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Andy talks photography and life, Andy talks to photographers big and small about their photography and lives (and photo tips, duh). Andy loves *everything* in photography, so that's basically what this show is about. Fun is included at no extra cost. Andy is: Andy McSweeney, Photographer on the Loose as @andymcphoto & @phototourbrugge .


A Bubbly Chat with Stephan Bollinger
Andy chats with dance and portrait photographer Stephan Bollinger about his story and work, learning and not just "how" but "why", the heart (and start of art), and more... Links: Stephan's site: Stephan on Youtube: Stephan on Instagram: Stephan on Clubhouse: Andy’s Site: Photo Tour Brugge: That Photo Feeling (pod/tv/clubhouse) – That Photo Feeling Podcast: Weekly podcast via Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Google – Stitcher – Youtube That Photo Feeling TV: Live every Sunday at 8pm CET via Facebook and/or Youtube Coming to Brugge (Bruges) Belgium? Why not join me as Photo Tour Brugge? Use the code “thatphotofeeling” on checkout for a 10% discount.
90:15 12/01/2021
Shaking up with Kersten and Nick - That Photo Feeling
Andy chats with London-based photographers / videographers Kersten Luts and Nick Kirby about working together, feeding and learning from each other, not f*ing up the Royal Albert Hall gig, and much more! LINKS Camerashake Podcast: On Youtube: Andy’s Site: Photo Tour Brugge: That Photo Feeling (pod/tv/clubhouse) – That Photo Feeling Podcast: Weekly podcast via Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Google – Stitcher – Youtube That Photo Feeling TV: Live every Sunday at 8pm CET via Facebook and/or Youtube Coming to Brugge (Bruges) Belgium? Why not join me as Photo Tour Brugge? Use the code "thatphotofeeling" on checkout for a 10% discount.
95:07 11/25/2021
Meeting up with Mark Silber
Andy chats with California based photographer, videographer, photography instructor and author Marc Silver about his story coming up in the photo game, educating yourself as a photographer, and what to think about with those educating on photography. ; Links: Marc's website: Advancing Your Photography: Andy’s Site: Photo Tour Brugge: That Photo Feeling (pod/tv/clubhouse) – That Photo Feeling Podcast: Weekly podcast via Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Google – Stitcher – Youtube That Photo Feeling TV: Live every Sunday at 8pm CET via Facebook and/or Youtube Coming to Brugge (Bruges) Belgium? Why not join me as Photo Tour Brugge?
76:43 10/28/2021
Back from break and with a focus/refocus mindset on the photography... LINKS Andy’s Site: Photo Tour Brugge: That Photo Feeling (pod/tv/clubhouse) – That Photo Feeling Podcast: Weekly podcast via Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google - Stitcher - Youtube That Photo Feeling TV: Live every Sunday at 8pm CET via Facebook and/or Youtube Coming to Brugge (Bruges) Belgium? Why not join me as Photo Tour Brugge?  
34:03 10/04/2021
Working the Photo Groove with Jordan Grobe
Andy chats with Jordan Grobe about managing concert photographers and digging into archives as a communication coordinator for 5 major Washington venues, becoming a budding music photographer in his own right, and (of course) some talk on the early days of working the camera. Jordan's Site: Jordan on Instagram: Jordan on Clubhouse:   Andy’s Site: Andy's Instagram (as Photo Tour Brugge): Andy on Clubhouse: That Photo Feeling (pod/tv/clubhouse) – Photo Tour Brugge:
61:06 07/02/2021
Riding Long with Michael Lee - That Photo Feeling 057
Andy has a nice long extended chat with advertising photographer, consultant, and car photography specialist Michael Lee about social media, assisting photographers, not actually owning a camera... and more! Links Michael's site: Michael on Instagram: Michael on Clubhouse: Andy’s Site: Andy on Clubhouse: Photo Tour Brugge: That Photo Feeling (pod/tv/clubhouse) –
128:21 06/25/2021
Touring and Talking with Luka Esenko - That Photo Feeling
