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Positivity and good energy are exactly what we all need more of today. Hughes From The Heart focuses on health and wellness, mindfulness, meditation, minimalism, the Law of Attraction, the power of the mind, self empowerment, and news stories showcasing good people doing good things in a good world. All are welcome and please feel free to share with everyone you know! My premium content can be found on Patreon with various tier levels at Thanks to all of you who are working to make the world a better place for us all.


Excerpt from the Interview with Monster Hunter Lyle Blackburn on The Beast of Boggy Creek!!
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20:24 3/27/24
Serendipitous Visit to Local Buddhist Temple
I had been wanting to visit this place for some time now...and what are the odds that my morning walk while the car was being worked on at the mechanic's shop would lead me RIGHT TO THE TEMPLE?!?!There are NO coincidences in this life or Universe. NONE.Much gratitude to Phra Ratsamee, the Abbot of the Monastery and Temple and the monks who were so gracious and inviting to me. It was a life changing experience. And I will be back for sure!Here is the website for the Temple: here is where you show your support by joining Hughes from the Heart today.I cannot do this without your help. Thank you and much love to you. Support the show
35:48 3/27/24
Author and Coach Tim Grimes on the Law of Attraction, Autosuggestion, Mindset, and More!
Tim Grimes has been one of my top contemporary mentors on the Law of Attraction, Neville Goddard, Emile Coue, and more!He is the author of many books you can find right here!He is also available as a mindset coach and offers free consultations to see if you and he would be a good fit!I LOVE Tim Grimes. This is the first 16 minutes or so of my more than HOUR LONG interview with him.As stated in the Podcast, I cannot keep doing this indefinitely without your support. I need you to come support the daily Podcast ASAP. Please do it today! There's even a 7 Day FREEEEEE Trial you can join and gain instant access to THOUSANDS of pieces of my content going back several years!Then you will hopefull join for just a BUCK a month. I CANNOT continue doing this without your help.THANK YOU. As always, much love to you. Support the show
26:45 3/22/24
How to Manage Our Overthinking
Most of us tend to overthink some or most of the time.Here are some tips on how to manage that overthinking.Please support Hughes from the Heart by subscribing today for just 3 pennies a day (a buck a month)!I appreciate you more than you know. Support the show
18:24 3/10/24
Now Is the Time to Join the Adventure!
Please join me on an amazing metamorphosis I am undergoing. I want us to share the ride together and I want to hear about YOUR adventures as well!Make TODAY the day you join the DAILY Hughes from the Heart Podcast. No more procrastinating. No more excuses. No more "Yeah BUTs" or any other reason you can come up with for not joining.I PROMISE this will be the best buck a month you will EVER spend!You do NOT want to miss a single episode.I am even offering a 7 Day FREEEEEEEE Trial. So there's really no excuse not to do that, right? Plus you've had access already to tons of FREE content here on the free version of Hughes from the Heart.I really need and want your support today. We aren't getting any younger.Today we explore Neville Goddard's "The World Is a Mirror" teachings and share what I believe to be Albert Einstein's most important quote.Join me today!And if you or someone you love enjoys candles (who doesn't, really?!?!), please consider supporting my wife and daughter and their handcrafted, hand poured candles made in the woods of the Pacific Northwest at Silva House Market!THANKS AND MUCH LOVE!!Support the show
17:01 2/28/24
A True Personal Example of the Power of the Imagination!
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21:33 1/8/24
Hypochondriacs Live Shorter Lives!
It's ALL in your mind. Everything that happens to you is all in your mind.Yes, real diseases exist and there is true unwellness out there. But for goodness sake, don't CREATE maladies that aren't there!!Your mind can make you well...and your mind can make you sick.Why choose sickness?!?!Come join me on my daily Podcast. I need your support today. THANK YOU!!Podcast is sponsored by my wife and daughter and their hand crafted and hand poured candles made in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Order today from Silva House Market and save 10% off of your order with the promo code SPENCER10.Thanks for your support. Support the show
22:07 12/19/23
VR Game Beat Saber Improves Cognitive Abilities!
I enjoy this game, although I admit it's not my "go to" exercise game on the Oculus Quest 2.But there may be more benefits to "exergames" than many previously thought!Please try out my daily Hughes from the Heart Podcast for FREEEEEE for 7 days!!I know you will love it. I could use the support, so please try it out and sign up today!Also, please show some love and support to my wife and daughter and their wonderful candle business, Silva House Market--hand crafted and hand poured candles made right in our home in the woods of the PNW!Promo code SPENCER10 will save you 10% off your order. Thank you, my friends!!Support the show
26:38 11/28/23
The Most Relaxing Song in the World!
