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#28 Jah Tung
On this episode of the podcast, my guest is Jah Tung. Jah Tung is an amazing musician who has an incredible insight into the artistic community and is also the amazing mind behind the music of the podcast! Jah Tung and I explore music, the arts, unity and community.You can find Jah Tung at: his videos and music at: With Me Online:Find all my work on: addLove me at:
56:34 09/02/2022
#27 Wejdan Shamala
On this episode of the podcast, my guest is Wejdan. Wejdan is a humanitarian and a poet who has some unique insight into identity and belonging. Poetry helps her find the beauty in the mundane while her studies in international relations allows her to have a unique insight to the particulars in the universals. On this episode we talk about the honeymoon phase of things in life focusing on living in different cities, which is super relevant having just moved cities myself.Wejdan and I explore, as third culture people, the struggles of being children of migrants and where our identity lies somewhere between not western enough and not ethnic enough. We also go into how to create these small communities around us as Wejdan and I have done so many times before. We discuss how you can learn so much about yourself by serving others and we go through some of the do's and don't when creating small social circles. It's an interesting perspective I know we share with almost everyone.Find Wejdan at: her work at: With Me Online:Find all my work on: addLove me at:
53:35 07/06/2022
#26 Sereen
On this episode of the podcast, we have the great Sereen. Sereen is a musician and filmmaker who has created an amazing community around her talents in remixing music and telling her authentic story.This conversation is entertaining, educational, and vulnerable and an exploration around the creative process, the creative mind, identity and forging a unique path in a saturated market. Sereen's work speaks for itself. Check it all out below.You can find Sereen on:Tik-Tok: With Me Online:Find all my work on: addLove me at:
70:57 03/09/2022
#25 Safa Alchami
On the last episode of the year, we have the amazing Safa Alchami. Safa tells us the origin story of how she built a mindset to leave her regular 9-5 and begin an entrepreneurial lifestyle.It begins when she was just a young girl, spending her before and after school hours watching her mum slaving away in the restaurant industry, through to how she used to study to get qualifications in the downtime at work and is now a mentor to others who want to seek greater freedom both financially and within their life as a whole.Safa talks beautifully about how the only true way to succeed is to fail and where she believes happiness lives.You can find Safa at: With Me Online:Find all my work on: addLove me at:
47:11 12/25/2021
#24 Dr Mohamad Assoum
On this episode of the podcast, we have the amazing Dr Mohamad Assoum. Dr Mohamad is an infectious disease epidemiologist and global health specialist. His background in public health, infectious disease epidemiology, coupled with a history of employment in the World Health Organisation makes this discussion about COVID and Vaccines relevant and informational.You'd think doing an episode with a medical professional may be dry and technical but this conversation pleasantly touched on how communities perceive structures like medical associations and the government and importantly we look at where the conspiracies come from and why so many in our community have vaccine hesitancy.You can find Dr Mohamad and his work at:Facebook: With Me Online:Find all my work on: addLove me at:
62:19 10/15/2021
#23 Lydia Shelly
On this episode of the podcast, we have the powerful Lydia Shelly. Lydia is one of the most humble and staunch legal representatives I have ever met and her life's work is fighting for your right to say what you like. Lydia and I engage in a discussion about civil liberties, the shifty trick our government uses to push through sneaky laws, and the importance of defending the right to protest, even if you fundamentally disagree with what is being protested about.You can find Lydia at:Instagram With Me Online:Find all my work on: addLove me at:
59:19 09/19/2021
#22 Aisha Abdu
On this episode of the addLove podcast, we have the young and philosophical Aisha Abdu. Aisha is the first listener-turned-guest. Aisha is a bright mind bringing a unique perspective to the idea of third cultures. Aisha delves into her desire to keep her family history and cultures alive and pleads for the general community to stop getting caught up in this on-demand society and start being present to the world around them.You can find Aisha at:Instagram: Sacred Land Initiative Website: Instagram: Muslim Youth AssociationWebsite:  MYA Publication ‘Muslim in Print’:  Instagram: With Me Online:Find all my work on: addLove me at:
52:30 08/25/2021
#21 Omar E. Hamid
On this episode of the show, we have the awesome Omar Hamid. Omar is a young mind destined to change how we engage with entrepreneurship and social good in the future. A migrant from Atlanta, United States, and an innovation award winner, Omar is a deep and thoughtful individual who looks beyond the surface of the operation of things.We discuss the nuances of entrepreneurship with Omar giving us an insight into what its like to start an international startup. Omar also gives us some depth into the understanding of the difference between art & design and we explore the marriage between creativity and spirituality.You can find Omar at: With Me Online:Find all my work on: addLove me at:
47:50 07/17/2021
#20 Heba Shaheed
On this episode, I have Heba Shaheed. The description of "powerful woman" would not do her justice in the grand scheme of things. Heba and I have such a deep dynamic conversation about all things health, self-reflection, and self-betterment. Heba, who I now dub the "pocket rocket" is passionate about inspiring others to be better and being outspoken about injustice which is an obvious alignment to the addLove cause. Listen to Heba explain how our upbringings have more to do with our personality than we think and learn some practical steps to take our lives to the next level.You can find Heba Hangout With Me Online:Find all my work on: addLove me at:
