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Reimagine what cloud can do for your business. The On Cloud podcast decodes the state of cloud computing in the enterprise today with leading practices, real-world examples, and candid advice from industry leaders and specialists. The podcast features leading industry innovators who deliver their unique perspectives and insights around the technology, business, and culture of cloud to help you achieve your cloud goals and engineer your possible.


Unlocking potential: Deloitte's Mike Kavis explores the power of Generative AI
Generative AI is hot, but it's also a bit of an enigma. However, if you can define it and understand how it works and how to use it, it can help you revolutionize how you do business.
18:32 5/23/24
Unlocking innovation: Deloitte's Ryan Lockard on the Generative AI revolution in software development  
Generative AI is revolutionizing software development. It's gone beyond code generation to copiloting. The result? Improved productivity and faster innovation.
23:06 5/8/24
Deloitte's Bill Briggs, Nicola Johnson, and Mamoun Hirzalla break down Google Cloud Next 2024
At Google Cloud Next 2024, Google announced enhancements to Gemini and Model Builder, as well as efforts to reduce hallucinations and improve model accuracy.
17:45 4/17/24
Qualcomm’s Atul Suri and Deloitte’s Rahul Bajpai on Generative AI and the edge
AI is coming to edge computing, and it's bringing productivity increases, new business models, and revenue streams to drive growth and innovation.
24:12 4/10/24
The CTO Advisor's Keith Townsend on successfully implementing Generative AI
Although Generative AI has the potential to be revolutionary, companies still have to go through proven decision-making processes to get the implementation right. And, as with other IT initiatives, it's (almost) all about the value.
26:02 3/27/24
Google’s Connie Fan and Deloitte’s Dr. Abdul Rahman on Generative AI and cybersecurity
Generative AI and cybersecurity are becoming closely linked. Generative AI can boost security, but its LLMs need to be secured in a race against time and bad actors.
26:31 3/13/24
Himanshu Varshney on how to build an excellent software engineering culture
Culture is a big component of software engineering success. A commitment to excellence and employee satisfaction is crucial. Success begins at the top with strong, passionate leadership.
18:27 2/29/24
Deloitte's global cyber leader, Emily Mossburg, discusses the latest in cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is a critical issue for nearly every company. Deloitte's global cyber leader, Emily Mossburg, discusses what's new, and what's next, in cyber.
11:20 2/14/24
David Linthicum and Mike Kavis take a look at cloud for 2024
In this LinkedIn Live episode of the On Cloud Podcast, Deloitte's David Linthicum and Mike Kavis make their predictions on what's next for cloud in 2024.
25:36 2/8/24
Deloitte's David Linthicum and Mike Kavis look back at cloud in 2023
What happened in cloud in 2023? Generative AI was the biggest event, but there were other trends, too, like resiliency, FinOps, talent, and repatriation.
22:01 1/24/24
IBM's Nick Otto on how hybrid, open clouds optimize value
Organizations can optimize cloud value by building a hybrid, open, sustainable cloud architecture--augmented by Generative AI--that can scale as needed.
22:17 1/17/24
Carnegie Mellon’s Satya and Deloitte’s Rahul Bajpai talk edge computing
Use cases for edge computing are growing, and more companies are figuring out how to return value to the business by going to the edge.
27:34 1/10/24
Intel's Josh Hilliker on how to optimize your cloud architecture
To return more value from cloud, it's essential to optimize its infrastructure. Intel's Josh Hilliker has thoughts on how you can do that with optimization—and policy-as-code, as well as effective governance.
23:54 1/5/24
VMware's Alexander Romero shares advice on how to succeed with Generative AI
Generative AI is revolutionizing how we work and live, but it can be complex to navigate. VMware's Alexander Romero gives advice on how to succeed with this technology.
24:24 12/13/23
Deloitte's Tony Witherspoon on all that’s new at re:Invent 2023
AWS re:Invent 2023 was focused on Generative AI. AWS announced many new tools to help organizations leverage Generative AI now, and in the future.
23:28 12/8/23
Generative AI changes cloud architecture. This is how.
Implementing Generative AI requires re-evaluating all aspects of cloud architecture to ensure that it is optimized to return value to the business.
18:46 11/29/23
Cloud and AI can help airports enrich customers' experiences
Airports are leveraging cloud and AI to transform operations and provide their customers with enriched experiences, which can boost revenue.
21:18 11/15/23
Netskope's CISO on how midmarkets are leveraging emerging tech to innovate
If the results of Deloitte's 2023 Midmarket Technology Report are any indication, midmarket companies are making big bets on tech trends related to AI, cybersecurity, and modernization--and they're thriving.
24:10 11/8/23
An AWS specialist's view on how gen AI is transforming FSI
Ruben Falk of AWS thinks generative AI will be transformative for FSI, but he warns that the regulatory environment for generative AI is tightening, and ethical concerns should be effectively addressed. 
23:17 11/1/23
Google's Forrest Brazeal on gen AI and the tech talent gap
Forrest Brazeal, Google's head of developer media, discusses the ongoing tech talent shortage, how to address it, and how companies can use gen AI to help new talent learn the process of software development.
26:22 10/25/23
Solving the cloud complexity conundrum for banks
Cloud complexity is growing for banks. Reining it in requires managing risk, becoming more agile, and adapting the enterprise culture to cloud.
25:28 10/18/23
A chief product officer's view on boosting cloud value
Turn cloud challenges into opportunities to boost cloud value by preparing for cloud, controlling costs, prioritizing security, and maintaining flexibility. 
25:42 10/11/23
Edge computing and its nearly endless possibilities
Edge computing is growing in power. Its capabilities are almost limitless. Companies can leverage it now to prepare for an edge-based future.
24:00 10/4/23
Optimize your cloud costs starting now
To optimize cloud costs, leverage FinOps, develop a sound cloud cost optimization strategy, and build a culture of optimization and accountability.
22:07 9/27/23
Companies are changing the way they use cloud to add value
Companies are changing the way they use cloud. Hybrid and multi-cloud are growing. So is AI and modernization of on-prem architectures  for more seamless data flow. All this returns higher value to the business.
24:16 9/20/23
Get the scoop here on Google Cloud Next 2023
Google Cloud Next 2023 was all about innovation. Generative AI was the star of the show, with over a dozen AI tools introduced. Google also showcased its partnership with NVIDIA to leverage the power of generative AI.
12:49 9/12/23
Learn how LEOcloud is taking cloud and edge into space
Space is a new frontier for cloud and edge computing. It's a booming business with almost unlimited possibilities and the potential to advance R&D capabilities.
22:57 8/30/23
The next big thing for cloud may be the rise of space-based cloud platforms
The space race is on, again, and it’s creating tremendous business opportunities on Earth. In this episode, Deloitte’s David Linthicum, Kelly Raskovich, and Raquel Buscaino discuss how deploying cloud platforms in space can provide advantages to businesses that leverage them. Reduced launch costs have already sent more satellites to space, which has led to an explosion in data and insights, especially for companies that put cloud infrastructure in space to analyze it at the point of origin.
24:08 8/23/23
Generative AI is the future. Harness its power now.
Generative AI is here, it's powerful, and it's growing. It holds the promise to disrupt everything and play a significant role in our daily lives. Now's the time to harness its amazing power.
25:46 8/16/23
Cybersecurity management must be customized to the enterprise
Each company is unique, with its own set of cybersecurity risks. So, it's essential that risk management be customized to the risk profile, culture, and vision of the organization. AI has emerged as a powerful aid.
24:07 8/9/23