Wow. I haven't listened to every song in the world to be able to say THIS is THE most relaxing...but IS super relaxing, that's for sure.What do you think?Please listen to all the episodes in my archive and join my Daily Hughes from the Heart Podcast today!I appreciate it very much!By the way, please support my wife's and daughter's home based candle business, Silva House, and use Promo Code SPENCER10 to save 10% off of your order! These are the BEST candles you will ever experience, in my opinion. They ship worldwide. Order today, please, and give them a LIKE on Facebook and a follow on Instagram. Look for Silva House Market! Much love to you, my friend!Support the show
26:55 11/13/23
The Mysterious and Fascinating Ouija Board
A little bit of history, little known facts and anecdotes, a modern version of the classic and mysterious toy, and my own experience with it!Hope you enjoy my Paranormal topics and guests.Please try the Podcast out for FREEEEEEE for 7 days at today!Message me through the Contact link on!Support the show
68:51 11/8/23
What's Up? How Ya Been? Here's What's Coming!
Paranormal topics and guests coming very soon!I've always been into the Paranormal--since I was a kid.So why haven't I continued that on my Podcast? Good question!Glad my wife Sarah motivated me to come back to the topics that have been so near and dear to my heart over the decades. This is a check in and an update and a preview. Thanks for listening.I could really use your support at Please join. DAILY content you will love. Support the show
15:50 11/7/23
The Seven Universal Laws of Hermeticism
This is a FASCINATING subject! I would have read on these laws and studied them back when I was in high school or college but it was considered "The Occult" back then and frowned upon by organized religions. STILL IS!I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject.Please, it is more important than ever for you to come join the Patreon for my DAILY version of this Podcast. I promise that 365 episodes a year is well worth $12! Try it for a month. At $1 a month, you won't have much to lose...and everything to gain. Much love to all of you. Support the show
21:49 6/19/23
Our Cell Phones Make Us Dumb--Even When They Are OFF!!
Never mind BEING on a cell phone--what about just having one nearby?Turns out they don't have to be turned on to distract us and mess up our cognitive mojo!Please support the Podcast at Patreon or by donating to my Venmo:Radiospencer.And thanks for your love and support of my wife's and daughter's sox wax candle business, Silva House Market. Use promo code SPENCER10 and save 10% off your order!Much love to you, as always. Support the show
07:10 4/5/23
Why Are Some People Always Late?
Are you always late?Or do you know someone who is?Here is a fascinating episode on WHY this may be!Please show some love and support by subscribing to the Podcast today.We are heard in 48 countries and well over 800 global cities but the Podcast cannot sustain itself until we get more people to subscribe--$1 a month is all I ask. And that is for a DAILY podcast episode--sometimes I upload MORE!!Be sure to order the best soy wax candles you will ever burn from my wife and daughter at Silva House Market today! Use promo code SPENCER10 and save 10% off your order!They ship all over the world!Thanks and much love to you.Your donations to the Podcast are greatly appreciated. If you feel I provide something of value to you and the greater collective energy out in the world, please consider a donation small or large to my Venmo: Radiospencer.Thanks again!Support the show
12:49 4/3/23
Human Immortality In the Next 8 Years?!?!
What is this obsession with living FOREVER??Would I like to live longer than average if I'm healthy and happy?Sure!But FOREVER??NOBODY ever thinks this out...want to pay taxes for the next 10 million years??You may live forever one day but so will your problems, your job, your responsibilities, etc.!!How will society sustain itself if no one ever dies?!?!It's DUMB, really.Thanks for listening and please show your love and support by subscribing to Hughes from the Heart for just ONE DOLLAR A MONTH!Or donate to my Venmo: Radiospencer.Please buy the best soy wax candles you will ever buy from my wife and daughter at Silva House Market today! Use promo code SPENCER10 and save 10% off of your order today!Please let me know your thoughts of the topic or the Podcast in general with a text or voice mail to my personal phone at 360-545-3889 or email me today!!Support the show
09:49 3/29/23
How Our Friends Can Affect Our Health
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15:37 3/28/23
Where Are All My Peeps?? Please Check In with Me!!
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02:25 3/15/23
Tips for Practicing Patience
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17:54 3/13/23
Another Study Showing the Benefits of Psychedelics
The government freaked out in the early days of psychedelic research and when they saw what they did to people--helping them break down borders and boundaries and become better, kinder, gentler human beings--they outright banned them.Not only were they banned, they were labeled as Schedule 1 drugs!! These are described as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse!! NEITHER IS TRUE!!These were--and REMAIN--LIES.Thanks for your support of Hughes from the Heart.If you like what you hear, please support the positive vibes of the Podcast today and/or donate to my Venmo: Radiospencer.You can also save 10% today off your order of my wife's and daughter's AWESOME hand poured, hand crafted soy wax candles at Silva House Market! Support the show
15:24 2/28/23
Just One Conversation with a Friend Boosts Well Being
Don't ever underestimate the well being we can experience by reaching out to just one friend!!If you like what you hear, please support Hughes from the Heart today.  I have a Zazzle store with cool merch as well as a Venmo (Radiospencer).Your support of the Podcast and the good vibes it is trying to spread across the land is greatly appreciated.Support the show
12:58 2/6/23
Legends Arcade Co-Owner Christina Costelo!
