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Heart to Heart with Anna

"Heart to Heart with Anna" is the longest-running podcast devoted to the congenital heart defect (CHD) community. Our shows feature Survivors, family members, medical professionals and others in the CHD community who wish to share their stories, expertise, and advice. This show is devoted to empowering, educating and enriching the lives of members of the CHD community.


Beyond the Scar: Bonding with our CHD Children 31:30 05/24/2022
Adult Stem Cell Success Story! 35:33 05/17/2022
Mom Trusting Her Gut and Finding an Expert from Afar 38:18 05/10/2022
Beads of Courage for CHD Warriors 34:59 03/29/2022
Heart Friends Meet for the First Time! 36:19 03/22/2022
Nonverbal Learning Disabilities in the CHD Community 46:36 03/15/2022
Dr. Tom Forsberg and Dr. Chad Hoyt: Founders of Healing Hearts Vietnam 38:12 03/08/2022
Baby Heart Transplant Miracle 37:03 03/01/2022
Medical Monday with Greg Hummer: Devices to Help Heart Warriors in Heart Failure 37:53 02/28/2022
The Making of a Heart Dad 29:55 02/27/2022
The Making of a Louisiana Legend 40:55 02/26/2022
Fun Fact Friday: Why do some people with bicuspid aortic valves need surgery and some don't? 06:25 02/25/2022
Tasty Thursday: Lemon Cheesecake 15:36 02/24/2022
Mental Health Wednesday -- Stretching Exercises to Soothe the Soul 13:55 02/23/2022
Plastic Bronchitis and Immune Deficiency 31:55 02/22/2022
Medical Monday with Dr. Terry King! 09:28 02/21/2022
Beyond CHDs: Dealing with Autism & Epilepsy 30:00 02/20/2022
Carrlee McGuire-Lim: From Camper to Camp Nurse! 21:52 02/19/2022
Fun Fact Friday: What is prostaglandin E1 and why is it important? 05:22 02/18/2022
Tasty Thursday: Boeuf Bourgignon 11:09 02/17/2022
Mental Health Wednesday -- Sharing A Small Aspect of Your Day 05:18 02/16/2022
Resiliency: Overcoming Challenges with Ebstein’s Anomaly 32:21 02/15/2022
Medical Monday with Dr. Gregory Perens! 16:55 02/14/2022
Beyond the Heart: When Neurological Problems Accompany HLHS 26:54 02/14/2022
Accepting your CHD and Thriving 28:31 02/12/2022
Fun Fact Friday: What arrhythmias are life-threatening? 06:43 02/11/2022
Tasty Thursday: Yellow Curry Chicken 08:59 02/10/2022
Mental Health Wednesday -- An Act of Kindness 04:39 02/09/2022
Liz Zangara: Living a Life of Healing 35:55 02/08/2022
Medical Monday with Dr. Daniel Levi 08:18 02/07/2022