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There are no ordinary things. We can meet God in the most surprising places…if we only know how to look. Go Upstream, discover a world charged with the grandeur of God—and learn to live in that bigger world.


Where Should Babies Come From? | Matthew Lee Anderson
Forty years ago, Anglican theologian Oliver O’Donovan published a prophetic critique of reproductive technologies, arguing that humans should be begotten, not made. This week, Shane welcomes Baylor professor and theology of the body expert Matthew Lee Anderson to introduce us to O’Donovan’s argument using an updated second edition of O'Donovan's book Begotten or Made?
63:30 5/13/24
Is Philosophy for Christians? | Ross Inman
In Colossians 2:8, the Apostle warns us not to be taken captive by hollow and deceitful philosophy. Does this mean Christians shouldn’t seek wisdom outside or alongside of Scripture? To answer, Shane welcomes Dr. Ross Inman, author of Christian Philosophy as a Way of Life: An Invitation to Wonder.
56:40 4/30/24
Why Do Evangelicals Become Catholic? | Chris Castaldo
The beauty, the tradition, the sense of authority and certainty about doctrine—these are some of the many reasons evangelicals join the Catholic Church. But are they making a fully informed decision? Shane welcomes Chris Castaldo, co-author of Why Do Protestants Convert? to offer a surprising answer.
63:35 4/16/24
How Christ Can Redeem Environmentalism | Andrew Spencer
Evangelicals are often suspicious of the environmental movement because of its fatalism and worship of the earth. But what if Christianity is the best foundation for environmental stewardship? Shane welcomes Dr. Andrew Spencer, author of Hope for God’s Creation. Andrew's book, Hope for God's Creation: Stewardship in an Age of Futility __________________ Get a copy of The Beginning and End of All Things: A Biblical Theology of Creation and New Creation at
65:54 4/2/24
Defy the Elites, Get Married | Brad Wilcox
Whether from pop culture or politicians, corporate executives or mainstream journalists, Americans are bombarded with the message that marriage is outdated, inconvenient, and joyless. But statistics tell a very different story. Shane welcomes sociologist Brad Wilcox, author of the new book Get Married, to share the truth.
58:32 3/19/24
The Hope and Joy of the Colson Fellows | Michael Craven
Something happens to Christians who join the largest worldview fellowship in existence. Confusion turns to confidence, fear turns to hope, and they discover how their lives fit into God’s grand story. This week Shane welcomes Michael Craven, dean of the Colson Fellows, to cast a vision for this remarkable and growing program.
60:50 3/5/24
How Pro-Life Can Win | Scott Klusendorf
The overturning of Roe v. Wade was the beginning of a new phase in the fight for life. But every time abortion has been on the ballot, pro-lifers have lost. Shane welcomes Scott Klusendorf, who thinks most Americans have never truly been confronted with the powerful case for life. __________________________________ Fifteen years ago, when Roe v. Wade was still the law of the land, Scott Klusendorf’s landmark book The Case for Life helped state the case for the right to life of preborn babies. The second, updated edition meets the most current challenges to preborn life. Get the updated edition to learn to better communicate pro-life truths in this post-Roe world. Request your copy this month with a gift of any amount at
65:14 2/20/24
How Is A Human Like a Tree? | Joy Clarkson
Some of our go-to figures of speech are mechanistic. We compare ourselves to computers that need to “recharge,” “process,” and “update.” But what if the Bible (and nature) offer better metaphors? To make that case, Shane welcomes Dr. Joy Clarkson, author of You Are A Tree: And Other Metaphors to Nourish Life, Thought, and Prayer. _____________________________ Fifteen years ago, when Roe v. Wade was still the law of the land, Scott Klusendorf’s landmark book The Case for Life helped state the case for the right to life of preborn babies. The second, updated edition meets the most current challenges to preborn life. Get the updated edition to learn to better communicate pro-life truths in this post-Roe world. Request your copy this month with a gift of any amount at
57:41 2/7/24
Does My Job Fulfill the Great Commission? | Jordan Raynor
Our divide between “ordinary jobs” and “ministry” and “mission” reveals a hidden assumption about the size of the gospel, and what Christ expects His people to do on this earth. Shane welcomes Jordan Raynor, author of The Sacredness of Secular Work to challenge that assumption.