Andy chats with Luka Esenko; travel photographer, photo guide and founder of the Photohound photo-location app and community. LINKS: Luka's site: Photohound: Andy's Site: Photo Tour Brugge: That Photo Feeling (pod/tv/clubhouse) -
114:12 05/27/2021
Clubhouse For Photographers - That Photo Feeling 054
With Clubhouse opening up on Android and this audio-only social media app having already cultivated a top spot for the global photo community… Andy talks to Clubhouse photographers about Clubhouse for photographers. See below the links for a listing of photographers, industry and interesting folk, and photo clubs worth a follow. Links: That Photo Feeling: Andy’s site: Photo Tour Brugge:  Andy on Clubhouse:    (all listings in 100% random order) Photographers on Clubhouse to Follow Andy McSweeney (that’s me!) Chelsea Lauren platon Peter Hurley Tom Hoops Danny Michel Richard Waine Stefan Bollinger Michael Lee Tom Wright Jordan Grobe James Lavish Paul Bellinger Top Flight Scott Rozenthal Jerry Avenaim Stockezy Dallas Logan Isaac Alvarez Gladstone Redwood-Sawyer Danielle Noel Hawthorne Benjamin Kanarek   Photo Industry People on Clubhouse to Follow Ryan Hornby Cent Magazine Debra Weiss Elias Gozal   Clubs on Clubhouse to Follow That Photo Feeling (that’s my club!) Behind the Lens Photo Fluf Peter Hurley’s Photography Banter Photography Period The Artist Lab Photography Masterclass   Non photo Clubs on Clubhouse to Follow Finding Your Voice Whisky and Cigarettes The Chill House
105:57 05/20/2021
Landscape Life with Bart Heirweg - That Photo Feeling 053
Andy chats to Bart Heirweg: pro Belgian landscape photographer, instructor, author and neighbor to Andy in Brugge in more ways than one. Bart's website: Bart on Instagram: That Photo Feeling: Andy's website:
100:15 05/13/2021
Into the Horizon of Change - TPL 052 (TPF 000)
Andy talks about change, evolution, and what's coming next with That Photo Feeling...  LINKS Andy's Site That Photo Feeling Photo Tour Brugge (last chance to use "thatphotolife" on checkout for -15%)    
06:34 05/06/2021
(Kinda) Catching up in 2021 with Ibarionex - This Photo Life 051
Andy catches up with Ibarionex Perello but less about 2020 and more about podcasting life, fears over follies, worrying about others expectations, and more. Also and after the chat: A few pointers on who to follow on Clubhouse (after you follow Ibarionex of course!) and a teaser of things to change in times to come. VIDEO OF THE EPISODE: LINKS Ibarionex's site: Ibarionex's podcast: The Candid Frame on itunes spotify etc. Ibarionex on the socials: @ibarionex Andy's site: Photo Tour Brugge: (enter "thisphotolife" on checkout for -15% off open and private tours) Andy on the socials: @andymcphoto and/or
92:05 04/28/2021
Lighting up the Lighthouse with Peter Hurley - This Photo Life #050
Andy talks with Peter Hurley, world renowned headshot photographer, educator, undisputed king of the "Shebang!" and cool fella at large. Peter and Andy chat about the joy of getting on the water, keeping focus, making a good first impression, and (of course) getting the "shebang!" worthy shot by getting others to open up for the camera. LINKS Peter's site: The Headshot Crew: Peter on Clubhouse: The Headshot Crew on Clubhouse: Peter on Instagram:   Andy's site: Andy on Clubhouse; This Photo Life on Clubhouse:  Andy on Instagram: @andymcphoto and/or @phototourbrugge Photo Tour Brugge: (use "thisphotolife" on checkout for -15% any tour)   Enjoy this episode? Thanks so much to like/share/subscribe and maaaaybe even tell a friend who might also dig it.
59:21 04/21/2021
TPL 049 - Catching up in 2021 with OG Foto
Andy catches up with pro adult & glamour photographer (and past guest) OG Foto on how 2020 and 2021 affected his photo life for plans (like the new house bought just before lockdown) to finding new inspiration on Onlyfans (as a video or photographer, not a model haha) to hope being held through and what to look forward to next. OG Foto's first visit to the show: OG Foto's instagram: @ogfoto OG Foto's site: Andy’s site: Photo Tour Brugge: enter “thisphotolife” on checkout for -15%
63:44 04/16/2021
TFL 048 - Digging in with David Duchemin!