SO excited that Christina and her husband Patrick are gearing up to open Legends Arcade in downtown Olympia, Washington!!Be sure to share this episode with all of your Washington State friends and family and next time you visit the area, be sure to pay the arcade a visit!!Give them a LIKE on Facebook.If you like what you hear, please consider supporting the Podcast with a subscription for $1 a month or a donation to my Venmo: Radiospencer. Help keep the Podcast on the air or buy a huge bag of unsalted peanuts with a $5 donation for all the crows and ravens I feed 7 days a week!! Any subscription or donation will get a big THANK YOU on the next episode of the Podcast. Support the show
25:34 1/21/23
It's Okay to Make Time for Yourself!
51% of Americans hide out in the bathroom so they can have a few moments of alone time.This is a sad indicator of where we area as a culture!We've been conditioned and brainwashed into harboring guilt when we carve out time for ourselves.But alone time is MANDATORY for our well being and mental health.Please subscribe to my Podcast today. I need your love and support to keep Hughes from the Heart going strong. And please support my sponsor--my wife and daughter--and buy the best soy wax candles you will ever burn (and wax melts, too!) at Silva House Market. Much love to you! (Photo by Vika Strawberrika on Unsplash)Support the show
14:50 12/27/22
Wipe the Crap Off Your Lenses!!
All those fingerprints that other people and institutions have dirtied your lenses with, wipe them all off!! I got the idea for this Podcast episode from a very quick and visionary meditation session today. Please let me know if this topic resonated with you. I'll never know if I never hear from you. And if you like what you hear, would you be so kind as to subscribe to my daily Podcast? I PROMISE it's a $1 a month you will NOT miss. In fact, I will do all I can in my power to make it the BEST $1 a month you will ever spend. Much love to you.Oh, and thanks to my wife and daughter (and sponsor) at Silva House Market! GREAT gifts for you and other special people on your list. For EVERY occasion and for no occasion at all. (Photo by Ed Leszczynskl on Unsplash. Much gratitude.)Support the show
22:36 12/10/22
We Often Don't Even Know Why We Celebrate Holidays and Traditions!
Isn't it important that we ask ourselves WHY we celebrate the things that we do?I happen to think it is or else we are just blindly partaking in things without questioning them, which I think isn't a very good idea.Please show some love for Hughes From The Heart today!And could you please show some love for my wife's and daughter's home based soy wax candle business, Silva House Market? Give them a LIKE on Facebook and a follow on Instagram, too. Much appreciated and much love to all of you. Support the show
15:51 11/25/22
Create a Memory Palace Today!
I can't believe I had never heard of the Memory Palace technique, despite the fact that it's been around for thousands of years!Please share your thoughts with me and share the Podcast episode with as many people as you can.Show your love and support for Hughes From The Heart today and join the daily version on Patreon for just a buck a month.Cheers and much gratitude and love to you. Support the show
17:34 11/8/22
The Top Sleep Killer!
A psychologist says that rumination is possible THE top killer of a good night's sleep.Thanks for listening to the Podcast!Please show some love and support for Hughes From The Heart today. Join the daily Podcast for $1 a month!! Much love to all of you. Support the show
16:02 11/3/22
SHOCKING NEWS: Eating Habits Matter!!
Wow!!They actually pay people to do studies to find out that the dietary habits we follow impact our heath--for the better and the worse!We KNOW deep down what we need to do to be healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.WE KNOW WHAT TO DO!!But it's easier to complicate life and make excuses!!Your thoughts?Please show some love and support today for Hughes From The Heart! And surprise my wife and daughter by buying some of their hand poured, hand made soy wax candles today at Silva House Market and supporting them on Facebook and Instagram!THANK YOU!!Much love to all of you. Support the show
15:11 10/19/22
New Neural Pathways in Five Minutes a Day!
This activity takes five minutes a day and it's so easy, you can do it at your desk or kitchen counter.If you like what you hear, please show your support for the positive vibes of Hughes From The Heart by supporting my Patreon.Other ways to help me keep the lights on can be found on my website or through a donation to my Venmo: Radiospencer.Thanks and much love to all of you!Support the show
04:50 7/14/22
Turns Out "Hanger" Is a Real Thing
Ever get really dark and moody and angry when overly hungy?Somewhere along the line, we labeled that emotion "hanger"! And now studies are confirming that it's a genuine emotion.So NOW what??If you like what you hear, please support the positive vibes of Hughes From The Heart today with a donation or a subscription to my Patreon. Thank you kindly and much love to all of you! Support the show
13:56 7/9/22
Inner Space Shenanigans: A Deep Conversation with My Friend Doug
Had a blast chatting with my good friend Doug about the nature of reality, the expansion of global consciousness, and the power of the media.That and MUCH more. I look forward to my next Inner Space Shenanigans!If you like what you hear, please consider supporting Hughes From The Heart. Much appreciated!Much love to all of you.Venmo: Radiospencer  Support the show
71:45 3/20/22