58:47 1/30/24
How Feminism Unleashed Gender Chaos | Abigail Favale
What is a woman? In this best-of episode from 2023, Shane welcomes Dr. Abigail Favale, author of The Genesis of Gender, to discuss how feminism, postmodernism, and bad philosophy made that question impossible to answer, and to show how the Christian vision of embodiment dignifies our differences. __________________________________________________________ Claim your free copy of Don't Follow Your Heart for a gift of any amount to the Colson Center this month at
65:43 1/23/24
Worshiping Yourself Will Make You Miserable | Thaddeus Williams
You are basically good, and meaning comes from looking within and conforming reality to your feelings. This is the message shouted at us from every direction, but it leads to confusion and despair. Shane welcomes Dr. Thaddeus Williams to point us back to the truth using his new book, Don’t Follow Your Heart: Boldly Breaking the Ten Commandments of Self-Worship. __________________________________________________________ Claim your free copy of Don't Follow Your Heart for a gift of any amount to the Colson Center this month at    
64:13 1/16/24
The Year That Made Us Modern | Andrew Wilson
In 1776, America became an independent nation. But that year also saw the beginning of trends that would de-Christianize the West. Shane welcomes Dr. Andrew Wilson to tell the story of how this transformation took place, and to prepare Christians to outlast our secular age.
53:56 1/9/24
The ‘Aha’ Moment: Christianity Matters for All of Life | Christopher Talbot
The concept of “engaging the culture” from a “Christian worldview” has been talked about for decades. But what does it mean, exactly, and how do we teach it? What are the benefits and potential pitfalls of “worldview talk?” Shane welcomes Christopher Talbot, co-editor of the new book, Christians in Culture: Cultivating a Christian Worldview for All of Life.
55:45 1/2/24
Finding Jesus in All of Scripture | Alastair Roberts
On the road to Emmaus, the risen Jesus explained how the whole Bible foreshadows Him. As we celebrate Christmas, Shane welcomes Dr. Alastair Roberts to help us see how the birth of Christ fulfilled all of God’s promises to Israel—and to us.
68:45 12/26/23
The Neglected Theology of Food | Andrew Brumme
From the tilled earth to the family table, every step of growing and preparing food was intended by God to teach us spiritual truths. Yet many of us have forgotten how to taste and see. Shane welcomes documentary filmmaker Andrew Brumme to reintroduce us to the sacredness of mealtime using Robert Farrar Capon’s classic, The Supper of the Lamb.
60:10 12/19/23
How Handel’s Messiah Brings God’s Promises to Life | Joel Clarkson & Gabriela Morris
A German composer’s 1742 oratorio about the life and work of Christ has captivated audiences for centuries. But what makes Handel’s Messiah so powerful and unforgettable? Shane welcomes composer and writer Dr. Joel Clarkson, plus a special guest, to explore one of classical music’s greatest masterpieces.
61:35 12/12/23
What If We Truly Prayed Without Ceasing? | Douglas McKelvey
Christ is sovereign over every square inch of human existence, but what about every moment of time? What would it change if we dedicated everything we do to Him in prayer? Shane welcomes Douglas McKelvey, author of the Every Moment Holy series, to introduce his latest book and explore the power of addressing God, together, as His people.
66:34 12/5/23
Is Theology Boring? | Trevin Wax
The creeds of Christianity summarize the most paradoxical and surprising story the world has ever known. So why do so many find them boring? In this best-of episode, Shane welcomes Trevin Wax to explain why the core truths of our faith are an invitation to adventure, using his book, The Thrill of Orthodoxy.
64:39 11/28/23
Thanking God Without Idolizing His Gifts | Joe Rigney
We gather at Thanksgiving to enjoy food, to count our blessings (including family and friends), and to express our gratitude to the Giver. But is it possible to love God’s gifts too much? Shane welcomes Dr. Joe Rigney, author of The Things of Earth, to explain how we should treasure God by enjoying our blessings.
57:05 11/21/23
Christ’s Presence in Our Pain | Joni Eareckson Tada
What is the secret of contentment in all circumstances? The Apostle Paul knew it, and so can Christians who acknowledge God’s presence and seek His face. Shane welcomes Joni Eareckson Tada, herself no stranger to suffering, to share insights from her latest devotional book, The Practice of the Presence of Jesus.
33:17 11/14/23
Do We Treat the Holy Spirit Like God? | Costi Hinn
He’s been described like a genie in a bottle, treated like The Force from Star Wars, and is sometimes simply forgotten. But the Holy Spirit is God, and learning to worship Him and recognize His work is central to Christianity. Shane welcomes Costi Hinn to sort truth from error using his new book, Knowing the Spirit.