Andy talks to humanitarian photographer, educator, author and all around Buddha of creativity David DuChemin about creative voices and bubbles, staying on the Loose, taking breaks... and oh so much more and (without trying to be precious about it all). 0:00 Start & Intro 5:30 Interview 1:22:18 Outro LINKS David's site: + Andy's site: Photo Tour Brugge: enter "thisphotolife" on checkout for -15%
85:46 03/11/2021
TFL 047 - Catching up in 2021 with Pieter Claerhout
Andy catches up with family portrait photographer, past guest and friend of the show Pieter Claerhout about how 2020/21 has unfolded for him with work, family and (of course) photography. LINKS Pieter's site: Andy's site: Andy's Youtube:
38:52 03/04/2021
TPL #046 - Riding the Groove with Frank Doorhof
Andy has a long and wide chat with accomplished portrait photographer, instructor and all around top fella Frank Doorhof on shared love of bikes and comics before hitting hard into the camera and photo talk of all kinds. See index & times below... Topics & Timings: 0:00 Hi Frank & how’s it been over 2020? 5:05 Comics & cinema & music & resetting the mental speedometer 10:15 Frank visits the Secret Stash! 13:53 Compositional considerations 19:45 Focal lengths & lenses for portraits 28:00 Getting to know Sony for reviews 33:00 Fujifilm & medium format 36:20 Innovation and what do you actually need (or: Yet more G.A.S.?) 43:45 Best gear is the old gear 49:50 What’s truly precious & keeping consistent 59:46 Billing and training your client 1:03:45 Start with your scales (music & photography) 01:13:00 Educating and the individual 01:21:00 Portrait Psychology and Peter (and Batman!) 01:26:40 Lighting up K.I.S.S. 01:33:41 Egos & lack thereof from the Kelbyone crew to Brian May 01:44:08 Mrs Frank is Fantastic & Tradeshow Travels 01:55:16 Holiday Shooting with the Smartphone 01:57:20 How do you feel about your photography?
138:26 02/24/2021
TPL 045 - Catching up in 2021 with Rob Knight
Andy catches up with past guest of the show, photographer, Olympus educator, instructor and all around top cat Rob Knight on how 2020-1 unfolded in his photo life.  Links: Rob's Site: Creative Immersion Photography: Andy’s Site: Andy's Youtube: Photo Tour Brugge: - Enter “thisphotolife” on checkout for -15%
34:57 02/17/2021
TPL 044 - Rocking the Photo Talk with Rick Sammon
Andy talks to prolific author, educator and music lover Rick Sammon about situational awareness & engaging as an instructor, the Beatles and practice practice practice, not to mention his Photo Therapy & Photo Quest book among other riffs and bits of conversation. LINKS: Rick's site: Rick's Photo Therapy Group on Facebook: Andy's Site: Photo Tour Brugge: enter "thisphotolife" on checkout for -15%  
62:34 02/11/2021
TPL 043 - Catching up in 2021 with Valerie Jardin
This week and as we settle in to a season of interviews on the show: Andy catches up with past guest Valerie Jardin to see how 2020 and '21 has unfolded, from cancelled workshops to personal and creative inspirations to a new addition to the Jardin family.  The first of a new segment ("Catching up in '21 with...") to see how past guests are holding in after a crazy 2020, now more than ever is the time to keep in touch with those you care about after all! Valerie's website: Luna on Instagram: @luna_love_20 Andy's website: Photo Tour Brugge: Andy's Youtube: Valerie's past visits to This Photo Life: here and here
31:50 02/04/2021
TPL 042 - Singing the Concert Photographer's Song with Nathan Dobbelaere
Andy continues his chat with concert photographer Nathan Dobbelaere beyond C.R.A.P. (episode 40, here) and digs into how he found photography through family, a side hustle in shooting internationally, the joy and pain of socials, and of course some gear talk and settings. Nathan's site: Nathan on Facebook: Nathan's Instagram: C.R.A.P. - Andy's site - Photo Tour Brugge -
77:52 01/28/2021
TPL 041 - Chilling Productively into 2021
This week it's talk of how to relax in the dead of January but be productive, the therapy of cleaning up to improve photo results into 2021 and beyond.   Andy's site: Photo Tour Brugge:
33:11 01/15/2021
TFL 040 - Talking C.R.A.P. with Nathan Dobbelaere
On today's show Andy talks to Nathan about C.R.A.P. (Cultural Rescue Aid by Photographers)) and how the Belgian photo scene is stepping up to help the cultural sector in this oh-so-funky-2020. C.R.A.P. - Live2020 -  Het Objectief Gent -  Andy's site - Brugge Landscapes: Unlocked For Light -  Photo Tour Brugge - 
55:09 12/09/2020
TFL 039 - On the Loose
This week Andy talks about keeping it "on the loose" with your photography, creativity, and life itself.
