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Change Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare technology company, focused on accelerating the transformation of the healthcare system through the power of the Change Healthcare Platform. We provide data and analytics-driven solutions to improve clinical, financial, administrative, and patient engagement outcomes in the U.S. healthcare system. Learn more at


Value-Based Care Innovation — Payers, Providers and Tech Collaborate to Drive Outcomes Pt.2 33:02 09/27/2021
Value-Based Care Innovation — Payers, Providers and Tech Collaborate to Drive Outcomes Pt.1 23:43 09/24/2021
Cost Transparency: Driving Better, More Informed Care Decisions 44:21 08/10/2021
Delivering a Retail-Style Experience Through Healthcare’s Digital Front Door 50:52 06/17/2021
Squeezing Paper Costs Out of the Healthcare Ecosystem 31:39 06/16/2021
Health IT Innovation Targets HIPAA’s Complexity 42:03 06/08/2021
Vaccine Credentialing and the Healthcare Experience 32:59 06/04/2021
Getting Health Policy Legislation Over the Finish Line 50:07 05/27/2021
The Evolution of Clinical Interoperability 38:56 04/12/2021
The Capitol Connection: The National Interoperability Policy Agenda 49:24 04/08/2021
Taking Clinical Decision Support Beyond PAMA’s Mandate 47:16 04/06/2021
The Capitol Connection: Healthcare Policy Shifts 39:14 02/22/2021
How to Emerge From the Pandemic Stronger Than Before 21:13 02/16/2021
The Policy Connection: Healthcare Policy and the Road Ahead for States 35:31 01/25/2021
The Capitol Connection: A Post-Election Discussion with Gov. Howard Dean 28:40 12/21/2020
Making Member Communications Meet Today’s Consumer Expectations 23:03 12/18/2020
Getting Healthcare Claims Paid Right, With Less Waste 21:20 12/17/2020
Trends in Electronic Payments and the Impact on Provider Revenue 30:15 12/17/2020
Audiobook: How to Improve Denial Management Throughout the Patient Journey 14:55 12/14/2020
Bridging the Consumer Experience Divide 62:52 12/14/2020
Audiobook: Humanizing AI 08:25 12/07/2020
AI Poised to Transform Payer-Provider Relationships 27:37 12/07/2020
Audiobook: How Groupers Differ and Why That Can Impact Your Value-Based Care Strategy 11:00 11/30/2020
It’s Time to Rethink Coordination of Benefits 23:40 11/30/2020
Audiobook: Pandemic-Driven Medicaid and ACA Expansion 16:14 11/23/2020
Strategies to Defend Against Ransomware Attacks 26:47 11/23/2020
Digital Transformation of Healthcare in a COVID-19 World 36:40 11/16/2020
CommonWell’s Paul Wilder on Interoperability, Healthcare Policy, and the Pandemic 45:19 11/09/2020
Rebuilding Consumer Confidence, with special guest David Betts of Deloitte Consulting 50:43 11/02/2020
The Capitol Connection: 2020 Year-End Outlook 28:35 10/26/2020