links below: Twitter Instagram Rob's Twitter
75:01 08/24/2022
When Opportunity Meets Preparation
This week's guest is Flint Town's own, Jordyn Anese! Jordyn talks about her upbringing on the Northside of Flint, why she thinks the city is a breeding ground for talent, her early days in radio and so much more!   
54:32 08/10/2022
SDCC Wrap-Up!
In the final episode of our SDCC series, Rob and Maria recap their favorite moments from their week in San Diego, what made Rob throw a huge temper tantrum, and what they would change next time around!    
68:33 08/02/2022
SDCC 2022: Preview Night Recap
Rob and Maria are live from SDCC 2022! Well, sort of... On location at the San Diego Convention Center and fresh from preview night, Rob and Maria recap the unofficial start to comic con. Listen in as they discuss the sights, sounds and experiences from their first night at Comic-Con.
25:01 07/21/2022
SDCC Pre-Show!
This week, Rob and Maria recap their trip to Motor City Comic Con, and why it has become a staple in their Con Season lineup. They also get into their San Diego Comic-Con wishlist and things they're most looking forward to from the show!
37:11 07/14/2022
Motor City Comic Con: Adam Cole BAYBAY!
During the Spring edition of Motor City Comic Con, we got the chance to speak with AEW star and member of the Undisputed Elite, Adam Cole! Cole discussed his dream matches with new AEW talent, how he unwinds when he's not kicking teeth in, and which member of Da Party is his favorite.
10:54 05/27/2022
Motor City Comic Con: "All Ego" Ethan Page
During the Spring edition of Motor City Comic Con, we sat down with 1/2 of the Men Of The Year and new Michigander, Ethan Page! Ethan discussed why he chose Michigan as his new home, his goals for 2022 in AEW, and his Mount Rushmore of Canadian wrestlers!  
12:11 05/25/2022
Motor City Comic Con: Ruby Soho
We got the chance to speak to AEW star Ruby Soho during the 2022 edition of Motor City Comic Con! We discussed her debut at AEW All Out, her growth since leaving WWE, and what she hopes to accomplish during her time in AEW.
11:13 05/25/2022
The Most Philosophical Episode Yet
This week, Maria takes the reigns again and Rob proceeds to drive the show right off the rails. They discuss Elon Musk buying Twitter, the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial, Amazon Fresh, and get WILDLY philosophical in the process.
50:01 05/11/2022
Elon Vs Twitter & The Misadventures Of Misinformation
This week, we attempt to dissect the recent dust-up between eccentric billionaire Elon Musk and Twitter's Board Of Directors. We also dive into the constant dangers of misinformation, and how to tell the difference between mis and disinformation.   As always, be sure to Like, Share, AND Subscribe!
58:46 04/22/2022
The Brilliance Of Severance
This week, we discuss Wrestlemania 38 and what made it the best Mania in YEARS.   We also take a spoiler-free dive into the hit Apple TV+ series Severance. Rob and Maria discuss the brilliance of the show and speculate whether or not a Severance procedure could work in the real world.  
59:55 04/13/2022
Nine To Five
Americans are reporting dissatisfaction and anxiety within the workplace more frequently than ever.  As COVID continues to change industries across every major sector, is it time to re-evaluate what has become the standard consideration of a workweek?
58:22 03/30/2022
A Whole Lotta Randomness
This week, we pay homage to Scott Hall, one of wrestling's biggest figures from the '90s, Maria gets angry about another potential Netflix price hike, and a woman who chooses to eat two very specific things for her daily meals.
56:55 03/23/2022
Pushin P's
This week is all about upcoming movies, as Rob and Maria talk dive into the latest news from DC, Marvel, and more! They also discuss the very first time they went to see a movie in theaters, and how that experience shaped their perception of their favorite franchises.
64:33 02/25/2022
Everybody Love Everybody
This week, Maria takes the reigns and guides us through a special "Valentine's Day" themed episode! She talks about what Valentine's Day means to her, her favorite romantic movies, and what her "love languages" are. Happy Valentine's Day everybody!
61:45 02/15/2022
"Don't Look Up" Could Totally Happen
This week we discuss the sad reality of the recently released Netflix comedy, "Don't Look Up."  Can something like that happen IRL?  We also discuss why we think science deniers are becoming more influential than scientists, and how responsible the media and the ultra-rich are with aggravating the issue.
56:08 02/11/2022
The COVID Conundrum
It finally happened. COVID swept through our house like a thief in the night and left us weak and stuffy. In this week's episode, we'll detail what our experience was like battling Omicron, being thankful for being sick at the same time, and address the confusing guidance from the CDC.
59:11 01/18/2022
Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal
It's a special Christmas episode of The Curated Culture! As a special gift, we have none other than Red1Maria herself joining the show to talk about comic cons, getting emotional at the new Spider-Man movie, and what's next for the MCU! Happy Holidays everyone! 
63:51 12/25/2021
Moving At The Speed Of Life
This week's episode is a quickie, as Rob drops in with a few quick updates, and some really exciting news about new projects he'll be working on! It's a short episode, so you have no reason not to listen! And while you're at it, make sure you subscribe to the show and leave us a FIVE STAR review while you're there!
23:06 12/18/2021
A Day Late And A Dollar Short...
We tried to post this on Wednesday...honest we did! This week, Rob reflects on the upcoming holiday season, and the things he's most excited about as a result. We also start our holiday gift guide this week with some Bluetooth earbuds and 4K streaming devices to help make your gift-giving even easier! Our condolences go out to anyone who was affected by the recent tragedy at a high school in Oxford MI. Sending much love, positivity, and support to all the families who lost someone that day.
39:08 12/03/2021
Talking Wrestling On A Wednesday
This week, Rob discusses the state of the podcast and makes an announcement about what to expect going forward. He also talks about his beef with all the recent WWE releases and how they could negatively impact the entire world of pro wrestling. Check out our friends, the Realistic Sustainability Podcast!  
22:23 11/24/2021
Let's Have A Chat...
This week, Rob opens up about his struggles to produce consistent content, going to his first comic con in over a year, and how Youtube disabling the dislike counter doesn't actually help a creator's mental health. FOLLOW US ON OUR SOCIALS!!! Facebook IG Twitter
26:25 11/19/2021
We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...
It feels SO good to be back! This week's episode is a mini dose, as Rob details where he's been and where he's going.
14:47 09/22/2021
Nebula Amusements Part III
This week's guest is Mike Castro, Owner of Nebula Amusements! After two prior attempts to record and get him on the show, we finally got it, and we think you're really going to enjoy this one! Mike gives us details on struggling through the COVID pandemic, the origin of Nebula Amusements, and why his Hado AR game will be the most entertaining thing you've ever done! Book a Hado Session Here: Nebula Amusements 
38:19 06/14/2021
Co-op With Mike & Nick!
This week's episode is a very special crossover episode featuring the guys from the Realistic Sustainability Podcast, Mike and Nick! In it, we discuss the ongoing issue of misinformation and how to combat it! Make sure you check out Mike and Nick by subscribing to the Realistic Sustainability podcast! Follow us on social media: Twitter Instagram Facebook  
60:11 06/07/2021
The Author, Sandra Nicole
This week's guest is Author Sandra Nicole! We get into a deep discussion about her early days in writing, what drives her, how to overcome adversity and the importance of finding your voice as an author! Check out her website: Author Sandra Nicole Buy her books: Amazon     
42:19 05/11/2021