32:17 11/27/2020
TFL 038 - Unlocked For Light
This week it's a bit more on keeping happy in this oh-so-glorious year of 2020, then talk of of the joy (we can all enjoy) of my new photo project "Brugge Landscapes: Unlocked for Light" (here) launching Sunday. LINKS: Brugge Landscapes: Unlocked for Light Andy's Photo Show 3d Gallery Launch on Sunday Nov 1st @8pm CET Andy's website Photo Tour Brugge - use "thisphotolife" on checkout for -15%
35:40 10/29/2020
TPL 037 - Keeping Happy & News with Views
Feeling clear of his cold/bronchitis(!) for a while, Andy babbles about keeping happy in hard times, where the show is going (a little more pro), and announces his new project. Also, news and views in and around the Nikon z6 II & z7 II as well as the updated Fujifilm 10-24mm and S10 among others. Nice to see innovations in the camera game! :) Andy's This Photo Life: Twice monthly podcast via Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google - Stitcher - Youtube   Andy's Photo Show: Live every Sunday at 8pm CET and welcome to  join via Facebook and/or Youtube
37:21 10/15/2020
TPL 036 - On a Sickie and Keeping Busy
This week I'm still sick with a cold (hey at least it ain't COVID!) but still on air and with some quick advice on keeping busy in photography. Apologies for delay on broadcast from last week, you would NOT have enjoyed hearing my sicky-boy voice then haha! LINKS Andy McSweeney .com Photo Tour Brugge .com Andy's Photo Show (live every Sunday 8pm CET) Andy Big Time Photo Fun Hang Out Gang   Andy on Instagram, Facebook + twitter Photo Tour Brugge on Instagram, Facebook + twitter
08:09 10/08/2020
TFL 035 - There and Back Again
Guess I was wrong last episode to say This Photo Life was stopping... We're back and (I think) better than ever! :)   This week it's photo news and views on the recently released Nikon Z 50mm & 14-24mm lenses, Sony's new A7c full frame, Fujifilm and thieir bokeh-licious 50mm f1.0 lens, and more. Also catching up on what I've been shooting and keeping busy with my photography, there's now a video feed of this episode at and to help (but isn't required) on that and I hope helps your photography. LINKS: Andy McSweeney .com Photo Tour Brugge .com Andy on Instagram, Facebook + twitter Photo Tour Brugge on Instagram, Facebook + twitter
50:43 09/17/2020
TFL 034 - When You're at the End
What better to discuss and muse about for the last episode of this podcast than what to do when things end? From being aware of your work enough to evaluate if things should carry on, what priorities to consider if you're at that crossroads, and what we can take from these efforts even once they wrap up (or evolve into the next work). Also and to not leave you photo-podless, a listing of legendary pods (linked below) that you better damn well already know or soon check out towards a better photo life. Enjoy and thanks for listening! :) Andy Links Andy McSweeney Photography Andy McSweeney on Youtube (be sure to subscribe if enjoyed!) Photo Tour Brugge (use code "thisphotolife" on checkout for -15%) Andy on Instagram as Photo Tour Brugge   Photo Podcasts to Check Out The Candid Frame with Ibarionex Perello Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin Lenswork with Brooks Jensen Art of Photography with Ted Forbes The Grid with Scott Kelby (and friends) DJ Biaz DJ Biaz on Bandcamp Dj Biaz on Soundcloud
38:35 07/15/2020
TFL 033 - Into Glamour & Erotica with OG Foto
This episode I continue and conclude my talk with glamour/adult/erotica photographer about his work as it unfolded into a full time career, the community he cares for next to the photos, and going long into gear talk for what he uses when on the job either on set or otherwise. OG Foto on Instagram: (@ogfoto) OG Foto website: Andy’s website: Photo Tour Brugge: Use promo code “thisphotolife” on checkout for -15% off any tour. DJ Biaz: +
125:43 05/19/2020
TFL 032 - Origins of OG Foto
This week I chat with glamour and adult erotica photographer OG Foto from Las Vegas about his career in depth and detail, starting this episode with his life before it was work and the value of photographic therapy as he built up to the pro league. OG Foto on Instagram: (@ogfoto) OG Foto website:  Andy’s website: Photo Tour Brugge: Use promo code “thisphotolife” on checkout for -15% off any tour. Latest Corona virus updates in Brugge: DJ Biaz: +  
52:50 04/22/2020