61:08 06/17/2021
#19 Ali Kickback
On this episode of the addLove podcast, we are blessed with the presence of another podcast host, Ali from Kickback Republic podcast. When two podcast hosts meet it's a given that the topic of podcasting arises but our conversation evolves into a more in-depth conversation about the future of communication and where that leaves us as a society.We also discuss all things motivation and practically how to achieve the dreams you have and the journey you want to embark on but haven't taken that first step just yet.You can find the Kickback republic podcast at: is available at: the Palestinian hoodie head to:*Hangout With Me Online:Find all my work on: addLove me at:
65:26 05/28/2021
#18 Abdul Hadi Shah-Idil
On this episode of the addLove podcast, we have the amazing Abdul Hadi Shah-Idil. As someone I would classify Islamically trained but also connected to the western way of life, Abdul Hadi is one of the best people to field my questions about the growing concerns that the community has with what's happening among our leaders.Abdul Hadi doesn't shy away at all from the difficult questions I throw his way and he even begins talking of what those in leadership are missing in order for us all to get back on track.If you're interested in some of the places where Abdul-Hadi teaches: With Me Online:Find all my work on: me at:
67:33 04/29/2021
#17 Maryam Ardati
On this episode of the addLove podcast, I have an amazing episode for you. Mariam Ardati is a death doula on a volunteer basis. Someone who helps people and their families through the process of death and dying. However, Mariam doesn't speak about death in terms of finality but more about using it to enhance the life we are currently living. It's so profound. She even shares an interesting story towards the end of the episode about how her work can literally change the whole experience of a family member passing away.Find Mariam at Sakina funerals on:Facebook: Sultan can be reached at:Ramia Abdo Sultan Ph: 9793 With Me Online:My Website Instagram me at:
38:14 04/07/2021
#16 Zizi Charida
On this episode of the addLove podcast, we have the Amazing Zizi Charida who is a powerhouse in community development. We get to get into the nitty-gritty about what our community needs to progress and move forward. We get into the importance and more interestingly the unimportance of our self-perception. We discuss how to avoid becoming a victim when calamity befalls us and I pose a question to Zizi about identity and she has an amazing response breaking the concept down into little manageable pieces as the idea of figuring ourselves out can be daunting at times.Do yourself a favour and give this episode a listen. I look forward to hearing all your feedback.Community Minds:                                   on Instagram: is facilitating a masterclass on growing your business through storytelling. You can find it at: With Me Online:My Website me at
58:34 03/18/2021
Bonus episode - Xed talks - Aamon and Zena
On this bonus episode, I am in Melbourne with Zena on her show Xed talks. We talk plenty about different aspects of life, wellness, and identity. 
84:07 03/09/2021
#15 Aishah Ali
Introducing the amazing and talented Aishah Ali! On this episode of the addLove podcast we discuss some amazing topics like how our brains function in everyday society and what we need to do to get our minds right. We break down the concept of delayed gratification and explore how it is one of the factors of success. We explain conflict resolution on a real practical level and how miscommunication can happen in our everyday life without us even knowing.  And importantly, we discuss how seeking discomfort can lead to great happiness. Even though we didn't touch too much on it Aishah is an amazing poet. You can find her at: you can catch her on Instagram on: you want to contact me or for anything podcast-related, you can find me
71:56 02/28/2021
#14 Amal Awad
On this episode of the addlove podcast, we are blessed to be joined by Amal Awad. Although Amal has experience in law and journalism this conversation is defined by the depth of the conversation surrounding creativity and how it can literally save our lives. We discuss authenticity and how it can go a long way to liberating us. Be sure to check out Amal's book that was released just this month!You can find Amal's work at: has her own podcast at: is contactable on instagram at: you want to get in touch with me you can find me at:
66:31 02/04/2021
#13 Ziyad Serhan
On this episode of the addlove podcast, we are blessed with the presence of the amazing Ziyad Serhan. Ziyad is a co-founder of Educaid, an organization focusing on mental health first aid. We get to dissect and discuss things like toxic positivity, what happens when people lose social connection and Ziyad's struggle to change the discourse in the community.You can find Educaid on Instagram at: can find Ziyad on Instagram at: you can find me and all podcast related stuff at:
52:43 12/21/2020
#12 Sara Saleh
On this episode of the addLove podcast, we have the amazing Sara Saleh. Sara has a legal background and can be found in the back of a bookstore as often as she is on the front lines of a protest defending the rights of minorities.Our conversation is such a diverse one ranging from leadership and justice all the way to ice cream flavours. There is a little bonus for those that listen to the whole conversation about how time is a racist construct. You can find Sara on Instagram at: can find "Arab, Australian, Other" at: out Sara's intro at: Article about prisoners being made to make products: can find me at: free to hit me up, have a chat, and engage in any of the content. 