61:07 11/7/23
A Jerusalem Pastor on the War in Gaza | David Pileggi
The world is still reeling from the events of October 7, when Hamas terrorists attacked Israel and slaughtered over a thousand civilians. As war rages, confusion reigns in academia and politics over who is to blame and what should be done. This week, Shane welcomes David Pileggi, Rector of Christ Church Anglican in Jerusalem, to offer the wisdom of over forty years of pastoring a church in the thick of it. 
68:28 10/31/23
Should Christians Tell Haunting Stories? | Ben Garrett and Brian Sauvé
The world is filled with tales of ghosts, vampires, sea serpents, and all manner of mythological monsters. The secular mind dismisses these as superstitions, but should Christians? This week Shane welcomes Ben Garrett and Brian Sauvé, hosts of The Haunted Cosmos podcast, to explain how speculation about the spooky can glorify God.
70:09 10/24/23
Are We Souls? | Joshua Farris
For most of history, nearly everybody has agreed that human beings survive the deaths of our bodies. But somewhere along the way, materialism rose to dominance, and we became nothing but bodies. What’s the truth? Shane welcomes Dr. Joshua Farris, author of The Creation of Self, to make a robust case for the soul. Show Notes: The critical theories that dominate our cultural vocabulary aren't “just” theories. They form an entire worldview that fundamentally contradicts the good, true, and beautiful worldview of Christianity. Neil Shenvi and Pat Sawyer’s latest book, Critical Dilemma, can help you understand and respond to the bad ideas of Critical Theory with discernment and truth. Request your copy this month with a gift of any amount at The Creation of Self: A Case for the Soul by Dr. Joshua Farris Related episodes: Why is the Cosmos Comprehensible? | Melissa Cain Travis Does Creation Reveal a Creator? | Stephen Meyer No Plato, No Scripture? | Hans Boersma Synapses or the Soul? | Matthew LaPine How Science Reveals (and Requires) God | Stephen Meyer Loving Your Limits | Ashley Hales A Temple, Not an Amusement Park | John Kleinig Follow Upstream on social media: Instagram: Upstream_cc Facebook: Upstream with Shane Morris
59:42 10/17/23
What is it About Music? | Various Guests
Music has been a favorite theme on Upstream. Guests like Andrew Peterson, Jeremy Begbie, The Arcadian Wild, and David Radford of The Gray Havens have explored the mystery of music from artistic and academic perspectives. This week, we bring you the best of those episodes with Shane’s thoughts how they connect, and how God uses music in our lives.
68:04 10/10/23
What Critical Theory Gets Wrong—and Right | Neil Shenvi & Pat Sawyer
Between Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech and the modern social justice movement, the definition of "justice" changed. But critical social theories are based on important truths, even if they mix them with lies. Shane welcomes Drs. Neil Shenvi and Pat Sawyer to identify those truths and lies using their new book, Critical Dilemma. 
62:44 10/3/23
Why Are Churches Dying? | Michael Graham
We're in the mist of the most significant religious shift in American history. Millions are abandoning organized Christianity, but there is little clarity about why they're leaving, or how to stem the exodus. Shane welcomes Michael Graham, co-author of The Great Dechurching, to offer data-driven answers and surprising hope.
60:05 9/26/23
Why Does Believing in God Feel Like Work? | Joseph Minich
Atheists like to tell a story in which religion declined because of scientific evidence and arguments. But what if unbelief became a plausible option because of the way modern people work, live, and relate to the world, and the way these changes make us feel? Shane welcomes Dr. Joseph Minich to discuss his book, Bulwarks of Unbelief.
64:00 9/19/23
The Five Lies Coming for Your Church and Your Children | Rosaria Butterfield
Homosexuality, “spirituality,” feminism, transgenderism, and more; an alternative creed is making inroads into Christianity and false claims on young lives. Shane welcomes Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, someone who once believed and lived those lies, to explain how God set her free and can do the same for anyone.
59:15 9/12/23
What Has the Internet Done to Our Brains ... and Souls? | Samuel James
Christians often think of technology as morally neutral, but a closer examination shows that assumptions about the world and humanity are built into inventions like the internet. These “liturgies,” or repeated patterns of formative behavior, shape us mentally and spiritually in ways that contradict God’s design for us. Shane welcomes Samuel James to discuss his new book, Digital Liturgies: Recovering Christian Wisdom in an Online Age.   
66:15 9/5/23

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