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The OMG I’m Launching Podcast, is quickly becoming a favorite for its valuable insights and fun stories that highlight the dramatic ups, downs, failures, and success that comes from being in launch mode! Ken Westgaard is on a mission to lead a movement of coaches and course creators who are still working a 9-5 to become 6-figure launchers that they’ve always dreamed of. Ken is quick to connect with people across the globe who are interested in learning from him because of his sincere, supportive, and witty personality that is magnetic to his ideal clients who are wanting experienced support when implementing their big ideas. As a multi-passionate Manifesting Generator who loves experimenting with launches, Ken will dive deep in his pursuit of finding the truth about launching. And when he does, he’ll make sure to share that newfound knowledge with you. Ken moves fast, but he always speaks the truth, which is why he’s not shy to share even things that some people might find a bit woo or out there, such as being in alignment when you launch, how your energy can greatly impact your launch, or how human design can help you become the best version of yourself during a launch. Not to worry though, Ken will also make sure you have your strategies in place and building a strong foundation with crystal clear messaging, irresistible offers, and solid planning.


Ep.128 - The Magic of Metrics in Launching with Donna Dube 34:04 07/11/2022
Ep.127 - Impostor Syndrome and How to Overcome It with Tanya Peterson 38:58 06/27/2022
Ep.126 - Public Relations and Visibility with Lisa Simone Richards 35:12 06/13/2022
Ep.125 - Your Most Powerful Marketing Asset- Your Voice with Heather Sager 44:33 05/30/2022
Ep.124 - Connect and Grow Your Business Through YouTube with Nancy Badillo 42:15 05/16/2022
Ep.123 - Thinking Like A Money Manager with Deborah Fryer 24:53 05/02/2022
Ep.122 - The Formula to Launching Your Profitable Podcast with Courtney Elmer 53:21 04/18/2022
Ep.121 - Energy, Self-care, and Powerful Manifestation with Mandy Morris 38:02 03/21/2022
Ep.120 - The Money Side Of Running Your Business with Belinda Rosenblum 43:14 03/07/2022
Ep.119 - Creating Effective Courses That Boost Your Business with Jasmine Jonte 51:36 02/21/2022
Ep.118 - Combating The Impostor Syndrome Through Hypnosis with Karla Hunt 27:56 02/14/2022
Ep.117 - Productive Systems In Your Business For Growth with Josh Fonger 33:05 02/07/2022
Ep.116 - Building Resilience To Launch Stress with Mikel Segal 30:02 01/31/2022
Ep.115 - Launch Pivots, Evolutions, and It’s Lessons with Chelsea Ford 44:38 01/24/2022
Ep.114 - Harnessing The Power Of Your Voice with Katherine Beck 37:36 01/17/2022
Ep.113 - Overwhelm And How It Affects Your Launch with Heidi Marke 43:32 01/10/2022
Ep.112 - Passion and Strategy: Making a Business That You Want with Jessica Osborn 46:43 01/03/2022
Ep.111 - Brand Messaging, Purpose, and Strategy with Kerstin Heuer 45:48 12/27/2021
Ep.110 - Overcoming Launching Fears and How Our Brain Takes Care Of Us with Kandis James 44:42 12/20/2021
Ep.109 - The Importance Of Vulnerability with Pamela Godbois 47:11 12/13/2021
Ep.108 - Blame and Responsibility: Owning Up To Your Situation with Erica Wright 54:04 12/06/2021
Ep.107 - Clubhouse For Your Business Growth with Therese Prentice 43:49 11/29/2021
Ep.106 - The Energies Between You, Your Business, And Your Launch with Jessica Fenton 43:14 11/22/2021
Ep.105 - Your Business Foundations and Your Value Ladder with Colin Scotland 47:16 11/15/2021
Ep.104 - Our Body Cycles And How They Make Us More Productive with Renae Fieck 42:24 11/08/2021
Ep.103 - Handling Platform Censorship and Sensitive Content with Michal Greenberg-Cohen 36:43 11/01/2021
Ep.102 - Creating The Business You Want with Alexis Diamond 41:47 10/25/2021
Ep.101 - Becoming A High Flow CEO with Miguel Franco 46:23 10/18/2021
Ep.100 - Mastering Heart Centered Selling with Adam Kiddoo 48:40 10/11/2021
Ep.099 - Achieving Your Successful Launch with Matt Brown 45:57 10/04/2021