58:42 11/10/2020
Bonus Episode: Chasing mindgasms - Aamon and Amro
Check out my guest appearance on the chasing mindgasms podcast. Me getting asked some deep and intense questions yielded some deeper answers.You can find all of Amro's art and his podcast on:
128:30 11/02/2020
#11 Naimah Abdat
On this episode of the addLove podcast, we have Naimah Abdat, one of the best naturopaths in the land. We discuss health, veganism, intermittent fasting and Naimah talks about a wealth of knowledge we only think we know. An episode not to be missed if you have even a remote interest in health or food.You can find Naimah on Instagram at: on her website at:
58:46 10/20/2020
#10 HeartTalk Episode #3 - Amro Mohi
On this episode of HeartTalk with Amro Mohi, we discuss everything from addLove as a movement to medical ethics in the '80s. No topic is off-limits when we talk about how ego and trauma manifest itself in the body and through our actions and how we can use controlled hardship to make the small annoyances in life matter less.There is too much in this conversation to put into words. It was unfortunate that I couldn't get to the reason why I asked Amro to come onto the show, his art. However, you can check the links if you are more interested in his work. I promise you it'll provoke some interesting thoughts. You can findAmro's art at:'s podcast at:'s website:
87:22 09/23/2020
#09 Tim Carroll
On this episode of the addLove podcast we have the pleasure of hearing from the community titan Tim Carrol. Over 30 years in the community makes him one of the best sources of information and stories in South-West Sydney.Tim is a lover of life and his wonder and desire to learn is something I aspire to. You can find Tim at find Outloud and thier amazing projects at
58:48 08/28/2020
#08 Mohshin Ali
On this episode of the addLove podcast, I have my friend Mohshin Ali. Mohshin is a long time friend who after reconnecting with me after several years, comes in for a conversation about things from all ends of the spectrum. The fact that Mohshin didn't know what a podcast was added a bit of humour to the situation. This is one of the most vulnerable conversations I've had so far as for the first time the guest asked me as many questions as I asked him. This conversation just goes to show that good discussion can come in many different forms. 
95:14 07/23/2020
#07 Iman Farrar
On this episode of the addLove podcast, we have international nasheed artist and angel-voiced legend Iman Farrar. We had a catch up when she was last in Australia and we got to talking about what it is like to be a very visible Muslim in the spotlight. We talk about the role of the creative arts in life and how her new charity uses technology to create social impact. You can find Iman on on Instagram at you can find out more about Iman's project at
39:43 07/05/2020
HeartTalk Episode #2 - Calisha Bennett
On this episode of HeartTalk on the addLove podcast we have Calisha Bennett. Calisha and I discuss important things community-related and address so much of what our people are missing. With years of community experience, Calisha and I get into the nitty-gritty of what change looks like.You can find Calisha on Instagram at or through her business developing diamonds at
48:31 06/11/2020
#06 Peter Gould
On this episode of the addLove podcast, we have the legendary Peter Gould who shares his years of international insight into technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. We talk about what the future looks like and we get an insight into the mind of a born and bred creative.Peter has recently created a program that I highly recommend called "The heart of design" which can be found on his website - is currently running a fundraiser for refugees - can found on Instagram at
69:51 05/03/2020
#05 Naveen Krishnasamy
On this episode of the addLove podcast, our guest Naveen shares his insight into what it's like to be a creative director for an international news agency and we talk about the importance, effect and impact of story-telling. Below are a couple of links to some of Naveen's work.A story about young refugees from Syria: story about the Arab Spring:
68:44 04/08/2020
HeartTalk Episode #01 - Mohammed Isaaq feat. Malik Osman
On the very first episode of heartTalk we have Mohammed Isaaq who is a facilitator of the knowing yourself workshop. On this episode, we speak about how to know yourself, the importance of being present in the moment, the difference between universals and particulars and we run through a very practical exercise in mindfulness. You can find more about the "Knowing Yourself" workshops at or you can find him on Instagram at
53:08 03/18/2020
#04 Malik Osman
On this episode of the podcast, I have the pleasure of discussing some spectacular things with my friend Malik Osman. Malik is the brains trust behind Mizan Avenue.On this episode, we discuss our understanding of Islamic theology, the birth of Mizan, the problems with having an unchanging world view and the origins of addLove and what it means to me.Mizan can be found at
95:02 02/28/2020
#03 Az Fahmi
On this episode, I have my friend Az Fahmi in. We talk about pop culture (a lot of star wars and Game of Thrones), the pros and cons of social media, gun control and gun access and accidental counselling. 
71:10 02/12/2020