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Husband Material

So you want to outgrow porn. But how? How do you change your brain, heal your heart, and save your relationship? Welcome to Husband Material with Drew Boa, where we answer all these questions and more! Each episode will help you achieve lasting freedom from porn more quickly and permanently—without fighting an exhausting battle. Porn is a pacifier. This podcast will help you outgrow it and become a sexually healthy man of God.


The Power Of Unfiltered Poetry (with Matthew Ray Lyda) 46:41 10/18/2021
The Cure For Comparison (with Dr. Michael Tso) 57:59 10/11/2021
Porn Is An Abusive Teacher 13:31 10/04/2021
Sexual Discipleship (with Dr. Juli Slattery) 31:50 09/27/2021
Overcoming Enmeshment (with Dr. Ken Adams) 45:21 09/20/2021
How To Interpret Sexual Fantasies 28:22 09/13/2021
Why Attachment Is The Key To Healing (with Dr. Jake Porter) 51:54 09/06/2021
The Science Of Masturbation (with Scott Cone) 69:22 08/30/2021
How To Form A Triad (LIVE) 48:48 08/23/2021
Healthy Male Friendship (with Drew, Stephen, Marcus, and Doug) 75:55 08/16/2021
Your Brain Off Porn (with Greg Oliver) 54:40 08/09/2021
The Pirate & The Monk (with Nate Larkin) 67:05 08/02/2021
Theology of the Testicles 10:26 07/26/2021
What Is Spiritual Bypass? (with Dr. Craig Cashwell) 47:20 07/19/2021
From Crisis To Closeness (with Clinton and Charity Muñoz) 48:03 07/12/2021
Bullying And The Inner Critic (with Dr. Doug Carpenter) 52:12 07/05/2021
Master Your Nervous System (LIVE) 53:54 06/28/2021
Healing Mother Wounds (with Dan Hitz) 53:54 06/21/2021
Theology of the Penis (with Jeremy Williamson) 42:11 06/14/2021
Emotional Times And Seasons 12:13 06/07/2021
Psychology And Spirituality (with Dr. Ken McGill) 32:27 05/31/2021
How To Measure Freedom From Porn (LIVE) 47:04 05/24/2021
Porn As Re-Enactment Of Sexual Abuse (with Wendell Moss) 59:00 05/17/2021
Scarred By A Sibling (with Marcus Spaur) 71:13 05/10/2021
Unwanted Sexual Attraction 26:44 05/03/2021
The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction (with Shawn Bonneteau) 64:06 04/26/2021
Embrace Conflict (with Jay Stringer) 42:02 04/19/2021
BONUS: Drew's Spiritual Warfare Song 03:12 04/12/2021
Seven Strategies For Spiritual Warfare (LIVE) 66:31 04/12/2021
Rebuilding Sexual Intimacy After Porn (with Adam King and Karissa King) 35:28 04/05/2021