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Unmuted Africa is a Pan-Africanist podcast learning and educating on what it means to be African-descended.It discusses systemic challenges black people face and explores how real freedom and emancipation requires a re-Africanization of culture. Support this podcast:


Dr. Karanja Keita Carroll
What is the discipline of Africana Studies? Is it African Studies? African-American Studies? African Studies? Black Studies? Is it history or philosophy? Dr. Karanja Keita Carroll explains the concept and how it ties to Pan-Africanism. --- Support this podcast:
57:59 9/22/21
Dr. Bonny Ibhawoh: Restorative Justice
In this episode, Dr. Bonny Ibhawoh explains Restorative Justice and its applicability to hot spots in West Africa. We also explore the ongoing consequences of colonial strategies on education in Africa and in the diaspora and the case for reparation, if any. He also talks about Africa's integration in terms of practical and powerful regional unions. --- Support this podcast:
50:46 9/20/21
Dr. Ndri Assie-Lumumba
In this episode, I wanted to talk not just about Pan-Africanism and African history but also the role of education and women in the future of Africa. Dr. Assie-Lumumba analyses failures in current education systems in Africa, the future of African societies, and the role of Pan-Africanism. --- Support this podcast:
56:27 9/16/21
Kat Calvin
In this episode, I wanted to find inspiration, a hero. It's 2020 and it's an election year in America. Behind all of the politicking, campaign, and primaries noise, I found an exemplary woman actually making democracy happen. That's Kat, Calvin, saving American democracy one voter ID at a time. --- Support this podcast:
35:07 9/15/21
Dr. Rita Kiki Edozie
Dr. Rita Kiki Edozie explores African affairs, racism in America, and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement in the era of COVID 19. --- Support this podcast:
39:04 9/14/21
Unmuted Africa
In Unmuted Africa, we talk about Pan-Africanism and people of African descent, their experiences in the world. We try to find answers to different questions. How different are the struggles on the continent and in the diaspora? In the end, do those struggles make us different or do they unify us? What is the role of a united Africa in all of that? Unmuted Africa explores our common history, the state of the Black World, and solutions to our common problems. --- Support this podcast:
02:21 8/5/20