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The Vital Voices Podcast highlights women leaders and change-makers from around the world. Hosted by Vital Voices President and CEO, Alyse Nelson, the Vital Voices Podcast provides a space for extraordinary women to be heard. To learn more about Vital Voices, visit Follow us on Twitter (@VitalVoices), Instagram (@VitalVoices) and like us on Facebook (! You can also donate to Vital Voices by texting VITAL to 41444.


Power to Empower – A Special Juneteenth Episode with Cici Battle 46:53 06/16/2021
Power to Empower: Sadiqa Basiri on the US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan and what that means for Girls Education in the country. 38:51 06/02/2021
Power to Empower: Adriana Hinojosa Céspedes on Mexico’s Femicide Crisis 23:15 05/26/2021
Power to Empower: Adi Tafuna'i on the Power & Importance of Rural Economic Systems in Building a Sustainable Future 24:45 05/19/2021
Sandra Pepera on Building Systems to Sustain Inclusive Democracy 27:22 05/12/2021
Power to Empower: Obiageli Ezekwesili on Values-Driven Leadership 23:48 04/28/2021
Power to Empower: Working Toward Equity with Sage Ke'alohilani Quiamno 36:15 04/21/2021
Power to Empower: Chouchou Namegabe on Changing Culture by Catalyzing Conversations 29:57 04/14/2021
Power to Empower: Amar Singh on Male Allyship and Using Art to Spark Change 21:45 04/07/2021
Power to Empower: Amanda Nguyen on Anti-Asian Racism and the Blueprint for Social Change 26:27 03/31/2021
Power to Empower: Sara Minkara on Redefining Inclusivity for Empowerment 23:45 03/03/2021
Power to Empower: Chelsea Miller on Black Activism & the Mobilizing the Youth for Change 23:45 02/26/2021
Making an Unexpected Impact with Jessica Hubley and Leah Lizarondo 40:15 02/24/2021
Power to Empower: Saskia Nino de Rivera and Priti Patkar on Breaking the Cycle 47:56 02/17/2021
Power to Empower: Faith Florez on Building Legacy and Leadership 23:26 02/10/2021
Power to Empower: Donna Langley on Making Big & Bold decisions to create change 36:06 02/03/2021
Celebrating a New Milestone with Artist Tronja Anglero 16:11 01/20/2021
Power to Empower: A Special Episode on Leadership Re-imagined ft. Dr. Rola Hallam & Kah Walla 39:00 01/06/2021
Power to Empower: Laura Liswood on Empathy and Ethics in Leadership 50:19 12/23/2020
Power to Empower: Peru Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez on Democracy, Good Governance and Using Her Power for Meaningful Change 25:29 12/16/2020
Power to Empower: Ravi Kant on Men’s Allyship and the Importance of Breaking the Silence around VAW 23:58 12/09/2020
Power to Empower: Chessy Prout on her Journey towards Activism and the Importance of Allyship for Survivors 28:25 12/02/2020
Title: Power to Empower: Kiran Bir Sethi on using Empathy, Ethics and Evolution to Build Humanity in Children 29:00 11/25/2020
Power to Empower: Maria Pacheco on the Realities of Entrepreneurship and the Power of Connection 28:25 11/18/2020
Power to Empower: Hindou Oumaru Ibrahim on Bringing Voice and Power to Indigenous Communities 19:57 11/11/2020
Habiba Ali on Building Strength of Character through Resistance with Persistence 26:23 11/06/2020
Power to Empower: Christine Lagarde on Being the First and Daring the Difference 19:25 11/04/2020
Power to Empower: Amira Yahyaoui on Fighting for Dignity and Women as Changemakers 29:21 10/30/2020
Power to Empower: Amanda Gorman on Building Confidence and Encouraging Others to Speak Up 29:27 10/28/2020
Voices of Resilience: Panmela Castro on Crisis, Leadership and Hope in Brazil 22:46 09/04/2020